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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-0500 I also use WWV in connection with amateur radio.
S5-0501 keep 15 & 20 mhz. time
S5-0502 "I like using WWV for calibration oscillators, band marking, etc."
S5-0503 Please make the automatic clock setting signal stronger and more frequently accessable
S5-0504 "I am pleased with your services and stress that as a consultant and hobbyist your services that I have indicated above are very important to me to remain compliant with numerous goverment regulations.  Those regulations are established by other agencies, such as the FCC, for my proper operation."
S5-0505 I have utilized the services of NIST all my life and look forward to it in the future too.
S5-0506 Very satisified with service I use it along with my hobby in Ham Radio.  Thanks for service.
S5-0507 Top section of survey doesn't allow me to type anything in the boxes ... so 5/10/15/20 Mhz Boulder
S5-0508 "I synchronize clocks for use in Sports Car Club of America road rallies.  Our clocks are designed to run a few percent fast or slow to slow down or catch up until the digital readouts are """"clicking over"""" in sync with the seconds tics of WWV.  These broadcasts are indispensable - we can't make phone calls or access the internet from our cars out in the woods if the clocks become questionable.
S5-0509 "I really appreciate WWV, WWVH, and WWVB.  They are  an important support for my electronics work.  Thank you!  Steve Johnston  "
S5-0510 "I have relied on NISA/Naval Observatory Master Clock for 25 years...I would hate to see it go.  ALSO, with the advent of many new devices using the time pulse [i.e. alarm clocks, watches, etc] I think it would certainly be premature to discontinue it at this time.  Thank You, Brent Davenport."
S5-0511 satalite
S5-0512 "Thanks for the service. Especially with my great atomic watch, I can be sure it is working exactly! My wife , however, does not like the sound of your broadcasts. Too bad!"
S5-0513 "See above comments on inclusion of """"morse code"""" time.  Frequently selective fading of radio conditions render the voice announcement useless. Usually (years back when it was done) the code time announcement was readable 99% of the time.  under adverse conditions."
S5-0514 Your presence on the shortwave bands is much appreciated.
S5-0515 I use WWV to align and calibrate amateur radio equipment especially antique tube ham gear.
S5-0516 Keep it just the way it is. It would be a terrible loss without it.
S5-0517 None
S5-0518 "often use wwv, wwvh, wwvb for propagation checks voice announcements, other than time, are often very difficult to hear-- need higher clarity voice"
S5-0519 Thanks for your helpful services
S5-0520 "This is an EXCELLENT service, and I hope to see it expanded in the coming years. It provides information not readily gathered in other ways."
S5-0521 Please continue WWV broadcast
S5-0522 Ease of access and reliability of all services is vital to me as a rehabilitation engineer and to many other blind people in both amateur and professional positions.
S5-0523 "Thank you, keep up the good work!"
S5-0524 WWV is an important part of my Teaching. I use it to demonstrate proagation on different frequencies vs time of day and season of the year.I also use it to calibrate both Amateur and commercial equipment. Including College Lab generators.
S5-0525 "the gps system used for tracking is only marginally accurate, having an inborn delay to accomplish the inaccuracy factor for targetting sites using this system, therefore, my preference is WWV virtually at all times"
S5-0526 kept up the GOOD service tnx
S5-0527 I have used regularly the National Bureau of Standards time/frequency data since 1965.
S5-0528 "Please keep at least the 5, 10 and 15 MHz transmissions."
S5-0529 This very useful and necessary service must always be available and improved when possible.
S5-0530 "I am very satisfied with the services currently provided by WWV (and WWVH), and rely on them as primary sources of accurate time and geomagnetic data. Please continue to provide these services on the radio."
S5-0531 "I've been using WWV for over 30 years.  My father introduced it to me, and it has considerable sentimental value."
S5-0532 "It has always been comforting to hear WWV, it is something I've always been able to count on.  I hope they don't go the same way as the BBC World Service..."
S5-0533 This goverment service is most useful.Thank you.
S5-0534 PLEASE keep it in operation!
S5-0535 It was always challenging to get WWV or Hawaii over in the sandbox for some reason..I suppose you can start a GPS to get a time hack...I sometimes use The differnet WWV frequencies to see what parts of HF are open to where...maybe we are all just old fashioned I guess your survey will tell..
S5-0536 Excelent performance and legacy of service. de WB4KRN
S5-0537 Tardis 95 ver4
S5-0538 " Thank you, for the services, and allowing us to take part in this survey."
S5-0539 I feel you do a great service and a great job. Love the info on the WWV Station & url links.
S5-0540 "WWV has been a helpful source for me over the last 30 years. As far as I am concerned, WWV is your most important medium for delivering information."
S5-0541 "Please keep WWV and WWVH up and running well into the future!  They are easy to access, the information is concise and useful, and radio reception conditions can easily be judges by monitoring the different frequencies."
S5-0542 I am in Southern California. Ialso use the freq services when aligning antique amateur receivers.
S5-0543 I have listened for more than 25 years... Keep up the good work!!!
S5-0544 .
S5-0545 great service
S5-0546 "Noticed that NIST time and GPS time, via a military PLGR can be off up to 1 sec, even when using the """"/LAG"""" feature of TimeSet."
S5-0547 "Sometimes I use the signal strength to determine band opening conditions,  even WWVH when it is heard."
S5-0548 Keep it at least as good as it is - you guys do a great job!
S5-0549 this is one of the few things my tax dollars do that I approve of
S5-0550 "It is rare that my government gives (ok, sells me, I pay taxes) exactly what I want, exactly when I need it.  Please keep it up, my crystal calibrator does drift between summer and winter, so I need WWV."
S5-0551 Keep up the good work !  A stronger 60 KHz signal  would be nice.
S5-0552 Addition of a transmitter for radio clocks serving Alaska and northern Canada would be nice
S5-0553 Thank you for providing this service.
S5-0554 only nist
S5-0555 Highly beneficial.  I listen daily to time and propagation news.
S5-0556 "I learned the Morse Code in 1967 because I heard WWV station identification in Morse Code every five minutes and thought it was really cool!  I got my amateur radio license a few years later, and I've been a time & frequency fanatic ever since."
S5-0557 I am interested in astronomy and will set up the 60KHz receiver  soon.
S5-0558 "I use WWV services as a quick check of HF and VLF propagation. Since WWV transmissions are spotty here on 20 mHz, and WWV no longer transmits on 25 mHz, this limits its use for quick propagation info for me. I wish coverage on 20 mHz were better and 25 mHz was re-activated."
S5-0559 "You can use all the """"fancy stuff,"""" but when it comes """"down to it,"""" the real test of a receiver is the real world.  I have used the 25MHz WWV for years as a bellweather indicator, and now must rely on 20MHz.  During high sunspot years, a 30MHz beacon would be very useful.  I like to send a customer a receiver that WORKS!"
S5-0560 Have used WWV since I was 12 years old. I am now 62. Thanks for 50 years of service.   LAS
S5-0561 Thanks for providing a valuable service! 
S5-0562 "The 60kHz signal is becoming a standard at  my house!  I have 2 """"atomic"""" clocks and would recommend the technology to everyone."
S5-0563 This is a very great services and I hope that budget consderations DO NOT affect the quality of services you now give
S5-0564 People all over the world use the WWV HF services. It would be a terrible loss to reduce them!
S5-0565 "Seem to have been using WWV all my working life since the early 50', first in Merchant Marine service, then in Geophysics/Seismology 1960 to 1990. Now retired and use it for Ham operations."
S5-0566 As an amateur radio operator I find the services of WWV and WWVB invaluable. I especially find the time information and propagation information very important especailly when I am operating from a remote location.The internet is great for that type information until one is away from a local provider. Radio waves travel with us where ever we go! Thanks for the years of fantastic service!
S5-0567 WWVB is our standard reference for precise carrier frequency operation per FCC rules.
S5-0568 Thanks for many years of service! W5AN
S5-0569 I find the propagation information very interesting.  I hope it will continue.  Please make sure speakers are trained to speak clearly.
S5-0570 I appreciate the ability to give you my input. Thanks.
S5-0571 "Most of my clocks and watches run off WWVB.   You can't get rid of that.  There are thousands of  clocks and watches out there.  People depend on it. It is the ultimate in reliable, easy to use and cheap time source.  It renders most other clocks/watches obsolete."
S5-0572 I will be looking at more of the services for my use
S5-0573 "Please don't ever do away with WWV or WWVH.  It is very valuable to use for time, freq. & propagation-related solar activity reports."
S5-0574 It works as it is now please don't fix it!
S5-0575 Very important for frequency standard use in Amateur Radio !!!
S5-0576 I am in Texas
S5-0577 GPS is more difficult and expensive than WWV/WWVB
S5-0578 Use only with on air reception
S5-0579 "Excellent service.  Very important.  Not that it's relevant, but I have also visited the WWV/WWVB site on several occasions and find the system itself to be quite interesting.  Keep up the good work!"
S5-0580 Thanks for the great work!
S5-0581 Service is very good. Keep up the good work.
S5-0582 "How does one answer for their WWV tuned wall clock or wrist watch? Also, I'm shocked to see NIST use the prefix K (kelvin) for k (kilo)in this survey! That drives me crazy after teaching SI to students for many years. You  can do better than that!"
S5-0583 Thanks for always being there! 
S5-0584 I use the solar/geo data for help in predicting ham radio propagation.
S5-0585 "Please do not discontinue the on-the-air services from NIST.  I rely on WWVB for my clock's standards, and WWV/WWVH for obtaining time of day and geomagnetic status information.   I not only use these while in the United States, but when I travel outside the US as well;  coverage is quite good all throughout the Americas."
S5-0586 Please keep WWV/H on the air! 73 de WU1T
S5-0587 "Until I discovered your web page, we were always arguing at the office at what time it was.  The computer clocks are awful, so we use you to set our writewatches.  As such, I am a minor minor user, and use only the web page, but I've sent a link to your page to just about everybody I know, because it's so fantastic a tool."
S5-0588 Please no cuts in service on WWV & WWVH we use them for propagation and GPS and Marine Waather some times We depend on HF radio comunacations on our bush flights for safety reasons. 
S5-0590 "Regarding your first batch of questions, I really use WWV & WWVB interchangeably depending on propogation.  After the first few questions, I left portions on VB blank because I probably care less about its broadcast since it is (for my area) more or less redundant (except of course for 20 MHz).  "
S5-0591 "This service has been the mainstay for clocks all around the world, and communications personnel. It should be supported adequately. Thanks, Bill Cotter"
S5-0592 "thanks, 73"
S5-0593 The advent of person clocks and wrist watches using your technology is a real help to most people I've found along with myself. I like having the time coordination with 0thers... It is interesting to see actually how many people's clocks and watches are ahead or far behind...
S5-0594 The presence of the WWV and WWVH transmitter signals provide quick propagation checks.
S5-0595 "You are very important to continue just as you have been doing, the best! Excellent!  THANKS!"
S5-0596  I have really appreciated WWV always being there  when I needed it over the last 50 years. 
S5-0597 Thanks for the serv ices
S5-0598 keep up the good work this part of the Gov is at lest working and with good results.
S5-0599 I hope you can continue broadcasting WWV time & frequency info. as I use it almost every day...
S5-0600 Would be lost w/o the broadcasts of WWV. I use time & frequency services daily. 
S5-0601 I find NIST services to be excellent.  I have used WWV and where available WWVH for over 30 years and would be lost without them.
S5-0602 save wwv/wwvh I use it alot as a ham radio opperator
S5-0603 The whole web site is awesome. I am and have always been intriqued with time and the calibration and keeping of it. I would be interested  in career opportunities in your organization. Also I would be interested in learning more about future technology improvements in time calibration. Keep up the good work people!!!
S5-0604 "GOES satellite xmitters need to be timed +5/-0 seconds. We do not have any other means to get the time, other than HF radio. There is also lots of other data we take from the broadcast. "
S5-0605 WWV as well as NBS/NIST are legacy operations that have great impact worldwide.  I am proud that our government sponsors such a high-quality service.
S5-0606 "Maybe I could use CHU or JJY(rarely), but NIST services are the only ones for my radio controlled clocks."
S5-0607 "It is hard to choose our """"primary use"""" above.  We use NIST services for at least 5 or 6 of the applications listed."
S5-0608 "Aside from solar conditions, the foreign interference is the most harmful on copying WWV"
S5-0609 The radio services are very important.  Please do not cut them back.
S5-0610 Thank you.
S5-0611 "Wish I could pick more uses in the User Data. I maily use WWV/WWVH/WWVB for ham radio stuff, but have found so many other uses for it that I can't begin to list them all - and it is not just hobby related either. I use it for astronomy purposes and keeping all my servers and workstations at work and home synced up. As a network admin, it is amazing how nice it can be to have everything write timestamps at the same time. I could not do my job very well if it was not for WWV/WWVB/WWVH"
S5-0612 Thank you for a neat service. Keep up the good work. Two thumbs up!
S5-0613 I programmed my receiver to jump between all your HF frequencies to determine which frequency bands are open for the best signal stregth. This helps to determine which to use for communications at any specific time. It is very useful for this purpose.
S5-0614 "Great job, thanks "
S5-0615 Do not degrade the radio broadcasts.
S5-0616 "All radio,TV station, and the airlines should be forced to lock their clocks to WWVB, so the people in the US have a usable time standard other than WWV WWVH or WWVB. This would help people be on time, and the airlines also!!!! Keep up the good time, or I mean work  Bill"
S5-0617 Keep Up The Good Work.....and THANKS!   73                John  KJ5CU
S5-0618 "I flew air rescue in the USAF.  WWV and WWVH were our main source for accurate time hacks. Now that I' retired, I still set my watch and clocks by WWV  Roger D. Gill"
S5-0619 It would be nice if this extended to all the world's timezones.
S5-0620 It is a great service. Thank you.
S5-0621 "I use the WWVB for my Hobby shop, Amateur Radio services, and Frequency Standards lab. I depend on the VLF Receiver with chart recorder, to set my 1 Meg frequency standard Oscillator. I use this in turn to Calibrate Frequency Counters for fellow Amateur Radio (Microwave) operators. I also check Frequency sources of Amateurs for acuracy, depending on my Lab's HP 5245 electronic counter."
S5-0622 doc
S5-0623 NIST time feed on DSS and Dish Network home satellite receivers
S5-0624 Thank You for supplying this service. It makes the world go round... at least a bit more easily!
S5-0625 been using WWV since washington DC days - 1945
S5-0626 "I am quite happy with the service as is. TNX 73, Steve N8ZR"
S5-0627 I used wwvh extensively while serving in USN in s.e. asia
S5-0628 this is critical source of calibration information for me.
S5-0629 An outstanding set of services that should be maintained and expanded where indicated. 
S5-0630 Very helpful -- thanks!
S5-0631 "NIST is g-r-r-r-eat! I use it all the time, no pun intended."
S5-0632 keep the time and propagation coming...I use it...
S5-0633 would be very interested in general articles on the science of timekeeping.  As the experts on time it would be great to see such imfo written by NIST.
S5-0634 I find your service valuable both at work and at home. My home use includes using your service to set all of my clocks. I also use you for amateur radio purposes. At work I use you to standardize the time. Access to your service is on all of my internet accesssible computers.
S5-0635 "NIST/WWV is """"the Rock""""; reliability and reassurance through the ages.  Untiring dedication to service.  Mother of all radio stations!   Kiss the foxy WWVH lady for me.  Len Merkoske, Thunder Bay, ON Canada"
S5-0636 "NIST has a long history of dependable, uninterrupted service.  Kudos for a job well done, hopefully for many years to come."
S5-0637 Great service - would be a great loss if service cancelled
S5-0638 Thank you for a great service!
S5-0639 It would be a shame to loose this service.
S5-0640 This is a very valuable service!
S5-0641 I really enjoy the WWV service!
S5-0642 "SE stands for Sweden, Europe"
S5-0643 i recall ur transmissions on a carrier frequency of 25mhz. if so why was this discontinued? propagation was good during summersoltice and during active solar activity. also better imunity to qrn and atmospheric static crashes.
S5-0644 Please keep up the good work and keep the system up and running.  Thank you.
S5-0645 It is important to me that this service is maintianted!
S5-0647 We really need more power from WWVB for the rapidly increasing number of watches and clocks synchronized by it--coverage is still very unreliable during  the day/evening on the West Coast.
S5-0648 "Thank you for providing frequency standard and time standard service.  WWV and WWVH are also most useful as propogation beacons.  "
S5-0649 I rely on the time to establish position when sighting stars/planets via sextant
S5-0650 Could you make map printable?
S5-0651 "Clean , Quick, website"
S5-0653 "After power outages,it is comforting to get accurate time info to re-set clocks and other electronic devices."
S5-0654 "WWV provides an excellent quality,much needed service. PLEASE continue the service!"
S5-0655 "As a Contracting Officer, bids are opened at specific times.  My clock/watch is therefore kept as accurate as possible."
S5-0656 Great!!
S5-0657 "The continuously running Java clock feature of the web page has stopped working for me, presumeably due to firewall issues. What port(s) does the Java clock use?  Thanks
S5-0658 The propagation information is very useful for me.
S5-0659 "WWV / WWVH is a extremely valuable service.  If changes are to be made, improve coverage.   immmm ini i  "
S5-0660  Folks......I use WWV to calibrate my clocks in my amateur station.  I use it to calibrate the computer as well clocks throughout the house and auto. My amateur call is W9JN and located in central Wisconsin. I have several antennas which I use in reception of the signals. THANK YOU for the great service available.  John
S5-0661 Thanks for your service!
S5-0662 I would like more information on solar actvity and some intrepretation of the meaning of the index values.
S5-0663 "You are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up!  We would be """"timeless"""" without you there!"
S5-0664 none
S5-0665 "WWV is a very useful service but greatly limited by your poor signal strength on 2.5, 5MHz (daytime) and 20MHz (sunspot minimum) You need to greatly increase power levels to adequately cover the entire usa"
S5-0666 "I've used WWV for 55 years.  For me, no changes needed or desired."
S5-0667 Your current NIST services are the best for my needs and I am happy to have my taxes pay for thses services.
S5-0668 I appreciate your solar-terrestrial services very much.
S5-0669 Great service. Thanks.
S5-0670 The 303-499-7111 number has been a reliable source of time information for us for over a decade. The website has recently been used as well and is equally as reliable.
S5-0671 I liked it when you showed the earth going from dark to light
S5-0672 tnx fer service es 73 de PE1OBG
S5-0673 "Overall, you provide a great service and you can't improve on things out of your control.  Example, ionospheric conditions that can hinder reception on one or more frequencies.   "
S5-0674 "Internet time retrieval has it's place, of course, but also having it available by radio is still useful, even in this age. Someone carrying an HF radio system in the field will probably not have Internet access. And having standard frequencies readily available on HF is priceless and will NEVER be replaced by the Internet! ! ! !"
S5-0675 Please keep WWV going
S5-0676 Keep up the good work.  I have been listening to WWV since 1968.
S5-0677 "This is a re-submission from W7ISD.  Thank you, John Lowe for your reply to my inquiry."
S5-0678 I don't use the telephone services at all because it's not toll free
S5-0679 "Thanks for giving us a chance to give input. Jeff Bolda Tampa, FL"
S5-0680 Power outages are frequent in my area; I have to reset the electronic clocks often.
S5-0681 great site
S5-0682 Thank you for providing this outstanding service!
S5-0683 This survey """"please enter at most 250 characters in the S2 field stinks.""""  What's S2?"
S5-0684 WWV and WWVH are important for me in a number of educational situations.
S5-0685 Please continue your excellent service
S5-0686 I appreciate WWV and NIST for providing the services.
S5-0687 "WWV is as reliable as the sun rising!  The frequency choices for transmission are reliable throughout the day/night cycle, and are excellent references for equipment calibration. "
S5-0688 thank you keep up the good work
S5-0689 Please keep this service. It helps me coordinate world wide activities.
S5-0690 "BBC 198kHz, German LF Timesignal"
S5-0691 Great service - thanks and keep it up.
S5-0692 "I have always been very pleased with the service, and hope to use it for many years to come.  Thank You Very Much...  ...-.-"
S5-0693 "Keep up the great work - WWV is truly a great government service, and everyone I have given a radio receive clock to is thrilled with it!  These folks are further thrilled when they find they can sync their computer clocks to WWV... just great stuff."
S5-0694 Thank you for keeping these services going for the public! :)
S5-0695 Great job.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0696 Thank you for the service.
S5-0697 "A great service, and I hope no one takes the service for granted.  I have used it for years starting in 1956 and still depend on it today as I am still in the communications industry.  Keep up the great  work and thank you very much."
S5-0698 "Seasonal propagation requires 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 MHz here in Kansas City area; 20 MHz isn't useful often, yet I travel often with SW receiver and 20 MHz serves well on east and southeast coasts daytime. Spanish language interference is extremely bothersome on 10 MHz, particularly spring and fall - it makes frequency calibration / zero beating of local oscillator sources pretty difficult at times."
S5-0699 "WWV and WWVH are excellent in their consistency and reliability, and their relativ geographic positions are perfect for propagation studies, particularly the WWVH to Boston circuit.  Several of our staff are also licensed hams and rely on WWVH for Pacific propagation checks and the geo alerts.  NIST is an excellent use of taxpayer's money and performs a fundamental service which has a profound positive effect on U.S.industry."
S5-0700 "This is the easiest and clearest to use,now that you updated the entire site some time ago. Much clearer and less of a time lag. "
S5-0701 Thanks for your service
S5-0702 Great site & way to check the time!
S5-0703 I use the time services for many applications beyond those listed above. Keep up the good work.
S5-0704 Thank you!
S5-0705 Please keep the WWV time standard on the airwaves
S5-0706 Good Job keep up the time.
S5-0707 "WWV is needed, and has been a part of my life since I was a little boy and I am 68 Now!!"
S5-0708 WWV standard frequency transmissions are an irreplacable national asset
S5-0709 Good idea.  Keep up the good work. It would be nice if the server worked when you hit submit.
S5-0710 "This time and frequency standard service is available no where else for use in remote world regions, as reliable and accurate.  Thanks."
S5-0711 none
S5-0712 "Our local repeater is kept to WWV time standards. We have a good coverage area (6-8 cities) and keeping the controller """"in time"""" we owe to WWV. Many thanks."
S5-0713 Keep up the good work.  I am looking for a clock that sets itself by WWVB.
S5-0714 friends radio controled clocks or watches
S5-0715 A very good service.  I apprecitate it.
S5-0716 Have used this great service for 45 years.  PLEASE continue
S5-0717 reduction of services used would have detrimental consequences as: (1) my expensive radio clock would not have a way to set its time; (2) loss the ability to set clocks to fraction of accuracy; and (3) frequency sensitive test equipment would not have an inexpensive way of being calibrated.
S5-0718 survey should indicate max number of chars allowed in a field - especially the S3 field
S5-0719 usno
S5-0720 VVW broadcasts from Fort Collins are an absolute necessity. I set my clocks and calibrate my Amateur Radio equipment (including test gear) using WWV's signals.
S5-0721 Please keep the service going. I am a Ham Radio operator and haved uses WWV for years.
S5-0722 "Thank You! I have used WWV radio for over 20 years, and perhaps I will use internet  services in the future. "
S5-0724 "You have a very fine service, no doubt the best in the world.  From what I've seen of the weather in Ft. Collins, it is amazing that you manage to keep the antennas and other equipment working so reliably."
S5-0725 Please do NOT eliminate WWV!
S5-0726 "Don't even THINK of going off the air!!! Internet usage is NOT accurate enough(!) for most Hams, and commercial users of radio!"
S5-0727 "I couldn't complete all of the questions, because there was no means by which to enter information.  I access the web page about three times daily and have an Atomic clock that checks the time every midnight.  The problem is the strength of the signal in my area of Southern Rhode Island."
S5-0728 Your service is extreemly usful in remote areas like central Nevada.  Please keep up the good works.
S5-0729 NIST's time service on shortwave radio is a valuable asset.
S5-0730 "We use our rubidium standard to generate our in house timecode for video editing and driving our clock system.  We use WWVB and WWV/WWVH as a quick check and backup of our systems.  These  NIST resources are used several times each day.     Wayne Rankin     Transmission Supervisor     CBS, TV City  "
S5-0731 I am legally blind -- Irely on this service
S5-0732 "I have been a user of the system since 1950 (USN) communications, commercial industry and always as  a radio ammateur since 1950. There is now other comparabale service other than the canadian time standard svc."
S5-0733 Thanks for many years of reliable service.  Good job!
S5-0734 Your orginazation has provided an excellent service troughout the decades !
S5-0735 What is GPS Data archive?  I didn't know it existed and will be researching it.
S5-0736 "This is the MOST reliable source. I would hate to see it remove from service. I love it...I use it for many, many purposes. Thanks, John / K6ZZZ"
S5-0737 We depend on wwvs time ticks for accurate reporting.
S5-0738 THANK YOU for all you do.  It is greatly appreciated!!
S5-0739 Thanks for being there. Please keep up the good work.
S5-0740 please dont make it go away
S5-0741 http://www.blueriver.net/~n9lya We take you seriously please take us seriously...
S5-0742 Thanks for the service... noticed delays last few days on internet time sync.. 6/21 and 6/22 could not connect.  Accurate time sync is important for our remote alarm sites (120 locations)
S5-0743 WWV is a valuable and necessary service to those requiring acurate time and frequency data.
S5-0744 I think these are all excellent public services and I would hate to see them diminished.
S5-0745 Very happy with services provided. Thank you!
S5-0746 Your doing Well.  Software to set computers daily with Atomic Time should be included with Windows!
S5-0747 Enjoy access to perfect time!
S5-0748 Keep IT UP!
S5-0749 Geo information is almost as important as the use of WWV as reference frequency.  I have been using WWV/WWVH for more than 25 years!  /Lars Bergstrom
S5-0750 The broadcast and internet services are very important to many of my activities.
S5-0751 WWV has been my time and frequency standard for 40 years.  Thanks and good luck
S5-0752 Thanks
S5-0753 Thanks for a good useful service.
S5-0754 "I have used your over the air broadcasts since I was 16 years old, About the last 45 years.  They have helped in my hobby as propagation beacons throughout the Amateur bands as well as providing accurate time of day and Geo magnetic info as well as Propagation bullitens.  I would not like to see it disappear like the BBC broadcast have recently.  Keep up the great works.  73, Stan N7YQ"
S5-0755 I telephone relatives who live accross the U.S on a frequent basis and use your service for knowledge of local time
S5-0756 Thanks
S5-0758 "NIST does an excellent job providing standard frequenies which I use to keep a radio clock claibrated, calibrate RF oscillators and set computer and household clocks.  Due to NIST's diligence to their mission, I have never had to go to another standard source for any reason.  Keep up the good work!"
S5-0759 "There are services my taxes pay for, none better than NBS"
S5-0760 Please do not kill it!!!! It is one of the few things that my taxes go to which is usefull.
S5-0761 Glad you guys are there.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0762 This is a great service; please continue to provide it.
S5-0763 the website u have available to check time is greatly appreciated and i hope it'll continue to be accessible without condition for a very long time to come. thanks for being here and for the fine job that's been done.
S5-0764 you folks are doing a fine job. please keep up the good work. i appreciate the good service
S5-0765 "Used to use other means of setting my clocks, but not any more.  Your Internet Time Service is the one standard I use now.  Time on it is the best accurate and correct I've seen.  I've even recommended it to my friends as a place to use to check and reset their own clocks with."
S5-0766 "I use 5/10/15 MHz on a Heath clock (and know several others who still use this old beast). Also use the audio announce/ticks for various uses, and the precise frequency standard to check lab instruments."
S5-0767 "As an amateur radio operator, I rely on WWV as a frequency standard, time standard, and for updated propagation information.  You do a valuable service.  Keep up the great work!"
S5-0768 I believe NIST offers the radio amateur community an extremely reliable and accurate set of services. 
S5-0769 excellent web page
S5-0770 I'm not sure what this is all about.
S5-0771 Increase reception range for WWVB
S5-0772 "I sent an e-mail to you folks 2 months ago, with my snail-mail address, after first hearing of this survey and wishing to participate.  I never received an e-mail response nor have I received the survey in the mail.  If that's your idea of proper follow-up to someone who's shown an interest in helping you with your survey, it strikes me as leaving a great deal to be desired.
S5-0773 "I will likely use the solar info, and propagation aids more in the future"
S5-0774 Naval Observatory website
S5-0775 I like the solar flare activity reports and the polar indices reports so I can determine how bad radio static might be for shortwave and am bands.
S5-0776 I know we are a small user but it is very helpful
S5-0777 "I hope that you decide to keep your H. F. transmissions on the air, as it is very valuable information we obtain from it, and it is made even more critical in far away places like on those we opperate our farms in the Baja Peninsula, where we rely on solar powered H.F. radio and satellite telephone for communications."
S5-0778 Again.... this is a great service for people who just want to know the correct time.
S5-0779 provide time - not glitz
S5-0780 Thank you all...
S5-0781 Nice !!
S5-0782 "Thanks for asking my opinion.  I have been using WWV services, primarily 10/15 MHz for 30 years. Was sorry to see the 25 MHz station disappear, as it was useful for propagation status. "
S5-0783 "Hello. I tried to fill the survey on line with MS Internet explorer, and was unable to fill out this form. Any line or page scrolling would """"garble"""" the graphics. I am using a friends system. The survey form seems to be OK. 73
S5-0784 Thank you for this Timely Survey
S5-0785 radio
S5-0786 thank you for running this wonderful web site with the accurate time!
S5-0787   One of the few bangs for the tax bucks.  Question:  How can you tell whether it's .5 sec. accurate or 1.5?   Friends in NZ and Australia like it but say their time zones not available.  Are they?
S5-0788 "I heard that you may stop the radio time service and I want to say that we have used this to set our computers and clocks for experiments many places around the world.  I certainly hope that the service will continue, since the need will not be met otherwise.
S5-0789 Accurate time is absolutely essential as evidence in court cases.
S5-0790 CHU frequently comes in clearer.
S5-0791 Moving about the site is the difficulty.
S5-0792 Please keep up the good work!
S5-0793 Would hate to see this service discontinued. Didn't realize how much I did use WWV !
S5-0794 "I didn't know all the other services were available.  I must now look for more info.  You should publicize all your services better.  I am sure the other signals besides the voice time and clock ticks have some meaning, but am still trying to find out."
S5-0795 keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!
S5-0796 when i need you  i want you very much  and the rest of the time it is nice to have as a refferance and know that it is the best available
S5-0797 leave in tact as is thanks
S5-0798 Just came upon this progrsm. Very worthwhile
S5-0799 "Although it says above to choose only the primary use, I do use the WWV broadcast for each of the additional purposes: - Amateur Radio - Personal Computer User - Setting Computer Clock - Amateur Radio Applications"
S5-0800 I find WWVH on 15000 khz very usefull
S5-0801 "Broadcast service on 15 Mhz is often interfered with by a carrier modulated with audio tone. WWVH well received in early morning UTC on 15 MHz. Can hardly ever hear 20 MHz. Web clock useful, but suffers frequent interruptions. All in all, a great resource, unmatched anuwhere in the world. keep it up, guys! (For reception I use a cheap portable short wave AM/FM broadcast receiver with telescopic antenna.) "
S5-0802 this site is very pleasing visually
S5-0803 Appreciate the services!
S5-0804 I would like to see short wave WWV continue its service as long as possible.  I also use WWV for frequency calibration in my electronics manufacturing business.
S5-0805 Telephone time
S5-0806 "Please keep the service going, it is very informative and useful to us. Thanks"
S5-0807 A very reliabile and accurate system to acccure accuracy.
S5-0808 Thia works realy well for me. Thank you
S5-0809 above
S5-0810 "If you ever want to have messed up dreams, fall asleep listening to 10,000/wwv. Sometimes I wake up at the thirty second non-tick because I subconsciously notice that there's a beat skipped."
S5-0811 "I use a longwave atomic clock for starting nets.  I check my receiver for drift against WWV at least 4 times per week.  At the time I check my receiver, I feed the signal to my computer which automatically updates my computer clock with a program that I got free from the Internet."
S5-0813 "used in the state of Gerorgia, USA"
S5-0814 "Great service, easy and fast!"
S5-0815 I have been listening to Time since I was about 10 years of age.  There has always been something comforting to the time beeps. The time standard introduced to me as a teenager the whole concept of standards and standardization. I would hate to see the radio time broadcasts go away.
S5-0816 "WWV and WWVH signals are useful in determining signal propagation on various frequencies at various times of day, and also how received signals are affected by weather, location, receiving antennas, and other variables in the every day affairs of Amateur Radio.  Also, I have a number of """"Atomic Clocks"""" that rely on signals  from WWV to keep them accurate.  "
S5-0817 none
S5-0818 "I only just descovered the website, I will probably use it frequently.  I have been using WWV since I learned about it over 30 years ago.  Thanks!"
S5-0819 "I would greatly miss the ability to get accurate time and propagation reports via shortwave. I think this is a very useful service, and I hope it continues for a long time. Thank you, Robert Urbas"
S5-0820 50 years of excellent service. Thank you!
S5-0821 "thanks more would be nice, but you are good enough now"
S5-0822 "I very much appreciate then services of WWV and WWVB, and encourage the continuation of these services.  "
S5-0823 Much needed and useful-
S5-0825 the only time i was denied access to the web site  was when we switched to daylight savings time.
S5-0826 "I have heard rumors these services might be discontinued. Do Not let this happen! Thanks, Fred Smith  AB5AZ"
S5-0827 Please do not cut back.  The BBC just did and it is a loss.
S5-0828 State = Virginia
S5-0829 I have been using  WWV's services for over 40 years. Thank you very much !!!
S5-0830 WWV and WWVH are valuable to the radio and amateur radio communities. and is usefull not only time consistancies but also radio propagation and signal reports
S5-0831 CHU
S5-0832 None
S5-0834 None
S5-0835 i have the first QSL card sent to me when Bolder signed on in 1967
S5-0836 Please keep up the good work!
S5-0837 This website  is great.  Should be advetise that it is around.  Would be cool to be able to have my computer automatically check the time for me and adjust my time setting.
S5-0838 Thank you for a very useful service to the amateur radio operators of the world.
S5-0839 Been searching the short wave bands for nearly 30 years. Time to use the phone and internet. Thanks
S5-0840 "I am a retired AF Navigator and now manage a variety of computer networks. Correct time hacks are as important to me now as they were when I flew. Thank you for providing an accurate source of time for those of us that need one. Although from where I sit your web site is perfect, you should be commended for seeking user input for future improvements."
S5-0841 I must disable Java to see time.  Can this be eliminated?
S5-0842 "In the Seattle Area Progagation changes, and I have no way of knowing If I will WWV or WWVH. Sometimes I hear both of  them together. I have rarely hear 2.5 or 20 mhz. I alternate between 5,10, 15 Mhz. I just try one at a time to see which one I can hear.  I hear 5mhz in the evening I hear 10 mhz afternoon early eveing I hear 15 during the Day. Sometimes I only hear wwv, and othertimes I only hear WWVH. MAns voice WWV  Womens voice WWVH Steve Burling KJ7YL"
S5-0843 Keep up the good work!
S5-0844 "Keep up the good work - Don S., Judah levine, and the T&F team are number one in my book!"
S5-0846 "Thanks to the popularity of GPS, WWVB receivers for computer time as well as frequency calibration seems to have fallen out of disfavor, yet WWVB receivers SHOULD be able to be made cheaper-- perhaps NIST could exert some pressure to this effect?  "
S5-0847 My use is in a personal private nutritional research project where time critical ingestion of specific micronutrients is useful in recalibrating the human computer to its original  optimum potential.
S5-0848 you are doing a fine job
S5-0849 This service is very useful to set automatic watches and clocks
S5-0850 I hope your service continues. Having both time and frequency are very helpful to my business and to calibrate amateur radio equipment.
S5-0851 great site!  I enjoy the picture of the earth with the day and night zones. 
S5-0852 Time.Gov is a great site... thanks!
S5-0853 "Currently, I am a sales representative for SimplexGrinnell in the Springfield, MA office.  I have numerous customers using WWV and the internet service to correct clocks in schools, industry, medical and financial applications.  The most valuable service is via WWV because of the unreliability of the internet.  I advise customers to take advantage of both the digital service as well as off-air broadcasts.   Keep up the good work."
S5-0854 "Keep up the good work.
S5-0855 "10MHz is a more usable frequency and has much better signal than CHU (7.133MHz)into Central Canada, especially for calibration purposes."
S5-0857 "Forgive me, but this all seems like overkill. "
S5-0858 WWV is my time standard for all of my timepieces and communications equipment.
S5-0859 Been a user for years. Keep up the good work. Hope you guys aren't going away or anything.
S5-0860 Thanks for the web page acess!!!
S5-0861 Thanks!
S5-0862 "clean, simple presentation"
S5-0863 Glad a site like this is available!
S5-0864 Please dont do away with this service.
S5-0865 CHU
S5-0866 This service completely meets my needs!  Thanks for providing the service.
S5-0867 "I have used WWV/WWVH for numerous purposes over the years, from amatuer radio to celestial navigation and now astronomy.  While there may be pressure to cut service, we hope that NIST will pretty much leave things just the way they are for the forseable future."
S5-0868 I hope you will continue to keep time for us.
S5-0869 "w/like to be able to automatically have my PC running NIST time, not PC's internal clock."
S5-0870 none
S5-0871 This service is absolutetly wonderful.  I APPROVE of this use of my tax money!!!!!
S5-0872 the reports on the solars are often muffeled or distorted. audio and clarity is very poor
S5-0874 "As an airline pilot and amateur radio operator, I rely totally on WWV for time and frequency standards."
S5-0875 Keep up the great work! Thank you!
S5-0876 Have been using the service for many years and it is extreamly important to many of my clients as well as myself
S5-0877 This is a vital service and cutbacks would affect a broad spectrum of users. 
S5-0878 "This service is indispensable-don't make it worse, just make it better."
S5-0879 I use Netscape6. Get to your page that lists seven things it is doing. But it never completes to show the progress or the time.  Used to work in early days but not recently.
S5-0880 Thanks!!!
S5-0881 "I'm happy for the opportunity to """"thank"""" WWV for its services all of these many decades I have used them."
S5-0882 "I'd probably use web time info some, but I'm not clear on  effecct of web delays on accuracy."
S5-0883 keep up the good work
S5-0884 pweronsal computer & digita clock
S5-0885 "None, I use your facilities soley."
S5-0886 "WWV has been a source of accuracy and information for as long as I can remember, and I'm 63.  It would not be the same without you folks."
S5-0887 None
S5-0888 "In the company I know of 3 SWL, 1 Radio Shack Atomic Clock and 1 computer time user"
S5-0889 "Great Service.  Keep up the great job.  Jeff Gibson, KB0DSH Colorado Springs, CO"
S5-0890 Keep the services going - why is there a difference in the frequencies of WWV and WWVH?
S5-0891 NIST is one of the most justifiable government agencies. 
S5-0892 WWV Hawaii is a useful backup - I hear both
S5-0893 I hope you continue and don't leave.
S5-0894 Keep up the good work!
S5-0895 "It is a very useful tool in radio communications, I have been listening to WWV for 28 years and find its services valuable.  "
S5-0896 "Also use NIST Time services for astronomy, amateur radio, other scientific uses on occasion"
S5-0897 I like the concept but this form is hard to follow.
S5-0898 NIST is a vary important service to us who work in the Scientific and Engineering fields...Keep up the good work...
S5-0899 The Fort Myers Library System has lost the ability to provide 'real time' clock presentation from your site. maybe Nist can disseminate user information to help Libraries provide this useful service.
S5-0900 Great service!  Get some George Washington SEAP interns in there to keep the web page running smoothlly!
S5-0901 "As voters and taxpayers (and all members of the Kruegers Crossing Society are active voters), we have been very happy with NIST services, dating back to the days when they were National Bureau of Standards services. We consider the survey item above, """"Please indicate the application for which you use the NIST time and frequency services above"""" to be grossly unfair because we are asked to indicate only one use. In the past month, members have used WWV and WWVH for propagation checks, monitoring geo-magnetic "
S5-0902 it rocks!
S5-0903 USNO GPS
S5-0904 Encourage watch manufacturers to make automatic watches
S5-0905 Great service guys -- keep it up!
S5-0906 No other service had provided the accuracy of time thast WWV has provided. This is an essential service.
S5-0908 The survey buttons do not remain intact after entering some and scrolling down the page.  Any thing that can be done to eliminate daylight saving time / standard time switching.  I hate resetting all my clocks twice a year!!
S5-0909 "As I mentioned, this service is truly great. I use  it often.  Many thanks, and Happy DX! de K9VC/San Mateo,CA"
S5-0910 none
S5-0911 Excellent service
S5-0912 "Big help, both the server and the software. Thanks"
S5-0914 "Don't turn it off, please keep the service going."
S5-0915 Very nice!
S5-0916 None
S5-0917 get better bandwidth.  Cannot access many services because the traffic is too high.  People won't use the site if it is slow or overloaded.
S5-0918 I also have previously used NIST as a backup for a company's NTP requests with good results.  My idea for an NTP reccomending service is based upon the company's need to be tightly time-integrated since its services were based upon the timing of events. With servers very far spread across the network it was difficult to assure that all computer servers were within 10 seconds of each other since even finding non-optimal servers beyond NIST was hard.
S5-0919 Highest accuracy available for civilian use for GPS is important.
S5-0920 "NIST time and freq services invaluable to amateur radio timing and frequency measurements.  If I didn't have to work for a living, I'd access more.  Go Boulder! oops. I mean Go Fort Collins!"
S5-0921 Keep up the good work. We appreciate you.
S5-0922 "Thank you for providing accurate, unobstructed time. David Lucier, Santa Cruz, CA"
S5-0923 This is the only service I can faithfully rely on.
S5-0924 Your radio transmissions are used by many radio technicians for calibration and propagation observations. please keep them on the air.  tnx
S5-0925 "I use off-air radio, short wave receiver and atomic clock as well as computer page for calibration.  When I lived in the east I often relied on the Dominion Observatory service in CXanda but I thrilled with your service. ba"
S5-0926 "As an engineer, quality control specialist, and amateur operator, accurate time is very important to me.  Thank you for the accurate time and frequency fixes you have given me over the years.  Walter Lototski, wa1mks"
S5-0928 Thanks for providing this valuable service please continue
S5-0929 You provide an invaluable service...keep it up!!
S5-0930 Thanks.  Please keep this service available.
S5-0931 "Your service is vital, I hope you can continue.I have used your service for many years..Thank You "
S5-0932 I find the NIST services exceptional and get a very good signal from CO.
S5-0933 "WWV is the ONLY reliable time signal available to me, except perhaps CHU in Canada.  My clock radio in my bedroom automatically sets itself by monitoring signals from WWV.  I would like to see funding for WWV (and NIST) INCREASED.  Tell that to those idiotic bastards in Washington DC. 
S5-0934 This is a good and appropriate expenditure of government funds. It must be preserved.
S5-0935 "WWV IS a service that countless amateurs use, regarless of the number that actually respond to this survey.  Please continue to offer the service.  "
S5-0936 Keep up the good work!
S5-0937 Thank-you for this fine service!
S5-0938 Keep up the good work
S5-0939 Your WEB site is both useful and informative -- GOOD JOB all round!
S5-0940 "Great Site - very easy to navigate, unlike many federal agency sites."
S5-0941 I'm sure happy you're there
S5-0942 "Keep up the great service, we all depend on it..thank you"
S5-0943 I think it might be some time yet before the general populace will have common access to GPS transmissions for time and frequency accuracy.
S5-0944 "NIST time and frequency services have been important to me since 1952, especially during my years as a Merchant Marine Radio Electronics Officer. I still use them on a regular basis. "
S5-0945 weather channel
S5-0946 networks not always accurate
S5-0947 Would you like take a survey? - Ladies from Animaniacs
S5-0948 lol
S5-0949 please keep the HF portion going
S5-0950 "Very helpful, thanks a lot, Ken R"
S5-0951 I like your information-neat
S5-0952 You provide a valuable service on the shortwave band.  Keep up the great work.
S5-0953 "Appreciate the many years of service:Navigation, Astronomy, Ham Radio, PC/INTERNET, Maritime"
S5-0954 the website is very convenient
S5-0955 The service has been an important part of my life since my youth. Please keep up the excellent work.
S5-0956 "WWV, et. al. are an important national and international service.  Having worked with government and for government, I can point you to several areas where budgets can be cut with far less detremental impact than cuts to a national landmark and scienticfic necessity like WWV."
S5-0957 I just use your service to set my watch every week for over 30 years. 
S5-0958 "Good Web Site. Would like to see it more personalized, i.e. area for kids and info on operators. "
S5-0959 "Excellent site: simple, quick, clear. Thank you!"
S5-0960 "It's an extraordinarily valuable service, especially because computer clocks are so dreadfully inaccurate."
S5-0961 The web site time.gov is wasily one of the top five sites on the Net.  Keep up the good work!
S5-0962 Please continue WWV and WWVH. They are invaluable to me as an Amateur Radio Operator.
S5-0963 Thank you for the service you provide.
S5-0964 WWV also very useful for propagation reports at 18 minutes after the hour.
S5-0965 Please don't take WWV/WWVH away.
S5-0966 Thank you for being there all these years!
S5-0967 Have been using WWV/WWVH for over 40 years.
S5-0968 "If allowed to select a second choice for user data, it would be amateur radio."
S5-0969 Consistency of frequency and time tick on radio is very useful in teaching radio hobby to new amateur radio hobbiests.  Adds usable resource intrigue to the radio hobby.
S5-0970 WWV reception reliability has become rather poor at all frequencies except 5MHz. I have come to use the web page almost exclusively as it usually gets within a second and that is all I really need for my applications.
S5-0971 Thank you for allowing such information to be available on the World Wide Web
S5-0972 Keep up the good work and THANKS
S5-0973  I use the internet to check the time and to keep my watch accurate. I find the service to be excellent for my purpose.
S5-0974 Setting  clocks repaired by me
S5-0975 Have been a user of WWV for over fifty years.
S5-0976 Keep up the great service!
S5-0977 "I am so grateful to have access to the official time.  In our conference-oriented, fast-moving culture, I feel more confident knowing that the time on my wrist is synchronized (within a second or two) with the Official US Clock.  In the past, I have used local radio announcements and phone clocks to obtain the time, but they were often significantly inaccurate.  Having access to the US Clock, I no longer use other timekeepers.  Thank you for providing this service."
S5-0978 Thanks for your service.
S5-0979 "Time stamping of scientific data is to synchronize ground-based data collection with earth observing satellite over passes (SPOT, Landsat, Ikonos).  Web site is a great new option.  Don't have to worry about maintaining SW radio - but radio is still useful in the field."
S5-0980 I have used your time service for over 20 years.  first by short wave radio and now by internet.  I have had fun and appreciate your service
S5-0982 The web page is an exremely valuable and easy to use service. Thanks!
S5-0983 use the graphic showing daylight/darkness over the globe
S5-0984 "I think you're doing a great job and hope the necessary funding for this service continues long into the future as I believe it is a very valuable resource. Best Regards, Larry Fowler Saratoga Springs,NY"
S5-0985 "As an amateur radio operator, I use your services daily. I recently got into Slow Scan TV, and without the time standard, I would have great difficulty in setting my soundcard clock speed correctly. This is just one example of the way that I use WWV services. Also, I still think that the voice format should be changed to female. A really sexy sounding one!! Don't you agree?? Thanks and 73 from Tom, KC8MGR, Newport,TN."
S5-0986 Great service! At least 5 stars on a one to five star rating system.
S5-0988 A useful service which I have used for nearly 30 years.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0989 I need time and frequency standards to ensure the proper operation of my amateur radio station.
S5-0990 this survey is very difficult to understand. 
S5-0991 I use your website at home and work.  Everything from the thermostats to the computers seem to need adjustment on a periodic basis.  Your site helps me keep all of the clocks in the office and home run together.
S5-0992 Thanks for being there!
S5-0993 So far I only use the time clock via internet. I would be interested to have a watch acting upon your frequency. Exellent service nevertheless.Regards Canada.
S5-0994 It is fun.
S5-0995 My use of WWV is curtailed until I repair my receiver.
S5-0996 "Great for setting office clocks - can't argue with """"Official"""" time!"
S5-0997 "Useful service, and unlike most other gov't functions a proper and constitutional activity as definer of measurement standards."
S5-0998 i find the web page very usefull/handy.
S5-0999 Keep up the good work !  :-)