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SIM TFMWG Workshop and Planning Meeting at CENAMEP

Panama City, Panama (January 27th through January 29th, 2015)

Attendees of January 2015 SIM meeting in Panama

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  • List of Attendees

    Day 1 (Tuesday, January 27th)

  • Welcome to CENAMEP Presentation (Bienvenida y presentacion del CENAMEP)
    Director of CENAMEP (30 minutes)

  • Introduction to Meeting and General Concepts of Time and Frequency Metrology (Conceptos generales de la metrologia de tiempo y frecuencia)
    Michael Lombardi, NIST (1 hour)

  • Basic Laboratory Calibrations of Stopwatches and Timers and Tachometers
    Raul Solis and Luis Mojica, CENAMEP (1 hour and 30 minutes)

  • Introduction to Frequency Measurements (Generacion y medición de frecuencia)
    Francisco Jimenez, CENAM (1 hour and 30 minutes)

  • Introduction to Atomic Clocks
    Mauricio Lopez, CENAM (45 minutes)

  • Statistical Analysis of Measurements (Análisis estadístico de mediciones)
    Mauricio Lopez, CENAM (1 hour and 15 minutes)

    Day 2 (Wednesday, January 28th)

  • The Global Positioning System (Sistema de Posicionamiento Global) and Common-View Time Transfer
    Michael Lombardi, NIST (1 hour and 15 minutes)

  • Building an Ensemble Time Scale from Multiple Atomic Clocks
    Ricardo de Carvalho, ONRJ (45 minutes)

  • The SIM Time Scale (Escalas de tiempo del SIM)
    Mauricio Lopez, CENAM (1 hour)

  • CMCs and the BIPM Key Comparison Database
    Raul Solis, CENAMEP (45 minutes)

  • Preparing Calibration Service Procedures and Calibration Methods in Support of CMCs
    Marina Gertsvolf, NRC (30 minutes)

  • Time Dissemination - Distributing the Laboratory Time to the Nation's Citizens
    Francisco Jimenez, CENAM (1 hour)

    Day 3 (Thursday, January 29th)

  • The Future of Time and Frequency Measurements, Including New Advances in Atomic Clocks
    Mauricio Lopez, CENAM (30 minutes)

  • Reports of Time and Frequency Activities from SIM Laboratories