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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Additional Comments:
S5-0001 "My family is interested in sailing.  We have crossed the Atlantic three times between U.S. & U.K. in our 26 ft boat.  We have always used our sextant and yours and BBC time signals for navigation.  Many thanks!!
S5-0002 Would like to see the continuation or increase in services from WWV / WWVH via SW.
S5-0003 "Sorry, I submitted two surveys by hitting the return key by mistake."
S5-0004 WWV is absolutely vital for me in asteroid occultation timing. It is also useful in doing meteor counts and other astronomy applications.
S5-0005 WWV is very useful for accurately setting my clocks and watches.  Thanks for the great service.
S5-0006 GPS.  Rb standard.
S5-0007 How come three WWVB clocks have not functioned in Lompoc CA?  Will be ever have a system like in EU (the transmitter at Mainflingen/Germany)?!? Ciao!
S5-0008 "In Alaska, most WWV/WWVH services are not available due to propagation. But use for calibration of test equipment is invaluable."
S5-0009 Thank you for a job well done.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0010 none
S5-0011 Primary use is using WWV/WWVB auto-updated clocks.  Also use WWV for precise frequency and timing calibration of amateur radio equipment.
S5-0012 I'd Hate to loose WWV. I set my Clocks by it and depend on it for propagation checks.
S5-0013 "our Dispatch center uses 60 KHz to synch all  timekeeping.     have EAS alerts also on HF. Such alerts  can be for a wider-scope of geographical  importance than NOAA/NWS VHF stations   The advantage of 2.5, 5.0, 10, 15, and 20 MHz is the global reach and no dependance on some other infrastructure such as with GPS-based systems.   IF the GPS infrastructure were to be impaired for any reason, HF is always available to users of all types.
S5-0014 Thank and keep it up......
S5-0015 "The user data above limited choices to one, when in actuallity the uses are several."
S5-0016 "PLEASE -- Do not decrease or terminate the WWV/WWVH transmissions!!  I have used them for over 50 years as a Naval CT (NSG), Manager of W1AW in 1990-91, and as a retired computer science professor (1960-1988)-- Thank you, Eddy Pollock, W6LC (Amateur Extra Class).     6-15-2001 "
S5-0017 The use of WWV is usefull in my propagation program. Also hearing wwv and wwvh I can determend what frequency to use to get into the US wile I was in Japan on Amateur Radio bands. Good service all around. N6DAQ
S5-0018 "The radio stations (WWV, WWVH, WWVB) are great, and I am happy with the Internet time services offered by NIST.  Especially being able to use free programs from the NIST web site on Windows systems (and work with existing programs on Linux or UNIX systems) is a bonus.  "
S5-0019 None.
S5-0020 GPS time receiver at work
S5-0021 "Although I do not use them, the voice announcements are of very poor technical quality"
S5-0022 "Using GOES to set Kinemetrics master clock which drives ESE readers,impulse clocks,IRIG-B servers @ network-originating WJFK-FM. Hear GOES capability going away. New master clock RX designs seem GPS driven. No knowledge of GPS reliability vs GOES or WWV code. Home use  (maybe?) WWVB for radio clocks,WWV voice for other timepieces.  Stations I've been employed by still use WWV time code for master clocks; large installed base of receivers extant."
S5-0023 Thanks for asking.
S5-0024 "I have been using WWV services for over 40 years.  The internet is great, but when I am on a boat or conducting tests far afield you just can't beat the HF services."
S5-0025 MY biggest use of the services rendered by this service is the 10mc voice time of day-occasional 5mc
S5-0026 I find this service extremely important to my amatuer radio hobby for geo info and time info also to determine propogation by listen on particular frequency for wwv and wwvh to see if I am hearing them. I hope you will continue this needed service.
S5-0027 "Although reception is not always good at all frequencies, that characteristic makes it a useful indicator of propogation conditions."
S5-0028 "Inn the field of emergency management, accurate info is vital.  Knowing accurate time, geomagnetic disturbance, etc.  can give a needed """"edge"""" in preparedness. "
S5-0029 "I'm using a fairly current version on Netscape, but I am unable to enter data in your tables above."
S5-0030 This is a great service.
S5-0031 This service is invaluable for setting the correct time and checking the frequency stability of our receivers. PLEASE keep it on the air!
S5-0032 "I use WWV for accuracy,Internet has delay's and is good for quick reference only."
S5-0033 Please continue the services
S5-0034 Keep up the good work!!
S5-0035 "WWV has always been a great help in both my hobby (ham radio) and at work (industrial instrumentation. I keep a weather, WWV receiver by my bed and the first thing I do each day is check them both. I also use the audio tones to check my freq. counter for musical instrument tuning."
S5-0036 WWV has been a part of my job and amateur radio for over 60 years. No complaints in all that time.
S5-0037 Do not want to see a reduction in this most import service.
S5-0038 Nice form.  May soon be using GPS data.
S5-0039 Thanks for survey.  I hope you continue your service.  I have used it for many many years.  \\ Joe 
S5-0040 You guys are doing a great job.  Keep it up!
S5-0041 It would be impossible for me without this service in both hobbies and professional.
S5-0042 "WWV's broadcasts are so very helpful, and I would be lost without them!"
S5-0043 "I have used WWV as the standard to set my clocks for 30 years, and although I use the Internet service to set my computer, I do not want to see the radio service discontinued. I find the solar weather reports very useful in my amateur radio operations. Keep up the good work!"
S5-0044 I've been using WWV for freq. std and time ref. for many years both govt. and civ. keep up the good work.
S5-0045 No one does this as well as WWV/WWVH
S5-0046 I have been using WWV for as long as I can remember. I have worked 11 years in Foreign Countries. In Europe & Asia.
S5-0047 Generally a very good and worthwhile service.  Sorry to see it move from Greenbelt MD.
S5-0048 Very important for satellite tracking
S5-0049 am bc radio
S5-0050 Infrequent use of telephone time service.
S5-0051 Thanks for the oppurtunity to input
S5-0052 Having the WWV set on allows those of us amateur radio operators (ARES and RACES) working emergency/incident operations to set up radio gear & portable equipment of any age and perform with reliability for the people we are trying to help.
S5-0053 Keep this service on the air. Thanks.
S5-0054 I have literally listened to WWV/H most of my life (since age 9). I greatly appreciate the service as well as the lower cost WWVB clocks that have come on the market. I am also a broadcaster and am very conscious of accurate time.
S5-0057 "If possible increase the signal strength of WWV in the Houston,Texas area"
S5-0058 WWV is Great!  Keep the service as is and add better 2.5 mhz coverage.
S5-0059 The system works fine. Systems that work do not need to be updated or changed!
S5-0060 Find the service very helpful in many ways; would really miss if discontinued.
S5-0061 "Keep WWV, WWVH, and WWVB!  I find them indispensible. If they go away, then I'll switch to CHU. Computer time is fine, but if I'm not where an Internet connection is, hard to get time from the computer."
S5-0062 Thanks!
S5-0063 "WWV Is a valued service. I think there should always be a radio broadcast for those unable to use an internet connection (rural areas, offshore, etc.)"
S5-0064 I've used WWV/WWVH since my 1953 Navy days and still have need for your services
S5-0065 Did not know many of these services existed. Will try to learn how to use them in the future.
S5-0066 I really have three main uses: - keeping clocks accurate where internet is not available - keeping computer time accurate while attached to the internet - amateur radio and short wave propagation thanks!
S5-0067 Thanks for the valuable service.  It is always accurate and available in the Houston area.
S5-0068 "Discontinuance of WWV & WWVH would cause great  harm to the Amateur Radio Community--We use it for time calibration, and I, myself use it exclusively for frequency calibration. If they go off of the air, how would the world calibrate radio equipment ???                   RON GOLDSTEIN....KA2IIA    "
S5-0069 An extremely valuable govt. service.
S5-0070 See above and am happy and honored to have helped you out.  Am looking forward to when you reveal the data you collect.  Take care/N8DXR
S5-0071 Please do not stop the shortwave broadcasts!
S5-0073 Please continue this service...Thanks !
S5-0074 Thanks for the chance to respond.
S5-0075 WWV has been the most reliable and easily accessed means of calibrating equipment and synchonizing time pieces I know of.  I have used this resource for more than 30 years.  Keep up the good work.  Here is one Government Program worth keeping.
S5-0076 "Your service has been my standard for time calibration, frequency calibration for more then 40 years. Great job. We  need to keep this service. Computer time synch is a great feature. "
S5-0078 "Just keep up the good work! Mike Anderson, K8IW"
S5-0079 use an automatic clock and talking clock
S5-0080 "great service - if more people knew abt it, it would be used more. Thanks,"
S5-0081 Thank you for the great service
S5-0082 The service is good and well used at my home.
S5-0083 I use WWV frequently - mostly for time information but also as a propagation indicator.
S5-0084 Great Service. Please do not cut back on any service.
S5-0085 "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to the survey. 
S5-0086 "I use the services for many purposes; i.e., frequency calibration (amateur radio), time standard (computer, home, aviation/navigation, weather information, tone calibration, to name only a few."
S5-0087 Keep up the good work!!!!!
S5-0088 An invaluable service.
S5-0089 You provide a wonderful service for so many users.  Thank you.
S5-0090 "i use WWV  for zero of radio transmitter to run telephone patches for the military and set clocks and computer times, and also use traffic as to marine for hurricanes and information given out over the radio. without wwv we would be lost as to keeping many itms set properly and zerowed.  Mark Widerstrom   N5UOA/AFA4MJ  USAF MARS"
S5-0091 "I depend on WWV to correct my deck watch for Celestial Navigation. Propagation info very helpful for MF/HF communication. GPS outage info helpful.  (Note: otaining time from GPS unit not reliable - display always """"slow"""" on standard time, plus unit sometimes """"loses"""" seconds - no way to know without WWV/CHU standard. Problem: WWV sometimes inaudible in Atlantic - have to use CHU, but no weather/propagation/GPS info on CHU."
S5-0092 an additional frequency between 5 and 10 MNz would be nice also.. MORE frequent propagation broadcasts thanks...
S5-0093 None
S5-0094 Internet time access does not provide frequency standards.  Many of us use WWV for more than one reason.  The survey only allowed one choice.
S5-0095 Please continue this valuable service
S5-0096 Canada
S5-0098 Internet
S5-0099 "I have been a very satisfied user of WWV/H/B services for 20 + years, for everything from amateur radio calibration and propagation reports, to more recent technologies of GPS status & automatic clock setting.  Keep up the good work."
S5-0100 thank you very much.  even tho i marked the primary use i do use your services in several applications.
S5-0101 "I use this both for work as a 2 way radio installation and repair, and for amateur radio.  With everything going computerized, it is very important to keep everything time sinced as closely as possible.  Your services are greatly appriciated.  Dan Will, W3TWO"
S5-0103 None
S5-0104 "You render a most valuable and useful service on WWV, but it is sometimes difficult to receive due to solar storms.  More power or conversion to vhf/uhf with local cells would be helpful and reliable.  Expensive?  Yes, but vital."
S5-0105 I have been using WWV for time and frequency calibrations since 1946 and have come to depend on it.
S5-0106 "Thank you for being """"there."""""
S5-0107 Don't even think about reducing services
S5-0108 "I use wwv often as a time check, calibration of radio gear, and for storm forcasts. I also listen to KYW radio station in Philadelphia,  that has a time signal on the half hour and hour, which I am sure is calibrated to wwv. Their signal is exactly the same time as wwv signal.  I would like to keep wwv on the air, I would miss not having it to use for my Amateur Radio hobby, and to set the clocks in my home. Please reconsider if you are thinking of going off the air. Thnak You."
S5-0109 "Under USER DATA section... I use NIST for many reasons, Amateur Radio, Computers, 2-Way radio, GPS, radio-clocks and frequency standards. They are all important to me, and very much appreciated."
S5-0110 CHU and various signals in other countries
S5-0111 Thanks for all your help and service. It's a great service to all.
S5-0112 WWV is THE internationally recognized time and frequency standard.  Thank you for making it available.
S5-0113 The SERVICE is appreciated
S5-0114 "I rely on NIST timing services for all of my time and frequency requirements. Although the internet time services are useful, Short wave broadcasts are essential during remote and emergency operation of my amateur radio station."
S5-0115 NIST is a very usefull service provided by the US Government. It has a definite place in the technical environment we all use in our daily lives.  Thanks for providing this service.
S5-0117 World Time Service on the Web
S5-0118 I think your services are fine. Please keep them coming. Thank you.
S5-0119 As a WWV user for 60 years I find your severice to be excellant.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0120 What the hell is TAI?
S5-0121 The radio time service is extremely important and is required as a standard.
S5-0122 Please maintain this valuable national resource
S5-0123 CHU occasionally
S5-0124 I use WWV as an indication of current propagation conditions
S5-0125 CHU Canada
S5-0126 "We suggest to 200+ new HF users per year to use WWV for Propagation, GPS and Weather information, as well as a way to become familiar with HF propogation."
S5-0127 "10MHz pri at home; 5MHz (propagation) backup; WWV phone service when away from home in technical training for work (USPS Electronics Technician): OK primary, TX, MD on special occasions."
S5-0128 This survey has reminded me that I should have learned to us the internet and telephone services. I am remiss in not having done so. These are very valuable but I fear that my survy responce seems to down play them more than it should.
S5-0129 keep up the good work
S5-0130 None.
S5-0132 NIST offers valuable time info to me for both personal amateur radio use and professional computer time synchronization.
S5-0133 "Thank you for a great service that I use at least 10 times a day, and please hurry and fix the antennas on WWVB so I can put my clocks back to their normal places in the house!  Thanks!"
S5-0134 I feel that the service is good and useful for my applications
S5-0135 "Have enjoyed using the WWV through the years and it has been very reliable and dependable. Hope , wwv continues providing this valuable service for for many more years to come. Also, I immensely enjoyed the photos of the WWV facilities on your webpage. I would like to see more of these. The increasing availability of consumer based WWV clocks has made your service more important.   Thanks, Charles Bryant N4UMJ "
S5-0136 "I use frequency calibration from 10 mhz to set my frequency counter, set the clocks in the house and computers.  I also have an automatic clock that uses WWVB"
S5-0137 "I think you should allow more than one application of use, although my primary use is the setting of automatic clocks, I also use the service on a regular basis  for frequency calibration, and on my local network as a time standard, propagation conditions, and for geomagnetic conditions....  thanks
S5-0138 Please don't reduce your services.
S5-0139 Thanks for asking
S5-0140 AC4KA & AE4AU
S5-0141 Internet - NTP and SNTP
S5-0142 "I am very happy with the services currently in place.  My needs are modest, of course."
S5-0143 I notice lots of Latin American stations using the 10 and 15 MHz  frequencies...I wish they were prosecuted.....
S5-0144 I do not want to see this service discontinued. I enjoy having this service for ny purposes.
S5-0145 Thank You for your services and open door visitor policy...
S5-0146 Please stay on the air with current services.
S5-0147 "The broadcasted time-signals are  extrenely accurate, no complaints at all!!!"
S5-0148 NIST has provided an excellent service to me for the 25+ years I've been a user.  I'm glad the voice of WWV never gets tired!  :-)
S5-0149 WWV and WWVH 5 and 10 Mhz very important for my use. WWVB I use for Hobby time clock Scientific Atlanta Equipment
S5-0150 "Would like expanded geo reporting. Prefer radio reception of time signals, to avoid delays through WWW."
S5-0151 1.  The distribution of time via WWVB is the most  important time activity of NIST.  I forsee a time in the future when nearly all clocks in the  nation will be synchronized by WWVB.  I am glad you raised the reliability of WWVB by increasing radiated power. 2.  WWV/WWVB is the only good frequency standard  available to amateur radio operators.
S5-0152 Keep up the GREAT service. Cheers Karl B. Staddon Amateur Radio Callsign VE6KBS
S5-0153 "For almost 50 years, WWV has provided me with value that has no substitute."
S5-0154 Keep up the GREAT service. Cheers Karl B. Staddon Amateur Radio Callsign VE6KBS
S5-0155 "For almost 50 years, WWV has provided me with value that has no substitute."
S5-0156 It would be a shame to lose WWV!
S5-0157 Thank you for the excellent service over the years.  This feedback opportunity is a good service.
S5-0158 Please do not discontinue the broadcast services.
S5-0159 WWV and WWVH also provide relative propogation information from my station location.
S5-0160 "Doing a good job, keep up the good work!"
S5-0161 Extremely useful for 36 years
S5-0162 keep up the good work
S5-0163 All in all excellent service.
S5-0164 none
S5-0165 WWV is an asset.
S5-0166 "Find important to maintain time/date info, also to get solar activity reports"
S5-0167 "Unable to answer some questions due to messed up display on monitor, misalignment of options"
S5-0168 "I find your service very useful. Sometimes I can hear WVVH. WWV has always been a hit with the Boy Scouts who come over to work on their radio merit badge. I remember first listening to WWV over 40 yrs ago as a young SWL before getting into ham radio. 73, Dave Suuronen KB1KR "
S5-0169 This Web page won't let me fill in many of the fields! 
S5-0170 NIST has always been a reliable service.
S5-0171 I use propogation Information most. WWV is a treasured resource.
S5-0172 none
S5-0173 Install an east coast transmitter site.
S5-0174 I did freq. measurement for AM amd FM Radio Stations for 20 years and now am retired. I used the Lammpkin 107-C. Acc. is .00005 PPM. it always split the double Xero line. Thanks for the many years of GOOD SERVICE. Clyde McPherson
S5-0175 Very helpful and useful.  Also use radio propagation info a lot.
S5-0176 Thank you for decades of reliability and commitment to excellence.
S5-0177 Thank you!
S5-0178 Thank you for being there
S5-0179 Current service exceeds my real needs. Thanks
S5-0180 It does a pretty good job now.  Don't see much need for improvement.
S5-0181 Congratulations for a great service!!!
S5-0182 Please keep WWV on the air!!  Thank you.
S5-0183 Keep up the good work.  This is a valuable service and a standard that I have gotten to rely on.
S5-0184 Please keep these services on the air!
S5-0185 "Not really certain of the Frequency of the """"Atomic Clock I HQVE BEEN USINT, but the signal comes out of Colorado and is really helpful to me,especially in the amateur radio nets the I run.. Thanks again "
S5-0186 Have been using WWV since becoming a Ham in 1950
S5-0187 You've got to keep the Frequency Standards transmitting because there's no way you can send that across the internet.....  Keep up the good work and I'll keep listening and using your service.
S5-0188 "The WWV broadcast is the bedrock of my amateur radio and military flying - I have always depended on it for a time hack, and to verify my transmitter and receiver frequency calibration. Keep it up!!! Fred Wagner, KQ6Q"
S5-0189 I have in the past (retired now) in scientific endevers. Now I use WWV for personal (Astronomy) use.
S5-0190 "When Nist was Nis I was introduced to the time service on shortwave. That was a big push behind my becoming an avionics repair technician, laser technician, optical scientist, and radio amateur.   It seems funny to me when I review this, but that's how it was for real."
S5-0191 Keep up the good work!  WWVB is an excellent service now... my clocks appreciate it!
S5-0192 "I show Amatuer Radio to everbody, Look at my pictures on photopoint.com Just type in my email address in the guest box.
S5-0193 I have used your radio beacons for years.  It is an excellent use of tax money. The  Internet time information is much easier  to use than the modem service that I used  years ago.
S5-0194 Please do not ever stop the WWV & WWVH SW broadcasts
S5-0195 "Please keep these invaluable services on the air, and put a transmitter on the East Coast somewhere. Maybe Wash, D.C. or at a Navy Base?"
S5-0196 Also use propagation information broadcast 18 minutes after the hour.
S5-0197 1.  The distribution of time via WWVB is the most  important time activity of NIST.  I forsee a time in the future when nearly all clocks in the  nation will be synchronized by WWVB.  I am glad you raised the reliability of WWVB by increasing radiated power. 2.  WWV/WWVB is the only good frequency standard  available to amateur radio operators.
S5-0198 WWV as a frequency standard and source of accurate manual time very important to me!
S5-0199 Glad to have WWVB up to full power. Also glad to have NIST internet access.
S5-0200 Thanks for the very valuable service.  One of the best investments of Tax Dollars!
S5-0201 Good Job!
S5-0203 Please continue the broadcasts of WWV & WWVH
S5-0204 "The survey might be more useful to you if you could check all the boxes under user data that apply, in addation to the primary check.  Signal Report =WWVH 5/7   2357 utc  15-06-2001 with heavy QRM   KB2FB/DU7"
S5-0206 n/a
S5-0207 "Under User Data, I have interpreted your request for the primary use as meaning """"indicating only one selection"""", as there can be only one """"primary"""" as I see it.  I consider all my uses important, if not """"primary"""". Therefore I have left this important part blank."
S5-0208 "I find your services accurate, and dependable."
S5-0209 "Used this wonderful service at sea, the university and amateur radio stations.  most useful system !"
S5-0210 "Please keep WWV & WWVH on the air!! Regards, Peter Heins, Amateur Callsign: N6ZE/K1FJM"
S5-0211 please concider the areas for inprovement i have  mentioned and thank you for the service you provide
S5-0212 I recently purchased a Zeit clock which depends upon WWV and it works well. I don't know what frequency they use -- their information sheet does  not say.
S5-0213 "I have used WWV for 50 years and find it very helpful, it is a great service."
S5-0214 CA
S5-0215 "I am in Portland, Oregon"
S5-0216 A Great Service To The Amateur Community..Thank You
S5-0217 Use these all the time to determine accurate time for logkeeping and starting radio networks
S5-0218 Keep up the good work
S5-0219 "International Amateur Radio Services for emergencies etc. """"function upon"""" WWVB time references.  Without this service, contact timing and referencing would be chaotic and in many cases could lead to the loss of life and property. The reference time is the backbone upon which local and international amateur communications is grounded.  Our federal mission, and reason for existence within the federal government would be deeply compromised without a """"universal"""" accessible time reference."
S5-0220 Been using WWV since it was located in MD! 
S5-0221 I am very satisfied with the present service
S5-0222 "You should have allowed more choices in the User  Data part of the survey not just my primary use. I could have checked a half a dozen categories. My  time/position/weather needs vary depending on what I am doing i.e. boating,amateur radio or using my computer. Yours is a valuable public service keep up the good work."
S5-0223 It's nice to know WWV is always there to check time and propagation conditions.
S5-0224 CHU
S5-0225 "I hope you keep WWV, WWVH, and WWVB in service"
S5-0226 "There are many more uses of WWV in my operations than the """"primary choices"""" allow indication of. In a part time job at a shortwave transmitter site, the time-of-day information is most useful. Full  time duties at the Indiana State Police involve using WWV as a frequency standard, to maintain  accuracy and accountability of secondary standards. Finally, in my avocation as an amateur radio operator, time and frequency standards, as well as geomagnetic and propogation information, is invaluable."
S5-0227 state of SC
S5-0228 At the moment this is the most convient way to obtain clock calibrations for solar observations in determining astronomic north in my survey work.  Please do not discontinue the HF radio time transmissions.  I even check the clock's calibration while in the field using a portable HF radio. Thanks for your service.  John B. Link
S5-0229 "The radio broadcasts of WWV/WWVH/WWVB are an  IRREPLACEABLE source of standard frequency.  I think this may the most important service  they provide followed by standard time.   Standard time may be had easily by phone,  intenet, etc. standard frequency can not.  Also, the radio signals provide beacons to help  evaluate radio propagation.  This is COMPLIMENTED by the geophysical information broadcasts.  In short, ALL WWV/H/B transmitions are invaluable ans should NOT be discontinued."
S5-0230 Quite happy with existing services for my use....Keep up the good work!
S5-0231 "I wasn,t aware of your internet services!"
S5-0232 "Whatever you decide after reviewing this survey DO NOT reduce service; change it, improve it, etc. And THANK YOU for your valuable service."
S5-0233 "I have been a weekly user of WWV time standard for more than 20 years, and its easy accessibility via HF radio remains very important to me.  Although I now have a WWVB-receiving solar-powered clok in my amateur radio station at home, I frequently use a inexpensive Grundig portable HF receiver to monitor WWV for setting clocks in my laboratory at work."
S5-0234 Keep up the good work!
S5-0235 great clock!
S5-0236 Rely on for propagation and time service for many time keeping devices
S5-0237 "I use the clock on 10 Mhz to check my Amateur equipment, and to set the bell schedule at my High school.  I also have a wall clock at home that is set automatically via WWV, and I calibrate my digital wristwatch regularly."
S5-0238 "Great service, thanks. I use WWV in many ways, incl. time, precision frequency for calibrating my test equipment, and obviously for setting local clocks."
S5-0239 Thank you
S5-0240 WWV and NIST is one of the best uses of my federal tax dollars. You folks do a great job and are to be commended on tha quality of your work!
S5-0241 Also use WWV for calibration (personal 10 mHz std) and Amateur Radio related propigation checks
S5-0242 I have a clock that uses your signals to set it's time and date. It's the one that Radio Shack sells. It's always on time. And never drifts.
S5-0243 State: IN I have always relied on WWV and would like it to continue.  It is the only source I consider accurate for my needs.  Thanks for all the hard work through the years.
S5-0244 "I use the service and it should NOT go away for ANY reason.  Thanks Edward A Slimak, Consultant and W4EAS "
S5-0245 "As an amateur radio operator & as a private citizen, I find your time transmissions to be reliable & invaluable; I hope you are able to continue to offer the time services on HF radio.                   (de Ka3usz)"
S5-0246 "I may not use some of the information very often, but I know where to find it if I need it. "
S5-0247 NONE
S5-0248 Another really worthwhile government service
S5-0249 Survey indicates you are doing much that I am NOT aware of.  How can I learn more?
S5-0250 I don't know much about all yourservices and how to access them.
S5-0251 I also work at two 911 dispatch centers which use Netclocks for all equipment (WWVB)
S5-0252 Keep up the good work!
S5-0253 "I can not hear WWVH at my location.  WWV & WWVB are my primary radio time checks, with the internet being the most useful in order to keep PC clocks synchronized."
S5-0254 "ou guys and girls keep going! You do a great job. As a taxpayer, its folks like you, DoD, DoE, and NASA that I want my tax dollars going-to."
S5-0255 Thank you for doing this survey.  Thank you for providing standard frequency and time services.
S5-0256 I hope you will be able to keep WWV on the air!
S5-0257 Thanks for being there.  Please don't go away.
S5-0258 Thanks for a GREAT service!
S5-0259 Thanks for a GREAT service!
S5-0260 very valuable service for the need of those who use WWV for lunar/asteroidal occultations and grazes  Rob Robinson VP - International Occultation Timing Assoc.
S5-0261 WWV and WWVH: Please broadcast solar flux and geomagnetic information every 10 minutes.
S5-0262 None
S5-0263 "Radio propagation here makes WWV fade at times, when WWVH comes in clearly, and vice versa. Both are important. Former Military user as well, where it was invaluable."
S5-0264 I also use services in a instrumentation lab environment at work.
S5-0265 "Please do not take away the wwv time and propagation broadcasts. It is one of the things our government does for us which is needed, well done and free."
S5-0266 WWV Shortwave fastest/cheapest way to get accurate time updates.  WWV Telephone/Internet is a reliable backup.  Keep up the great work!
S5-0267 Great service.
S5-0268 thank you for providing me the opportunity to complete this survey.
S5-0269 I really appreciate the NIST services
S5-0270 I am constantly amazed at how few people in the general population have any concept of who maintains the United States's time standards. I have hopes that the availability of inexpensive electronic clocks that automatically resync against WWVB will spread more accurate timekeeping.
S5-0271 "Am well pleased with WWV. Thnk you for providint the service. Mike Lyness, AF4LQ"
S5-0273 I like and appreciate the service as is.
S5-0274 Would be helpful to give out the web address for the NIST in the brodcast over WWV/WWVB. 
S5-0275 Overall an excellent service. Keep up the good work. I hope to be able to tour the facilities in the near future.
S5-0276 Please continue the NIST service.  Tks
S5-0277 please continue the good services
S5-0278 "I have used WWV & WWVH for almost 30 years and find them very useful. Thank yo and keep up the good work!  I do find that the 20 & 25 Mhz WWV & WWVH broadvastrs are muich harder to receivefr ere in IN, and 2.5 Mhz is not as reliable also. "
S5-0279 We manufacture WWVB master clocks. The number of users is actually much higher than the number of people in our company (figure indicated at the top) !
S5-0280 Thanks for providing the services you have now. I hope none are going to be eliminated in the future.
S5-0281 "I hope NIST keeps at least the core b'casts on HF--many small, poor, casual users count on this service due to its easy, lo-cost availability. Awareness of it spreads by self-discovery, sales of SW portables and marine radio equip...Many amateur and mil. radio oprs also still use MF & HF bcasts to calibrate their analog rcvrs... Even with propogation delays, WWV/WWVH/WWVB are still the best, ongoing 'hack'! Bye..."
S5-0282 "Awfully hard to accurately put together post-storm events, for ex., without an accurate UTS readily and easily available.  Haven't used HF time services for a while because restrictions where I live; but used to use it all the time.  WHICH service depended upon current band conditions; so having multiple HF services was always handy.  Also used a Radio Shack """"Time Cube."""""
S5-0283 NIST Time and Frequency services are a constant in a variable world. Keep up the Great Work!!!!!
S5-0284 Taking this survey has alerted me to more services which I may find useful in the near future.
S5-0285 Taking this survey has alerted me to more services which I may find useful in the near future.
S5-0286 For my applications (mainly amateur) you do a fantastic job.   You have much more information than I will ever use.  Keep up the good work!
S5-0287 Please keep the services going.  It's as important a part of life as having clocks and watches to tell time.  Thank you.
S5-0288 "i have used the HF WWV/WWVH broadcasts on a weekly basis for over 25 years & have found them to be a very useful & reliable standard that i can always count on,so--a Big Thanks! from AD4E - Tallahassee, FL"
S5-0289 Great to have your service available!
S5-0290 Thanks for the service - I've used it for over 40 years.
S5-0291 "As more of the general public purchases the WWVB-based """"Atomic Clocks"""", it is increasingly important that we continue to have access to the 60KHz WWVB signal.  I think this trend will continue for consumer electronics.  I hope the funds will remain to keep WWV, WWVH, and WWVB on the air.  In this age of electronics, it is imperative that they do!"
S5-0292 Don't even think about a reduction in services!!
S5-0293 Extremely valuable service.
S5-0294 "Retaining and maintaining at least some of the broadcast frequencies MUST be a priority. In particular, the 5 and 10 MHz WWV/WWVH and 60 kHz WWVB, frequencies are THE frequency yardsticks for those without standards cal lab access, both commercially and privately (as hobbyists). Thank you for having the survey for user input.  This is a GREAT USE of my taxpayer dollars!"
S5-0295 "In the field, away from telephone lines, there is simply no substitute for WWV/WWVH for time, frequency, propagation and maritime weather information."
S5-0296 "In this day of expansive use of the internet and inexpensive WWWVB receivers, the HF services are still needed for all of the info they provide. "
S5-0297 I hope your great service never goes away.
S5-0298 Keep WWV!
S5-0299 n/a
S5-0300 n/a
S5-0301 Please keep the HF service
S5-0302 "Please don't cut this program.  Besides the time, I use if for propagation purposes and a freq standard.    "
S5-0303 Very useful! Keep up the good work please.
S5-0304 You offer great services.  Keep up the good work.
S5-0305 PLEASE continue the service. Really depend on it. THANK YOU ALL  Harold Dunnum
S5-0306 "Usage is not limited to Illinois, but throughout US and Canada; applications include Freq. Calibration, Master Clock, Radio Receive Clock, Time Stamping Scientific Data, Marine Weather, Amateur Radio, Propagation and Time of Day Display besides Computer Clock Set."
S5-0307 "The quality and reliability of the WWV et all  operation has been and is most impressive! Even  with my limited useage of the swrvices at this  time, it is most appreciated. For many years I  also used the services in the broadcasting fields. Keep up the good work! I refer to your services every  day!  Dr. Tom Gruis, KHTF  "
S5-0308 Please do not degrade this fine service...
S5-0309 "I strongly believe that WWV is doing a great job!   Please do not cut back on current service.   Also, I normally listen to WWV, but I do use the  WWVH """"echo"""" for determining propagation to HI  from CT.  Thanks!"
S5-0310 WWV/WWVH transmissions are vital beacons to verify proper operation of HF receivers - very important these days where predictable HF transmissions are becoming hard to find.
S5-0311 Everything is fine from my perspective.....don't screw it up!! <G>
S5-0312 I like the bulletins for special alerts
S5-0313 CHU Canzda Radio Rugby UK
S5-0314 "I was unaware of some to the services, I may be able to use this service more fully by exploring the other options available."
S5-0315 I am very pleased with the services provided by NIST to the public.  I have used the frequency calibration for industrial use in the past.  Keep up the Good Work.
S5-0316 Would really want to keep present radio services as they are invaluable to our laboratory field work all over the USA and sometimes overseas
S5-0317 "WWV is a great service...it is very useful for amateur radio prop. checks, accurate time for logging & clock setting....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!"
S5-0318 Thanks for all of your hard work over the years.  The WWV station is a national asset and I am thankful that it is available for use. 
S5-0319 "The use of NIST (and other redundent) time references is critical to my business and private applications.  Weather broadcasts and alerts are also very important, but are not as critical as the UTC time reference services.  Thank-you for your support. "
S5-0320 "I use many features of your service and find them to be very helpful and extremely reliable.  Keep up the good work, and Thank You."
S5-0321 I have a watch and a clock that automaically synchronize to WWVB. I would hate very much to lose that service.
S5-0322 I have used your frequency stds for 38 years
S5-0323 Please retain this service!
S5-0324 "I have been using your stations to check freq. calibration , set clocks , and as propagation indicators for 34 yrs as a radio hobbyist ( Amateur Radio ) and for 30 yrs for astronomy observation timekeeping. I recently purchased an excellent household clock that monitors WWVB & sets itself ....... after keeping watch on HF timestations for 40 yr !!!"
S5-0325 "I find monitoring WWV & WWVH very useful and  informative when it comes to HAM radio, timepeace accuracy and the time setting process of clocks, watches, TV's and VCR's. Also, the ability to get both tones tells me propagation is very good. It is the only way for me to keep accurate time."
S5-0326 Please don't shut down the radio broadcasts! We need the time/freq standards easily/cheaply available!!
S5-0327 "I am a metrologist as well as an amateur, and have used your WWVx services for the last 35 years, both home (USA) and abroad in both hobby and work. Recovered WWVB info from Saudi Arabia on a regular basis for the secondary freq std and  primary time std in our work for the national airline there. "
S5-0328 "Now that I am aware of some of yor other services, I will check them out. The only one I had previously known about was the radio service."
S5-0329 "As an amateur radio operator, I would hate to see WWV disappear completely.  The information it  provides is very valuable, including its signal strenght on its various frequencies."
S5-0330 Keep up the good work.
S5-0331 "WWV has been a useful staple for many, many years. (I have been using it for 40 years myself.)  Keep it around!"
S5-0332 "WWV is a very useful service of the government - it allow me 24 hour access to ionospheric information and in so doing, allows me to run a receiving check on my station. I also use the WWVB service for automatic setting of my station clock. WWVH is very useful for assessing conditions to the Pacific from Illinois."
S5-0333 W5CGH
S5-0334 I would like to be able to take a tour of the station some day.
S5-0335 "I consider WWV an extremely valuable tool and use it frequently.  Moreover, WWV's reliability gives me confidencde that my time references are accurate"
S5-0336 I have been very satisfied with the NIST services. I have been an Amateur for 36 years and have lived at 4 different locations throughout the country and have been able to use the services at all of them. Thanks for the service.
S5-0337 "To monitor the stability of my amateur tranciever, I shuttle betweeen your upper and lower sideband until the tones or occasional ac hum is of equal pitch.  This gives me leverage by which I can determine my frequency (and sideband balance) to whithin cycles.  A feature pointing listeners to that technique might be well received.  "
S5-0338 "WWV is used to make direct, off-the-air checks of the frequency calibration of much of our equipment. For many years, WWV has provided a service of great value.  Once we used WWVL to maintain our own frequency reference.  When WWVB gets to full power, we will consider using it for the same purpose.  Unfortunately, we are in an urban area with moderate noise levels at 60 kHz. ---Keep up the good work!"
S5-0339 "I appreciate your service, but it does not come in very good in Seattle where we visit often. On any frequency.  And here in Oregon I live in the mountians,(canyon) and sometimes in the daytime it does not come in very good on any frequency. "
S5-0340 "I heard about this survey on Wolf Mt VHF weather repeater.  Get most of my weather from SF and Wolf Mt. weather repeaters. I listen to WWV/WWVH from Bay Area, CA.  Which-ever-one sounds better."
S5-0341 You've been a most useful tool for me for three decades now.  I hope to see at least the present services continue indefinitely.
S5-0343 The solar & geophysical information is very useful and just listening to WWV and WWVH is very helpful for propagation prediction. Please don't go off the air!
S5-0344 "It is a great service, It is very important to us for safety reasons to have this info avaiable. "
S5-0345 Thanks!
S5-0346 Maintain the current status of WWV and WWVH on HF radio.
S5-0347 I have been using your services since 1957! You are doing a fine job - keep it up!
S5-0348 I heard WWV may go off the air.  Say it isn't so!!!! As an amateur radio operator (KE2I) I use the WWV CO and HI broadcasts at least once a week. It provides instant and unambiguous access to current time.  It is unclear from other services like those on the web how much delay the  network introduces on the reported time.  I also use WWV for frequency calibration of my radio's and to determine the radio frequency propagation conditions of various bands.
S5-0349 I really appreciate having accurate time for HAM Radio and Astronomy work.  Thank you!
S5-0351 Solar output and flux levels services should be more widely publicised and used.
S5-0352 I appreciate this service.  I hope that there are no major decreases in service.  Thank you.
S5-0353 I love your services.  Keep up the good work. Need guided tours of your facility.
S5-0354 Save WWV/WWVH! Don't let them take it away!
S5-0356 Thanks! H. P. Tardif
S5-0357 Great service.  Please keep it up. 
S5-0358 "WWV is a very useful service of the government - it allow me 24 hour access to ionospheric information and in so doing, allows me to run a receiving check on my station. I also use the WWVB service for automatic setting of my station clock. WWVH is very useful for assessing conditions to the Pacific from Illinois."
S5-0359 I know many folks that are not taking this survey that use the radio and computer services and value it greatly.  Thanks
S5-0360 We set all of our clocks by WWV and consider it more accurate than radio and TV or telephone.
S5-0361 "More frequent broadcast of propagation info: SFI,A,K indexes"
S5-0362 My watch has appreciated your accurate time for the past 25 years !
S5-0363 "I mainly use NIST to calibrate radio, check propagation forecasts, passing them along to operators in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, keep accurate time for schedules, set VCR timers for recording satellite broadcasts for my unit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints.  Thanks for your excellent service."
S5-0364 Keep up the good work
S5-0365 "WWV is doing a fine job from CO. Keep up the good work. 73, de KB9VF"
S5-0366 "This survey was not easily usable by a blind visitor to the site. I required assistance from a sighted person to complete the survey. Having said that, I appreciate NIST for all it does and would hate to see budget cuts in any way destroy the time and frequency information."
S5-0367 "Recognizing that an single user of NIST services does not carry the weight of a corporate or government user, let me urge you to continue support of WWV/WWVH/WWVB which are unmatched for convenience, reliability and simplicity.  My use of WWV-H-B includes work as broadcast engineer and search and rescue volunteer.  NIST radio must continue, lest you hasten the """"digital divide"""" between those who can pay and those who can't. "
S5-0368 Please do not delete WWV!  It's quite useful!
S5-0369 Excellent and essential service
S5-0370 "There has been a tremendous increase in harmful interfereence to the 10 mHz 15 and 5 mhz services,largely of Asian and Spanish-speaking origin. This international radio piracy degrades the reliability and performance of WWV/WWVH data, and NIST would be well-advised to seek FCC and State Department involvement. Otherwise, thanks for your yeard of dependable, professional services. Jim Henderson (KF7E) Queen Creek, AZ"
S5-0371 "I do not know what recover International Atomic Time(TAI) means.Thanks for sending this survey, and for the excellent service you provide."
S5-0372 Thank you for the service of WWV on HF.
S5-0373 "Please say hello to Jason Lunn, one of your programmers from Pete Barth."
S5-0374 Thank you for the service of WWV on HF.
S5-0375 "Valuable services, thank you."
S5-0376 I think the NIST provides a great service which is second to none.  I count on the accuracy and quality of the services.
S5-0377 I have been using NBS/NIST time/frequency signals since 1937.
S5-0378 I think you provide a useful service.
S5-0379 Thanks for your help in the past.
S5-0380 My state is CA
S5-0381 Keep up the fine work. 73
S5-0382 "keep it up, we need it"
S5-0383 I often listen while I'm driving.  It keeps me awake and allows me to pace myself.
S5-0384 WWV is great!!
S5-0385 "I would like to hear more information regarding radio wave propogation, ie solar indices.  Thanks for making this survey available to the public"
S5-0386 please do not take away radio transmission services; radio maintenance as a hobby would be adversly affected by loss of this calibration standard.
S5-0387 Thanks for this opportunity.
S5-0388 Is it possible to broadcast a siderial time on a sub-carrier?
S5-0389 As long as the frequency is in use it probably costs very little more to use it for other things... Perhaps you might survey users for what other types of voice services might be useful.
S5-0390 This is too damn long - send me a $10 gift and I'd complete it.
S5-0391 "never stop transmitting.landlines are fallible, the heavens are not."
S5-0392 I use WWV as a band condition beacon as well as an accurate time and frequency standard.
S5-0393 Thank you for the service you provide.
S5-0394 None
S5-0395 "The shortwave broadcasts from WWV are extremely  valuable for many purposes.  Please, do not even  consider terminating them!  I feel like NIST  provides valuable services for my tax dollars. "
S5-0396 Keep up the GOOD work !!!!
S5-0398 NONE
S5-0399 The service suits our needs well now (auto rallies).  We would like wider coverage.
S5-0400 UTC and frequency data critical for amateur operations.
S5-0401 ..Doing a good job..keep up the good work...
S5-0402 I think you need a Xmiter on the East Coast also.
S5-0403 Please do not eliminate any services. 
S5-0404 WWV/WWVH is the BEST World Wide Radio Service.
S5-0405 "Our teams deploy all over the world.  Often NIST provides the only time, frequency, GPS, Radio Prop, and GeoAlert information available in our remote locations."
S5-0406 I invented the Heathkit Most Accurate Clock; now I work at RadioShack.  We have 10's of thousands of users that depend on your binary data to set their clocks. Wayne Wilson     work phone:(817) 415-3233 if you need additional information about how many CG(W)-1000 clocks Heathkit sold or how many RadioShack clocks depend on your signal.  Thanks for all you do! Please don't ever drop your support.
S5-0407 Great service - consistently reliable and accurate. Hope the bean counters don't kill it.
S5-0408 None
S5-0409 "JJY and CHU don't nearly measure up to WWV/WWVH. Reception can be heard of CHU and JJY only at  night, non-exsistence during the day. Lets get 20Mhz transmitting for WWVH up and running. You can contact me  73s and Aloha. WH6AMU
S5-0410 I live in SW Jefferson County (CO) so WWV is convenient. Before retiring from Public Serivce Co of CO we used the time & freq. services
S5-0411 "CHU, Canada"
S5-0412 "The time broadcasts from WWV and WWVH (both over the radio and telephone, and now via the internet) have been serving my needs as a private citizen for over 30 years.  Thanks!"
S5-0413 WWH / WWVH is a needed service. Please continue and expand the coverage!
S5-0414 "I have been using WWV and WWVH since 1968 for personal use and while I was in the US Navy. This service that the NIST provides is invaluable to private, commercial, and government users. I thank you for making this service available for all these years.  Regards,  Tom Ziko Amateur Radio Callsign: WA1VAI"
S5-0415 I have found the information provided by WWV and WWVB to be very useful for over 30 years.
S5-0416 It is nice to be able to set my watch and computer clock and know it is correct.
S5-0417 WWV/WWVH broadcasts are important to me since I do not have a computer/Internet access at home.  Please do not curtail these broadcasts.  Thanks.
S5-0418 Please keep these valuable resources on the air and contiue broadcasting!
S5-0419 Useful services.  Don't discontinue them.
S5-0420 CCU Canada
S5-0421 You really have a great service!
S5-0422 I really appreciate the service. Thanks! S. Lyon
S5-0423 None
S5-0424 Your service is Very IMPORANT keep up great work. mike in Delaware
S5-0425 I have been using WWV for 49 years. Thanks!
S5-0426 "WWV & WWVH are very important to the FCC's HFDF activity. We have over 30 years of propagation information, much of it developed from  the emissions from these stations.  WWV is only 250 miles wnw of our declared net center in western Kansas.   Accordingly line of bearing data gathered over  decades on WWV in particular is a very good indicator of HF direction finding capability for CONUS.    We observe these signals as frequently as a dozen times a day and "
S5-0427  18min after the hour Solar data is very important
S5-0428 None
S5-0429 "when I lived in Hawaii (91-94) I used WWVH almost  daily for ham radio, aviation and watch setting  purposes.  I also traveled extensively across the Pacific Rim for the military and required accurate time."
S5-0430 I have heard rumors the NIST wanted to stop operating WWV and WWVH.  We use these services everyday. Please do not suspend their operation.
S5-0431 WWV/WWVH are my primary time sources which can put me within one second. WWVB is useful with speciality clocks. Once I set a battery operated clock using WWV I can take it anywhere in the world and have GMT time available to me.
S5-0432 A very good service Keep up the good work
S5-0433 shortwave broadcasts are extremely useful and reliable
S5-0434 WWV/WWVH recievers in our signal controllers provide the most cost effective way to coordiate our traffic signals.
S5-0435 I use the time standards many times a day.  Here at Marriott International we use it to synchronize data collection tools.  At home I use it to set all the clocks accurately and as a frequency standard for my radio equipment.  In the car I don't have a clock so I use my HAM radio and WWV to tell me the time.  I also use the WWV transmissions as a quick way to check which band has the best propagation.
S5-0436 Thanks for the public survey.
S5-0437 Would be nice to have GPS time backup source.
S5-0438 Tax dollars at work that REALLY work!!!
S5-0439  Have used the NIST services for 40 years in the telephone industry and 45 years in Amateur radio. Keep up the good work.
S5-0440 Keep up the good work.
S5-0441 Where can I get the latest internet time software? Will it work through firewalls?  Thanks for the service 
S5-0442 "I also own an """"atomic clock"""" that automatically sets the time from WWV.  I'm sure many other people use these atomic clocks [my local Costco sold 200 just before Xmas] and WWV, but they just don't know how these clocks get the correct time.
S5-0443 "We are a US designer and manufacturer of analog WWVB clock movements.  We have shipped over 250,000 of these movements throughout the US.  The general public still is still mostly uneducated about this technology, even some technical people that I have come in contact with.  "
S5-0444 Thanks for providing an excellent service.
S5-0445 "Very few users of NIST time services only use it  for ONE Primary service.  While the survey people probably said this is the best way to answer the above questions, I use it for many of the above  services.  Thank you for taking the time to survey your users. "
S5-0446 "although I'm now primarily a WWVB user via consumer clocks, it would be a shame to see the HF time/freq services reduced.  what else could replace the WWV/H frequency standards for individuals?"
S5-0447 "Very useful system, I use it daily. Thank you"
S5-0448 Thanks for the opportunity to respond!
S5-0449 I appreciate the availability of WWV and have come to depend on it.
S5-0450 "CHU oftens proves better here in VA than WWV, eh?"
S5-0451 "During my 26 year career in the military, accurate time of day was very important. That need for correct time is now engrained in me. I have a rather old Radio Shack NOAA weather and a NIST time signal voice receiver and a Radio Shack """"Atomic Clock"""" that receives the NIST time signal and displays the time constantly(no voice). "
S5-0452 The services are priceless.  Excellent.
S5-0453 "I use wwv & wwvh to determine which bands are  open, to set my clocks, a&k indecies and  geomagnetic info.  I am an ham opreator  and shortwave hobbist, when wwvh can be heard I know where the band is open to."
S5-0454 Normally used to get HF propagation under field or emergency conditions with no phone or computer access.  Need the Frequency Standard to verify that we are inside regulated HF band limits.
S5-0455 Where can I obtain information for (Setting Computer Clock)?
S5-0456 THANK YOU!
S5-0457 We set up in remote locations with no telephone or internet access.
S5-0458 "I enjoyed driving out to the WWV antenna site near Fort Collins, CO last year and viewing the facility from the road.  I wish you had tours of your facility as I find it fascinating.  What a wonderful place to work!  73 Thank you for allowing me to participate in your survey."
S5-0459 "Secondary usage:  geo alert, freq calibration"
S5-0460 WWV broadcasts are an extremely valuable asset to amateur radio.
S5-0461 Please continue WWV and WWVH broadcasts.
S5-0462 "Thanks for your comforting presence and service. When sailing at great distances, at slow speed, and in nature's way, WWV and WWVH are invaluable to the long-distance sailor's peace of mind! Many heartfelt thanks!"
S5-0463 "I use this service regularly for time and frequency calibration for communications purposes as well as personal use. I very much appreciate the service for its convenience and reliability, as well as accuracy. The propogation information is especially useful. Thank you for these services and for the opportunity to take part in the survey."
S5-0464 "Radio Voice used by communications staff to calibrate time on independent clocks, radio controller, and displays.  Internet used by IT staff (unknown software) to calibrate LAN and approximately 100 workstations connected to it."
S5-0465 Please keep up this valuable service.  This is the ultimate standard for time in the world!
S5-0466 Always a good feeling to tune in WWV on 10Mhz...
S5-0467 WWV is essential in remote areas.
S5-0468 "A very very useful, accurate and good service"
S5-0469 please do not take wwv off the air we need it
S5-0470 Nice services. Thanks.
S5-0471 Power out put could be increased of the WWV might help eliminate some of the  interferance trouble. Referance to CO.
S5-0472 The Atomic clock in my office is wonderful to have on time!
S5-0473 Keep up the good work and sevice. Amateur Radio operators appreciate this service !
S5-0474 "Your web page < http://www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/stations/iform.html#ut1 > is incomplete when explaining about UT1 Time Corrections. It says that UT1 corrections are at """"at two levels of accuracy."""" Then it describes leap seconds, but fails to explain the second level of accuracy using double-ticks. This needs to be corrected as soon as possible."
S5-0475 "I have used WWV for 45 years, and find it a very valuable service. Thank you for providing one of the best and most reliable government services in history!"
S5-0477 An very valuable service - keep up the good work!
S5-0478 I use your signals to check Propagation.  Higher frequencies at both facilities would help determine band conditions.
S5-0479 I find the solar report at 18 minutes or 45 minutes useful as well because I do shortwave reception.
S5-0480 Absolute necessity for several standard clocks.
S5-0481 "WWV/WWVH/WWVB are excellent!  Don't change anything!  I also get the Geoalert by e-mail, otherwise that would have been my primary use.  Instead it's time and frequency reference.  I take this seriously.  I have to."
S5-0482 I also use this service to do accurate clock adjustments for daylight savings time on my job.  We have over 70 clocks and need to have them all on the correct time. 
S5-0483 "I use the WWV and WWVH to give me indications of the propergation for my amateur radio activities and I find these invaluable, hope it carries on for a long time to come, many thanks"
S5-0484 "I also have several watches and clocks (Synctime, Lacross, Oregon Scientific) which calibrate via WWVB"
S5-0485 "I assume in the above you wish only one application and user info.  I use the WWV signal in my physics lab (I'm a high school teacher) for frequency calibration and for timer calibration and at home for propagation information, GPS status, setting my computer clock, and astronomy.  I also have several clocks that use the WWVB signal (two at home and one in my lab)."
S5-0486 It would be a great loss if any of these services were discontinued!
S5-0487 "Having been involved in amateur radio and commercial radio communications all over the world, I have always relied on these service to check equipment callibration and for accurate time.  I would sure hate to see the services of WWV, WWVH and WWVB discontinued. Thank you for the opportunity to let me express my feelings about these services."
S5-0488 911 centers throughout the U. S. and probably other countries rely on accurate time mainly for legal reasons so that information gathered and used for public safety can be synchronized by time.
S5-0489 "The """"Time"""" and solar indices are very useful to Amateur Radio operators along with geometric conditions..."
S5-0490 Keep up the good work and servies
S5-0491 I have been looking at the solor numbers for 30yrs
S5-0492 I hope you don't find it necessary to cut your services too much.
S5-0493 Thank you for being there
S5-0494 Thank you for providing many years of service to me as a member of the US Coast Guard and as an Amateur Radio operator.
S5-0495 Hope we don't lose WWV...
S5-0496 I would like to keep WWV WWVH on as at present.
S5-0497 Thank you for allowing me to respond to your survey!!
S5-0498 "I think I have yet to use NIST (esp. WWV and WWVH)to its fullest extent.  As I learn more, I use it more."
S5-0499 "I use WWV information via the radio frequencies mostly at home for amateur radio.  However at work at Muskingum College, I use the time and frequency information to support lab and radio and television operations where time is extremly important.   "