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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-2000 Very nice website!  This is an improvement over the PC Clock  software we used to access the atomic clock some years ago.  The website provides a visually  appealing display and it's most intersting to see the dark/light portions of the globe to help visualize time on a worlwide scale.
S5-2001 test
S5-2002 "I use it to set the time in computer networks.  It is very important to get all machines accurate to the second, or software builds fail."
S5-2003 Please don't drop the 10 Mhz radio program.
S5-2004 "I have never used your web pages before. I probably will now, but I consider HF transmission more reliable than the internet. I can't say any single item in """"user data"""" is my primary use, so I included all the ways I presently use WWV/WWVH/WWVB. GPS info will probably become useful to me in the future. WWV is enormously useful in sniping eBay auctions! Thanks for the opportunity to comment. "
S5-2005 "Every spring and fall and power outages I use WWV to  reset my important time pieces. I hope I will be able  to rely on NIST the years to come Peterborough, Ont. Canada"
S5-2006 Excellent service. Invaluable for me. Time setting & Frequency calibration.
S5-2007 The web site is important for when I am behind a firewall and cannot access time via the time signal
S5-2008 Keep up the good work!
S5-2009 Time and date stamps from an accurately set personal computer clock are essential for both my personal use and scientfic research (funding source NIH).
S5-2010 "I loved the map with the shadow across it, but I can't find it any more.  Has it been withdrawn from the website?"
S5-2011 Great job!
S5-2012 I love the site.  Don't change it.
S5-2013 USNO
S5-2014 "The other day I needed susteined 440/600Hz tones on WWV for several minutes, and I realized that the quantity of voice announcements has increased over the years and I was frustrated in this particular application (SSTV audio calibration) that the tones weren't as prevalent as I remember them in past years.  However I must say that I am always pleased to have it around.  I have occasionally noticed some delays and variation in internet time depending on congestion, eve"
S5-2015 "This comment field is too short.  Too bad, I had a lot to say.  You guys blew it on this one.  You also blew it on field S2."
S5-2016 Thanks for the service!
S5-2017 "I do not trust JAVA Applets. To access the NIST Server,I must Actvate JAVA for a Send Request."
S5-2018 Keep up the superb work!
S5-2019 It would be helpfull if there was a sun rise & set listing by Date
S5-2020 Thanks for the good service.
S5-2021 This is one of the most important services provided at taxpayer expense by the United States Government.
S5-2022 "I have been utilizing the WWV broadcasts for a  number of years to ensure that I have the correct time,  as well as having access to radio reception and  propagation information.  Thank you for your service.  Kevin Beverage
S5-2023 Many thanks for the service.
S5-2024 "I trust your service, don't curtail it!!"
S5-2025 Yeah time!
S5-2026 "I'd like to see some more instructions about how you set your computer's clock.  At present you click on a specified spot on a webpage, and a program gets downloaded.  After that it's not clear (to an amateur like me) just what you're supposed to do. 
S5-2027 "Nist Time, Frequency, and Propagation information is critical to my Amateur Radio activities. Thanks for the many years of service your organization has provided to the Amateur Radio community. Regards, N7ODM"
S5-2028 GPS is not accurate enough--consumer units only  display time to within about plus or minus one  second precision.
S5-2029 Constant net congestion
S5-2030 "If you ever break down and need to know the time,  call me.  My grandfather clock is accurate to within 10 seconds per week.  Jim"
S5-2031 " I used to use the propagation reports, (18 min. past the hour), when I was an Amateur Radio operator, and shared the info with other Hams.   I heard about WWVB but was unaware of the frequency it was on.   I use a WebTV unit, and it's not a computer, and since it's not a computer, I don't need the set time feature or function.   I was thinking of buying one of those atomic clocks where the time resets itself using the signal from WWV."
S5-2032 thank you for making the info available..could there be local or toll free fones??
S5-2033 keep up the good work!
S5-2034 When I was at sea time-tick was vitally important for Bridge to check chronometer.  Now in amateur radio I use WWV often (WWVH usually difficult.)
S5-2035 "Don't reduce this service!! It is extremely important for aircraft operators that do not have a large airline to """"feed"""" them certain data that you provide."
S5-2036 Excellent web site
S5-2037 "Thank you.  You have accomplished the most difficult parts.  The system works.  Now package your product in a way that most, i.e.,75% of net hits can aquire whatever goal they were seeking in searching your site.   Thanks for your service as an information provider!"
S5-2038 I could not enter state above. It is CA
S5-2039 Please continue maintaining your services.  They are vital.
S5-2041 "I travel to wilderness locations where the ONLY means of obtaining precise time is via WWV. Further, the hourly solar report at 18 minutes past the hour is absolutely vital."
S5-2042 Would like for telephone service to have toll-free number.
S5-2043 Please plan to use the message to add to our info base...
S5-2044 "Thank you. I have been listening, though maybe not understanding at first, to WWV since... well for over 35 years. It was one of the first stations friends and I listened to. We thought it was a """"spy station"""" back in the easrl 60's!! Ha! I remember all the strange noises and now realize what an important part they played then and now. Thanks again and keep the clock wound!"
S5-2046 I am in the UK thanks for the opportunity to contribute
S5-2047 "The services have been getting better and better, I really like the website (www.time.gov), and tell people about it frequently.  The radio frequency broadcasts are also useful."
S5-2048 It is the only way I have to access accurate time and I thank you for your service
S5-2049 I really like the website and I would like to receive information about automated computer clock setting software. I also own a couple of clocks that set by the radio signal. Thank you for this valuable service. BIG BEN
S5-2050 Other Local times (maybe CET)  on your web page
S5-2051 "I first heard WWV on my first visit to a ham shack in Perth,  Western Australia in 1959.  I was 13 years of age, and was hooked.  73's Ron, VK5AKR - Tanunda, South Australia."
S5-2052 i hope u guys get more power that is allowed so we amateur radio operators up here in northern maine can hear it better thanks w1mer
S5-2053 "You are accurate enough for me and my needs! You keep my Seiko """"ON TIME"""""
S5-2054 I have been pleased with yous services over the past 35 years use in ham radio & radio/tv stations I have worked at.  It Sure beats the local time & temp phone calls.  The time is not accurate on our local time & temp phone call in.
S5-2055 "Generally, I am very pleased with the service since my limited use is for calibrating clocks and watches.  Thank you."
S5-2056 I like seeing the daytime/nighttime map.
S5-2057 "Accessing the info online through the browser is nice, but I'd like to see a small software program automattically updates the time for me every week."
S5-2058 Many thanks for this service
S5-2059 "I collect Atomic (self setting) clocks.  The reception in multiple locations here in Massachusetts is generally poor.  (Upstate NY is much better).  I'd like to see the reception in the MA area be improved.   Other people who have atomic clocks here have also voiced the same issues, as it really isn't a good signal.   I hope you can investigate the power levels and improve the signal strength in the area.  Please let me know if I can be of any help.  Carl"
S5-2060 "time-b.nist.gov FTP server is not responding! If reliability of the NIST public FTP server(s) cannot be guaranteed, then a list of mirror FTP sites where NIST Internet Time Service software can be obtained would be greatly appreciated. "
S5-2061 "Basically, I (1) use NTP at work, (2) use a WWVB controlled clock at home, (3) use WWV for time and frequency calibration/verification when on ham radio, and (4) very occasionally use the telephone service."
S5-2062 really good use of tax dollars
S5-2063 Great service!!!!
S5-2064 "As a long-time amateur radio operator, I have been a WWV/WWVH user for over 30 years. I have come to depend on the reliable service offered. Many thanks! Keep up the great work! "
S5-2065 I think that the National Institute of Standards and Technology does a fantastic job of running wwv.
S5-2066 "I really appreciate this website, Thanks"
S5-2067 this is an important service and I hope it  continues and expands
S5-2068 "Remember, all of your services are valuable to someone somewhere even if you never ehar about it!"
S5-2069 Those tones that are heard along with the second ticks are annoying.
S5-2070 Time used primarilly for time critical sent material.
S5-2072 Do not trust my atomic clock probably out of range in my area
S5-2073 "Answers to question on reception reliability for WWV/WWVH were hard - it varies with time of night, time of year.  WWVB is very reliable here (but no audio time ticks)"
S5-2074 "Your internet web pages are slow to load. Instead of having the user choose a time zone and wait for another page to load, can you simply list the time in each zone?"
S5-2075 "It would be great to have the current time on the first page, rather than having to click on which time zone you wanted. It should be easy to list all time zones together in a fairly small space."
S5-2076 nice to know sunrise and sunset by time zone
S5-2077 I have several clocks and one watch that picks up the time signal.  I work at a state prison and many of the officers and other personnel set their watches and clocks from my watch.
S5-2078 I first started setting my clocks from WWV in 1940.  Very good government service.
S5-2079 "Occasionally by accident I get WWVH instead of  WWV (e.g., on 10 Mhz), but I only filled out the WWV check-boxes.  I wasn't quite sure which of your list of 19  uses fit my primary use of WWV.  I am timing  observations of Earth satellites, and I need  to synchronize/calibrate them to UTC within at least 0.1 second if possible.  Thank you very much! 
S5-2080 Thank you for your concern-in-service.
S5-2081 GPS time
S5-2082 Audio tone inclusion is important to calibrate musical instrument/tuning software. I also have two WWVB (20kHz) digital receiver/clocks.  Very nice!
S5-2083 "I really appreciate your services both from a civilian and law enforcement point of view, can not tell you how great this service is, PLEASE keep up the great work folks!!"
S5-2084 "The web page frequently experiences """"net congestion"""" and I can not see the time.  If you can fix this it would be greatly appreciated."
S5-2085 "I like it.  It serves my purposes perfectly, it's easy to use and I never have trouble accessing.  I use it primarily to set time on computers and phones for a small business"
S5-2086 "Cool Service, to be able to get the time standard I used to occasionally use the phone service, but  the net is so easy."
S5-2087 "I depend on the GPS device to give me accurate time when we travel, and I LOVE my recently acquired radio-recieve clock! "
S5-2088 "I have been listening to wwv,wwvh for many years annd think that you people do a great job. Keep up the good work. Thanks,Vince DiCarlo."
S5-2089 We just purchased the atomic clock for our personal use - for fun.  No business needs.
S5-2090 This is a very interesting and useful site.  Thanks!
S5-2091 your facilities presently meet my needs
S5-2092 You're one of few government services I'm glad my tax dollars support.
S5-2093 "energy conservation should not be a concern for such a vital function -- transmitter power should be increased to the point that a readable signal is the rule rather than the exception, even with an inexpensive receiver used indoors with a whip antenna"
S5-2094 I can always find your time signal on one of the WWV frequencies but there's often lots of interference.
S5-2095 The day/night globe is a lovely feature and I often visit this site to show students this image.
S5-2096 I think you would do wise to optain the domain http://www.whattimeisit.com
S5-2097 I have found this to be extremelly usefull for over14 years.Thankyou
S5-2098 I have used the HF Broadcasts for over 30 years.  It is a great product.
S5-2099 "I love to be accurate, it drives my wife crazy knowing that I can tell her how late she is and be accurate to .9 of a second.  "
S5-2100 NONE
S5-2101 "Although no longer a boater, when I was, the exact time was very important to me in navigation."
S5-2102 where can i find out more info on freeware programs that can synch my computer via internet time?
S5-2103 Thank you for this fine service.
S5-2104 your picture does not show the time when I clicked on the eastern part of the us.
S5-2105 "This is a great service provided by the government, and I've used it for over 40 years."
S5-2106 I just found your service. It is wonderful. I will explore more of your services. I thank you for being there. Al Kay
S5-2107 Excellent service overall. Nice web page.
S5-2108 Keep up the good work!
S5-2109 Very well done.  I like the day/night map of the world.
S5-2110 god bless america
S5-2111 Thanks!
S5-2112 60 Khz data to set atomic clock each night. 
S5-2113 TNX for a kewl service.
S5-2114 world map showing light/dark areas is beautiful. I especially enjoy tracking the transition from equinox to solstice.
S5-2115 The ability to lock all UNIX servers into a standard time is very important to our company. Thank you for providing an accurate time server.
S5-2116 solar-terrestrial indices and setting time are the most important services to me.
S5-2117 Thanks Again for your excellent service.
S5-2118 Thank you for the use of your services.
S5-2119 Thank-you for the good and useful site
S5-2120 You guys are doing ok. Do not go and break something which does not need to be fixed!!!!
S5-2121 THis is very helpful.  The progressive daily shadow on the display helps to explain seasons to my children.
S5-2122 "I greatly appreciate your service, although in times like today, the accuracy is only within 3.5 seconds.  I like to see it within one-half a second, at least. Thanks again for this valuable service!"
S5-2123 can't connect to the rdate server on time.nist.gov anymore
S5-2124 I think this service is great.  I use it frequently and I am grateful to have access.
S5-2125 WWV time and frequency standard transmition is ecentual the the Amateur Radio User to maintain accurcy of his station. Please contact me if I can be of futher help. Burton C. Caley Amateur Radio Station WA7QQK
S5-2126 I think that the service is a great thing and have not experienced any performance issues with any aspects of the service.  Thanks.....
S5-2127 We are using this service for many years now..... very reliable and useful.
S5-2128 I like this site it is neet in my oppinion and of course very usefull
S5-2129 "this survey might reasonably be broken out on to several pages, for each service used..."
S5-2130 "want to continue to understand the features of  this service. Happy for easy to use web page, but have had little use for receptionof short wave broadcsts cannot recieve these in oh very well phone feed would be better if local or toll free. Thank you for your time and interest MSM"
S5-2131 WWV has been keeping all of the clocks in my house accurate as well as my receiver frequency dial in calibration for a long time now and I hope that can continue in the future.   I also find the propagation information at 18 minutes after the hour very useful.
S5-2132 "Excellent and reliable service , I' have been tuning Radio station WWV since 30 years ago, nw the new versioin at the internet, or web-page thanks for such a grat service Regards "
S5-2133 "Nice service, and free! Appreciated! "
S5-2134 The global day/night picture could reach more into the northern and southern latitudes
S5-2135 thanks for the service
S5-2136 "Also use WWVB for freq reference for LF equipment, and am interested in geo alerts as they apply to VLF propagation.  "
S5-2137 "i love www.time.gov, nice to know what time it really is."
S5-2138 The live clock is a GREAT improvement and the position of the planets night shade is a nice add on. I rely heavily on this site to keep all time pieces around me accurate. It's a very valuable website as far as I'm concerned! Russ Osban
S5-2139 This is a great service; thank you.
S5-2140 "This is a very nice service (the web), thank you."
S5-2142 "Thank you for providing your services, and freely."
S5-2143 It would be helpful if some white papers were developed on how to use the service in the financial and Internet industry. Time stamping of events is vital at times.  I am greatful to the men and women to provide countless hours to providing us a time standard that is now considered the standard of the world.  Keep up the good work.
S5-2144 "WWV ROCKS!!  GO CESIUM MOLECULE GO!!!   BEEEEEEEP seriously though, WWV/H is one of the few reassuring constants in a turbulent world."
S5-2145 This form is not user friendly. I like the service and use it once a month per computer and I have two computers to synchronize.
S5-2146 Just a private citizen interested in correct time may use automatic computer time setting in the future.
S5-2147 Keep up the great work!
S5-2148 This is a great service - Thank you for making it for public use
S5-2149 "I use the WWV/WWVH time signals for all my watch/clock/computer time setting.  I have not made much use of the online time services YET. I also use the GEO Alerts and the radio signal quality for propagation predictions.  Oh, and if it's a dark clear night and the K index is 6 or higher I WILL be outside checking for aurora !"
S5-2150 don't understand 2nd last question
S5-2151 "with the growing interest & sales of radio controlled consumer clocks, the power and number of transmitting antennae needs to be increased."
S5-2152 "I use the service to verify accuracy of campus time servers, building automation and class bells and syncronize classroom clock systems."
S5-2153      The more public education the better; especially regarding Propagation-in my particular case.
S5-2154 naval observatory
S5-2155 "The propgation data is the most usefull, I have been using that since 1989 for both Amateur and Com. services.  While I subscribe to the data, one is not always near an internet service, such as when one is at sea.  I have been using time and frequency since 1977."
S5-2156 very nice site.  Reliable.  Thanks!
S5-2157 very useful service.
S5-2158 what can i say?  keep up the great work.  it's a nice resource!  ... a great and worthwhile way to spend federal tax dollars.
S5-2159 You're doing a great job.  Keep it up.
S5-2160 "WELL!- I completed it,-upon Re-connect, (Logging Back On)- ALL THE INFO I ENTERED WAS DELETED!!! - I'm NOT ABOUT TO DO IT AGAIN ! ! ...BLAME IT ON """"NETZERO.net"""" ! ! HAM-CALL -- KD4FZT  QTH -- ATLANTA, Ga. (EM-73) "
S5-2161 Great Service!!!
S5-2162 "Excellent Service, Used for Radio propagation in my Ham Radio shack and also to set my PC time clock. Many Thanks, Mark Squance, Plymouth, England."
S5-2163 "CHU Canada, FCB77, and JJY"
S5-2164 Thank you
S5-2165 I use the 10Mhz carrier and one second ticks for Ham Radio slow scan TV calibration. The internet nist-time every day for the computer clock. 10Mhz reception is sometimes to weak to hear. Thanks for the good work. Bruce N6THN
S5-2166 Very useful service.  Keep it up!
S5-2167 "none--without these services, there would be no easily available standard"
S5-2168 Keep up the good work
S5-2169 keep up good work
S5-2170 test
S5-2171 CHU for time when WWV reception is poor
S5-2172 great feature.  thanks.
S5-2173 test
S5-2174 Good service of my government.
S5-2175 Thanks
S5-2176 "I just started using WWVB because I recently purchased a radio controled wall clock..  I never used WWVB before the power upgrade in June2001, so I can't offer a comparison.  I just know my clocks pick up the WWVB on average daily."
S5-2177 "At one time I knew what time was.  Then I started reading about it and discovered that I really have no idea.  David Madison
S5-2178 Please keep the shortwave Time signals.  This technology is needed.
S5-2179 stronger signal needed
S5-2180 Keep on ticking....
S5-2181 Provide ways to auto-set clocks worldwide. Then bomb-proof your system.
S5-2182 Great service. Keep it up!
S5-2183 Thanks for your service.
S5-2184 "I've used WWV """"forever"""" and really appreciate the service."
S5-2185 WWV is a very important to me and the country.
S5-2186 I have been a user since the 1950's.  Thank you for providing this excellent service.
S5-2187 Excellent service
S5-2188 I really like your site and think that it is quite useful and reliable. Good Job.
S5-2189 Thanks you for you service to me over the years Always enjoy the Fact That WWV (& Web) is there.
S5-2190 NIST is doing an excellent job in providing this useful online service.
S5-2191 """""Atomic Clocks"""" are a great service."
S5-2192 NONE
S5-2193 Between the two GPS Time and Frequency standards and the WWVB frequency standard I have an accuracy of a few parts in 10
S5-2194 found very useful in setting atomic clock and my computer clock
S5-2195 "Keep up the good work, it is appreciated."
S5-2196 "The site is very useful, user friendly and convenient."
S5-2198 I like the time.gov website.  It's easy to use and reliable. 
S5-2199 I think the sunspot max has caused some signal loss
S5-2200 "I was not aware of many of your services.  It is very reassuring to know you all are there.  Why can't you find a way to let everyone know about the services you provide, I'm sure most folks are unaware of the existance of most of NIST services, but would find them very useful."
S5-2201 plese monotor your modulation percentages and get them to at least amateur standards
S5-2203 I am a teacher at a high school and use your time.gov to set school bells and clocks. Thanks
S5-2204 I use service so I may set clocks in a hospital.
S5-2205 none other than TV and comercial radio
S5-2206 Excellent Service
S5-2207 I am in Ca. and I use this service in Ca.
S5-2208 NIST time services are a great thing.  Please keep up the good work and thank you
S5-2209 "as radio amateur kd6gn i regularly use 2.5 thru 20mhz wwv,wwvh time signals and radio propagation reports. i have done so since the early 1950s. i would very much appreciate it if you could provide definations of terms used on your propagation reports at your web site. thank you
S5-2210 "thank you for the download of nsitime 32 bit, and making the time server available to the public"
S5-2211 Thank you for the service
S5-2212 "very nice,be nice to have globle time easily"
S5-2213 My antenna is a dipole cut for 7.05 MHz up 35 ft in a residential neighborhood.
S5-2214 UK Internet Time Servers require prior notification (typically English and stuffy!) and permission to access their services. US has the right attitude with regard to freedom of information.
S5-2215 I appreciate this service very much.
S5-2216 none
S5-2217 "Internet time service is a great benefit, my computer would be lost without it. :)"
S5-2218 WWVB Atomic clock is a great concept. Only problem is weak signal in the North East. What are thc chances of imporving it.  THANKS
S5-2219 "As an educator, I would like to show this site on screen to my class, but the most intersting graphic-the world map- is too small"
S5-2220 "as an A/E company with significant use of GPS systems, I am sure that the survey equipment uses the built-in time sych services also"
S5-2221 "I have frequent interference due to failure of municipal and private users of high-pressure sodium lamps and ballasts to do simple routine maintenance, (like now the noise is so bad that it even shows up on the tv screen)."
S5-2222 You forgot to mention the use of WWV/B as a HF radio propogation beacon.  You might want to ask how you compare against the Canadian time service on HF. 
S5-2223 love your service.
S5-2224 great resource very glad that it is available
S5-2225 "Whatever changes you may make, please DO NOT use the synthesized voice similar to NWS.  Despite numerous complaints from our industry, NWS has been unresponsive to the obvious negative aspects of that voice.  Quite frankly, it is stupid for any USA agency to use such a thing."
S5-2226 Why go anywhere else for time info?
S5-2227 "Make signal coverage just as strong as VOA Delano, CA relay. Maybe computers should have the same capability (non-internet) of keeping up with NIST, heck if they can make clocks that keep in rhythm with NIST why can't PC's be able to have that internal option built in -- Now available atomic clock function built into the computer...some time in the future.  Anyways, keep up the good work guys - timing is everything."
S5-2228 "Your CO radio clock is a grand idea, but it hardly works in building in FL. We've found that GPS (thru ESE [www.ese-web.com]) is the way to go."
S5-2229 It's tough living in a desert and to try to get exact time!
S5-2230 Keep up the good work!
S5-2231 "great service, well worth the tax payer dollars"
S5-2232 You are doing a very good job. It is very helpful and I appreciate it.
S5-2233 Web time page is user-friendly and the light/dark animation is very good info.
S5-2234 "I really appreciate this service.  I am responsible for setting the starting time for various activities, and it helps me know that I am setting my watches accurately. "
S5-2235 Thank you for providing this service to World Wide Web users.
S5-2236 Thank you for providing this service.  It is essential to the daily operation of my business.
S5-2237 Net congestion for more than 2 weeks! What's going on?
S5-2238 I find your web page invaluable!  Thanks!
S5-2239 Time services from NIST are very important to our operation.  Any improvement in the existing NIST system would be met appreciatively.
S5-2240 VHU Canada...sometimes
S5-2241 Thanks for keeping the time for those of us who manage to lose it all the time
S5-2242 Great service!
S5-2243 Thank you for providing a valuable and reliable service.
S5-2244 Thanks for the service.  And I love the java applet on the web page. very nice.
S5-2245 "I also use NIST for: astronomy, setting a computer clock, hobby activity, and timer calibration.      I hope that you aren't confusing frequency of use with importance of service!  Even infrequently  used aspects of service are very important to  individuals (many of whom don't  where their time info originates).  E.g. I have directly used the  BCD radio services exactly once -- but I often set my watch to an """"atomic time"""" clock which presumably uses the BCD service."
S5-2246 "we use the service to verify/monitor time on our main servers, a very useful thing!  :)"
S5-2247 This is a great service; I love having it.  I plan to buy a radio-set clock soon to use the air-based services.
S5-2248 "I am greatful that the US Government lets everyone know that at the tone, the time will be... :-)"
S5-2249 "I use ntp to sync my server's time because it has an old motherboard (non y2k compliant,) and left to it's own devices it would still live in 1995. It's also nice to know that I have at least one working clock since non of my others can agree on the time. (:"
S5-2250 "Please keep up this extremely useful (and fun) service. Whenever I see these gov't surveys, I worry about the future of the program."
S5-2251 Thanks for the great work!
S5-2252 "I'm glad to have a standardized time service to allow high accuracy.  My needs are not too extreme, but reasonably accurate timekeeping helps my project."
S5-2253 I use the ntp network and a gps clock with a pll to pick out the second pulses.
S5-2254 Please be on the air forever.
S5-2255 We access NIST via the internet once per week as a refernce check of our other sources.
S5-2256 Thank you for providing Unix Network Time Protocol services.
S5-2257 NIST is valuable government service.
S5-2258 For our purposes +/-5 seconds is acceptable so even with the occassional failed lookup the service is great. And you can't beat the cost. Thanks for years of accurate time.
S5-2259 Thanks for doing this survey.
S5-2260 this is an invaluable service
S5-2261 Thanks for the services!
S5-2262 "I find your service useful, thank you."
S5-2263 "I would like Worldwide RF time and date setting for watches, clocks and computers with an signal strong enough to penatrate buildings and homes and reliably received by compact, affordable receivers."
S5-2264 "I think you guys are doing a pretty nice job, keep it up! "
S5-2265 Thanks for all your work.
S5-2266 I just use some SkyScan clocks and use AboutTime over the net.   XP also has a time client in it too.
S5-2267 please use my tax dollars to keep this great service operational and free
S5-2268 We use ntp under Linux to run our own stratum 2 time server.
S5-2269 "Thanks for operating this service.  It is very helpful, especially as most of our PC's cannot keep time better then 5 minutes a day or so!"
S5-2270 "Thanks for operating this service.  It is very helpful, especially as most of our PC's cannot keep time better then 5 minutes a day or so!"
S5-2271 We run a stratum 2 NTP server on Linux
S5-2272 Thanks for the great service all these years!
S5-2273 Thank you for making the time service available.
S5-2274 "Although I don't so much care about TAI, it would certainly be cool. So, hey, why not toss it in there?"
S5-2275 thanks for asking
S5-2276 Glad that you care!
S5-2277 Thanks for providing an extremely useful service!
S5-2278 Thanks for this opportunity to give feedback!!
S5-2279 I just like to keep my clocks at the same and correct time.
S5-2281 30 users above is indirectly.  A total of about 4 systems query the servers on a regular basis.  The rest use the four query servers as primary.
S5-2282 Thank you very much for your time service! :)
S5-2283 the internet time service is very usefull to alot of people. Thousands of admins alone would be angry if they could no longer sync their servers with everyone else
S5-2284 Thanks!
S5-2285 Your time servers are such a beutifully simple idea. I don't know what I'd do without them.
S5-2286 "wrt """"International Atomic Time"""",  I would suggest a third alt for that question,  such as """"Unknown"""". (I was hoping for a differentiator between """"No I don't want to see it included"""" and """"No it's inclusion would not affect my usage of your service"""") 
S5-2287 "A watch set by time broadcast just came out here. Phones/embedded need help! Good luck
S5-2288 RF is not useful to us as we cannot get it locally; best bet is Internet based time delivery
S5-2289 "This is a very important service to me, keep up the good work"
S5-2290 "Y'all provide a wonderful, invaluable service. Thanks!"
S5-2291 "Having a time reference is necesary for debugging inter-host communications, as well as for reporting hacking etc to the police."
S5-2292 "Good work, keep it up!"
S5-2293 "I am located about 1 Mile from the CHU Canada transmitter, so their signal suffers from distortion.  WWV provides better frequency accuracy."
S5-2294 I love NIST
S5-2295 My network's master clock is in MN. Users & devices that use that master clock are spread across the US (east coast to west coast)
S5-2296 I am only a little sysadmin at the bottom of the ntp hierarchy. Having good clocks on all my machines is extremely important!
S5-2297 www.time.gov is great.  Uncomplicated page design means fast load time.
S5-2298 keep up the good work
S5-2299 Thanks for the chance to comment.
S5-2300 We set one machine in our network daily from NIST and set the other machines from that one machine.
S5-2301 "The USNO time sites have some great information (for instance, http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/gpstt.html) about the general workings of precise time and the workings of IERS, USNO, NIST, GPS, etc. More explanatory information along these lines, and better access to information regarding the UTC(BIPM) paper clock would be nice. The IERS and BIPM sites are not very easy to understand in this regard."
S5-2302 thanks
S5-2303 thanks
S5-2304 "Keep up the good work....  And pay someone to redesign this survey.  If you only want one answer, use radio buttons, and the space for State should be a drop-down list box."
S5-2305 "In general, I try to maintain my clocks as a hobby.  I use time servers that depend on NIST for syncronization and greatly appreciate this service."
S5-2306 thank you for the service
S5-2307 Please make an effort to ensure that leap seconds continue to play a role in our time services. Please resist the call to eliminate leap seconds.
S5-2308 Thanks for the service.
S5-2309 We use stratum 2 servers and so do not access the NIST directly
S5-2310 "Believe it or not it helped in the delivery of my son and daughter. As Dave Berry sez, """"I am not making this up.""""  My wife was having a terrible time getting her breathing fast and regular enough. So we used WWV ticks to get rhythm. For weeks we trained. When the contractions were well spaced she did OK but as they started to come fast and furious she was losing her focus, so I started imitating WWV saying """"at the tone..."""" etc. She immediately went back on rhythm!   Gladstone, MO "
S5-2311 "For this form, if you only want someone to indicate ONE of many choices in the format above, you should use radio buttons instead of checkboxes. :-)"
S5-2312 "I do not access NIST's time servers directly, but use public stratum-2 servers."
S5-2313 "The Internet time signal is vital to proper operation of a number of Internet systems. In addition, Kerberos requires all computer clocks in the Kerberos domain to be within seconds of each other. Losing this would cause immeasurable damage."
S5-2314 "great service, exceptionally useful"
S5-2315 "Thank you.  Your services help to provide us a more stable, secure environemnt."
S5-2316 The best thing about your site was the accruate depiction of  light and dark (like a sine wave) on the globe. The new won is borring!! I th
S5-2317 Thanks for offering this service on the WEB!
S5-2318 I love NIST.  It makes me happy.
S5-2319 Very useful service for keeping my server clocks synched
S5-2320 "WWV/WWVB is a most valuable service. The only changes I would make are increased power and putting Don Elliott Heald's voice back on WWV. His voice penetrated through bad conditions far better than the new voice, which sounds crummy even under optimal conditions.  "
S5-2321 I believe what you do is incredible!  I have shared your website with many of my friends and co-workers and they think it's great too!
S5-2322 IA     I greatly appreciate this service
S5-2323 Expanded services would be really nice--also perhaps some press releases to describe what services you currently have available would be nice too. Thank you for everything you've done for us!
S5-2324 "We have set up a stratum 2 server to synchronize computers, routers and other machines on LAN. Also used to synchronize dial-up computers on WAN."
S5-2325 The computer software out there works but the documentation is cryptic and sometimes non-existant.  The UNIX variant of software is managed by the university of deleware and probably completely out of your control but i do not feel they are doing a responsible job with updating the software and documentation as well as some sort of security functionality implemented to verify that you are getting good time.
S5-2326 A list of ntp servers' IP address directly on the main nist.gov page would be very helpful.
S5-2327 Thank you.
S5-2328 A truly great service which has saved my bacon many times.  (I have a really wierd computer setup.)
S5-2329 Other services are hard to use because they require specialized equipment. THe beauty of the web site is it requires no additional equipment.
S5-2330 Keep up the good work! Excellent Web Page!
S5-2331 "I Bet you get tired of this, but I'll say it  again anyway:  Very Useful, reliable service! Thank you! Great Job"
S5-2332 This is the first time I could not get the TIME SIG.
S5-2333 What happend to the # 1-900-410-8463 of the US Naval observatory master clock?
S5-2334 "WWVB is my primary calibration source, then the highest WWV frequency that is stable at the time."
S5-2335 "Keep Up the Good Work!!  The bottom line on responses to the top part of the survey was it was too tedious.  But the time and frequency signals were what got me started in radio.  The internet service, however, has been victim of """"net congestion"""" lately.  Can you fix this??  From a fellow Federal Employee Thanks so much for WWV!!  Keep showing the world that us feds make a difference.  Michael Glasman
S5-2336 Thank you for providing a fine service for many years!
S5-2337 "I cannot express the need for your standards strongly enough.  Many times and/or frequencies has been calibrated using your standard.  It is ALWAYS there.
S5-2338 It's a great service- thanks!
S5-2339 WWV has been a necessary and reliable time/frequency standard for me for over 25 years. It's important to be able to access this information without connecting to the internet.
S5-2340 "While I certainly recognize the ease of use of the """"new and improved"""" versions for setting  clocks and checking frequency, there are still  a number of times when the tried-and-true  off-air system is either all that works,  or is the best mode available. "
S5-2341 "Rally would be forced to use much less convenient methods for setting organizers and competitors clocks.  we appreciate the service.  thanks, chris portal - kd7bcv"
S5-2342 I am a broadcast engineer and use you as a standard for calibrating our frequency measuring equipment as well as using the time/frequency info for Army MARS and amateur radio.
S5-2343 It's easier to walk around the house with a portable shortwave radio than to use the telephone when checking the clocks around the house. I have used this service on and off since 1968.  Regards
S5-2344 Don't mess with success! Many of those who have a  shortwave radio do not have internet access.
S5-2345 Excellent reliable service Use often for freq calibration
S5-2346 "Just great, thanks"
S5-2347 keep up the good work!
S5-2348 Learned to rely and trust WWV as a missile officer in SAC years ago.  Knowing the correct time has become somewhat of an obsession with me.  Thanks for being there and being correct!
S5-2349 THANKS
S5-2350 "My use is casual, and not very technical but I enjoy the service"
S5-2352 I find it a very useful tool in many different aspects.  It's a longtime benckmark for SWL and Amateur Radio operations.
S5-2353 I think your internet page is excellent.  Thanks
S5-2354 "nistime user info needs updating, archiving doesn't work as documented"
S5-2355 "Because of increased widespread availability and affordable pricing, a lot of citizens in this area are now purchasing atomic clocks.  The NIST signal has good reception in the Northwest Alabama areas."
S5-2356 "Invaluable Service for Propagation Observation on all frequencies, for radio dial freq calibration, and time of day."
S5-2357 "NTP is best for me, so even if I don't contact NIST directly it's crucial to me that you provide the service.  Thanks guys!"
S5-2358 "The consistant collateral benifits that are not noted above include: Constant and consistant MUF beacon, operational equipment readieness of equipment, peace of mind"
S5-2359 I listen daily to marine weather as primary warning of tropical cyclone activity and expect this service to be reliable during interruption of local infrastructure.  Broadcast standard allows time synchronization for networks not connected to public network for security reasons.  Solar data is useful in predicting network disruptions -- I do not know of an alternative source of such data.  WWV broadcast is viewed as reliable under forseeable adverse conditions.
S5-2360 Thanks for your great services.
S5-2361 Wonderful service. Thanks very much
S5-2362 "Keep up the good work and increase power to 10,15 and 20 mhz broadcasts"
S5-2363 "Although my primary use of these services are via the Internet, there have been a number of occasions where the Internet was not available, but the broadcast stations were. This has proved to be very useful on several occasions."
S5-2365 Your web site is a great public service.  Well done.
S5-2366 Thank you!
S5-2367 "How accurate, compared to WWV time hacks, are the time displays on the web page?"
S5-2368 very nice to have to accurately drive telescope operations.
S5-2369 Frequency standard is essential to low budgete radio users.
S5-2370 "Planning to obtain GPS equipment (for APRS) shortly, so the GPS Status and other related information will be useful (and, in some cases, CRITICAL) to me for use in emergency operations using amateur radio."
S5-2372 NIST provides an invaluable service that more than meets my modest needs.  Thank You!
S5-2373 "I enjoy being able to hunt up the """"correct"""" time, eventhough I have to often reset all of my many clocks. "
S5-2374 "I am very pleased that the clock is shown as it runs. I have previously used the service on the internet, and the requirement to click to get a single time, then click for the next is irritating."
S5-2375 Thanks so much for this service!
S5-2376 "Its simply a quick, easy, and reliable way to double check time.  "
S5-2377 Keep up the good work.
S5-2378 This survey is good as feedback.
S5-2379 "I was unaware of ACTS, Internet Time and Time & Frequency WEB Page."
S5-2380 "I use GEO Alert data in shortwave listening hobby, and find it very useful."
S5-2381 For many appliciations it is easier to get the  time and other information off WWV than via the internet.  The radio service provides invaluable propagation information.  If you are out in the field using the web is not an option.
S5-2382 My radio dosn't pick up 60 khz or the 2.5 mhz stations. have a nice day!!!
S5-2383 UTC *must* continue to track UT1
S5-2384 I've used WWV / WWVH in MANY different applications for over 50 years.
S5-2385 Your service is terrific.  It enabled me to verify the official time for the Moment of Silence on 9/15/01 to honor the dead and missing of the terrible events of 9/11/01.  I was in computer training and unable to attend memorial services - my entire team was able to do the three minute moment of reflection and prayer to honor those missing and to do it at precisely the right time -- Thank you! 
S5-2386 "WWV & WWVB are very important to my entire household. I use WWV to check my Amateur Radio frequency calibration, and as a source of exact time when I'm away from my home. I use the Internet time service to synchronize the computers on my home network as a backup to my WWV radio clock, which is my primary time source.  In short, I'm heavily dependent on both WWV and WWVB as time and frequency standards, as well as the Internet time service as a time standard. "
S5-2387 I find this service very useful.
S5-2388 "Keep up the good work!  We rely on the presence of your radio transmissions almost daily, as a means of gauging propagation trends across the radio spectrum.  An additional 25 Mhz. transmitter would be very beneficial in this regard."
S5-2389 As a amateur radio operator I use WWV and WWVH a number of times each month.  Thank You
S5-2390 "Excellent service, keep on going"
S5-2391 Excellent service - Been using WWV/B for off air calibration for 45 years. A proper use of my income tax money.
S5-2392 I was not aware of the extent of the services offered.
S5-2393 none
S5-2394 "We have been a listener for nearly 30 years now. We enjoy the steady and unwavering ticks as a reference point in the HF spectrum. Your signals are the """"heartbeat"""" of an SW listener!"
S5-2396 Thanks for the service you currently provide
S5-2397 "I hope we never lose this national resource.  The HF service is very important, it is always there at the flick of a switch on any cheap SW receiver. No phone needed, no computer needed.  "
S5-2398 "Several fields in this online form seem not to work.  But please keep WWV/WWVH on the air. Sincerely, Norm Styer"
S5-2399 Thank you for an excellent service to US citizens.
S5-2400 It is now becoming very usefull as a channel on a tape recorder for monitoring suspicious radio signals such as possible terrorist.
S5-2401 I would be lost if there were no WWV.I use it for vcr timer and auto radio clock.
S5-2402 Need to broadcast on Amateur Radio bands.
S5-2403 I use WWV as a counterexample when friends complain that all government spending is wasteful.  Can you imagine private industry providing this service gratis?
S5-2405 "I participate in radio expeditions to foreign  locations, some remote, where telephone and  Internet are unavailable.  WWV / WWHV broadcasts  can be our only accurate source of time,  frequency and propagation data (both as beacons and through solar / geomagnetic reports)."
S5-2406 Operations done in rual area.
S5-2408 "I am very happy with the current status of WWV and WWVH, which are the two services I use."
S5-2410 User data section is flawed as a questionaire: I use some of the other applications almost as often as the primary uses indicated.
S5-2411 "You need an editor for this page.  The correct English is """"less THAN"""", not """"less then."""""
S5-2412 "As a professional aviator, I have used the services of WWV & WWVH for over thirty years. I continue to use them every time I get into an aircraft. I believe recent events have shown that the existence of a service like WWV/WWVH cannot be quantified in monetary terms. I hope that this service will continue to be provided for the foreseeable future."
S5-2413 The time service has been a powerful tool in introducing our youth to the world of shortwave listening and frequency standards. No other broadcasts are as distinctive and useful! 
S5-2414 An excellent service
S5-2415 Thanks for the 10MHz and internet computer setting installations.
S5-2416 "I was not aware of the internet or phone use of the WWV information, and will also use that as soon as I learn how.  I have been using WWV, and WWVH (when on the west coast/Alaska) since I became a Radio operator in the US Navy in 1957 and also the US Coast Guard, and as a licensed amateur radio operator in 1968.  Just listening for the signals tells me how the bands are, and I always check my watches and clocks by the time signals.  I can use my GPS for the time. .../Ric/..."
S5-2417 "For me and my family, the NIST does an excellent job.  Only problems are local reception at times."
S5-2418 arrl
S5-2419 Reception in the Denver metro area is very poor.
S5-2420 An exemplary service that I personally find invaluable in doing business and in my personal contacts between my home in New Zealand and various time zones in the USA (and worldwide through extrapolation). Please keep up the good work! Thanks and kind regards.
S5-2421 NIST has done a fine job of providing time/freq standards for a very long time. Please keep up the good work!
S5-2422 "I like to use WWV/WWVH not only as a time and frequency standard but as a band opening/propagation guide that I can hear on a dedicated, clear frequency.  When propagation permits, I can also hear some foreign time services on the same frequency and that gives me a guide as to where the band may be open to other parts of the world.  I appreciate your service very much.  I hope it continues.  Thank you.  "
S5-2423 There is no way to fill out your form using lynx ... please design a blind-user-friendly form!
S5-2424 keep 10 and 15 MHz and 60 KHz on the air
S5-2425 "Multiple frequencies make WWV available to me during almost any time of day or night.  When I can't receive a signal well on one frequency, I move to another WWV/WWVH spot.  Good overall coverage for my needs."
S5-2426 "I'm a stickler for the correct time, so that's why I use NIST only."
S5-2427 "WWV standard frequency service is indispensable here.  We could possibly manage without time service (because it's available on the internet) but not frequency service, it's indispensable."
S5-2428 The frequency standard function is the one that is uniquely provided by WWV and would not be replaceable by an internet source. Please do not discontinue it! I use it to calibrate my ham radio transmitter & make sure it is transmitting where it says it is.
S5-2429 none
S5-2430 "This service is used by all nations around the globe.  They sometinmes do not have internet services but they can hear via short wave listening stations the correct time and the oldest """"voice of america"""".  Yes things change but this should not..  Harvey A. Russ  Sr. Network Engineer Starband Communications..  WD4RXH"
S5-2431 "My second most important use is frequency calibration of my amateur radio equipment. Thanks for asking. Ron Schmidt, WA5QBA "
S5-2432 Good Job! We count on you!
S5-2433 Could there be a sharing of service with other countries if standards are the same?
S5-2434 "While my primary use is network synchronization, I use WWV & WWVH for offsite use mainly for navigation purposes."
S5-2435 Thanks. I hope the service continues.
S5-2436 These sevices to me are a back bone to my operation on amateur radio.  VERY GOOD SERVICE!
S5-2437 I would like the broadcast service to be continued.
S5-2438 Plan to use web/internet based time products in the near future.  10MHz reception suffers from  local (computer etc.) clocks.  15MHz less so. GPS trained osc recently placed in operation and being evaluated.  NIST T&F products used both for Amateur radio operations and AM/FM broadcast facility ops.   I am chief engineer of same. R. Ferrara  WB2CLK   9/01
S5-2439 Thanks for providing great service!
S5-2440 My thanks to everyone at NIST.  WWV is vitally important to me and my amateur radio station.
S5-2441 "while other sources of time exist, wwv and wwvh are very valuable and work when the others don't (if i am at a location whose only communications are via radio, for example). "
S5-2442 "Overall, nice job.  Thanks!"
S5-2443 "WWV is Like an old friend , give it more power and we can use it with smaller less sensitive rx."
S5-2444 Radio top of the hour news
S5-2445 Use both propagation and time info from WWV
S5-2446 I've been setting my watches and clocks to WWV since I first got a shortwave radio in 1980
S5-2447 "I have many atomic clocks that I use in my car, at work and at home and I really appreciate the service that you folks do!  Larry R. Truex
S5-2448 I greatly appreciate the propagation indexes given at 18 minutes past the hour.
S5-2449 I'm very happy with the way the system is run at this time. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated!
S5-2450 Time and frequence services have always been very useful and very much appreciated.
S5-2451 Keep up the good work.
S5-2452 "Your service is perfect for my reauirements, which are very simple"
S5-2453 "As a tax payer, I am very happy to help support NIST activities.  Thank you veryy much for asking."
S5-2454 Great website
S5-2455 I have used WWV in amateur radio applications for almost 50 years and would be lost without it.  I can't recall being unable to receive the signal on at least one of your frequencies any time of the day.
S5-2456 Thanks for your service!
S5-2457 "The only interference that I get on 15mhz from WWV is, believe it or not, WWVH in Hawaii. I can hear the female announcer a lot of times under WWV."
S5-2458 "Please leave formats & services unchanged, especially WWV.  It's always available, anywhere on a simple HF receiver.  "
S5-2459 "WWV is reliable & easy to use for frequency calibration, propagation, & event timing."
S5-2460 "I am founder of MediShare International, an all-volunteer, amateur radio-driven program. We provide medical equipment, instruments,etc.to Third World Hospitals, especially in Africa. It is all volunteer, no paid staff, or permanent office. We depend on Amateur Radio to a large extent with amateurs in the countries we serve and as communications among our committee, board members, and supporters world-wide. I/we use WWV  to plan  schedules.  (Dr.) Robert C. Smithwick, W6CS  "
S5-2461 I consider NIST to be the prime source of frequency and time.  Thanks for the service and your hospitality during my visit at Boulder a few years ago.
S5-2462 "Thanks for the service, folks.  Much appreciated."
S5-2463 "I am a retired US Merchant Marine Radio Electronics Officer, and used WWV on a daily basis for time tic for radio room and navigation purposes."
S5-2464 Keep up the good work!
S5-2465 Naval observatory time
S5-2466 "time.gov is a great web site, especially since it seems like everybody sets their clocks differently."
S5-2467 please keep wwvb on the air :
S5-2468 Please keep up the fine job. I have relied on WWV for over 25 years.. !!!! KR4VP
S5-2469 "Without power this is the only means of acurately obtaining the time. """"An emergency situation must."""""
S5-2470 very good service!
S5-2471 Keep up the good work.  You provide a needed service.
S5-2472 "Suddenly, some ISP's are blocking NTP & SNP protocols. My service (@home) is one of them. It would be of great service to a many, many users if NIST could find some way of working this problem out."
S5-2473 "The internet sites and GPS provide time info, but without good signal coverage of WWV there is nothing to substitute WWV for frequency calibration..."
S5-2474 "Keep up the GREAT work, we NEED you and the service!!!!"
S5-2475 TV nd radio inaccurate
S5-2476 Please keep up the good work and do not eliminate any of these services.
S5-2477 Thank you for a great service.
S5-2478 I love this website and the service the people operating it provide. Thank you
S5-2479 Need either more power or an antenna more directional to southern Florida
S5-2480 Propagation information is very useful for all HF services as well as for amateur radio operators.
S5-2481 CHU
S5-2482 We use WWVB 60Khz as a backup for our GPS clock.
S5-2483 A Very useful service.
S5-2484 Please continue doing a good job
S5-2485 "The WWV HF broadcasts are very important for frequency calibration for radio amateurs. I also have a clock which is updated automatically via WWV, which I believe receives the 60 kHz transmissions."
S5-2486 "great service, helps to keep our company clocks running on time."
S5-2487 "WWVB basically runs all of my clocks (for accuracy) at home and at work.  The accuracy of time on my computer is very important for time stamping database entries.  And WWV/WWVH allows for easy and accurate access for progragation determination, geo alerts and frequency calibrations required by the FCC."
S5-2488 The 10 mhz freq reference is very important to checking accuracy of my communications equipment
S5-2489 Would be nice to be able to know times in other countries. My use is private/business with contacts in other countries. I can fairly accurately calculate local times in other countries but would be great to access local times in international cities.
S5-2490 "I often utilize the time an frequency services via WWV in areas where I have no access to the Internet.  Therefore, the radio portion of the NIST services are quite important to me."
S5-2491 "We use the internet time service to keep our computer clocks in sync and accurate. We really hope that you can keep this service and let it stay free, even to NON-US users."
S5-2492 Great service on WWV. Have used it for years. Thanks ! Now really love the radio receive clock. Very handy .
S5-2493 "Radio reception is poor largely because of my geographic area. I get poor radio reception on all bands (AM, FM, TV, etc.)"
S5-2494 "Run, rabbit run.  Dig that hole, forget the sun."
S5-2495 The service is very useful and appreciated.
S5-2496 "WWV and WWVH provide a multiple service in their radio broadcasts monitored here for multiple uses by radio reception, and to limit responses to one primary response would be inaccurate poll and a disservice for multiple services available. Sincerely, Robert P. Ryan, Amateur Radio Station KC6VVT, and a former Navy Department radio technician."
S5-2497 "I use WWV/WWVH,et al, for time, calibration, coordination of nets, and determining MUF.  Since my radio clock tracks thru all the WWV freqs. I can often determine the MUF at a glance and know where to set my net or make calls on HF.  This is VITAL to me, especially in my CAP, FEMA, SHARES, and Amateur activies.  I would be LOST without WWV and its services.  I would HATE to have to stop my activities to go online to retrieve accurate time.  I LOVE WWV!!  All the Best,  "
S5-2498 Also use local TV & Radio - but only to check for drift of my clocks. I use WWV for any resetting. The Automatic VCR Clock setting offered over PBS station WMFE always seems to be wrong.
S5-2499 It is great to get this info as a hobbyist;  I even use it to set my sundials