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GPS Time Transfer

The NIST Time and Frequency Division participates in a number of time transfer experiments and programs that utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. Several GPS measurement techniques are used for national and international clock comparisions and related research activities. Most recent data from the NIST primary GPS receiver is here.

For more information about time transfer techniques, please visit the following pages:

  • One Way GPS Time Transfer

  • Common View GPS Time Transfer

  • Carrier Phase GPS Time Transfer

  • NIST International GNSS Service Tracking Site


    T. E. Parker and D. Matsakis, Requires Adobe Acrobat ReaderTime and Frequency Dissemination: Advances in GPS Transfer Techniques, GPS World, pp. 32-38, November 2004.

    For questions or more information contact Bijunath Patla at bijunath.patla@nist.gov.