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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Time and Frequency Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a customer use survey from April through September, 2001. The bar graphs on the following pages illustrate the results of the survey. 

Three methods were used to advertise the availability of the survey. A voice announcement was placed on the WWV / WWVH high frequency broadcast, advertisements were placed in several trade magazines dealing with time-and-frequency technology, and a link was established from this web site. Nearly 15,000 people responded to this survey with the vast majority of submissions arriving via the internet. This more than doubles the responses received in the last customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Time and Frequency Division in 1987.

Please keep in mind that a large segment of our customers were difficult to alert to the availability of the survey. These include users of the WWVB low frequency broadcast, the Internet Time Service and the Automated Computer Time Service. We have direct evidence of the popularity of these services and yet the survey does not directly reflect this due to the low participation rate of these customers.

Survey Results

  • WWV and WWVH
  • WWVB
  • Overview of Other Services
         -- ACTS
         -- Internet Time Service
         -- Web Page
         -- Telephone Time-of-Day Service
  • Miscellaneous Questions
  • Customer Data

    User Comments

  • Would the value of this service be decreased if only a high quality voice announcement were available without the weather, geoalert or GPS status information?
  • What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
  • What new time and frequency service would you find useful? (Please explain briefly)
  • Additional Comments Submitted by Respondents