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Vibration Sensitivity Measurements

Vibration sensitivity is an important specification for oscillators on mobile systems, aircrafts, etc. These systems must provide superior performance when subjected to severe environmental conditions. Electronic oscillators often can provide sufficiently low intrinsic phase modulation (PM) noise to satisfy particular system requirements when in a quiet environment. However, mechanical vibration and acceleration can introduce mechanical deformations that increase the oscillator's otherwise low PM noise. This degrades the performance of an electronic system that depends on this oscillator's low phase noise. Dave Howe, Craig Nelson, Archita Hati, Neil Ashby, and Jennifer Taylor of the Time and Frequency Metrology Group are presently engaged in the following vibration related research projects:

  • Design of low vibration sensitive oscillators
  • Optical fiber vibration and acceleration model
  • Active vibration-induced PM noise control in optical fibers
  • Characterization of different oscillators and microwave components under vibrations


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Questions? Send an email to David Howe of the Phase Noise Measurement Group.