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WWVH Photo Gallery

See & hear: Colorado

The station's surroundings. After serving the Pacific area for 23 years from the Island of Maui, Hawaii, Radio Station WWVH was relocated to the western edge of the Island of Kauai, Hawaii in 1971. The facility is located near Kekaha at Kokole Point. Around the clock, continuous broadcast services from Hawaii supplement those from WWV in Fort Collins, Colorado, by providing coverage in the Pacific Basin.

Clocks & antennas. Several cesium atomic clocks provide the precise timing information broadcast by WWVH, these signals are amplified by transmitters (below) and broadcast from several antennas. Three atomic frequency standards at WWVH provide optimum timekeeping ability. These "atomic clocks" are kept in as close agreement as possible with the UTC(NIST) time scale located in Boulder, Colorado.

Transmitters. These transmitters amplify the time signal that is sent to the antennas.