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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-1000 Good job
S5-1001 Thanks for this service.
S5-1002 I do hope that the web service remains free.  I am unsure but I hope that somehow my taxes support this service.
S5-1003 Thank you for continuing to provide this service!
S5-1004 remember KISS: all I need from these pages is the time.
S5-1005 The WWV Shortwave Time and Frequency broadcasts are an essential service to our operations.  They provide ready availability from any field location time and frequency reference information.
S5-1006 "I have NEVER been able to find out the offical US time.  As far as I'm concerned, the service pretty much sucks."
S5-1007 Your time service is great! Keep it up!
S5-1008 None
S5-1009 Hope our answers have been helpfull.
S5-1010 This is the best way to tell the boss he/she is wrong.
S5-1011 There are no other accurate sources easily accessable. 
S5-1012 CHU
S5-1013 "radio..when they mention the time. as a comment, i love the service that shows where it is light and where it is dark..to see the other half or more of the US in darkness while it is still light in washington, is so fascinating.."
S5-1014 Have been using WWV and WWVH as a quick source of free time calibration and geo-physical information.
S5-1015 none
S5-1016 I am very dependent on WWV for propagational information as a radio hobbyist.
S5-1017 A great service.   Thank you.
S5-1018 I have also used GPS receivers for distribution of simultaneous one second time ticks for a work related radio location project. 
S5-1019 "Great site.  I wish I could give all those schools each one of those clocks that automatically synchronize with your broadcast, say, 4 times a day."
S5-1020 Great Service--I tell my friends and family about it. Invaluable
S5-1021 great service!
S5-1022 "Keep up the good work.  I feel the services need more advertisement, perhaps in the telephone book, so more  people would be award of the services available."
S5-1023 Thank for the very useful service
S5-1025 "With the exception of 1/1/2000, when of course everyone was hitting the site, I've always had great experience with time.gov. Thank you for a useful and wonderful application of our tax dollars. It's things like this that make me retain some faith in our government. :-)"
S5-1026 "This is my first time, just discovering this site with my internet browser.  I am delighted with the site itself, and - no kidding - delighted to be an """"American."""""
S5-1027 Thanks for the service. It is the most convinient way to access the time.
S5-1028 Thank you for having this service.  Having the correct time is important to me.
S5-1029 "As a Sailor and Amateur Radio operator, I use your services to set my clocks for sextant work and verify the accuracy of my recievers. I use whatever frequency band conditions allow and have always been successful. "
S5-1030 keep up the good work
S5-1031 "Haven't been able to get time for 2 days, what's wrong?"
S5-1032 why don't you offer WORLD time zones?  I really would value this...
S5-1033 --
S5-1034 "Your website form seems to have problems with its drop-down menus... they don't always visibly show up, and they sometimes seem to be in the wrong placement.  I *think* I chose correctly for your Internet NIST Time site (I meant to have answers 1 and 2, in that order).  Thanks."
S5-1035 I am only familiar with the time service.  I was not aware the others were offered.  I will check into them further now that I know they are available.
S5-1036 "I love your main Web page with the world-wide time clock for night and day.  I like to see the change of seasons.  The visual actually is very helpful for things like remembering not to call my east-coast friends too late at night.  Mostly, it's just cool.  I use it as my home page.  I also occasionally visit the time exhibits."
S5-1038 "good site, thanks for the time"
S5-1039 WWV in this location is very dificult to recieve with a DAK MR 101s
S5-1040 Please extend coverage area of WWWVB to eastern Canada so we can buy radio controlled clocks and watches.
S5-1041 Leave it as it is... it's great!  73 de KC5MFA
S5-1042 15 MHz WWV and WWVH signals are the only time and frequency standards that can be received on most HF amateur radio transceivers (even very old transceivers that are still in use usually have a frequency band marked for the prime purpose of receiving the 15.000 MHz transmissions and using this to calibrate the transmitter frequency).
S5-1043 Thanks for being there for us.  I always used the radio service until I discovered your web site.
S5-1044 I have been using WWV for as long as I can remember as both time and frequency standard. keep up the excellent work!
S5-1045 I am not clear on the difference between the internet time service and the web page.  I go to the web site with the java animation for the time.  That is all.  I look at the java animation of the time and then set my computer's clock.
S5-1046 Thanks for the great service.  Have been a user for a long time!
S5-1047 "I love this site, I own an atomic clock by atomix and check my Seico pilots watch and is very accuate. Thank-you"
S5-1048 I also use the services within my Job which is not covered in this form...great system...John
S5-1049 I think you all perform a valuable and excellent service
S5-1050 Thanks for the service
S5-1051 Thanks for a great service. God Bless America.
S5-1052 I use for technical standards and international Marine navigation purposes in the USA (NY) and Mexicao
S5-1053 "I'm from Canada (Quebec province) so I can use CHU Canada Stations, but the propagation information add points to your station.  I use it to sychronise watch/timer and my computer's clock. Thanks a lot ! "
S5-1054 I value the services provided by NIST very much. Thank you.
S5-1055 "from Omaha, NE, USA"
S5-1056 Wonderful service WWV provides. Wish could get illegal stations off your 10MHz frequency.
S5-1057 We would be very disappointed if ANY changes were made to reduce the quality of HF service. Considerable reliance is placed on the frequency standard for maintaining FCC compliance with ALL of our FCC licensed transmitters...from wireless mics to high powered DTV transmitters. Considerable amounts of capital would be needed to replace ANY loss of NIST HF service that we utilize.
S5-1058 Very informative and interesting. Thank You very much.
S5-1059 Thank YOU!
S5-1060 "Top of form is confusing:  Do not understand what the numbers 2.5, 5, ... 20 - under WWW, COLORADO (MHz) refer to. "
S5-1061 "I set my time and then all the clocks at my place of employment.  Thanks for the time!!! Maurice J. Best
S5-1062 " do not delete wwv radio signals ,particulary when some areas do not have computer access lines or providers."
S5-1063 Use WWV radio time services at both home and work.
S5-1064 I would like to know when a leap second is inserted.
S5-1065 "You provide a much needed service for businesses and private citizens alike. And you do it well, thank you. "
S5-1066 WWV takes care of all of the standards needs that I have at this time.   Thank you for keeping WWV available.
S5-1067 "Thank you for your excellent work  and dependability, year after year."
S5-1068 Bob Moscowitz is impressive.
S5-1069 i like this site/service  thanks
S5-1070 "some computers i've been on at www.time.gov hove an active clock, others only have a time """"snapshot"""" the web page however does not say how to alternate between the two"
S5-1071 Good survey but most people have several uses for accurate time.
S5-1072 Excellent web site and services.  Please keep this site in service.  Thank you.
S5-1073 I consider myself a power internet user but this form is too complicated to bother filling out.  Sorry...
S5-1074 I also roughly gage the MUF with 15 & 20 mHz WWV reception.  Thanks
S5-1075 "I appreciate this service, Thank you"
S5-1076 "We have one stratum 3 time server, and use that to maintain our other servers and workstations."
S5-1077 "this survey was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, but I love the time.gov site."
S5-1079 "Great service, I love it!"
S5-1080 I use your services daily anc I would like to thank you for the same.
S5-1081 I think it's an excellent site.
S5-1082 I'd like to see all services kept....
S5-1083 Great site. Keep up the good work.
S5-1084 "I rely on NTP to create a synchronized time-base for computer networks I build and administer. In my job, I find the NIST time service to be invaluable, and appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining this infrastructure."
S5-1085 The service is great.
S5-1086 "The website (http://www.time.gov) is extremely useful for setting personal time devices manually. Improved internet accuracy would be helpful. I have a T1 connection and only get within 0.2s. Also, display of tenths/hundreths would be helpful. Thanks guys."
S5-1087 Use the internet most of the time now because radio reception is not reliable (too much interference due to urban setting)
S5-1088 Figure out how to get the word out that this site exsists.
S5-1089 I'm happy the way things are.  Don't get too complicated for the average bear.  thanx
S5-1090 "Since the l960's, when I competed in sports car rallys, I have always wished the have the exact time in my time pieces.   I have always appreciated your service and now it easier than ever for me to obtain the correct time.   Thank you."
S5-1091 you should distribute software that would allow my pc to automatically reset the time using your site. 
S5-1092 "i have only briefly ventured into the time line portions.  i find the """"walk thru time"""" enlightening.  i'm an avid fan of such TV programing as the history channel - discovery - the learning channel and find all of it fascinating keep up the good work.  i hope this site continues  i havent installed the computer clock setter yet "
S5-1093 My only complaint is that during the day I usually get a 'net congestion' message when trying to get the time.
S5-1094 Reliability is excellent
S5-1095 this service really good to help me stamping time on my server log record
S5-1096 "I have tried (unsuccessfully) to receive Time signals at international solar eclipse sites, will use GPS in future."
S5-1097 Very easy to use!!!!   Thanks
S5-1098 the service is too often congested. please expand
S5-1099 Thank you for making this webpage available!
S5-1100 "All equipment loses calibration with time; WWV and WWVB provide a highly calibrated frequency reference source that is easy to access 24/7 such alternative source is not available to the amateur radio community; also, it is the """"reference"""" even in calibration shops when questions arise about their own sources. While propagation information is available via the internet, many are subject to very slow access speeds, connect delays and disconnects.  Contrar"
S5-1101 This is an excellent service.
S5-1102 Don't change-you are doing a great job that is appreciated.
S5-1103 You folks provide a valuable service.
S5-1104 great tool for international travelers
S5-1105 Good work! Stay on the air. We need your services!
S5-1106 keep up the good work. Time and freguency services of NIST is a valuable service. Thank you.
S5-1107 It's an essential service that I have used for many years.
S5-1108 www.time.gov is a great site. very useful. thank you.
S5-1109 THANKS!
S5-1110 Thank you for providing these much-needed services!  Please continue to do the fine work your do!
S5-1111 "We wish to expand our use of these services to install a radio-receive clock for our observatory, when funds permit.  Tracking accuracy of the telescope depends on accurate time, especially in satellite-tracking."
S5-1112 "I use the NIST frequently, and have for many, many years.  It is a service that can always be counted on, at least from my point of view.  I have found it to be very reliable and accurate over the past 30 years.  Thanks, and keep up the good work!"
S5-1113 Great service!
S5-1114 "I use the time component for home use, and the frequency and time component for work.  I work for the City of Cincinnati as a radio technician, and rely on the information from wwv to make sure test equipment is calibrated, and time clocks on the police and fire radio dispatch consoles are set properly."
S5-1115 keep up the good work!
S5-1116 "Until this survey, I did not konw about all the other services you offer.  I will start to investigate using them and recommending them to my company also.  Thank you for offering these services."
S5-1117 "WWVB seems to be weakest service (I have  gone three days without being able to synch watch  or computer).  This is among the most important  services the government provides and is perhaps the least appreciated, followed by weather reports.  Do not privatize or eliminate this service."
S5-1118 Please improve the reception. 
S5-1119 Hopefully we can keep what we have
S5-1120 "Geophysical alerts are important to me, to indicate likely propogation conditions for Aeronatical HF radio communications across the North Atlantic Ocean."
S5-1121 CHU/GPS
S5-1122 Thanks for making this service available over the internet.
S5-1123 I am very pleased with the present setup thanks
S5-1124 "I'm a former user of the BBC time signal who has had to look for alternative time checks. I reside in British Columbia, Canada"
S5-1125 "In the Chicago area, much interference is heard on 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 and 15.0 MHz. An increase in signal would be benificial. A short wave broadcaster reported to be on 5.005 MHz from Garland Texas constantly steps on 5.0 Mhz overriding the audio and 100 Hz subcarrier with their programing. Elimination of this station would be desireable."
S5-1126 We are generally very happy with the time services
S5-1127 I live in MN and only use the 10 MHz signal to set my analog and digital timepieces.
S5-1128 "I note that your Internet signals are accurate to 0.3 second. For my purposes, this is good enough."
S5-1129 "Keep the radio stations, especially WWV frequencies of 5, 10 and 15 MHz."
S5-1130 "The services provided by you through WWV broadcasts are, I feel, extremely beneficial, and the cessation or even diminishment of these would be detrimental to the country as a whole."
S5-1131 It's a wonderful service
S5-1132 The time.gov site is very well done and I visit often.
S5-1133 You have a good service.
S5-1134 Perhaps I am confused but am I incorrect in assuming the US Atlantic Time should be the same as Canadian Atlantic time?
S5-1135 You provide a very necessary needed service and I trust this will continue"
S5-1136 I use the 15.000 Ft collins station to set our Flight follower Master Clock so it will match the GPS recievers in our aircraft.  Thanks
S5-1137 "I use standard concert """"A"""" 440Hz tone at 2min past the hour frequently. I use my shortwave radio primarily for WWV reception."
S5-1138 "The only thing I ever get is """"net congestion"""" so who knows if this site works or not? Not I!"
S5-1139 It's great having this resource available. Thanks!
S5-1140 Thanks for the site.
S5-1141 "excellent, useful service ---thanks."
S5-1142 I appreciate the opportunity to set my computer clock by this means
S5-1143 Thanks for the service!
S5-1144 Thanks for making your services available
S5-1145 I have used wwv and wwvh since I was in the navy in the mid sixties. I have also used it for 35 years in amateur radio applications and would hate to see the service diminished or discontinued.
S5-1146 "Useful service, shame the time servers are not always up."
S5-1147 n/a
S5-1148 Using 56K connection takes a while before time is actually displayed.  The daylight/darkness graphics is nice but sometimes just interested in time.  Display time first then graphics.
S5-1149 WWV is a great service!
S5-1151 "Hey, under 'user data', I use it for a lot more than the two choices. Since you said """"only indicate your primary use"""" (singular), but you put 'check boxes' rather than 'radio buttons', you are sending conflicting information that may skew the results of your survey. If you want a single <<use>>, use radio buttons. If you want multiple <<useS>>, then what you have is OK, <<BUT>> you ought to change the wording to """"Only indicate your primary useS""""... thanks.
S5-1153 I use your website because it is the only source I know for reliable accuracy; all local media vary their time reports
S5-1154 I like the site. Don't mess it up by trying to fix what isn't broke.
S5-1155 Your site is much easier to use than CNN's for my purposes.  Thank you.
S5-1157 Excellent service! I'd never expect this quality from the Government. Keep clear of Congress. They will screw you up given half a chance.
S5-1158 I enjoy this sight for its varied services.  I am glad I found it.
S5-1159 "WWV has been a useful tool for decades! I have used for time, f, propogation, information, etc. Thanks!"
S5-1161 Don't know what we would do without WWV and WWVH !
S5-1162 I tune in WWV when demonstrating HAM  and shortwave radio to visitors to my shack ! It keeps my gear on frequency ! Thanks....
S5-1163 I'd like your wave stronger than now.  Your wave is often interfered by BPM in China.
S5-1164 "great service.   Thanks
S5-1165 other stratum 1 NTP servers
S5-1166 Love the web site. An invaluable service...
S5-1167 "Your web page is very useful, thanks!"
S5-1168 Ability to cryptographically sign timestamp would be extremely useful.  Thanks for maintaining this site!
S5-1169 "I like your world coverage, very useful for teaching people how time affects the Internet Worldwide. I give short curses on the best use of the Internet."
S5-1170 The web site is great. The applet that shows which part of the world has daylight is great. It would be nice to have time in AM/PM mode too.
S5-1171 Great Service.  It is really helpful to know your time is accurate.
S5-1172 Great Service!
S5-1173 Web site content very well composed.
S5-1174 none
S5-1175 None of the blocks would respond to my attempt to take the survey.  
S5-1176 used another site but it has dissapered so found your site. Thank goodnes
S5-1177 "Each time that I have attempted to retreive the current time I receive a """"net congestion"""" message."
S5-1178 good service and information. thank you
S5-1179 "Limiting User Data to only Primary use is misleading As well as amateur radio, I set all my computer clocks via the internet and have clocks in two locations that are kept accurate with built in receivers of WWV."
S5-1180 "I like the simple, effective method of going to www.time.gov to get accurate time to set my clocks.  Nice service, and for my purpose I can't see any need for improvement."
S5-1181 Please keep up the good work! I was able to visit the WWVH facility recently while vacationing with my family and was very impressed with the facilities and personnel. We were given a personal tour by one of the station engineers and thoroughly enjoyed it.
S5-1183 "Again, many thanks to all NIST staff for services used by myself professionally, and as a long time Radio Amateur, for the last 50 years plus!  John C.Watson,B.Sc.(Eng),P.Eng.,VE3EZP,(ex G3HHY). "
S5-1184 "I'm retired, w/hobbies =Ham radio and archaeology Both require precice time. I do appreciate the service.  KC7CQY  Tucson AZ"
S5-1185 n/a
S5-1186 Some comment areas would not acept data.
S5-1187 have never used service - always get message of net congestion
S5-1188 I'd just like to see the official US time just once in this life time. I've never....ever been able to access due to net congestion
S5-1189 "Your web page is great.  I like the look and functionality.  However, I only get 28,800 so it is a bit slow for me."
S5-1190 I am very pleased to have this service
S5-1191 Thank you for providing the time service!
S5-1192 Thank you for the service.
S5-1193 "As a taxpayer, I am grateful for the services provided by NIST.  I have just bought a radio-controlled watch and will be very dependent on WWVB."
S5-1194 "A lot of folks will say that it's no longer important to have WWV, etc., because we have all the fancy Internet and GPS things.  I disagree.  There are plenty of places where GPS doesn't work, and the Internet is not accessible.  At those places WWV continues to provide good service.  "
S5-1195 keep up the good work!!
S5-1196 It would be useful if you had links to information on the services cited in this survey.
S5-1197 "Thank you for providing a valuable service.   Good Luck on your continuted success, both now and in the future.  Thank you for your time.  Douglas J. Held"
S5-1198 I believe your service is the best of the best.  Thank you.
S5-1199 A Great service to the average family.  Thanks for the service.
S5-1200 I appreciate its availabity
S5-1201 I am 54 years old and have been using WWV since I was 8 years old. I have been an amateur radio operator since 1962 and used it continually throughout my life. Thank you for this invaluable service!
S5-1202 "What's up with this lousy site. It never!!! gives you the time. Just say's wait and then goes into default!!! Give it up guys, try another field!!"
S5-1203 I like to be on time and this site is great for my own knowledge of the correct time.  Thanks for a great service to me and the general public.
S5-1204 "Sometimes I have to listem for several minutes to understand the time announcement. Often I have to hunt for the frequency of best reception at a particular time. Sometimes I get Hawaii over Boulder, sometimes I get both stations. I did not even know wwvb was valid. I have always searched the 2.5 > 20 frequencies.
S5-1205 "My needs are simple, but it is nice to have a reliable accurate time source readily available with no delays."
S5-1206 "I'm using a ex NBS, now NIST Capehart R-390A receiver"
S5-1207 "My undergraduate students build a short wave converter, and WWV/WWVH at 10 MHz is the only 24/7 reliable signal they can hear.  It's the first station they look for."
S5-1208 "I'm very happy that you're on the net!!! It would be nice for physics teachers in High Schools.  (I teach chemistry, and enjoy the accuracy of different devices. I've ussed your 10 mhz and 15 mhz signals for years."
S5-1209 thank you for this service. it is greatly appreciated
S5-1210 "I use the time service to synchronize the PC clocks and test equipment clocks in my lab at work.  The PCs do fine, the test equipment doesn't keep time as well"
S5-1211 "The survey isn't well designed.  People less inclined to examine things closely might conclude that the """"Internet Time Service"""" is the web page, or that they should answer at both references to the Web page because of the layout ambiguity near the """"For Users of Radio Bradcast Services"""" header and because the two sets of questions asked about the Web page are different.  Your comments fields are way too short.  My S2 and S3 really should have been here in S5."
S5-1212 :)
S5-1213 Your the BEST!
S5-1214 "wwv provides a great service to me.  i rely on it quite a bit for propagation data, time and frequency data.  keep up the good work"
S5-1215 The Java script ehich displayed actual seconds was very useful.  The new format is cumbersome.
S5-1216 none
S5-1218 "Would like it if all Radio and TV stations were required to transmit a WWV synchronized tone at high noon, and at two other times a day of their choosing.  Awareness of precise time in this ocuntry has declined greatly over the past 10 years.  Schools and other public buildings keep their own time, and there is no recourse or appeal of their correctness.  NIST might need to launch a time awareness campaign."
S5-1219 i use this site nearly everyday to calibrate/set my watch which is an old spring wound  watch and not as accurate as the battery operated models most often available today
S5-1220 "Service works well, keep up the good work."
S5-1221 "I use WWV by radio, internet and GPS in order to make accurate astronomical predictions world wide and to make astronomical observations that are accurate enough for modern use.  Observatioms must be made at anytime day or night and at whatever location is demanded by the observation."
S5-1222 Interference on 10MHz is often spanish speakers right on the frequency.  While using an omni-directional antenna it sometimes makes the station unreadable. (*increase power?) Is there a way to identify those stations and file formal complaints through the State Department?  Keep up the good work and Thanks
S5-1223 I liked this site!
S5-1224 thanks for the virtual tour of ft. collins
S5-1225 test
S5-1226 I frequently use the telephone time of day services at work to set various computer clocks. I would hate to see the shortwave service discontinued.
S5-1227 "PLEASE strengthen the signal to southwest Florida!I have purchased several different """"atomic clocks"""" for home use trial here in southwest Florida (Venice--Sarasota County). I have never been able to pick up the signal from NIST with any of these clocks, no matter what methods I follow to try to remedy the situation. Such clocks would be very useful (and FUN) for personal use, but unless I can get the signal the clocks are useless."
S5-1228 "The WWVB radio service is GREAT!  I have almost exclusively clocks in my house that synchronize with this service.  Also, my PCs at home and at work synch over the Internet.  Keep up the good work.  BCNU//jle"
S5-1229 I just found this site and I really like the layout and graphics. Great info.
S5-1232 great service
S5-1233 Thank you for the service....
S5-1234 "we use your time as official in exact timing of contestants, without it we have no standard to which to correct.  We all have receivers we've bought."
S5-1235 Great Service!
S5-1236 "I think the NIST atomic clock Shortwave radio broadcast is the coolest thing since 'sliced bread.' I'm also thrilled to learn that school children can take field trips to the Boulder facility, and learn about the clock, and other related science fields. Thanks NIST! William C. Eason III, Bentonville, AR"
S5-1237 "It would be nice if you were to distribute software to set computer clocks to the right time. At present I am using """"Thinking Man's"""" Dimension 4 program to reset my clock every 5 minutes but if they don't continue to offer the program I will need to find another. What better place to get it than the time service?"
S5-1238 Please keep up the great job that you have been doing.
S5-1239 Congratulations! This service is perfect.
S5-1240 Thanks for helping me keep my computer on time!
S5-1241 Radio Propagation forecast very important as well as time and frequency.
S5-1242 "See above for a rather """"unusual"""" comment!  Keep up the GREAT work and don't let WWV fall victim to the budget ax!"
S5-1243 local Clock auto update via 60kc WWVB is excellet. Also use freq. of WWV 'tics' to calib. SSTV.
S5-1244 from Vancouver
S5-1245 very usefull
S5-1246 Canadian  standard when WWV 60 kHz is not present... WEAK 60 kHz ....
S5-1247 Don't change a thing!!
S5-1248 "I think your site is very good; however, it would be interesting to see some other types of information, such as general info related to how organizations use the data, how you set the clocks, other general information for hobbyists or the everyday user of time."
S5-1249 "Since personal computer clocks are so notoriously bad, it's great to be able to reset them so easily."
S5-1250 Have not had an accurate source since the phone companies de-regulated.
S5-1251 When will your new murcery clock go on-line?
S5-1252 Tank you for providing your services.
S5-1254 Keep up the good work!
S5-1255 I think it is real neat how that you can here a clock that the world  go's by!
S5-1256 Great service and easy format.  Thank you.
S5-1257 keepup the good work...
S5-1258 Very nice Interface.  Thanks.
S5-1259 THANKS
S5-1260 Any way to have our computer clocks updated to the NIST time?  Very good service provided.  Thanks.
S5-1262 We watchmakers would be lost without your service. thanks a million Holland
S5-1263 "I would like up-to-date copies of the Spl Pub No. 432, as mine is 1976.  I would also like an up-to- date copy of Tech Note 695, mine is 1977.  I  cannot get answers to my requests.  Maybe someone can help and send me newer ones.  Thanx
S5-1264 Thank You for the service!
S5-1265 Thanks for an excellent Web time service.
S5-1266 Appreciate your service. I am also an amateur and was in communations(Telco) and have used WWV and WWVH for 40 years. Tnx
S5-1267 This is the only master clock time cite that I deem accurate and refer to this cite reguently.
S5-1268 I received a atomic clock for fathers day and found it to be quite fascinating...went to the NIST web site and found that to be very good.Plan to obtain software to use on our computer. Good site!
S5-1269 I sometimes use the A440 Hz tone as a pitch standard for instrument tuning.
S5-1270 "Excellent site. Easy navigation, uncluttered. Great service."
S5-1271 jas test 7/16/2001  1.23pm
S5-1272 None
S5-1273 x
S5-1274 "Thanks, Accurate and easy to use.
S5-1275 "Since this is also a required field, let me say that your survey software needs a leetle tightening up. Did anyone try to use it before putting it up on this page????????"
S5-1276 None
S5-1277 Great Service!  The Tuscola Fire Dept. checks the time each day.
S5-1278 Thank you for this service.
S5-1279 This page is innefective - your open fields require an answer where none is called for.  I almost withdrew from this survey for that reason - it would not submit the info I entered.
S5-1280 none
S5-1281 None
S5-1282 "Thanks for the user-friendly, easy to use, great job!  except your survey is forcing me to make n/a entries for blocks that don't apply  :-)"
S5-1283 none
S5-1284 none
S5-1285 I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the survey.  I have used WWV for satellite timing for many years (began during the old moonwatch days). Keep up the good work!
S5-1286 n
S5-1287 *
S5-1288 I depend upon NIST for various standards.
S5-1289 WWV 10mHz is also useful in detecting proximity  of auroral curtains.  Very distinctive signal.
S5-1290 na
S5-1291 ?
S5-1293 xfjxcg
S5-1294 none
S5-1295 none
S5-1296 none
S5-1297 n/a
S5-1298 N/A
S5-1299 Your service is valuable and probably a national bargain.  Please keep it up!
S5-1300 None
S5-1302 *
S5-1303 What is the best free Atomic Clock Syncing Program out today?
S5-1304 0
S5-1305 "Good show, NIST!  Way to go!"
S5-1306 Thanks.  Best Wishes
S5-1307 Keep up the good work.
S5-1308 "a very nice service, thanks."
S5-1309 very convenient access to accurate time information
S5-1310 www.time.gov is a very important service to me. It is the only government related site that I visit regularly and refer to others.
S5-1311 Great site you all!!  This is the best example of Government (taxpayer) money being well spent.  Keep up the good work.
S5-1313 i think its great
S5-1314 wheee
S5-1315 Thank you for such a useful service!
S5-1316 Have no opinion on inclusion of info to recover International Atomic Time
S5-1317 Great service.
S5-1318 Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this tour/ research experience.
S5-1319 Like your NIST web page
S5-1320 I work in the telecommunication industry and take advantage of this service to make certain all the systems I work on are reporting accurate time for events. It helps track system interactions by using the service to calibrate all the disparate systems so I can monitor performance with relative certainty of the accuracy of the reporting mediums.
S5-1321 Keep up the good service
S5-1322 Great service!
S5-1323 it is very convenient for me to get the accurate time from the atomic clock page.  thank you.
S5-1324 "Great site, well designed and very useful."
S5-1325 I appreciate the convenience and accuracy of NIST data.
S5-1326 "I miss the CW-ID & time announcements, although it was SLOW! Before your last WWVB antenna fix this summer, my clocls did not always show time to the synchronized second. They apparently are working fine now.I have been a fan of WWV for more than 50 years, I enjoyed touring your station many years ago and the discovery of that """"voice"""" on the wide-tape machine! "
S5-1327 "I`m a retired govt employee. I`ve seen F**ked up  forms in my life, but this takes the cake.  The service seems to be good on the internet, and I get a signal for my watch between 12midnight and 6am, most times that I try (once every two weeks). There has to be a better way than this form.  Just """"take step back"""" and look at it.  I live Upstate New York.   "
S5-1328 Thanks for maintaining the site. It's indispensable
S5-1329 "The primary source of interference is to the 10MHz WWV transmission and consists of almost exclusively latin american stations causing malicious interference.  This interference is characterized by individuals calling """"hola, hola"""" (hello) on top of the voice announcements."
S5-1330 "Since discovered, time.gov is what I now use exclusively. The best!"
S5-1331 "I can't begin to tell you how very valuable your service is! PLEASE don't do anything to lessen it. If you do anything, ENHANCE it!! Thanks."
S5-1332 "Thank you for this wonderful service.  Also, nice article in the recent Wired Magazine about you guys.  Keep up the great work!  73 de K7CCC Dave Hassler"
S5-1333 I like the display of the areas of the earth in daylight/night. Very cool.
S5-1334   These are all great servicices.  Thanks for all the hard work.
S5-1335 "NIST Frequency and Time services have helped me since I was a child learning amateur radio.  Today I use the service for accurate time in my astronomy, amateur radio, satellite tracking and GPS studies.  Thank you so much!  Gene Harriman, N1EH Plymouth, MA"
S5-1336 CHU
S5-1337 I find you time and frequency services very useful. For the most part I can get good reception on 5 and 10 MHz. My receiver will select the best frequency based on Rx signal strength.
S5-1338 THANX very much
S5-1339 "I really do use wwv to soothe the two month old. It calms him for some reason allows him to sleep through. We listen in on 15,000, and would like to tour the Ft. Collins facility some day. Is that possible?"
S5-1340 "I believe you are providing a very valuable service, even though I use it only periodically I'm happy it is available.  Please keep up the good work of providing this service to the general public."
S5-1341 "NIST does a hell of a job, keep up the good work!"
S5-1342 "Like I have stated...your TIME services work really well for me.  I KNOW that your main web-page is """"Java scripted"""" which is fine by me.  About all that I can really say...is """"try"""" to keep your TIME correct and author a SIMPLER page for this survey.  I thank you.  A job well done, in my humble opinion. :-o)  :-o)"
S5-1343 "It is nice that you guys are doing this for  free.  Our company stops people from calling local time-for-a-fee services,and I sometimes need to reset my watch accurately"
S5-1344 "I use NIST time for many different purposes, which this survey did not give the opportunity to emphasize. Examples:  professional astronomical time synchronization, ionospheric propagation time and frequency distortion studies, frequency synchronization for high frequency resolution deep space tracking, HF ionospheric propagation studies.  The USER DATA section asked only for the primary use.  In fact many of the options are used regularly in both categories."
S5-1345 "am an ameture radio operator and precise time, both local and foreign, is a must"
S5-1346 Internet time services are great!  Thank You.
S5-1347 This is a very useful and dependable service. Thank you.
S5-1348 Please keep this public service available.
S5-1349 Please do not curtail WWV operations as currently administered. 
S5-1350 really enjoy the services provided!  Please keep up the good work.  This is a standard that the rest of the world should adhere to.
S5-1351 Thanks
S5-1352 there is always too much net congestion and one can hardly get through during the afternoons cst
S5-1353 please continue your services
S5-1354 I love this service. it is an anchor to reality. thank you for it. time is nice.
S5-1355 Would be nice if the WWW page had all time zones
S5-1356 "Thank you for the service. My computer clock is inaccurate (!), so your service is a major help."
S5-1357 Rethink the design of the clock web site
S5-1358 "Thanks, appreciate being able to set my watch, clocks, computer & VCR accurately."
S5-1360 "Besides amateur radio applications, I periodically reset all the clocks around my house using a portable shortwave receiver. Hang in there!!  We still need WWV radio broadcast services!!!"
S5-1361 I don't know what TAI means so my answer may not be accurate.
S5-1362 thanks
S5-1363 State of Mississippi
S5-1364 You are good.
S5-1365 I love using the web time service.
S5-1366 handy site for checking times when calling international
S5-1367 "great site,lots of info"
S5-1368 youse guys are the GREATEST never change
S5-1369 "Thank you for providing the Internet time.  Although my work no longer demands my knowledge of the exact time, I appreciate having it.  If you ever want to know how to design a questionnaire, contact me
S5-1370  WWV helped me teach Celestial Nav for 23 years. I visited the old station before it left MD. 
S5-1371 This site is quite enjoyable.  I'm glad it's online and available.  Thank you
S5-1372 send all friends here to find their on time zone.. and compare the time difference to other zones
S5-1373 please continue wwv transmissions and perhaps even improve reception
S5-1374 thank you
S5-1375 Please do not degrade the services provided on WWV.
S5-1376 Thank you for putting this on line!
S5-1377 "Cable TV, but I am going to turn off the cable and this web site will be where I get correct time."
S5-1378 "Thank you for all your time, sweat, and passion insuring the most accurate time possible. 9,192,631,770 periods is a number that I have locked in. Thank you. "
S5-1379 I love your services!!!
S5-1380 See above.
S5-1381 TAI might be useful in the future -- when I win the lottery and get my own Hg Ion clock -- hihi
S5-1382 Good Work For Many Years 1st Licensed as W6GSE in 1947
S5-1383 This is one of the MOST usefull services on the WWW.  Thanks.
S5-1384 Essential service that cannot be duplicated
S5-1385 "Your service is overlooked too often, and as such is potentially vulnerable to mindless bureaucratic budget attacks.  Please pass along that yours is a service well used, and of great value for the dollar. You are one of the reasons the US still stands out as a scientific and technical leader.  Further, your service to both professionals and the private citizen spreads your cost effectiveness, and provides a benefit to all that would otherwise NOT BE AVAILABLE. "
S5-1386 "As a accurate and accesible benchmark of time and frequency standards, I find the NIST Services to be well implemented, reliable and a valuble service.  I depend on the service everyday to enhance my radio operations."
S5-1387 keep up the good work.  i appreciate it.  mjl
S5-1388 "I would like to know if you QSL reception reports, I would appreciate knowing. I am 18 years old and live in Ireland."
S5-1389 I would like to see the signal of WWV improved.
S5-1390 "I depend on time.gov to tell me what time it is when I'm at work, where clocks can vary by as much as 15 minutes."
S5-1391 Keep up the good service! Thanks.
S5-1392 "thanks, very helpful!"
S5-1393 What is 'recover International Atomic Time'?
S5-1394 "I use WWV for synchronizing/time-stamping of time-critical/dependent equitpment.  Using the radio for this makes this fast, portable, and low-cost.  It's a great tool!"
S5-1395 "I use your service regurly and have found it to be very helpful, Thanks- John"
S5-1396 Radio and TV time services are now no longer as precise as your service.
S5-1397 Love this site!
S5-1398 The Man likes this place
S5-1399 This is a great website service!!
S5-1400 Very satisfied with your internet services.
S5-1401 none
S5-1402 I have several clocks (HF and WWVB) that use the IRIG time code.  I also appreciate the power increase on WWVB; it improves reception on my WWVB tracking receiver (Tracor).  I have used HF WWV for over 40 years; this is a VALUABLE service!
S5-1403 I can never get the time from your web site due to net congestion.
S5-1404 You provide a very useful service. Thank you!
S5-1405 Excellent and timely service!
S5-1406 "The biggest main reason I like the time site (www) is the daylight graph.  I have friends in other countries, and am interested in knowing what it is like there!"
S5-1407 Thank you for being a reliable source of frequency and time for the past many year
S5-1408 You guys do a great job. Keep up the good work!
S5-1409 Don't ever stop WWV broadcasts! We need you!!!
S5-1410 "one of the """"better sevices"""" the computer has to offer"
S5-1411 Thanks .
S5-1412 A wonderful service I would not wish to lose.
S5-1413 You should add a link or download for PC time syncronization.
S5-1414 keep up the great work!   Dave....d....:)
S5-1415 "I really like the site, it's really useful"
S5-1416 HF propagation information
S5-1417 I rely solely on WWV and WWVH to set my watch and household time pieces.
S5-1418 This site rocks!
S5-1419 Whoever designed this form did an excellent job!
S5-1420 "Thank you for this site, it is very interesting and I visit it once in a while to see about updates and new ideas."
S5-1421 "All that I wanted was to know what time it was in San Diego but all it said was """"net congested"""".  Your site is pretty much worthless."
S5-1422 Your public services are a national treasure. I wish for them to remain abundant and free.
S5-1423 none
S5-1424 "Unlke maqny government programs this service is very useful, and pragmatic"
S5-1425 The NIST time and frequency service is vital to accruate log keeping in the amateur radio service. Thank you for the excellent service.   de W6ISO
S5-1426 sun spot activity
S5-1427 "This is a well run site, but (not to be picky) there are two typos in the second sentence of the page asking people to complete this survey.  The word """"then"""" is used twice; it should read """"than.""""  Have a nice day!"
S5-1428 I also zero beat my frequency couners at 10 Mhz and use the 500 and 600 cycle tones to calibrate oscilliscope graduations.
S5-1429 "As I only need minute level accuracy, the webpage is a very convenient service. I would use one of your other services for more accurate times if needed."
S5-1430 Thanks! :)
S5-1431  showing analog clocks in each time zone might be helpful for travelers.
S5-1432 "Very useful service with simple, slick interface. Extremely well done."
S5-1433 Great!!
S5-1434 "The service is vastly improved from just a few years ago, Thank You!"
S5-1435 Used  this when in the Army It was excelent
S5-1436 "Have used WWV for ham radio applications (frequency, time and propagation information) for 40 years!"
S5-1437 The recovery of Atomic time would be great. Thanks for the service
S5-1438 "I just want to set my clocks and watches at home, and the presentation which includes the changing seconds is just what I was looking for.  "
S5-1439 survey too complicated.time web page very good #1
S5-1440 PLEASE keep all radio freq services on air!
S5-1441 "I cannot seem to get the GUI part of the application I downloaded from your sight to come back up.  I am having a difficult time setting it so that it will """"actually"""" synchronize the clock on my PC"
S5-1442 the services are adequite for me
S5-1443 You need a NTP service for network servers!
S5-1444 "I didn't understand the survey very well, but I think that the time.gov page is a great way to check the time after a power outage, etc. It's a really easy, intuitive process, and can be done in under a minute. also the support for non-graphical browsers (lynx, etc) is great.I've never seen the page down.Thnx"
S5-1445 "It is really unfair to allow us to indicate only *one* application for which we use NIST time and frequency services, as they are useful, dependable tools for so many purposes -- The WWVB signal is useful for radio-controlled clocks -- the WWV signal is useful for all other clocks, watches, and for frequency calibration and propagation indication.  Even though I do not """"use"""" WWVH, when it is detectable, it is a useful indication of present propagation conditions."
S5-1446 I see no need for changes at this time except perhaps to increase WWVB coverage reliability.
S5-1447 CHU (Canada)
S5-1448 Very cool site
S5-1449 Fight republican budget cuts or privatization!!!!
S5-1450 I very much like that your services are available to me!
S5-1451 Nice to have an easy way to set my watch!
S5-1452 J
S5-1453 I find this program extremely helpful.
S5-1454 Very reliable and useful government service and I hope it stays that way!
S5-1455 "Please do not ever replace the voice announcements with a computer-generated """"robot"""" sounding voice. The National Weather Service has done this on many of its broadcasts and the intelligebility of the information has been severely affected."
S5-1456 Your service does exactly what I want with no fuss. Love it.
S5-1457 This is a great service.
S5-1458 I find that within the last ten years the radio reception I receive has been degraded sharply.  I receive better signals from CHU.  My main contact with WWV has been by landline lately as I can never seem to receive the signals over the air.
S5-1459 "I don't know what """"International Atomic Time"""" (TAI) means."
S5-1460 "    There must be something that can be done about those overlong voice messages that get cut off partway through, because they're longer than the available time for them... "
S5-1461 Thank you!
S5-1462 As an amature radio hobbyist I find your utility very helpful. Thank you for the service!
S5-1463 Keep up the good work.
S5-1464 "It is a great service I started to use in the Navy in the 50's aboard ship for time and frequency settings, keep up the great work."
S5-1465 I like the night/day display
S5-1466 "I grew up, literally, knowing WWV --  I always dialed in with my dad, from Nebraska. I'm sorry that I do not recall the frequency, though 20 MHz sounds right. I use your phone dialup connection occasionally, and use the D4 (Rob Chambers' Dimension 4) calibration software daily. I have always been pleased with your services, and hope they never are """"dumbed down"""" for the masses -- that's what the time on CATV is for :-)"
S5-1467 I especially like the map showing sun/darkness
S5-1468 "My wife thinks I am nuts, but I love listening to the NIST transmission at night when I'm working on hobbies.  Reception is really bad/uninteligable during daytime (due to Ionosphere?) and a little better at night.  There is something soothing about listening to the ticks and the minutely updates.  The only two concerns are poor poor reception and the loud initial ticks I mentioned earlier."
S5-1469 "This service is one that i as a member of the general public have needed, had, and used for decades.  Please continue and even enhance this service to those like me who are hobbyist and private citizens who need accurate frequency and time standard information and who need propogation information as conditions change."
S5-1470 The links are great!
S5-1471 Appreciate the service.  Very useful.
S5-1472 Very useful site. Would it be possible to have coverage of all world time zones ?
S5-1473 Keep up the good work...  i need your information and public services...
S5-1474 "This this is hard to understand. I'm not sure I did it right. I go to www.time.gov to get the current time to set my pc and watch. I like the history/info on the other pages. I did not understand what most of the survey was talking about. Is there a place I can go (online) to find out about these other options/services? ...thanks, mike c "
S5-1475 excellent service
S5-1476 "sometimes the java doesn't work on the clock, so I have to disable it.  that makes the process more tedious."
S5-1477 Thanks!
S5-1478 Valuable Services
S5-1479 "I use NTP as a downstream (stratum 3) client, but the ultimate source of the information is WWV."
S5-1480 Thanks for your service
S5-1481 none
S5-1482 I don't understand the terms used in the survey.  I just discovered this site today but I'll be back often.  Thanks.
S5-1483 Please don't stop WWV and WWVH....they are probably more widely used than you think.
S5-1484 I think you should provide the time service as a SOAP server.  The time zone could be provided in the SOAP request and the SOAP response would contain the current time as of the request.
S5-1485 Keep up the good work.
S5-1486 I find the on-the-air broadcasts very useful for clock calibration and propagation forecasts
S5-1487 "Thanks for your good web pages on different methods of getting the correct time (e.g., radio receivers, phone, internet), and for providing examples of companies' products/software that can receive the correct time via each method."
S5-1488 It seems there are two time services: NIST and Navy Observatory this seems inefficient.
S5-1489 CHU
S5-1491 I use WWV and WWVH alot in making sure my amateur radio station is on frequency and that I have the correct time. The propogation reports at h+18 are very helpful as well. Please keep up the service. Thank you!
S5-1492 Appreiate the increase in power at WWVB
S5-1493 "My state is Kansas, the form would not allow input"
S5-1494 THank you for your great service...ALOHA!
S5-1495 We use Radio Receivers to feed the time syncronization neccesary for tracking vehicale movements using GPS and transmitting the data back in a consistant manor.
S5-1496 Thank you for the service and keep up the good work.
S5-1497 I am pretty satisfied with your existing services.
S5-1498 We use your data for our chemistry lab. Thank you for this service. charles cox/instructor
S5-1499 Thank you for the great service.  David Cartwright US Army Retired.