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SIM Time and Frequency Metrology Course at INTN

Asuncion, Paraguay (November 28th through December 1st, 2005)

Attendees at 2005 meeting in Paraguay

  • Schedule in PDF format

    Day 1 (Monday, November 28th)

  • Short Historical Perspective of Time Measurement, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

  • The Second and the SI, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC

  • General Concepts of Time and Frequency Metrology, Michael Lombardi, NIST

  • Quartz Oscillators, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

  • Cesium Clocks, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

  • Rubidium Clocks, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

    Day 2 (Tuesday, November 29th)

  • Hydrogen Masers, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC

  • The Global Positioning System, Michael Lombardi, NIST

  • Measurement Methods, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

    Day 3 (Wednesday, November 30th)

  • Frequency Stability - Allan Variance, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

  • Modified Allan Variance and Time Variance, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC

  • Uncertainty of Frequency Calibrations, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC

    Day 4 (Thursday, December 1st)

  • Time Scales: UT0, UT1, EAL, TAI, UTC, Mauricio Lopez, CENAM

  • Local Approximations of UTC, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC

  • The SIM Common-View GPS Comparison Network, Traceability, and Legal Metrology, Michael Lombardi, NIST

  • Frequency Combs, Optical Clocks and the Future of the Time Unit, Jean-Simon Boulanger, NRC