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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-1500 System as-is satisfies my needs.  I use it for time accuracy (manual and automatic setting) and for A-440 calibration.  I find these services useful and indispensable.
S5-1501 "I would like to know time in Europe, Australia, Africa, etc."
S5-1502 Please keep up this valuable service.  Thanks for all that you do.
S5-1503 I have been a user of WWV and NIST time services for over 25 years.  I learned about them through amateur radio but use the time services for setting time in our companies PBX's and computers as well as my own personal use.  (I would have checked three or four of the use boxes if not restricted to my primary use.)  This is a very useful service that I appreciate and use almost daily.
S5-1504 Clocks referencing NIST AND frequency standards are both used at home (Home use AND Amateur Radio) AND at work (local govt. communications).
S5-1505  I appreciate the use of the service ..Thank you for years of good service .. Respectfully  pete smith k7ztm
S5-1506 Use atomic clocks which use the WWVB signal.  The signal is good in the house but very poor inside  an office building
S5-1507 Illinois
S5-1509 "As one of us gets the time to do it, we intend to use NIST software to synchronize our computer clocks. Getting the time to do that is the problem.  We're all sick and tired of chincy crap that causes more problems than it solves."
S5-1510 "keep up the good work, and dont discontinue any operations."
S5-1511 "The NIST services are very helpful to me, especially WWV. For those maintaining the stations I receive your transmissions on a Yaesu VX-5 handheld amateur transceiver or a Sony ICF 7600 receiver. Excellent frequency choices for your transmitters. Due to your multiple frequency options I am always able to receive a very readable signal from you. Thank you and keep up the great work! "
S5-1512 A very useful service. Thank You
S5-1513 I have been using WWV for 38 years.
S5-1514 "On this survey form, it might be nice if you include th URL's of each service in the appropriate section (you include the phone number in the phone section). "
S5-1515 "According to your list of services above, I didn't know all the useful applications it has.  I will investigate how these services can be helpful in my business."
S5-1516 great web page
S5-1517 Can't you reprogram to speed up web site?
S5-1518 "All the time I have been using and listening to the WWV radio broadcast, I have been generally pleased with the service. I also like the map that shows night and day on the time.gov site."
S5-1519 i am an engineer in an oceanographic standards lab and run several intranets. In the past correlating data and time stamping files was a pain. With your service every computer i use is within a 2 second range. many of my comps are on secure network so i can't use software directly on all. I deal with well over 300PCs and your time software has made my life a lot easier :)
S5-1520 Your services are excellent
S5-1521 see notes above
S5-1522 Good services -- keep it up!
S5-1523 I am grateful for your service.  I am accustomed to giving out atomic clocks as gifts to friends and relatives to introduce them to your wonderful service.  I myself am equipped ewith arrays of atomic clocks and appliances with clocks throughout the house and would be lost without your service.  Thank you.
S5-1524 "This survey was somewhat confussing butI answered what I thought pertained to me,...but I would suggest employers to use this to calibrate all clocks in their facility.  I'm currantly trying to have my employer use this service.  Also I'm unsure of what other services are avail. Thank you"
S5-1525 "I checked the primary use of the service, however, I use the service for many of the lists uses, as 13 of the lists uses appy.  I believe the service is a very valuable."
S5-1526 "Great site it is easy to navagate, easy on the eye, & very helpfull.  Thank you."
S5-1527 keep up the good work!!
S5-1528 Please include option to set to international time zones (I'm in UTC +2 with daylights savings time.)
S5-1529 you are two minutes off
S5-1530 I think it is pretty cool.
S5-1531 As an Air Force ground radio technician I have observed the wide use of WWV.
S5-1532 "I got started using wwv while in the Navy during the Korean War so the ships chronometers were right and we did it everyday and it was a quartermasters duty , just some triva"
S5-1533 "Currently, I do not have an amateur radio station on the air, but hope to in the near future. The time and frequency information is very helpful for amateur radio operations. Many thanks. "
S5-1534  I love www.time.gov and think it is a great use of my tax  dollars.  This suvery is very confusing - sorry.
S5-1535 "After using WWV, in the HF band, for 20 years in the Navy, I have come to depend on it as the only source for exact time that is available. "
S5-1536 Very user friendly web site!
S5-1537 I like this service.  Keep up the good work.
S5-1538 I reference the web page for leap second information. Thank you for making the data available.
S5-1539 Thank you. I enjoy knowing the exact time.
S5-1540 "I have used wwv for the last 35 years to check propogation, set my watch, and check my frequency standard. It has even been used as a reliable signal source for testing radio receivers. Keep up the good work. cheers, Lawrence Glaister VE7IT"
S5-1541 I like my Radio Shack clock using WWVB. When and how will you publish survey results? WWV fan since 1950. Occasional Spanish SSB QRM on 10 MHz.
S5-1542 I still use mechanical timepieces (hobby of collecting) and use this service to adjust same
S5-1543 "Please keep WWV and WWVH on the air as it is very important to my work and to amateur radio.  The information, time and frequency standards are very important to me and my business. Thank you very much and appreciate being able to take this survey --- Best Regards (73)--- Ernie Swanson"
S5-1544 Excellent Service!
S5-1545 you need to make the survey easier.for old people
S5-1546 Your present service is just fine for my use for amateur radio and computer operations.
S5-1547 Your present service is just fine for my use for amateur radio and computer operations.
S5-1548 it's great!
S5-1549 Please do not reduce or eliminate WWV!!!
S5-1550 I like the service and it is easy to get computer click to coincide with your display.
S5-1551 "As a 30 yr retired Naval Officer, I find the service WWV provides to be irreplaceable (which is why (like the BBC World Service) it will ultimately be discontinued... (thats fatalism)"
S5-1552 In taking this survey I was surprised to find that much more is available than what I currently use. Keep up the good work!
S5-1553 I like the second count makes the setting of my watch easy
S5-1554 "In all the years I have operated USAF MARS you have always been there for us.  We use your signal for calibration and conformance to USAF standards.  The introduction of the Internet, Satellite and GPS does not diminish the requirement for HF operations. As a single thread communications link, HF will be the system by which the message gets through if all the other systems, for whatever reason, should fail."
S5-1555 Most useful. Hope to extend use to other services as well.
S5-1556 time.gov rocks!
S5-1557 I have relied on WWV transmissions for time and frequency calibration for more than fifty years.
S5-1558 "Very nice web site, easy to use."
S5-1559 "When WWVH is louder than WWV, the 20Mtr amateur band is usually hot into Asia."
S5-1560 "I would like to see the service continue as I have been listening to the time signal since 1952 when I first became interested in short wave radio.  It has become an """"institution"""" that I hope will continue. The signal on 15Mhz is the most consistant."
S5-1561 "I time occultations and solar eclipses with video equipment.  Although my home is in MD, I observe frequently from neighboring states and from CA, and sometimes from foreign countries, especially for solar eclipses, few of which occur in North America during the next several years."
S5-1562 "Our organization has a membership of about 350, but we work with local astronomy clubs around the world where we reach about 10 times the number of our formal membership for important local events. Observers in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand use WWVH, while those in Latin America often use WWV.  Japan recently discontinued their shortwave time signals so WWVH is more important for observers there."
S5-1563 Thank you
S5-1564 "I enjoy recieving your services, I actually sometimes use the repitisios ticks and tones to ease myself theraputically. Keep up the great work!"
S5-1565 "Thankyou for a very useful service. As I frequently refer to WWVH for frequency reference functions as well as time reference /drift work, I found it difficult to tick only one box in the """"Uses"""" sections above. I hope this does not invalidate the response.  Thanks for a great service - I've had a frequency preset on my HF transceiver for 11 years, and a dipole for your 10MHz transmissions on the mast here for several.  -Best regards, Derek ZL1UF "
S5-1566 Thank you!
S5-1567 Keep up the good work and good service!
S5-1568 "In field operations and sailing, there are no telephones or internet connections.  Stopping the  HF service would be a dangerous to sailors.  Time hacks,  propogation and GPS info is valuable both for  sailing and for HF communications. "
S5-1569 Not sure I know diff beween ACTS and Internet Time Service.  I do use one of these daily.  My Web connectin is a cable modem (usually)
S5-1570 love it
S5-1571 Keep the System...........
S5-1572 Great Service! I use it both at work (satellite station for resources satellite) and at home.
S5-1573 Very important to continue WWV broadcast service as this is the only method of standard frequency calibration available to me!
S5-1574 Excellent service.
S5-1575 "Under applications, I could check most boxes, since ham needs are time/freq/solar/maritime and astonomy related (precise time synch for satellites) We love your service- hope it doesn't get reduced!"
S5-1576 "Perpetuation of the WWV High Frequency radio transmissions is extremely important to the Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Mapping professions as this is the standard method of obtaining and calibrating time when performing astronomical observations for map, survey, and state plane coordinate system grid orientation to true north."
S5-1577 "I've been utilizing WWV for time and frequency settings for 46 years!(mainly 5, 10, 15 Mhz)"
S5-1578 Olease keep this service on line Thank You
S5-1579 "thanks, keep up the service"
S5-1580 WWV/WWVH is a great resource and it would be terrible to see it go away.
S5-1581 Keep up the good work.  I've used WWV/WWVH since 1959 and lately WWVB for travel clocks.   73....
S5-1582 U.S. Navy
S5-1583 Please keep WWV
S5-1584 A vital government service
S5-1585 I would prefer using direct receiption of time rather than SNTP across the internet.  When my internet connection is down WWV is all that is left.
S5-1586 "Please keep WWV on the air, as it is vital for frequency and time measurements."
S5-1587 WWV is the most reliable service than any other. Our CHU is not always there.
S5-1588 WWV is not merely a time standard but a frequency standard as well--I use it to make sure my HF radio transmit frequency complies with FCC rules.
S5-1589 Hope this is just no more service that will NOT be replaced by down sizing. I have no other way of abtaining the service.
S5-1590 "Please keep the HF transmissions going, they are extremely use for Amateur Radio testing, calibration, and geo information."
S5-1591 I am retired master navigator who found your time hacks via shortwave useful while deployed overseas
S5-1592 I wish I had known of this site when I was teaching school.
S5-1593 I have use your service through short wave or computer since the 1960's. My watch and clocks have always had the correct time. Thank You
S5-1594 "Please keep the WWV operating, We need this system!!!!! accuracy and time are inportant in weather spotting reports for NOAA weather (SKYWARN)"
S5-1595 "Even though I use the frequencies for transmitter/receiver/frequency counter calibration on over the air reception, the reception of these signals enhance the accuracy of my equipment when performing my tasks as an Official Observer with the American Radio Relay League."
S5-1596 WWV is used to calibrated my ham radio. To syncronize my clocks. Used as a propagation indicator.
S5-1597 I greatly value having WWV available! Please keep the great service that you provide!
S5-1598 "My main use is for Amateur Radio and Astronomy.  I appreciate the Internet Service as I use my computer to control my telescope and this simplifies the clock setting.  THANKS! Alan, W4WMM
S5-1599 Very interesting and useful site. Would enable me to determine the time in another part of the world for e-mailing purposes.
S5-1600 Keep up the great!!! work!  Jerry Lofstead  W3CDE
S5-1601 "Please retain, so very useful and I depend upon WWV. "
S5-1602 "I urge retention of all the services of the present service.  Have purchased several watches and clocks which sync with your clock(s). Without such data, my investment would be wasted, plus I would miss the opportunity to check my geat for band edges, etc.  Thanks for providing these invaluable services.  They are essential. --Doc Lindsey"
S5-1603 Please keep WWV on the air. I am just starting out in amatuer radio and have not gotten to use your services but do expect them to be of value.
S5-1604 None
S5-1605 None
S5-1606 "I use WWV for more things than I could put in the """"user data"""" field. It can be received with very simple equipment with great reliability. Internet services are the way of the future, but that future isn't here yet. Compare the downtimes of WWV versus the downtimes of my ISP times that of your server, etc, and you will see what I mean. WWV, as a frequency standard that is easily accessed and scaled is extremely valuable."
S5-1607 This is a good resource for the Amateur community! 
S5-1608 Great service. Thanks for being there!
S5-1609 easy to find under favorites and easy to use
S5-1610 "EVERY time I try to access the current time for the central time zone I receieve a """"net congestion"""" message.   "
S5-1611 Thanks much.  The service is invaluable to me.
S5-1612 "I am now retired, but during my active years as a physicist, I used both the WWV frequecy standard and time standard for more than forty years. Now, I use WWV to manually set my watches and clocks and to determine their daily rate. I also have five radio controlled clocks which rely upon WWVB.Keep up the good work! Thank you for the opportunity to take this survey. Frank J. Leech PhD
S5-1613 "All and all, I'm very satisfied with your service for my needs.  Thank you for being there."
S5-1614 GladI have access to it. Thank you.
S5-1615 "WWV is important when in the field, the need for accurate time is needed when filling out paper work, so all times match. KEEP WWV ON THE AIR!"
S5-1616 Great service! Thank you very much.
S5-1617 Thanks
S5-1618 While traveling in Asia I used WWVH a lot. Sometimes it was available. What about a time announcement from Japan of someplace more reliable to central Asia?
S5-1619 "WWV/WWVH has given really good service to USA...hard to improve, to my way of thinking"
S5-1620 "love it, just what I need"
S5-1621 I appreciate the services you provide and hope you can continue to provide it in the coming years.
S5-1622 Radio reception from Puerto Rico (where I'm writing this) is way too difficult. I'd love to have alternatives other than a web clock sync utility.
S5-1623 "I have never been able to receive the 2.5 or 20MHz broadcasts, and al I use the other 3 freqs for is occasional watch/clock settings and to check propogation across the spectrum. 5MHz is usually fairly weak, but 10 and 15 are almost always very strong, even with a bad receiver and a few inches of wire for an antenna. WWV comes in very strong, and I can usually hear WWVH but a bit weaker, WWV is almost always the stronger signal. "
S5-1624 Almost every amateur I have spoken to about emf has said it would be very helpful in figuring out band conditions
S5-1625 "It would be so nice if the front page gave me the time directly. Just UTC would be nice, because usually I only need to adjust a clock. Or show the time for the major US time zones. Your homepage is really heavy on graphics, with a lot of download time, and then you have to move the cursor to your region, click it, and then wait again for the actual time. Such a shame, it's a really useful service - why do you make it so hard to get to it?  Rudi Potze
S5-1626 Thanks for being there!
S5-1627 "The java enabled clock on your website ALWAYS says """"net congestion."""""
S5-1628 "I enjoy WWV--- Thanks ,Greg "
S5-1629 Would like to see Morse code   propagation bullitens like we use to have
S5-1630 "Please keep WWV on the air, as it is vital for frequency and time  measurements. "
S5-1631 I think this is really cool.
S5-1632 "Internet time of day service NEVER works.  It always states """"net congestion"""" no matter when I check.  I've checked dozens of times"
S5-1633 Thank you for your attempt to better understand and serve your users. Your services are great for my needs.
S5-1634 Great service; I love it!
S5-1635 Can you come back the OMEGA nav. system?
S5-1636 Thank you for allowing for real-time presentation without having to hit return!
S5-1637 Thank you for the Internet web site and service I wish your software would auto set my computer time.
S5-1638 "I've used WWV & WWVH since I was a kid, when I was a radio opr in the USN & in my ham radio hobby, as well as at work in educational media. And my office clock is sync'd to WWVB. It's a necessary utility service that also teaches us about solar/space weather. I can't imagine a government-run service that is more important to technology, teaching & general hobby use."
S5-1639 please keep WWV on air
S5-1640 "As an amateur radio operator I fine your services of great use to me in setting up equipment. I make a lot of use of WWV and WWVH on 10, 15 and 20 Mhz when checking which propagation paths are open. Many other local amateur operators in Scotland also use this service but do not have internet access. Regards Brian Waddell GM4XQJ. "
S5-1641 I believe that it is important to continue to broadcast on WWV in spite of the rise of the information-distributing capabilities of the net.  Broadcasting on multiple frequencies provides important redundancy that is not possible in only a networked environment.
S5-1642 "I have a digital clock that is synched to WWVB,but the WWV tone is best for hacking watches."
S5-1643 Great service.....thanks!  How can I get non-military display of time?
S5-1644 Your WWV is great for the casual person who wants to set clocks correctly. There is no other reliable source for getting good time information. Even the weather channel gets sloppy with the clock setting so you guys are the best... I only use a cheap Radio Shack Time/Weather Cube  Please continue your 440 HZ tones because that is great for setting middle A on musical instruments.
S5-1645 "Great service, thank you.  I use it mostly when my power."
S5-1646 Thank you for all the decades of service you've provided!
S5-1647 I link to the atomic clock from the Drudgereport.com site and I use it almost every day. AND thank you very much!
S5-1649 "How about putting Morse Code time back on? (Yes, I'm kidding....Well..half kidding). (Tells ya how long I've been listening, huh? ;-) You folks do a great job.  Only reason I  haven't used some of your services is that  I don't know about them.  I couldn't calibrate my equipment without your standard broadcasts. Thanks for many years of help. "
S5-1650 "great site, thanks"
S5-1651 Do you give tours of your Fort Collins facility?
S5-1652 "GPS and CDMA network are only approximate time as they are delayed by processing delay. Also Internet time is NEVER in real time, and even worse it varies.  Frequency refrence cannot be sent other than by carrier."
S5-1653 Generally you are doing a very good job.  Keep up the good work.
S5-1654 "You have been doing a great job since I started using your services in 1964.  Thank you for your good work.  KB7VT """"Voz"""""
S5-1655 Propagation of computers and their 10 MHZ chrystal clocks make the radir environment much more noisy than 10 years ago. Reception of WWV/WWVH is now almost always restricted to night time hours due to local radio background noise. You could increase power output 10X co compensate for the increased radio background which has come with the computerization of society.  <N/M>
S5-1656 WWV broadcasts are valuable.  Please keep them.
S5-1657 Terrific service.  Finally have a readily available service to calibrate time pieces.  Thanks.
S5-1658 Didn't know about telephone and internet services until I did this survey.
S5-1659 "Great service, simple, straightforward, easy to use!  I love it!"
S5-1660 You've been my favorite station since 1958.
S5-1661 The survey refers to using the phone to access WWV and WWVH. I had never seen the access numbers before.  And I still don't know what the Internet Time Service is or how to access it.
S5-1662 Thank you for providing this service
S5-1663 "Been setting my watch to you guys for 45 years this way.  Computer, for only a couple of years."
S5-1664 "Easy and painless way--used to use the telephone, but don't even know where to call now, as I prefer just clicking it on the WEB."
S5-1665 "you do a good job, thanks"
S5-1666 Just be a good resource for time and freq.
S5-1667 "i purchased a new watch today i did google search for """"time"""" search resulted in your site this is the first time since the """"time lady""""  went off the phone (at&t breakup) that i believe  i have a source for accurate time information. local time & temperature does not give seconds  thanks"
S5-1668 I'm glad you reverted to the traditional voice recordings several years ago!!!
S5-1669 Very happy with service. Thanks
S5-1670 "what direction from Michigan would my atomic clock be directed to pick up the correct time signal from Ft. Collins, Colorado"
S5-1672 CHU
S5-1673 Excellent!
S5-1674 First time user. Thanks for the correct time!
S5-1675 "This survey will not allow me to enter my useage  of internet time service for autosetting my computer clock. I use Atomic Clock 7 and am  very pleased with the service, even though I experience occasional delays logging on."
S5-1676 "Please Don't stop the time code on 5,10, 15 Mhz Do use more power and directional antennas towards NY LI"
S5-1677 None are available which are as reliable and accurate as WWV.
S5-1678 CHU
S5-1679 "Our national organization, The American Racing Pigeon Union, has 11,000 members. We all depend upon the standard time broadcasts to set our electronic timing devices."
S5-1680 "In addition to being a beloved standard during all of my SW listening days, WWV/WWVH is the means I use to keep time in my home, check the frequency of my communications receiver, and occasionally to time specific astronomical events.  Thank you! - Bruce Jensen"
S5-1681 NIST provides an invaluable service.  Keep up the good work!
S5-1682 "How accurate are power companys 60 hz line frequency? I've noticed large fluctuations while recieving radio fax transmissions, as noise waves in my immages.   if possable."
S5-1683 I don't know some thing about this survey is about. I'v only completed which I use/understand.
S5-1684 Fire up the 20 khz transmitter once in awhile for hobbyists.
S5-1685 "Have always relied on NBS/NIST for accurate and timely info, updates and integrity."
S5-1686 Keep up the good work.  This is a government program that provides a valuable and useful service.  Make sure the public knows you're available.
S5-1687 A value added site that is extremely convenient and is easy to use. I value it even though I only use it to set personal timepieces.
S5-1688 Thanks for your time !
S5-1689 I think it's a great service.  I use time.gov to set all my clocks at home and at work.  Thanks very much for offering it :)
S5-1690 You're doing a fine job; keep up the good work!
S5-1691 None
S5-1692 "The shortwave broadcasts are vital to us as radio amateurs for the evaluation of current propagation conditions, and secondly, time"
S5-1693 I hope that we are able to retain all of the  services currently available from the HF  broadcasts of WWV and WWVH. Thank you for years of reliable service and valuable information.
S5-1694 "Eventhough this is a US govt. site, you should include the whole world in your timezone map"
S5-1695 "As a former Minuteman crew commander, I find this service very useful in my civilian life.  Thanks."
S5-1696 "I truly appreciate having access to the NIST services.  I set my computer clock, and then match all the house clocks to the computer. Thanks for the service."
S5-1697 Satellite may present best new development (or  is this available already and I don't know it?
S5-1698 "Been using wwv since 1957, several times daily when in the Navy, now as a amateur at least once daily. WWV has been useful to me for a long time! "
S5-1699 "WE UES """
S5-1700 "A shame you only wanted """"primary use"""" in the boxes immediately above, as I use WWV for several purposes, personal and professional;."
S5-1701 WWV has been a valuable resource for my radio activities for many years.  Thank you for providing a quality government program.
S5-1702 I recently started using WWVB as I improved my longwave reception antenna.  This service is very useful for determining frequencies on my receiver and for general longwave conditions.  I find it indispensible.
S5-1703 Thanks for a good service that seems to have improved since I first started using it in the early 70's!
S5-1704 "Dominion Observatory, Ottawa"
S5-1705 "Frequency and time standard references are the hallmark of this service, IMO.  Please, never compromise these two.  And, please, keep them transmitting on the HF bands, never decide that there's a """"better way"""" to deliver these as there really isn't!"
S5-1706 "This site is a great, if little used, public service!"
S5-1707 i can always recieve you - but sometimes it's pretty slow
S5-1708 I play Role-playing games with many others across the world. Many times they ask for the difference in time. For those in the U.S. I have your website posted on my website..many have used your information to help plan game strategies. Thankyou for your service.  :)
S5-1709 You provide a valuable service
S5-1710 Used to be a regular user of WWV. But now access your time services with more convenient devices like PC and PalmPC. Had no need to maintain or purchase shortwave radios other than to access your services.
S5-1711 Extrememly pleased with the present services available - I am getting good value for our tax money.
S5-1712 The power/antenna upgrade to WWVB was very noticeable and was greatly appreciated!
S5-1713 The world map with night shading is both interesting and useful.
S5-1714 very helpful please keep it one line
S5-1715 I've used the service since I accidentally discovered it while living in Boulder in the 60's. I misdialed my parent's extention at ESSA.
S5-1716 "I am a new user, thank you for service"
S5-1717 Please don't discontinue these fine services. Please consider a user subscription fee before you discontinue services.
S5-1718 Very confusing survey
S5-1719 "As a 4th time user of NIST - I am still overwhelmed at the amount of info available, I'm impressed with the capability of syncronizing my computer clock to your exact time."
S5-1720 will probably build audio output GPS RX for worldwide coverage
S5-1721 "the service exceeds my needs in accuracy, and is sufficiently easy to use. "
S5-1722 "Keep up the good work!  I rely on WWV as my main clock if that wasn't apparent from the survey. Support for *nix (Unix, Linux) browsers and text browsers is also important to me."
S5-1723 very good service. thank you
S5-1724 "I'm a shortwave listener, amateur radio operator, and sailor.  Your network provides me essential time, freqency standard, and propagation reporting and beacons.  I use your marine weather service primarily in the summertime.  Thanks! "
S5-1725 I'm in the military.  I like to keep accurate time as a hobby.  At least I know my watch is correct at work.  Fort Hood texas.  A 2/8CAV 1CD.
S5-1726 "I have an old railroad watch and like to check the time to see if it is keeping time, so far within (1) week it looses 20 seconds."
S5-1727 I feel that you are doing an excellent job
S5-1728 Goodbye.
S5-1729 how about a NIST-blessed utility to sync my PC clock...
S5-1730 WWV and WWVH are important because of their wide coverage area (also outside of US) as well as for their low costs for the user.
S5-1731 It's great just having it.
S5-1732 "since I found this website, it my official time source, thanks for the time"
S5-1733 Please keep up the good work and the level of  service.  Clyde
S5-1735 This is my first time visiting this site. It seems useful and easy to navigate. I especially want to come back when I have time to explore the educational links you've provided!
S5-1736 We use WWV for setting the campus master clock.
S5-1737 I am extremely interested in your retention of the HF broadcasts.  The most important frequency for me is 10 MHz.
S5-1738 "I need HF access to time signals, in the event of communications infrastructure problems."
S5-1739 This is a valuable service. Correct time must keep up with technologal advancements
S5-1740 "receive geoalerts every day, use rf and audio frequency standards regulary"
S5-1741 "Very usefull service is provided by WWV.  Very usefull service is provided by WWV.
S5-1742 Great service - no problems with it!
S5-1743 Great service - please continue to provide your service.  I hope to get a radio-receive clock soon.  Thank you!
S5-1744 Thanks for providing this service.
S5-1745 Excellent service
S5-1746 Please retain the HF WWV services.
S5-1747 I would not think this costs too much per year-this one type of service the gov't should perform.
S5-1748 CHU in Canada
S5-1749 I have trouble with the Java animation  - I have to disable it.
S5-1750 Thank you for prividing this service.
S5-1751 Good use of tax dollars
S5-1752 This is a great service; thanks to the NIST for keeping it alive
S5-1753 "I appreciate the accessibility of your service.  I use the telephone connection when setting clocks at home. I use WWV when flying professionally, and I use your internet connection to set my computer clock.  Keep up the great service.  S.J. DiRocco"
S5-1754 "Retired Naval Aviator(Carrier Pilot, Patrol Bomber Pilot/Navigator).  Over the years correct time has become a fetish if not an absolute need.  Thanks for a superbly maintained system.  CDR Thomas G. Evans (USN, Ret.)"
S5-1755 "if you cannot provide calendar displays, consider providing a link to those who do."
S5-1756 Amature Call K5Gkq
S5-1757 You guys are doing a great job in my book!
S5-1758 It's the only one I use !
S5-1759 WWV is ALWAYS there. A very reliable service
S5-1760 "It's the ultimate arguement settler about who has the correct time.  Also, I keep track of time at work by the clock on my computer screen, and using NIST time ensures that I'm on time to meetings, etc."
S5-1761 none
S5-1762 The latter are not reliably accurate.
S5-1763 great site! 
S5-1764 Your good as is. Thanks
S5-1765 "I first started as a Radioman in the Navy and after that working for the Government in a Comunications Center. WWV has been a big part of my life both on the job and off. I want my time clocks to be """"on the second"""" and the only way I know of keeping them that way is with WWV and NIST. I have a SW radio and computer to keep up with current events and having the correct time is vital to me."
S5-1766 "I use www.time.gov, and it's a great service.  An entirely approriate use of my taxes."
S5-1767 "I will investigate further in applications, and more on the internet, and SW service."
S5-1768 Please keep the solar indices and geomagnetic information as part of your service.  Thank you.
S5-1769 I do use NIST for frequency calibration in addition to my primary use of watch/clock setting. I could get setting info from other sources but cannot get frequency calibration.
S5-1770 Thank you for the services...helpful!
S5-1771 "Indeed, I have 2 equally important applications:  I have several radio-controlled timekeepers, but I regularly use the phone and web services to set my watches...that is usually separate from the radio-time service need - I don't set my watch by my radio-controlled devices due to the signal strength fluctuations here.  This is a cool service, and one which I'll gladly support with tax dollars..."
S5-1772 Canadian time services
S5-1773 "I have sent this site to my whole mailing list and over half have said thank-you.  They have said it is extremely helpful for there use, whatever it might be."
S5-1774 "I would love to have you regulate my computer clock, but as a retired person I must look after the pennies and cannot afford expensive programmes! (Excuse Australian spelling)"
S5-1775 Some of the questions did'nt understand.      Hope was of help.Dave
S5-1776 I enjoy the history that is provided with the  website as much as I find the clock/time useful.
S5-1777 Thanks
S5-1779 "I find it freaky that I LIVE in Fort Collins, but in a noisy environment, my WWVB clock cannot sync... I think that clock is cool, though. :) "
S5-1780 "To be precise, I was just curious.  I think the applications of hydrogen mazors are fascinating."
S5-1781 I find the time and frequency features critical  for calibration of my radios & timekeeping devices
S5-1782 Thank you
S5-1783 "NIST (I remember when it was NBS) has done an excellent job over the years.  Your publications are excellent, and your service has been exceptionally reliable.  Please let your staff know what an excellent job they are doing.    Dr. Barry L. Ornitz     WA4VZQ    Consulting engineer and Amateur Radio operator"
S5-1784 PLEASE increase how often you broadcast radio propagation reports on WWV AND WWVH ... PLEASE!
S5-1785 I put great importance on the wwv time /frequency services.
S5-1786 Your time stations help me to know whick bands are good for reception.  You cover a very wide range of bands with the broadcasts and it is very helpful.
S5-1787 "Need to keep WWV at 5, 10, 15, & 20 MHz on the air!  They are invaluable to keeping test equipment frquency calibrated! The time of day function is quite useful as well."
S5-1788 Thank you. This helped settle family tension.
S5-1789 You should post on your main page the toll free number for time of day.  I did not know that was still available until I noticed it on the survey.
S5-1790  A totally indispensable service
S5-1792 "Again, this is just a wonderful site. Its evolution has been remarkable. Thanks for the great service."
S5-1793 I constantly reference UTC as an amateur radio operator. 
S5-1794 "When I was much younger, I could pick up WWV on a super-het radio by going to either end of the band scale. I think it was WWV for I was living in SC at that time.  Have picked up radio transmissions on SW radio."
S5-1795 "Thank You, I just discovered this site.  I like it."
S5-1796 Thanks for a easy to use time check.
S5-1797 "I have monitored WWV and WWVH and occasionally WWVB for over 40 years, since licensed as a radio amateur in 1961.  I very much depend on these services to calibrate my equipment as well as to determine real-time HF propagation.   Please do not scale back the performance of these valuable resources!  WWV and WWVH are two of the few U.S. government programs for which I am truly delighted to give my hard-earned tax dollar.  Sincerely, Stephen F. Jones 
S5-1798 I like your service very much.  i set my watch to it and i know i have the correct time.  thanks alot!!!!!
S5-1800 THANK YOU!!!
S5-1801 excellent site. please add am/pm and world time. you deserve more funding.
S5-1802 Glad your service is still around on HF - keep up the good work!  Thanks
S5-1803 "I have been using your service for almost 25 years now for amateur radio purposes, and to set my clocks.  I like your service, and hope you continue to give such good service in the future. Please send any interesting brochures, etc., that you might have.  Thank you.  Timothy J. Cregan
S5-1804 Excellent service
S5-1805 "Iam retired USAF and gen aviation (avionics). On  Okinawa,used WWVH. In KS, use WWV. Thanks NIST. 5MHz morning & evening is best here. Regards, Pete Tshudy"
S5-1806 none
S5-1807 "All in all a great service, Thanks!"
S5-1808 Please don't discontinue the HF/VLF broadcast.
S5-1809 I fined that WWV provides an excellent source for time and frequency standards as well as propagation information
S5-1810 The web service works great. Thanks.
S5-1811 "In the Caribbean, there is no other reliable storm broadcast that is available at all times to small boats"
S5-1812 "Have never heard/seen the phone numbers before, am planning to use them during weekends when my wireless phone weekend minutes are in effect."
S5-1813 "Your NISTime program has a bug in it that can cause Windows NT 4.0 to fail if NISTime is installed in a directory whose path name includes a space, and NISTime is set to run in the background."
S5-1814 I also very much appreciate the sun clock...
S5-1815 thank each and every one of you for being there.
S5-1817 i'll use usno time - this takes too long maybe i'll look in again in the future
S5-1819 "This is real convenient service of the government, I hope it isn't too costly to allow civilians to use."
S5-1820 I like knowing my computers are all on time. Thanks
S5-1821 Kepp up the good work.  It's getting better every day.
S5-1822 "I think the Nistime program is handier than sliced bread. I use it to set my computer clock every day or two, and then use that time to set the other watches, clocks, etc. in the house."
S5-1823 you have a great web page!  keep up the good work!
S5-1824 I didn't know NIST had a GPS Data Archive Service?
S5-1825 "I really appreciate being able to get accurate time information via telephone.  Thank you NIST!  Please continue this service.  My clocks drift and I really appreciate being able to get accurate information for setting them.  My friends, family, and collegues all use my clocks as a local standard because they know I keep them set reasonably accurately.  We all benefit from your service.  Thanks again."
S5-1826 Very helpful site for general use (my most common) and Astronomy
S5-1828 "Thank you for the service, and please leave it alone."
S5-1829 "Before advent of home computers and as a shortwave radio hobbyist I tuned in one of the WWV stations, usually at 10 Mhz, for the correct time in setting my wrist watch."
S5-1830 "To summarize, I depend on GPS """"tick"""" for detailed work (ten nanoseconds), I listen to WWV audio to verify the time-of-day, I have watch/clocks which set local time automatically from WWVB each night, and my computer currently uses NTP (but I have tested ACTS in the past).  Web page time is nice public relations tool."
S5-1831 You provide a highly useful service to Americans; truly a good use of tax dollars.  Good work!
S5-1833 "www.time.gov: your expectation that one can open up port 8013 so an applet can have its own port is ludicrous. Most applets follow proxy settings in browsers.  This allows the applet to use the existing port or proxy. I expect better from a US gov't run site. Your current applet it unusable at both my work (a large government site) and at my home.  Many, many, many other locations are also unable to use it. Please consider revising your applet to conform with security practices."
S5-1834 So far I have found your services good and reliable 30+ years that I have been using it. Keep up the good work.
S5-1835 "Great service, keep up the good work."
S5-1836 This has been helpful. Thankyou.
S5-1837 could you send me web site address for this.
S5-1838 "Having flown military (SAC) for 34 years, I consider accurate time a must!!"
S5-1839 This is the most useful and user friendly time service I have found. Thank You.
S5-1840 The internet access to this service has been a great improvement in making this valuable service much easier to use!
S5-1841 "Other country by radio used only as beacons, generally, not as frequency or time references."
S5-1842 "Leap seconds are probably useless. The average citizen does not live on a time zone line so she is probably 15 minutes off anyway. What's another few seconds? Besides, a digital clock showing """"60"""" for the seconds is Jarring with a capital J."
S5-1843 "You have a great service/product, keep up the good work..."
S5-1844 "I've been trying to convince bosses at work (State Okla. D.O.T.) to set up NTP for intranet WAN/LAN, we would need to """"punch holes"""" in firewall for access to NTP ports"
S5-1845 We use wwv alot around thanks for all the hard work. 
S5-1846 Thank you for providing this service
S5-1847 I was always interested in the WWV & WWVH on shortwave.  It was a direct influence on my interest in radio.  I have used WWV since I was 10 years old.  Thank you.
S5-1848 "Timely news items to teach Boy Scouts, either sent to me by snail mail or downloaded from website."
S5-1849 Wonderful service. Thank you. Jerry.
S5-1850 "As an amateur radio operator, I require accurate time and frequency standards. I also use these signals for setting mechanical watches as well. Your service is more than adequate and I am usually able to use one or more of your signals here depending on time of day."
S5-1852 Works Great! I love it!
S5-1853 "NIST is my start page, the first thing I see when I log onto the net."
S5-1854 "New user her, I will try this again in a few week, but it really looks interestng.  Tthanks "
S5-1855 Asan Amateur Radio Operator And a member of the Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System accurate time is a must. Your services are very valuable.
S5-1856 "Thank you for providing a great, reliable and useful service."
S5-1857 I like the NIST 32bit time client software.
S5-1858 "WWV & WWVH have always been my correct source of time for setting clocks,watches etc and is a very valuable service,as one can access it any where if one has a radio receiver capable of recieving the frequencies,a good service to retain"
S5-1859 "yours is an excellent service for setting accurate time when in doubt due to power outage, or watch and clock inaccuracy. "
S5-1860 Very good service.  I recommend it to many people.
S5-1861 "Great service, but how come I can rarely get on?  Thanks."
S5-1862 "I seem to not be able to use the NIST time program to set the computer clock the last few months.  I always get """"no response from server"""".  I assume that means you're swamped.  So, I have to resort to setting it by hand using the web page time.   Thanks."
S5-1863 thank you for making this vital service and software available to the general public
S5-1864 Have tried to set my VCR with PBS auto set without cable hook up but no success.  Do they broadcast your signal for this purpose?
S5-1866 Thank you for the service
S5-1867 "Have been a """"fan"""" of WWV since military celestial navigation days of the '50s, appreciate having your service available on my Grundig SW radio and PC internet"
S5-1868 Good luck in getting money to improve the Service.
S5-1869 "The Australian VNG Time and Frequency Standard station has a lot of problems: poor transmitter reliability, incorrect voice announcements, and at times incorrect time.  All this is caused by  lack of Australian Government funding."
S5-1870 I glad you are here.  Thanks
S5-1871 Thank you for this wonderful service.
S5-1872 "thanks for the service...the PC's where I work are always wrong and we do not have access to change settings, however, we do have access to the web."
S5-1873 "Please keep up the great work, providing NTP as a free service is a great use of tax dollars!  ;)"
S5-1874 Go government. :)
S5-1875 "Though I only use this a few times a year, those moments are invaluable. It's like find out whether to take an umbreela, is it going to rain, am I going to be late becasue my clock has failed.  Thank you, Keep up the always good work George Morrow"
S5-1876 "Great Service, please keep this program running."
S5-1878 Thank you for your services
S5-1879 "Nwver, ever yet gave me the time of day"
S5-1880 Thanks for your many years of excellent service.
S5-1881 I would like to have acces by radio more often to: Solar Flux indices. Like every half hour. Also keep the radio contact in bad day of radio propagation. Like in solar eruption. I wish to using more of your internet site soon. Thank You. And I am listening you for many years about 20 years.
S5-1882 I set watches and clock weekly using this service via shortwave radio. Very happy with the service as I get relatively good reception using my portable.
S5-1883 The internet clock is a very useful service.
S5-1885 I also have a GPS handheld receiver that can get time and date.
S5-1887 "Internet and Web access is fine, but for portability, RF is the only game in town.  I can usually find one of the WWV frequencies coming through well enough to use the signal.  I'm not always at a computer.  In fact, I find the RF signal more convenient even if I am at a computer."
S5-1888 Thank you for making this available to the public.
S5-1889 Thanks for the service.
S5-1890 NIST does a really good job.  I just wish the signal strength was stronger on the radio broadcast so my auto clocks and shortwave radio picked up the signal easier and better.  Thanks for all the work other than time you do.
S5-1891 "I appreciate this service, but had no idea it covered such an array of uses!"
S5-1892 Keep up the excellent work!
S5-1893 "Improve existing services (i.e. radio reception)before adding other services. Time is too important a governmental function for it to be underserving areas or being an """"iffy"""" signal."
S5-1895 On Time page w/ dark/light (night/day) world map: load time display before loading map graphic. 
S5-1896 "Keep up the good work.  I've been using WWV and WWVH since 1958. M.K. Adams, K7EPA"
S5-1897 "Since retiring a few years ago, my uses for WWV have been reduced to mostly time setting and a propagation aid for my amateur radio hobby, but it's worth to me hasn't dimished one iota.  I consider WWV an invaluable national asset.  Please don't reduce or cut back any part of it.  Thanks for providing an indispensable service."
S5-1898 Great web site!
S5-1899 I very much appreciate the service.  Thank you.
S5-1900 "We, as a nation, if we are sincerly, truly interested in energy conservation, need to realign our time zones in order to make the most of daylight.  We should use Atlantic time on the east coast of the U.S. and eliminate usage of Pacific time on the west coast."
S5-1902 Why can't I ever get through?
S5-1903 I found this survey difficult to understand.  I hope my responses are helpful.
S5-1904 Great Service-----thanks
S5-1905 Enjoy the service.
S5-1906 Thank you for the service!  Bill
S5-1907 I have used this service for over 35 years
S5-1908 I really enjoy this service and find the Web page easy to use. Thanks and keep up the good work.  I enjoy seeing my tax dollars at work.
S5-1909 Thanks for providing the accurate time services. They are a great public benefit.
S5-1910 "Current WWV service is important to public use, and should continue."
S5-1911 I use this service all the time for astronomy to sync. the computer clock on my telescope it is important that I have a accurate way to know the time to be able to have usable meaningful data.
S5-1912 "Dear NIST, Please do not discontinue WWV,WWVH RF services. WWV/H provide valuable time, propagation, Maritime weather, GPS, solar info etc. to many users not directly conected to land lines. RF users.  NIST responsibility is greater than the  folks dialing in from the internet and modems!!! "
S5-1913 It is a good service.
S5-1914 Thanks for the service!
S5-1915 You are the 'old guard' of the HF bands. Keep up the great work!
S5-1916 "I completely respect all aspects of what you do and have for many years (approx. since 1973), used your WWV and WWVH and WWVB signals for frequency calibration and time calibration reasons. Please do not ever drop any of your frequencies, for they are all very useful, dependent upon receive location, propagation condx., etc.!!! I have used all of your services for personal, amateur radio, and broadcast engineering reasons! Thanks. Great Job!"
S5-1917 I need instructions for getting time sync behind  company proxy server that uses port 8080 for all services
S5-1918 "Great service, I use it for a lot of my hobbies. Anything from setting my watch to obtaining accurate time for navigation"
S5-1919 "Your """"application for which you..."""" was limiting.  I use your service for a number of applications.  The most critical use is if my GPS goes down and I have to use a sextant while sailing. Over all, I seem to use about 12 of your """"applications"""" on a regular basis.  Most of these are via the WWV and WWVB system.  Thanks for the years of valuble service!
S5-1920 "Overall, keep up the good work! I'd like to have you return to propagation forercasts every 5 minutes. "
S5-1921 Simply a convenient reference to the accurate time. 
S5-1922 I like the continous clock update including the seconds
S5-1923 I tried to download automatic internet computer clock adjustment. I did not understand it.
S5-1924 WWV is a wonderful govt service - very important and helpful to me - thank you for making it run!
S5-1925 Thank you!
S5-1926 Thanks for having the correct time easy to get to and read.
S5-1927 Great Service!
S5-1928 "I miss having access to an HF radio!  I was a USAF pilot for 20 years, that equals a lot of time hacks! This was my first time on your site.  You've done a good job.  I found it by seaching for """"WWV""""."
S5-1929 Is there a way to select an option between a 24-hour and 12-hour clock?
S5-1930 I have been listening for 30 years.  You have been very helpful to set my clocks accurately.
S5-1931 "If you guys kill this, while spending billions on ..."
S5-1932 It's nice to be able to get the correct time instantly.
S5-1933 I LIKE IT. 
S5-1934 "Please have a SIMPLE procedure available to set the computer clock to NIST time, for SIMPLE computer users, like I am. (It took me a several tries to set my computer clock, because of the many TECHNICAL information that you have on the site, information that a SIMPLE user does NOT need.         Thank You,                     S.K."
S5-1935 thanks for doing this
S5-1936 "none. you da man, er woment too"
S5-1937 "I really like your facilities here, I use it frequently. I also use the NIST web site for environmental chemistry research at work. Thank for your work here ! "
S5-1938 "I can't overstate how important WWV broadcasts are to me.  I use them every day for precise frequency calibration and as a propogation indicator--for my ham radio use.  I use them every day.  Plus, I'm very fond of just hearing them--after nearly 50 years of listening to them.  I certainly hope there's no consideration given to cutting back on these broadcasts."
S5-1939 "I was not aware of the other services you have listed here. I am interested in them, and will endeavor to examine them."
S5-1941 I like knowing i can have access to official time when I want it.                    thank you
S5-1942 Thank you for the excellent service provided by WWV and http://www.time.gov/
S5-1944 I just changed systems to a Win 2000 Professional and I'd like to use your service.  I'm having difficulty finding the client app that accesses the time on the Internet.  I'll find it though! Thanks for the service.  I use it at work for our network time.
S5-1945 i'am happy that i chanced upon the service one time when i was actually looking for something else
S5-1946 Send info useful to high school science classes. Thank you
S5-1947 "Keep up the good work!  I like the simplicity of your web page.  Keep it simple, and possibly make a simpler one in plain text format (no HTML) such as MMDDhhmmCCYY.ss .  Thanks!"
S5-1948 none
S5-1949 "It's a reliable source of the correct time to reset clocks after power outages, etc. Please don't mess it up by """"upgrading"""" it."
S5-1950 I've listened to WWV & WWVH for over 25 years to set my clocks & calibrate my old shortwave radio.
S5-1951 Love the service.  Many thanks.
S5-1952 rnjou thre service very muchj
S5-1953 Ofen get better reception from CHU than WWV.
S5-1954 "This is a wonderful resource.  The availability of accurate time at no direct cost is a wonderful resource.  The few times I have had the privilage of talking with staff, they have always been friendly and helpful,  they alway exceed my expectations!  They should all be proud of the valuable service they render to the public."
S5-1955 I never knew time could be this much fun!
S5-1956 I find it difficult to indicate the answers to your questions on the form provided on screen
S5-1957 "I just like to set my watch, and clocks by it.  I find it very useful!"
S5-1958 The USNO clock pales in comparison.
S5-1959 my uses not critical but access is satisfying and appreciated
S5-1960 "I miss the Morse Code time signal that preceeded the voice time announcement that was broadcast many years ago.  During periods of poor propagation when the voice signal was not understandable, I was able to obtain time information by listening to the Morse Code time signal."
S5-1961 Pleased with service.
S5-1962 This is a wonderful site to have available on the internet.
S5-1963 This service ends all contivercity as to the correct time and is a great service.
S5-1964 None
S5-1965 THANK YOU!
S5-1966 Excellent Service! Keep it up!
S5-1967 "This is a great service to the country.  It allows use to  obtain time and frequency information from many locations.   73, kyle KC0LFQ"
S5-1968 Your services are essential.
S5-1969 "I was introduced to WWV back in 1973 while in college. The engineering ralley car entry(timed auto course event) included a WWV receiver in their car.  I use WWV to reset my digital watch about 3 to 5 times a month. I can pickup the 10 Mhz WWV on my multiband Sony portable. No other frequency comes in clear enough, except for an occasional 5Mhz transmission."
S5-1970 Like the solar index report.
S5-1972 The nice java map indicating the night and day  lit sections of the globe did not show any daylight. Thanks for this web site service!
S5-1973 "The NIST 60 kHz time and frequency source combined with GPS derived time allows cross checking and verification. An ideal world, in other words. The HF broadcast signals are used daily to verify station clocks. Keep up the good work!"
S5-1974 comments
S5-1975 test
S5-1976 WWV has been a friend for over 50 years for me.A beacon and anchor on HF and is very much appreciated. Thank you for this wonderful service.
S5-1977 test
S5-1978 Great site.
S5-1979 i alway would check wwv to see if the band was open or not.
S5-1980 Excellent service! Once of the most useful sites on the web. I'm CONTSTANTLY using your site for both my own clocks and those of my organization. Thanks!
S5-1981 "I value the service and use several applications in the """"one prime use"""" list. "
S5-1982 NIST time services are very helpful and useful.  I also enjoy looking at the day/night/terminator map of the world.
S5-1983 "This is a great service, I open up your web page at least twice a day."
S5-1984 Great Service!
S5-1986 "thanks for the service, and don't discontinue the radio broadcast, they are an important backup, especially for people in remote areas, or a sea. 73 de KB9NXD"
S5-1987 I tried to fill this survey and most spots would not fill in I use NIST to set my stalite tracking program to talk on the satlittles but I do think this is a service that the US should keep and lead in
S5-1988 The time standard is about as important as the propagation information.  And...thanks!  Keep up the good work!
S5-1989 Thanks!
S5-1990 Have been generally very pleased with WWV's operation for the past 50 years.  Excellent job!
S5-1991 I love you just the way you are
S5-1992 no one wants to take a servey i think You all have made a very simple and Powerful Tool keep up the Great work.
S5-1993 "I am completely unable to use NIST services, and have received no help from NIST personnel in downloading your software that is supposed to lock onto my computer and regulate its time clock. Please help!!!  William C. Valles
S5-1994 I use this service in my work and hobby it is extremly useful information that can not be reliably obtained elseware. Please keep up the great service that you provide.  I think if more people new about the services provided they would use it.                             Thank you
S5-1995 "If you are nuts over improving for me, then have the site 'see' my computer clock and sychronize it."
S5-1996 Unfortunately the security firewall at NCAR now prevents my setting my computer clock automatically from NIST.  Sigh!  I still use 499-7111 frequently to set the computer clock and my watch.
S5-1997 Good job!
S5-1998 CHU-infrequently
S5-1999 None