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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-2500 "I've used WWV since I first became interested in radio (1976), and have become to rely on this service for many years now. Keep up the good work !!"
S5-2501 I use your services for work and Amateur Radio.  I certainly hope you do not suspend operations on VLF/MF or HF.  I still miss 25 Mc. WWV broadcasts. I wish the questionaire would have let us check off all the areas in which we use your services. Please...keep up the good work!
S5-2502 "As an Amateur Radio operator I really appreciate your service for timekeeping, frequency calibration, and helping with shortwave propagation and conditions. Your shortwave signals provide us with much more than what time it is. You help us keep our equipment in  in working order and help us derive the best frequency ranges to be able to work other Amateur Radio operators if in the need of an emergency or disaster. Thank you."
S5-2503 Great resource.  Keep up the great work!
S5-2504 Nist has provided some information about propagation bulletins and SF measurements that were really helpful in understanding how the propagation info was determined. I am a physicist by training and this was important to me. 
S5-2505 "It would be nice if the web page provided a function (script, java or html?)to set ones computer's clock to the displayed time."
S5-2506 Frequency calibration is very useful both for receivers & setting external oscillators by beating with your signal using a receiver.
S5-2507 Thank you for providing this service.  I use the Internet time servers to set my computer clock and WWV on my shortwave radio to set my wristwatch.  I cross check between the two.
S5-2508 The NIST Time Service is very valuable. Thank you for your efforts!
S5-2509 "Please don't eliminate WWV or WWVB. They are useful services. Too many HF services are going away, but I hope WWV and WWVB will around forever."
S5-2510 none
S5-2511 "I have used WWV as a time, fequency and info source since I was 14 yeasr old. (1959)  I use the frequency as a standard and aslo as a propogation indicator. I hear WWVH in the background but do not use it a great deal. Ima an avid short wave listener and also an amateur radio operator.  I am also an assistant director for Radio Amateurs of Canada."
S5-2512 You folks do a good job.
S5-2513 "If the clock would keep time, move, it would be helpful instead of updating it every minute."
S5-2514 Keep up the good service - I value the accuracy of your clocks to set my clocks by.  Thank you.
S5-2515 None
S5-2516 "I like this site, it's great to be able to know the time accurately."
S5-2517 Bring the old guy's voice back! I miss him.
S5-2518 WWV and WWVH are essential tools for use at our Radio Station.  We wish that these services continue on as usual.  Thank you.
S5-2519 """""Amateur radio applications"""" for me are Time-of-day (WWV) and frequency calibration (WWVB)"
S5-2520 My brother just introduced me to this site.  It's very helpful and I will probably use it more often; as I learn it.
S5-2521 Please do not discontinue WWV service - I have used the 10 and 15 MHz since the early 1970's for radio work at home and it is like a old reliable friend!
S5-2522 "Please do not shut down the service as provided by WWV/WWVH/WWVB  we may not use all the services as provided by NIST.  But, it does help when you can call these systems up,  when required.  "
S5-2523 "U.S. Traffic manufacture a five channel WWV receiver. There are thousands of these units in operation, operating with traffic signals, transportation centers, and security operations. "
S5-2524 I am a visitor from www.time.gov.  Very easy to use.  Direct.  Might be nice to optionally save a cookie and automatically display the time zone from previous visit.  Thanks!
S5-2525 "Use for setting computer clock daily.  Will also use to manually set clocks at start / end of daylight savings time, and as needed following power failures, etc."
S5-2526 "I appreciate the 'time exibits' section, as well.  Thank you for a wonderful site, small and purposeful."
S5-2527 "I log on and get the time.  BTW, cool earth graphic"
S5-2528 None
S5-2529 increase hf erp so reception is better under marginal propagation conditions
S5-2530 Thank you for this wonderful service!
S5-2531 "Nice service, I have no problems with it. Thanks for making it available."
S5-2533 "From States PA, NC, & CT"
S5-2534 "WWV is great... its so helpful for amateur radio operators, and all my friends love WWV for setting there clocks, we are never off on the time, its always everyone else :)   GO WWV!"
S5-2535 please keep the WWV and WWVB carriers on the air.
S5-2536 EXCELLENT service. I am a retired airline pilot. I feel a need to be on time. Having the correct time assures me of doing that.
S5-2537 This web-based survey is a good idea and easy to use.  K1DM
S5-2538 "Currently use a Kenwood R300 receiver with a trapped horizontal dipole antenna suspended about 25 ft off the ground in Pasadena, CA.  Usually reception is adequate on one of the available frequencies.  Whether WWVH or WWV is the predominant signal on the selected frequency depends upon reception conditions; often both IDs can be heard.  Accuracy +/- one second is accurate for my purposes."
S5-2539 "As a radio amateur, I am dependent upon WWV for my tranceivers and radio-related computer. As a homeowner, I use WWV exclusively for setting all my clocks, especially for VCR and TV sets used for recording."
S5-2540 "Ididnt know you were on the net,will check out"
S5-2541 "While I just use it to set my clocks, especially those in my VCRs, the service is really quite invaluable to me.  I also have a clock that sets itself via radio.  I just wanted you to know I really appreciate the service.  "
S5-2542 I have been a user of WWV and WWVH since 1980.  I purchased a digital wall clock for WWVB in 1995 and have always been facinated by the accuracy of the atomic clock.  It is amazing that so many people do not know of the atomic clock.  I am proud to have such a service available.  You did not mention Canada's CHU station on 7.335mhz which sounds almost like WWV.  Please do not change a thing.  Am very satisfied with the service.  Thank you
S5-2543 This service is very useful to radio amateurs
S5-2544 Thank you for being there!
S5-2545 Thanks for providing the service you do.
S5-2546 I've been a satisfied user of WWV for nearly 30 years.  Keep up the good work!!
S5-2547 Have been using services since becoming a Radio Officer in the Merchant Marine in 1969.
S5-2548 I use the service for Amateur Radio and Boating but I often use WWV & WWVH for timing astronomical events.  The radio service is invaluable to me and many others involved in astronomy where a radio tuned to the time frquencies is the most available source of accurate time.
S5-2549 Thanks for doing this service!
S5-2550 Thanks for being such a valuable service to us for all of these years!!! It shows that there are some things that good government can provide
S5-2551 Thanks for all of your work.
S5-2552 none
S5-2554 Simply the best.
S5-2555 "I use this WWV/WWVH info all the time, every day. Please DON'T change or discontinue it. "
S5-2556 Thank you for allowing us to participate
S5-2557 I use WWV to set UTC and local time clocks as well as calibrate frequency counters and signal generators. This is for hobby and industrial communications use.
S5-2558 I check multiple applications which are about equal to me.I think this question should allow weighted answers with perhaps a number system of 1 to 5 or 10.
S5-2559 I find the service as it is most useful.  I have used the service of both WWV and WWVH in particular in my work and in use with amateur radio and Civil Air Patrol communications.
S5-2560 WWV works. Need no other source of time and freq.
S5-2561 KEEP WWV  Add a mid-continent and Pacific transmitter too
S5-2562 "Also use WWV for Amatueur Radio, Propagation info, Astronomy and Frequenct Calibration"
S5-2563 WWV radio time signals provide an important resource to astronomers for timing critical events such as occultations. This data provides important scientific information. I hope this service will be continued.
S5-2564 A great service! Thank you
S5-2565 Please don't discontinue shortwave or internet time signal broadcasts!
S5-2566 Great service!  Please keep it going!
S5-2567 "I use the services most for setting clocks. However, I do use the short wave for occultation timing as well as variable stars work."
S5-2568 Frequent use of 440 Hz smodulation to calabrate musical instrumrnt tuners.  Use of time signals for astronomy purposes.
S5-2569 Radio time signals are vital for my astronomy work as I'm often set up in the field with radio the only source of time signals needed to time my observations with the needed accuracy.
S5-2570 "I use WWV to obtain accurate time for asteroid images, to  determine positions.  ---> (Keep WWV)"
S5-2571 We appreciate the service - Blessings and thanks!
S5-2572 "I do not know the frequency coverage of our system, we mainly use a Radio Shack clock for quick time lookup, plus a computer service to synchronize our computers at log on. We use the service mostly for timing mid-points of asteroid imaging via CCD camera for purposes of astrometry"
S5-2573 Keep up the good work.. USA!
S5-2574 "WWV service is adequate as-is, except for my lousy reception.  From low-to-high-end radios, reception is generally poor."
S5-2575 "This survey is badly biased, as it will be found by your online users, but not the radio users!"
S5-2576 "Please do not curtail this service in any way.   If any changes are neede, they should be for improvement."
S5-2577 I am both an amateur [as are others in our RASC group] as well as amateur astronomers - we use WWV to calibrate our clocks for special events we record. Keep up the great service!
S5-2578 I appreciate very much being able to access the exact time.  This is a very good service.
S5-2579 "WWV/WWVB/WWVH are an extremely important resource for professional researchers, amateur scientists, and teachers. Please consider continuing this valulable service!"
S5-2580 Thank you for these services!
S5-2581 Good service.  Please keep it funded.
S5-2582 please continue the WWV broadcasts in current format.  The audio is very useful for timing astronomical events.
S5-2583 "I find your service invaluable. Your time helps determine the orbits of asteroids and thus pre-warn us of a killer asteroid, allowing us to nuke it before it hits us..."
S5-2584 Please don't pull WWV off the air!!
S5-2585 "Although I utilize WWV for, mainly, timekeeping, frequency calibration is also very important for my test equipment."
S5-2586 "My watch creeps ahead, I use your web site to correct it, roughly once every week or two."
S5-2587 I hope I answered all the questions.  The page did not display properly even after numerous refreshes
S5-2588 Please continue to provide access via NTP. Thank you Jim Cole
S5-2589 web access to Cern
S5-2590 "Please keep WWV as it is, because it really serves my needs for amateur radio and astronomy"
S5-2591 This service is extremely useful to the amateur and professional astronomy community.
S5-2592 "Could not access most block on the survey, therefore this is incomplete.  (MS Internet Explorer, V5.5)"
S5-2593 An excellent service -- thank you for the work!
S5-2594 Please don't get rid of WWV/WWVH - it's the only reliable service available in western North America that you don't need a computer to access!
S5-2595 WWV/WWVH is a lifesaver at our Embassies overseas
S5-2596 Please continue with the marine weather and amateur radio propagation.  These are fine services worthy of taxpayer expense.
S5-2597 Thank you for the EXCELLENT service over the years
S5-2598 Use this service to make astronomical timings out in the field and short wave radio is a most effective way of obtaining an accurate time base.
S5-2599 Radio time signals critical to accurate occult- ation timing.
S5-2600 Also have a WWV monitoring clock that keeps set automatically
S5-2601 "I use all frequencies for propagation information (I'm a ham), so having the lady in Hawaii and the guy in Colorado really helps.  When I hear the lady, I know things are pretty good.  Depending on what freq I hear her on, I get a good idea of which bands are open.  Thanks for this service, I've been listening to WWV/WWVH for 35+ years. The accuracy of your ticks, floating as they do through the airwaves into my headset, somehow brings on thoughts of infinity, vastness of the universe, our  fleeting lives t"
S5-2602 I also use WWV/WWVH for propagation indications receiving those two transmitting stations..... Keep those stations and the information they provide operating...... The internet can't replace HF RF stations like WWV/WWVH from getting through to those that have receicers to receive them......
S5-2604 i use to calibrate the telescope through short wave but have found web calibration very accurate - thank you.
S5-2605 These services are essential to high technology small telescopes
S5-2606 We need the radio time broadcasts to operate our Observatory
S5-2607 Thank you very much and keep up the good work!!
S5-2608 Also use WWV for astronomical timings.
S5-2609 "I've used your shortwave broadcasts for almost 30 years to obtain accurate time for setting the time on clocks, telephone and voice mail systems, PCs, and servers.  I bought my girlfriend a clock that picks up WWVB, and plan on getting one for myself.  I use your service daily, and find it invaluable.  Also very important to me is the mobility of your shortwave broadcasts.  I don't know where else I'd go to get the accurate time that I need."
S5-2610 Great service.
S5-2611 "WWV and WWVH provide HF propagation indicators for my amateur radio operating (I have been on amateur radio long enough to remember when WWV was at Beltsville, MD, and I miss the 25 MHz transmitter)."
S5-2612 "WWV and WWVH are virtually an essential timing resource to amateur astronomers who time events, as I do, using a tape recorder and radio time signal.  I can't think of anything that would work as well in its place."
S5-2613 I think they should stay at their service.
S5-2614 "Answering survey because I heard this service might be discontinued.  That would cause me great problems in my Astronomy usage, as I rely heavily on accurate timings for celestial events.  I have specifically purchased an expensive clock radio receiver for this purpose, and that clock would be useless to me, if your services are discontinued."
S5-2615 Please ensure that the shortwave broadcasts continue.  The time signals are an invaluable service wherever I go.
S5-2616 "wwv is the only really accurate frequency standard I have available to me. Modern radio equipment is very stable, but still needs checking occasionally, particularly after repair or adjustment."
S5-2617 I hope you folks realize this is the only service like it anywhere in the world.
S5-2618 "Cpomputer time is fine at home, but I need WWV when I'm on the road making observations for IOTA or other astronomical research. Those time signals are the best!"
S5-2619 It's important to be able to hear and record an audible tone.  Otherwise we could just use GPS.
S5-2620 This service is extremely valuable for observing meteors.
S5-2621 CHU
S5-2622 Use your radio service frequently!!!  Thanks for an excellent job!
S5-2623 please don't shut it down. it is such a useful service...far more valuable than any amount of money needed to keep it going.
S5-2624 "Now that we have a clock that receives WWVB, we use WWV and CHU only occasionally to check its operation -- for convenience we keep it near other electronic devices, and we generally find that it has updated itself within the  previous few days.    "
S5-2625 Love the service would hate to see it gone.
S5-2626 Thank you for providing a valuable service.
S5-2627 "Astronomers depend very heavily on being able to receive accurate time signals via the shortwave frequencies (2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz).  We often tape record events (occultations and the like) and depend on the time signals on the tape to determine the time of the event."
S5-2628 For remote applications away from web access this is the only means to gather proper time stamped astronomical observations.
S5-2629 Myinterest is obtaining time/positional fixes for artificial satellites and lunar occultations
S5-2630 "I'm not the only person who listens to WWV because I like it.  Several other people I've run into listen to it for pleasure as well as utility.  As a geologist, the concept of endless time is always on my mind; and listening to WWV is a meaningful and sometimes powerful experience. --Clinton Crowley, Arlington, Texas"
S5-2631 WWV Has always been a useful service I have been a Short Wave listener and User since the 1950's some changes are necessary to accomidate Computer time users etc.
S5-2632 "Japanese shortwave time signals JJY were shut down on March 31, 2001, and radio-controlled clocks or watches based on the longwave time signals JJY are in use, but such clocks or watches are not accurate (typically they have errors of about 0.2 seconds), so many Japanese astronomers (both amateurs and professionals) are using WWV and WWVH to get precise timings of astronomical events."
S5-2633 "while used infrequently (propogation makes radio access here in NZ a challenge), wwv is a treasured service, a friend and marker on the radio dial. (and p.s. survey was well done)"
S5-2634 Fantastic service.
S5-2635 Your service is vital for astronomical observations and I hope WWV stays on the air.
S5-2636 "Our astronomy clubs meet with hundreds of school,  church and scout groups during a years time. The  correct timing of observed events is a very  important step in teaching astronomy. The ability  to hear and record correct time ticks from  remote locations is and will remaine a very usful  teaching tool.  The future of our country lies in the quality of  education we provide for our chiuldren. The education field need all the help it can get from everyone."
S5-2637 Keep the services you provide presently.
S5-2638 "so far, not to bad; don't stop now!!! Keep up the good work!!!"
S5-2639 Keep up the good work.
S5-2640 "WWV Is FANTASTIC!!  Plus, my watch receives WWVB every night and resets itself to the CORRECT time."
S5-2641 WWV is the only time service available to an astronomer in the field.  It is very important to me.
S5-2642 "Not to be picky, but you need a better survey design. For example, you could have had a drop-down box for states & countries AND you should have used radio buttons instead of check boxes for """"Primary Use Only"""" items.   Thanks for inquiring about my opinions. 
S5-2643 "NOVAE (Northern Ohio Valley Astronomy Educators)depend on these services for almost every aspect of astronomical surveys, data collection, and general observing.  Everyone in this organization would like to see these sevices continue and expand."
S5-2644 WWV is a very useful service for accurate timing of  occultations. Please do not discontinue it.
S5-2645 WWV and WWVH is a very important service. We rely on it for  time stamping observations and correlation with other observatories. It must be maintained! Thank you.
S5-2646 Thank you very much for this great service!
S5-2647 WWV shortwave time signals are the ONLY PRACTICAL WAY to monitor time during occultions that require travel in the field.   It is a must!!!
S5-2648 I wouldn't be able to time astronomy events without the NIST shortwave broadcasts. Travel to a remote area requires the use of a portable radio.
S5-2649 This is a useful service. Please continue providing this service. Thank you.
S5-2650 Keep the service!!
S5-2651 The ability to receive accurate broadcast time while in the field away from computers is invaluable.
S5-2652 The ability to receive accurate broadcast time while in the field away from computers is invaluable.
S5-2653 Maintaining of the Broadcast time signals is an absolute necessity for conducting timing of moon and asteroid occultations by amateur astronomers!
S5-2654 "Please keep WWV Colorado at 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and  20 Megaherz opperating or my research with students and high school and middle school teachers will not be  possible.  Please keep WWVH opperating for colleague besides I might move, although this is unlikely at  the moment."
S5-2655 WWV is now and has been a valuable service to me
S5-2656 Please keep WWV on the air! It provides a VERY valuable service!
S5-2657 "Even though this survey may count only once, many other members of my extended family (i.e. those whom do not live with me) rely on my clock to set thiers accuratly. I have 4 in my immediate family that rely on this service. "
S5-2658 The shortwave service is extremely important for timing asteroidal and lunar occultations (timing when and for how long an asteroid or the moon blocks a background star)
S5-2659 We need this service! I use it for Radio/Radio Astronomy applications. Also for calibrations of equipment on my job (University). Thank you for providing this valuable service.
S5-2660 "I completed a survey several days ago. But I may not have emphasized strongly enough how important the WWV time broascast is to astronomical observations. Recording the WWV signal with video of the astronomical event is currently the best way to document the time of an event for later analysis.  WWV is an important part of my life! Jeff Madura, Naperville, IL Chicago Astronomical Society, Naperville Astronomical Associaiton"
S5-2661 I scan WWV and CHU frequencies for best signal at the time of observation.
S5-2662 But CHU does not provide propagation or geomagentic activity levels. 
S5-2663 I have written before how much I appreciate the service. Please do not eliminate it. I suspect other methods of cost cutting could be implemented...for instance new and less expensive equipment and more automation.
S5-2664 WWV and services provided by NIST are of vital importance to all.  Keep up the good work.
S5-2665 Much of my need for this information occurs when I am in a situation where I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS.  Loss of the WWV signals would be a tremendous handicap.
S5-2666 I also work in the Electronics field and use the WWVB to calibrate frequency counters. With TBC the television frequencies are useless!
S5-2667 All of NIST time services are very valualable and should be continued.  They are a vital part of the  US technology infrastructure
S5-2668 This is not a good place for budget cuts!!!! Radio! Keep up the excellent work at Ft. Collins!!!
S5-2669 My uses are very simplistic.  I can see the need for this service goes well beyond my own.
S5-2670 "Radio-based delivery important for mobile and portable radio operations, and only requires low cost equipment and service to receive."
S5-2672 "Hi, I am greatly disappointed - but maybe you can easily solve the problem - your website www.time.gov used to utilize JAVA animation, but now whenever I go to it, I only get a 'time snapshot.'  I liked the Java very much, e.g. for setting clocks & watches.  If I can somehow change my 'user settings' at your site, it would be nice if this were especially clearly indicated, because if I am having this problem, probably a lot of people are having this problem.  Thank you!!!"
S5-2673 Please keep the WWV and the Website Time!
S5-2674 I am a station operator of a west coast Sandia Bolide Detection All-sky camera and the time signals are used to check the accuracy of a time dat stamp generator and to re-set it when not correct. Also use it for other astronomical observations at my observatory.  WWV is the only time signal that I can receive more or less reliably during the night on Vancouver Island.  The signal is not readable during daylight hours.
S5-2675 By comparing my electric wall clock with WWV time I am able to watch time errors of the electrical grid.  During the California power troubles this was interesting and alarming.
S5-2676 WWV is very important in astronomy event observations. We use it to coordinate detailed observations from many people separated by large distances.
S5-2677 could not complete the survey due to the choice blocks being misaligned in screen (pathetically poor html.. get a better webmaster.. I really wanted to do the survey) such that I could not tell which question they went with (I'm using Microsoft IE V5.5). I use WWVB continuously for frequency locking. I use WWV and WWVB as propagation indicators. Also use the 18 minutes past the hour solar terestrial indices frequenctly.
S5-2678 I need a way to record astronomical timings using radio audio and human voice merged onto a tape recorder to get astronomical timings.
S5-2679 Keep WWV(B) (H) on!!
S5-2680 increase transmission power
S5-2681 I'm not sure what frequency we have the radio set to at our observatory for WWV.
S5-2682 Use WWV for amateur radio frequency standard. Use nist computer services for timing of computer data at Radio Astronomy at the University of Indianapolis.
S5-2683 "     I checked only one item according to instructions, but I do use the services for several purposes!      THANK YOU for these services!"
S5-2684 We would spend many hours per year simply setting and resetting time clocks due to Daylight savings time as well as power outages.
S5-2685 It would be a heavy loss indeed if the scope of the frequencies used by WWV/WWVH were reduced or lost.
S5-2686 WWV provides a vital service that allows the US military to test HF receiving equipment worldwide.
S5-2687 "The rural areas where serious astronomical research is often conducted by advanced amatures rarely offer alternatives to WWV in coordinating observations with others around the country/world.  Many times, even cell phones are out of service areas."
S5-2688 please keep this service going.
S5-2689 I am 46 and have been using WWV/WWVH all my life. This is a national asset that should be around forever...
S5-2690 In many locations where meteor observations take place These services privide the only highly accurate time. This is necessary for accurate scientific data.
S5-2691 "Many of the astronomical event timings that I use WWV for are done at remote locations, therefore access to timing services such as Internet or Telephone are not available. "
S5-2692 CHU Canada
S5-2693 Thank you for the survey.  Please continue WWV.
S5-2694 "The broadcast service is extremely important in the event of infastructure failure in telecom or internet provider. I use Internet for time most frequently.  But Again, I like having the broadcast backup."
S5-2695 IT is necessary to continue this service so that we may provide useful data to the Professional Astronomy community.
S5-2696 I consider NIST time services one of the more important government services that I use.
S5-2697 WWV and WWVH are vital services for my overseas observing sites for timing events where local time services are unreliable or nonexistent
S5-2698 I am satisfied except for wwv reception and a webpage that will set the pc clock as noted above
S5-2699 I like it the way it is.  Don't mess it up!
S5-2700 I use the service in Arizonz
S5-2702 Keep up the great service!
S5-2703 Please don't discontinue your valuable services. There is nothing out there to replace them.
S5-2704 It's a great service --keep 'em flying!!!
S5-2705 I like the availability of the time in the general geographic area.  I missed it in Australia and  Africa.
S5-2706 "I do astronomical occultation timing in the field, and the radio signals are my only source of accurate time for my observations.  This is crucial to this kind of scientific data."
S5-2707 I very much appreciate the Internet resources that you provide.  They are INVALUABLE.
S5-2708 Don't stop the time signals!!!
S5-2709 I would be lost without it!
S5-2710 "1. Somewhere here you should explain """"WWBV"""", """"WWV"""", and """"WWVH"""". 2.  I was driving through the Chicago area a couple months ago and heard an automated time hack on a low frequency FM station.  I thought it was a great idea, and it would be great if that service were available across the country."
S5-2711 I've relied on WWV radio signals for decades.  Keep up the good work!
S5-2712 Please keep up the good work. Thanks!
S5-2713 How about tours to qualified people like myself who are radio engineers/audio and broadcast. Also for programs to related organizations like the SBE the Society of Broadcast Engineers.
S5-2714 I use NIST TIME AND FREQUENCY WEB PAGE twice each day to keep my computer time accurate to set my watch for astronomical purposes.  I also use WWV while in the field.
S5-2715 WWV is very important to me during astronomical observations and with amateur radio.  I also use the propagation forcasts.
S5-2716 Please continue this service - I use it and have no other source for getting it. Thanks!!
S5-2717 WWV Time signals are very important for my astronomy research and is a great service. 
S5-2718 "PLease make WWV as widely available, and easily accessible using the strongest signal possible, for in many cases it is the only reliable source of accurate time information. - Thank You"
S5-2719 We use WWV for occultation timings.
S5-2720 "I would be lost without the time and relliability of WWV.  I have used it for years, and it's a good feeling to know when I need it, it's there."
S5-2721 I would miss this service very much
S5-2722 Keep up the good work. Increase coverage area.
S5-2723 Your shortwave service is invaluable!
S5-2724 Don't mess with success!
S5-2725 Thanks for surveying us!
S5-2726 Direct Broadcast Satellite for Time
S5-2727 Keep up the great work! 
S5-2728 Do NOT discontinue shortwave or 60kHz service
S5-2729 I sincerely hope that this level of service will be maintained in these difficult times - Thanks!
S5-2730 This is to say Hello and thanks for this opportunity...Yimber
S5-2731 Keep up the good work.  This is an invaluable service.  Thank you.
S5-2732 I've been listening to the Boulder clock on shortwave since I was a little kid on my Dad's radio. I hope you don't consider shutting it down.
S5-2733 I use the services to set clocks of Aviation Weather Observing Stations (AWOS) during servicing.  My area of responsibility (with the Meteorological Service of Canada) extends to stations in the High Arctic (82 degrees N latitude).
S5-2734 Astronomy UTC
S5-2735 "I've been using time servers to keep my computer clock accurate for about four years.  Since discoving the NIST server and matching software, I've needed nothing else  -- with a single update daily, my computer clock is now more accurate than any other clock in my home."
S5-2736 Great service! Thank you!
S5-2737 I used to set my watch with my radio and that was fun - I miss it.  Now I like setting it with the computer.  I think it's great.  Thanks. Sorry I couldn't be of more help as/ survey...  Have a nice day
S5-2738 "Thanks for maintaining the radio time.  Some guys in the astronomy club rely on it for timing occultations, apparently.  We have a satellite clock, but it blows out every now and then. ?"
S5-2739 "I use the various time of day sources primarily for astronomy observations and to reset my quartz watch to within a second of corect time.  For the former, I use shortwave radio when away from home.  For the latter, I use the Internet. "
S5-2740 Primary use of NIST time services is via radio. Used to manually set time of local clocks/watches as well as clocks for use with shortwave/amateur radio. Time services via radio are still more convenient than Internet based time services. This survey neglected to ask about the use of the propagation forecasts heard at :18 via WWV/WWVH. I listen to this forecast frequently and I consider it important (2).
S5-2741 Please continue WWV services.
S5-2742 I think the time of day service is great. It is easy to access and I enjoy seeing the world map depicting the daylight/nighttime division.
S5-2743 "Appreciate the service, thank you."
S5-2744 Thanks for asking!
S5-2745 "I hope you can continue providing this service. I'm a former USCG Radioman who remembers how important it was to keep the """"time tick"""" accurate on the radio watches for communications concerning search and rescue at sea."
S5-2746 "You may already do it, but computer, telephone and GPS services need to be publicized by radio voice announcements, perhaps similar to marine weather announcements or they may go unnoticed. "
S5-2747 "The WWV/WWVB HF frequency standard is accurate, Simple to use and very portable. Please keep this service on the air "
S5-2748 "WWV adn WWVH are a national institution.  They were my first introduction to short wave and then amateur radio.  In my youth, when I could not pick up any other broadcasts I could always get WWV and WWVH."
S5-2749 "Without WWV, how will astronomers in the field time important transient and occultation events?"
S5-2750 We use WWV worldwide on a continuous basis for remote expeditions. Loss of this time standard would be devastating.
S5-2751 "I have been using the services of wwv for over 23 years. No complaints, keep up the good work."
S5-2752 Thank you for providing a critical service that aids in our observing programs.
S5-2753 A very important service for so many reasons
S5-2754 It's a great web site. Thank you.
S5-2755 "Your time- + frequ.-service is an addition to our German DCF77(77,5Kc) of the PTB Braunschweig+Frankfurt/Germany. J. Wittmann Communication, Germany
S5-2756 This is the best site I've found for getting the accurate time.
S5-2757 Your organization does an excellent job and provides a great service.  Thank You!
S5-2758 Great source for many years.
S5-2759 Thanks for a great service!
S5-2760 I would like to have a clock that updated the time automatically but am concerned that the signal can't reach it.  I normally use a shortwave receiver to listen for the time signal.
S5-2761 Thanks for your servicve availability
S5-2762 "Please keep the service running!  My new asteroid observation program relies on good, accurate time and WWV is the best/easiest source I know of."
S5-2763 "The portability of the WWV HF and the WWVB VLF signals is vital to field data collection by amateur astronomers.  Internet useful, but not sufficient, no IP connectivity to dark sky sites (very rural), need reliable HF time signal.  Don't shut down WWV/WWVB! Too dependent on Internet already."
S5-2764 Thank you for your service.
S5-2765 I have been a frequent user of WWV for 15 years; it is an essential service in both radio and astronomy
S5-2766 There are few reliable constants left - no purpose would be served to drop WWV-WWVH-WWVB!!
S5-2767 Please keep the services up and running.
S5-2768 "I hope that government cutbacks do not curtail the services of NIST/WWV.  The broadcast industry would be at a great loss if services were cutback.  I know that WWV is used extensively in Mexico and Latin America.  You might consider adding some time and weather anouncements is Spanish form time to time.  Again, I hope you can save this service.  Best regards,   Bruce Miller Earle"
S5-2769 "Very satisfied with the service, just don't stop doing it."
S5-2770 keep up the good work...
S5-2771 I used WWV in the repair and alignment of radio communications equipment as well as the setting of watches and clocks.  I find it a necesity in what it do.
S5-2772 Please retain the HF broadcast of time signals.
S5-2773 "I believe current users that understand the delivery method are well satisfied with the service.  WWVB is an excellent backup to local cesium and other standards and, though lower delivered accuracy, it does provide clearly identifiable traceability.  Please keep it going..."
S5-2774 Please don't discontinue the radio service!!!
S5-2775 Have been using WWV since it was in Greenbelt.  Have first day QSL from Ft Collins.
S5-2776 "I live in Florida, but use the time and weather in all areas of the Atlantic and Pacific where it can be heard. Vital marine safety information is available relating to severe weather.  I would not want to loose that, since it is not as dependablely available from other means while on the high seas.  The time information is vital for celestial navigation of small vessels. Thank you for all your services. "
S5-2777 Germny Frankfurt
S5-2778 WWV radio time signals are essentail to astronomical and other physical science research!!
S5-2779 I believe the services presently provided are excellent.
S5-2780 "I have completed a 30yr Military career as a Submarine Radioman, now as an amateur radio operator and clock repairman, I have grown up with WWV. Let's keep it on the air..."
S5-2781 CHU
S5-2782 Much of this page concerning the use of HF frequencies was presented un alterable and we could not respond to the questions
S5-2783 "Could not enter frequency data, page would not accept data"
S5-2784 Thanks for the excellent services which you provide.  They are helpful and in fact essential for my use.  Much appreciated.
S5-2785 "CHU, many NTP sources"
S5-2786 This service is important for HF/SSB Stations to check Porpogation and time hacks  and would be soley missed.
S5-2787 Excellent service.  Provides valuable information in an efficient manner
S5-2788 Very useful service. Will look into ACTS.
S5-2789 My friends now have radio clocks that now auto set time. Believe this is 60 khz service which should be expanded for more coverage area.
S5-2790 I use wwv to certify stop-watches used with Vascars (speed timing)for local police depts. 
S5-2791 "WE have to use wwv - we need to get it better, but get by with what we have.  We use it for both time and freq standards in our work (Electronics) for the NC Highway Patrol"
S5-2792 Love being able to set my computer clock automatically.
S5-2793 "The wwv & wwvh time transmissions are essential for international communications, propogation prediction and appropriate establishment of point to point  communications on a world-wide basis.  The FRC  is a technically competant if not elite group of amateur radio operators who depend on WWV & WWVH transmissions for: time coordination and propogation conditions world-wide."
S5-2795 NIST is doing a superb job.  This service has high public value.
S5-2796 "I use this service both at home for amateur radio and at work (FM broadcasting station) to keep our clocks on time.  The standard frequencies are also very helpful in performing rough calibration checks of frequency counters, etc."
S5-2797 Please do not take this service away.
S5-2798 WWV/WWVH is extremely important to both hobbyists and professionals! How many lives have been saved by your maritime weather bulletins?
S5-2799 "The best use I've seen of your service is the Tri-Met transit service in  Portland, Oregon. Their web site has a link to yours to """"synchronize  watches"""" with their ridership. Saves a lot of frustration when everyone is on the same page!"
S5-2800 "I have a clock which receives the WWVB, which would effectively cease being accurate if the signals were discontinued."
S5-2801 "I have been traveling for over 30 years doing things for the government and because of the job without the use of WWV/WWVH I could not have done it as accurately as I have. It is a GREAT service. Edward L. Campbell, MSGT, USAF "
S5-2802 "NIS time and frequency standards are very useful to me both as an active radio amateur and as an amateur astonomer.  I can't conceive of doing without them. Alvin Berglund, W6WJ"
S5-2804 Just keep the correct time available!!  Thanks!
S5-2805 "Your services are great for my Search and Rescue Activities. I depend on the time in order to integrate """"real time"""" data from our amateur radio volunteers with the search and rescue efforts. Having accurate time is crucial for our operational logistics. Thank you"
S5-2806 "Both WWV and WWVH have been very useful for me and many, many of the hundreds of members of the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) for many reasons, including providing correct time and up-to-date weather information, and in helping us make sure that our radios are transmitting/receiving on the correct frequencies.  Thanks . . . Ron Pitney "
S5-2807 I have been using NIST for 30 years....great service!
S5-2808 "I use signals from WWV and WWVH to quickly check band conditions. If I can hear WWV and WWVH on 15 mhz late at night, I know that its a good night for radio. I also have a radio recieve clock that I use to re-set all the other clocks if the power shuts off. I listen to propagation reports and marine weather reports. "
S5-2809 Please do NOT discontinue service.  It is most valuable
S5-2810 Use dedicated 24/7 WWVB Receiver and Distribution Amps for in house Frequency standard throughout our building.
S5-2811 "I've used WWV and WWVH my whole life and hope they aren't going away! They are just generally useful for a whole range of activities. If you've got a shortwave radio, you can get the time!"
S5-2812 The standarf frequency service is very important to me both as in my hobbies of astronomy and Ham radio as well as in my Rf consulting work.
S5-2813 Please keep WWV on the air.
S5-2814 wwv provides the only freq standard available to the general public
S5-2815 WWV is very useful please keep the current service
S5-2816 Accurate time standard to the second is essential for our astronomical research programs.
S5-2817 Note: many of my uses are indoor where GPS would be inconvenient.
S5-2818 Would be lost without NIST services.
S5-2819 Please don't go away.
S5-2820 Don't down grade the system
S5-2821 "I also use WWV/WWVH when traveling to keep the watch set properly.  I don't always have internet access, but I always have a portable radio with me.  These are vital services you provide.  Please maintain them.   You might recall that Armed Forces Radio and Television Service left shortwave in 1988 for """"more promising technologies.""""  AFRTS is once again using shortwave to deliver programming, 13 years later, while still developing those promising technologies.   Gerry Bishop Niceville, FL"
S5-2822 "wwv/b is needed for safe navigation  as well as checking radio operation and propigation,gps statis on ocean going sail boats that relay on celestial navigation."
S5-2823 Please continue the service
S5-2824 Keep WWV and WWVH on the air!
S5-2825 Software to automatically adjust the computer clock that I am checking/adjusting.
S5-2826 "great web page set up...simple, yet effective"
S5-2827 Y'all are doing a great job. Please leave things alone.
S5-2828 "The application check-off above is too limiting. I use NIST services for all these things: Setting watches and clocks manually and under computer control. Radio recieve clocks. Amateur Radio Application, standard frequencies and propatation forecasts. "
S5-2829 May this service always continue.
S5-2830 "In timing lunar and asteroidal occultations, accurate time is an absolute requirement.  Without an accurate time source, the data is useless. I generally use WWV/WWVH in remote rural areas in which no other time service existe.  However, a stronger signal is needed."
S5-2831 thanks
S5-2832 By all means continue services!
S5-2834 Great Service... I always check reception when I travel. Best time service of all the different ones I have received on radio in my travels.
S5-2835 Recently bought a Short Wave radio just so I can receive WWV signals.
S5-2836 Some of my responses are for projects that I am working towards.  I very much appreciate access to NIST.  Linux users should not be disregarded.
S5-2837 "It would be a great tragedy for me and others to lose ready access to WWV, WWVH & WWVB.  We're not all constantly near computers yet we frequently need access to the services provided by these outlets.  There is, as yet, no easier means of distribution for this information than broadcast. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER ABANDONING THESE SERVICES.  Thank you."
S5-2839 Computer time setting via US Naval Observatory
S5-2840 Thank you so much for your service. PJ Goldfinger
S5-2841 "Sincerely Yours Randall.B,Clark KB8KZZ  Parkersburg,WV "
S5-2842 "I use the frequencies primarily to verify standard, accurate time, and to check the frequency calibration of my receiver.  It is also a useful beacon to do antenna analysis/comparison against."
S5-2843 "As an amateur radio operator, I have been using your services for many years.  Frequency and time calibration are very useful,  and I often tune to WWV on various bands to make a quick check of radio propogation.  Thank you for your services...."
S5-2844 I am very pleased th have your service and have made very good use over the years It is a old much used friend Thanks to all for you are always there when needed
S5-2845 Radio - keep it alive
S5-2846 I _need_ this service.
S5-2847 "I have used WWV for over 30 years.  I now have a radio receive clock, computer software that accesses NIST via a dial-up connection plus of course a shortwave radio which I use also to set several timepieces.  I also have a gps receiver.  The A above C frequency plus the geo-alerts are an added bonus.  I have calibrated the dial of several shortwave receivers using the accurate frequencies (as broadcast by WWV)."
S5-2848 I set all house and Ham Radio Equipment on WWV
S5-2849 The HF signals are great for checking propagation and testing receivers....
S5-2850 Use For Amateur Astronomy Timings
S5-2851 "Overall, NIST provides an excellent service"
S5-2852 Excellent service. Rely on time standard at work (communications) anh amateur radio.
S5-2853 Please keep WWV active & on the air.
S5-2854 "I hope to introduce WWVB clocks into my workplace, a blood donor center, to ensure that time critical events in the collection and processing of blood are recorded in a consistent, accurate way."
S5-2855 Have been an avid user of WWV and WWVH since 1965. Please keep up the fine service.
S5-2856 Great service
S5-2857 Use of WWV internet is essential for setting my telescope.
S5-2858 "WWV is a national institution, and a service used around the world.  Cancellation would be a grave lost to the Amateur community every!!!"
S5-2859 Thank you for an excellent job. You're one of the few services I don't mind supporting with my tax money.
S5-2860 Please continue the service!
S5-2861 DO NOT cease HF radio transmissions of WWV/WWVH
S5-2862 great service!
S5-2863 thanks for the service thus far
S5-2864 This is one of the best services provided by the U.S. Government.  Do not change what has been a standard  for years. 
S5-2865 "As an amatuer astronomer I record the shortwave stations in the field while I vidiotape occultations of the moon, planets, and asteroids. This helps refine the orbits, and hopefully contributes to the database used by scientists. I use the shortwave stations for this, as there is usually no internet or phone connection where I observe."
S5-2866 "WWV/WWVH, along with VNG Australia, provides the most  accurate timebase for occultation timings and  other astronomical applications. The survival of VNG Australia is not assured at this time. That makes the continuation of WWV/WWVH crucial for our work.  Graham Blow Director Occultation Section, Royal Astron. Society of New Zealand Graham.Blow@actrix.gen.nz http://occsec.wellington.net.nz/"
S5-2867 Thanks for the great service...keep it coming.
S5-2868 Please don't stop the broadcast's of WWV & WWVH.
S5-2869 "All of the uses checked above are of equal and very high importance,"
S5-2870 It would be a great loss if the broadcast services were reduced or eliminated.
S5-2871 Web site is very useful and informative.
S5-2872 NIST services are are invaluable for accuracy in my projects and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
S5-2873 "I use it in New York State (in the United States of America).  I would appreciate it if you could notify me on where  can download Java drivers for the MacOS 8.1 version of AOL. 
S5-2874 My colleagues in Antarctica rely on these time services too.
S5-2875 Generally we want to be able to synchronise a local time base to say 0.05 seconds.
S5-2876 Radio service is important to me since I am not  within reach of telephone or computer. Audible  time info is crucial for my purposes.
S5-2877 Observation of lunar and asteroidal occultations depends greatly upon use of WWV/H
S5-2878 "When I cannot receive WWV, I can usually receive CHU."
S5-2879 "Great service, reliable.  Please don't change."
S5-2880 I use WWV to synchronize the computer clocks for radio astronomy (amateur work).
S5-2881 A very useful and accurate system to set time!
S5-2882 KEEP WWV/WWVH ON THE AIR!!! Internet based services are not sufficient as not all ISPs allow continuous connection over the many hours of observing time.
S5-2883 "Appreciate the service very much, don't stop."
S5-2884 I think it is very important to keep an audio time source available to the public for use in the absence of electronic equipment but to stay current with much emphasis on electronic equipment needs.
S5-2885 WWV is a valuable source of accurate time from sites where the net or electric power is unavailable.
S5-2886 Your services are sole sourced.  No others are used.  Don't cut back on anything.
S5-2887 Service as now active is tenerally good.
S5-2888 "While, in terms of frequency, I use computer synchronization the most, WWV is essential for other, manual uses and precision astronomical observational timings, especially since its signal can be recorded on a tape recorder along with a voiceover indicating the timing of an event. WWV is, to me, your most important asset."
S5-2889 "Please keep WWV, WWVH, and WWVB ON THE AIR!! This provides the most convenient, low cost time reference for amateur-professional cooperative astronomy.  Eliminating SW broadcasts will result in greatly reduced ability to acquire precise observational data in the field."
S5-2890 "WWV shortwave reception is essential for all remote-site astronomy work which requires careful time calibration. Examples I use are lunar occultations, lunar grazing occultations, asteroid occultations. Without WWV / WWVH, I would have to curtail most of this activity. This would also severely impact the course offerings at my college, as the scientific research training this provides for students would be impossible."
S5-2891 Shortwave WWV time signals are the most reliable means of time stamping occultation events of stars by planetary bodies that is most affordable to IOTA's large base of amateur astronomers who do this scientific data collection voluntarily. Most of this work is done in remote locations with portable observing equipment.
S5-2892 Thanks for keeping our clocks on time. We like our new atomic clocks that set themselves.
S5-2893 "Please continue (or expand & improve) the WWV service.  It's a great help.  Thanks.  I'm considering getting a WWVB-enabled wall clock, but I'm unsure whether the reception would be reliable in my area."
S5-2894 All of our digital systems are sychronized to NIST and WWV services including our Disaster Response resources and support systems for the Canadian Red Cross.
S5-2895 WWV/WWVH radio broadcasts are *very* important for my work!
S5-2896 WWV also used occasionally for astronomy (occultation timing)
S5-2897 HF-broadcast radio signals containing standard time and frequency will continue to be useful to me into the indefinite future.  I also use WWV as a time reference for celestial navigation and would very much want to have it available should the GPS constellation go down unexpectedly while I am at sea..or in the event that my gps equipment became faulty...and as an available rough check for gps accuracy.
S5-2898 "CHU Canada cannot be received in Alberta. I usually need the 5, 10, and 15 MHz signals so I can choose one that is clearest."
S5-2899 Presently work DSP and DMSP. IOTA member
S5-2900 I count on the NOAA Solar Terrestrial indices report at 18 minutes after each hour to monitor Aurora possibilities in my area
S5-2901 I have used WWV while participating in grazing lunar and asteroid occultations.  These events are most accurately timed using WWV.  The grazing lunar occultation events are important in determining the diameter of the sun for climate prediction by measuring the heights of the mountains on the edge of the moon which are observed during solar eclipses.
S5-2902 I need an accurate time signal for use in timing lunar occultations in the field and for setting my 100-year-old grandfather clock
S5-2903 How about that on air contest to give away an atomic clock to some lucky listners. Haha... Keep up the good work guys! BK
S5-2904 Occultations need very precise time measurements. Pleas keep the program going and boost transmission power if allowed. Bill Peters
S5-2905 "I find the WWV services irreplaceable for remote, mobile, marine and aeronautical use. All of which I do."
S5-2906 "We use these for many things, personally and at work. Survey difficult to list single primary use. "
S5-2907 Calibration of transceivers and time coordination with other operators during local power-out emergencies is not possible without a couple of reliable remote sources.
S5-2908 Thanks for providing this service!
S5-2909 I want my WWV
S5-2910 Radio services continue to be useful
S5-2911 "I also use IPS for North America for R.F. Propagation and MUF but, it's info. overload."
S5-2912 Being able to access WWV with portable radio in remote locations is very important.  Please continue the broadcasts.  thank you..
S5-2913 "I don't use the service, lacking a shortwave radio, but I know many who use WWV for lunar & asteroidal occultation timing. An available accurate timebase is essential to their work. Video or audio observations with WWV time signals recorded in real time allow correlation of all results. These observations are frequently done from remote locations, often on the side of a road, so Internet access is not an option. Lawrence K. Brady Pres. Baltimore Astronomical Society
S5-2914 Have listenend to WWV and WWVH for 30 years since I was a teenager.
S5-2915 none
S5-2916 WWV shortwave signals are also widely used by my amateur astromomer friends.
S5-2917 As a individual user knowing the correct time and having propagation information is very useful to me. In my comment about new services I feel time signals are useful for mariners with small craft that don't have HF capabilities.
S5-2918 Used For Astronomical Events Worldwide
S5-2919 I use the USNO phone time 202-762-1401 if the WWV reception is poor
S5-2920 Please reinstitute the transmission of the time in Morse code.
S5-2921 The service is appreciated.
S5-2922 U.S. Air Force Military affiliate radio System ( Mars) Use of the Services of NIST/ WWV are on a daily basis and is very important as a practical tool and for training purpose's
S5-2923 Thanks for the use of WWV and keep up  the good work. CM
S5-2924 "Field applications for astronomical observation are performed far from telephone or internet access. Broadcast services at lowband (60kHz) and SW (5MHz, 10MHz) are essential. "
S5-2925 wwv is a very valuable asset to us in timing lunar and asteroid occultations and eclipse phenomena involving jupiter's moons.  thanks
S5-2926 I am unaware of being able to get acurate time from the internet even with my cable modem.  Is it going to be more acurate than the phone?
S5-2927 Please keep WWV on shortwave -- thank you!
S5-2928 WWV is crucial to astronomical observations
S5-2929 Thanks for doing it!
S5-2930 Keep up the good work!
S5-2931 I would time over 300 astronomical events per year and an accurate radio time signal is virtually essential.
S5-2932 Your signal is used to automatically set observatory clocks daily.
S5-2933 "I use WWV for timing astronomical events, primarily occultations of stars by the Moon or by asteroids. Such data is scientifically valuable, esp. when observed from several geographic locations.  I have a tape recorder on my SW radio and simply record my own voice over the time signal, and can transcribe it to an accuracy <0.5 seconds.  I don't know how I'd do this without WWV.  "
S5-2934 Can't fill out form properly on-line.  Most fields calling for numbers cannot accept input.
S5-2936 I like to know at least one of my clocks is exact!!  Thanks.
S5-2938 "I've used it my whole life, wherever I have lived, and it's been great. Now I am in Florida (the survey won't let me put the state's 2 letter abbreviation above) "
S5-2939 "The NIST shortwave time standards are absolutely critical for astronomical observations, including occultation and eclipse timing, and calculation of events.  Often this is done in a mobile way, where the observer takes telescope, imaging/video recording and shortwave gear to remote locations in the field, and a reliable time standard is needed. There are really no other options, as GPS is insufficient for timekeeping."
S5-2940 Need access wherever I travel in USA and Canada
S5-2941 Valuable services... I hope they continue!
S5-2942 Sometimes it is conforting to know EXACTLY what time it is. :)
S5-2943 N/A
S5-2944 This site is slow-loading. Eliminate the black background.  Make it white. Eliminate the green inner background.  Make it white. Make it simple and non-decorative in any way. All I want is time and date. The time given on this site is three minutes different than the USNO site.  Why?
S5-2945 VNG Australia will stop operating in 2003.
S5-2946 Thanks for this service
S5-2947 "The NIST service as broadcast on shrtwave and available over the Internet is very important.  Please keep these services going.  I commend the NIST for making these services available, and for seeking input to imprive these services, as through this survey."
S5-2948 WWV is cool!
S5-2949 "Knowing budgets are always a consideration,  your services are appreciated and please continue them.  "
S5-2950 GPS
S5-2951 The Univ. of Florida Radio Observatory has been doing research in Jupiter decametric emission for over 40 years. WWV is our primary source of timing information. Timing signals are routinely recorded as a separate channel on magnetic tape recording in several experiments.
S5-2952 GPS
S5-2953 Great Service...  keep it up !
S5-2954 "Besides Galilean satellite eclipse timiings (1-sec precision), videotape lunar and asteroidal occultations (1/60-sec precision)."
S5-2955 These services are essential and not a rational choice for governmental cost cutting.
S5-2956 "The RAdio Jove project is a joint effort of NASA/GSFC, the Univ. of Florida Radio Observatory, and other institutions. It is an educational project for high schools and college students for observing the Jovian decametric and solar emission. About 250 schools have joined the project. Most of them use the 20.0 MHz WWV broadcast as their primary timing source. The specially designed receiver can be easily tuned to the 20.0 MHz WWV timing signal to set the time."
S5-2957 The WWV time service information is ESSENTIAL to many amateur & professional astronomy activities such as timing asteroid occultations.  It is the only reliable source for accurate timing information for this purpose!!!! Please do not discontinue. Thanks.
S5-2958 "Since all of our work is in the field as far as possible from the power grid, Radio is the best means to deliver time informsation to us.  WWV/WWVH is vital to our program."
S5-2959 As a participant in the Radio Jove program WWV radio is the only accurate time source when out in the field with no AC power or other facilities avialable.
S5-2960 "If you would like more information about the usefullness of WWV and a VLF service, please contact me. Bill Taylor
S5-2961 Would not like to see the WWV broadcasts discontinued.
S5-2962 Did not understand the question about TAI
S5-2963 "I have been a grateful user of WWV/WWVB/WWVH services since 1960, using these services in various but continuous ways in Amateur Radio, the military, and now in Computing Services.  I would not want to think of a world without your RF-HF regional broadcasts.  Thank you."
S5-2964 Shortwave WWVH is very invaluable for determining or recording of high precision occultation timings  for astronomy.
S5-2965 Please do not do away with the service.
S5-2966 Thanks for upgrade of WWVB.  Higher ERP would be appreciated to improve coverage to eastern us.
S5-2967 Please don't degrade services in any way.
S5-2968 "Fascinating work and incredible that we can get  such accuracy and precision so easily.  Hope that  you all have a good time (8< ""} grin).  Red Bell, Carrollton, Georgia"
S5-2969 BCD WWV time and 60KHz WWVB time are essential to my manufacturing/ntegration and transaction-time business. I also use these services in remote locations where Internet access is impossible.
S5-2970 The 20 MHz signal is critical to my involvement with NASA's Radio JOVE Education and Public Outreach program.
S5-2971 "I am speaking on behalf of NASA's Radio JOVE program. We are a NASA-Goddard education project that brings radio astronomy to high schools, colleges, and the general public. We have over 250 schools on our listserv distribution. We rely heavily on the  20 MHz time signal for calibration of our receivers, and for accurate time signals for data gathering. Please see http://radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov for more information. Thank you very much."
S5-2972 This is probably the best use of taxpayer dollars I've ever seen! You guys rock!!
S5-2973 Sell advertising time on WWV/H to help pay expenses.
S5-2974 We use NIST to stamp tapes in our field stites and meteor counts.
S5-2975 "I use a time cube to recieve the time signals.  This has 3 buttons for 5,10 and 15 M Hz. The signals from both Boulder and Hawaii come in together."
S5-2976 keep up the good work (excellent service)!
S5-2977 WWV timing signals are recorded on magnetic tapes recording of ocultation video images (on a separate channel)
S5-2978 I came across this survey by accident. I'm sure many more responses would be obtained if it were published better.
S5-2979 An indipensible adjunct to the world's scientific and commercial operations
S5-2981 Great radio service...I have used it for years...Thank so much
S5-2982 my computer clock is wrong.  I thought your clock would automatically correct it
S5-2983 "Long-time admirer, """"alumnus"""" (student intern, summers '62 and '63)"
S5-2984 This radio service is essential for Police response loging and for frequency calibration in our radio shop.   Please do not curtail this service. 
S5-2985 Great Job!  Keep up the good work.
S5-2986 You guys do a fantastic job. Radio astronomy could not operate without you.
S5-2987 None
S5-2988 Please don't take eather WWV or WWVH off the air. Keep up the good work. Ron Brown Portland OR  KB7RUE
S5-2989 Please do not take WWV/WWVH off the air. This is the only source when away from Internet connectivity.
S5-2990 "I don't want to rely on internet alone, so I also use a battery powered RF clock refernce as well. This allows me to maintain the accurace of data service (particularrly encryption that relys on an accurate time base) under most any cercumstances.  Keep up the good work!!! "
S5-2991 "If I knew how to access and use the  BCD Time Code, I might use it."
S5-2992 I would like to try a watch or clock that uses radio signals to self-set. I will probably buy one in the next six months.
S5-2993 I'm a variable star observer/occultation timer and WWV is key for my work
S5-2994 "I really appreciate the image of earth showing where it's night and day, when I click the link at http://nist.time.gov/"
S5-2995 "I really rely upon this valuable asset for timing astronomical events to sub second accuarcy. I have been utilizing this in an amateur scientific application for over 15 years, and I have been relying on the accurate time standard for time setting and other timing applications for over 35 years.   Thankyou for the wonderful asset."
S5-2996 essential for timing grazing lunar occultations - keep up the excellent work!
S5-2997 This form might be easier on the average citizen if it were a wee bit less techincal.
S5-2998 "Although I primarily use WWV/WWVH for hobby related reasons I would greatly miss any discontinuation of your services. Your services enable me, and I'm sure millions of other users, to get quick and accurate time, frequency and propagation information that I have found very valuable over the years. When the airwaves seem dead a quick check of WWV/WWVH enables me to verify proper functioning of my equipment. Thank you, Stan Hojnacki, amateur radio WA2NPL."
S5-2999 "Excellent site, although I didn't realize you provided WWV time! Kudos to the maintainers!"
S5-3000 need stronger signals
S5-3001 "I use CHU, WWV and WWVH to check propagation conditions"
S5-3002 Thank you! Ilove the display with the world and the night and day clock. Peace out.
S5-3003 Thank you VERY much for these services.
S5-3004 Thanks for keeping our time!
S5-3005 if phone lines down then radio only other way to get time and weather data. stop radio and many people would be unable get data in remote locations. can understand reducing frequencies transmitted on but feel that the need for the transmitted data will be there for many years to come. any chance of some type of sattile transmittion? Could be sort of like the GPS system right now.
S5-3006 "Thank you for the service. If there are to be changes in the broadcasts or other systems, please ADD features, and do not take any away. There are so many applications that use these systems yet won't be able to fill out this survey. Keep them in mind too when making the final decision!"
S5-3007 "Sorry this is one day late, I was just reminded of the survery, I hope you can add my data, Thanks, Tom Case"
S5-3008 "It would be helpful if, instead of simply displaying a map with choices of timezone, the applet simply took this readily available information directly from the user's computer.  I don't think this would constitute much of a privacy invasion..."
S5-3009 "I really like being able to be tied into your service.  It's a hobby of sorts, (time) and also being involved with government agincies, it's nice to be close to thier clocks as well.  Thank You for all you do!!!"
S5-3010 Don't change the current system please
S5-3011 You guys keep a good beat...
S5-3012 I think it is important that NIST continue to make the time standard available via WWV.  I was pleased when I found the NIST time standard available on the internet along with free SW to set computer clocks.  Keep up the good work!
S5-3013 Atomic Clock
S5-3014 "I use to use the telephone service before the internet, but appreciate the webpage service so much because it saves long distance calls. I depend on this service for so many things other than just setting my computer clock. Thank you for keeping it active and easy to use."
S5-3015 Short wave radio WWV and WWVH is always accessable and useful and sometimes the only way I can use service.  Thank You for providing it.
S5-3016 too many questions
S5-3017 "Sorry i'm late getting this in, but accurate time stamps are important for our work out in the country away from computer, and telephone lines. I am part  of the Royal Astromical Society of Canada."
S5-3019 i like this service--thanks--useful to home applications;
S5-3020 We time our entire network and all Servers + all end user to two time servers that get their time from you.  This internal service supports 5 hospital sites
S5-3021 It would help if the clock told the time!
S5-3022 First time user.  I like the presentation
S5-3023 "It would be great if you'd link or create a small software program for Win/Mac/Linux that would update system clock automatically every certain number of hours (60 hours, perhaps?  2 1/2 days)"
S5-3024 "thankx and ,don,t forget the lord,s prayer"
S5-3025 Keep up the good work!
S5-3026 "Simplify your survey, not everyone using the site is a rocket scientist.  It is a great service to calibrate clocks.  Best regards."
S5-3027 thanks for being there
S5-3028 I want to set my watch and both my DOS and WIN PCs to within 1 second every day.
S5-3029 Found this website using Yahoo.  Just needed to set my watch.  Very easy to use and I'm glad it's here for me to use.  Thanks!  Tracy M. Suhy  
S5-3030 Thanks for the on-line service
S5-3031 "Pleased that NIST is still improvng its accuracy in measuring time intervals, and frequency."
S5-3032 Thank you very much for providing these services to the citizens of the USA and the World!
S5-3033 What about the rest of the world?????
S5-3034 great site to always let you know the real time.
S5-3035 Thank you for providing this service!
S5-3036 "Everyone's watches, and all the clocks on the walls at work, are all off by five or ten minutes. The official time for work that gets displayed on the computer is off by something like 15 minutes! All I want is a definitive time that I can get to easily."
S5-3037 Thank you.
S5-3038 Get rid of this changing time thing  - daylight savings time. Lets leave it one way or the other.
S5-3039 I regard this a a very useful service & thank you for providing it.
S5-3040 This a very valuable service