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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What new time and frequency service would you find useful? (Please explain briefly)
S3-1000 Create a time-signal to flip steaks to not cook steak beyond medium rare.
S3-1001 25 MhZ from Colorado to check propogation
S3-1002 "Move or duplicate one or more WWV frequencies to provide better coverage on the East coast of the US.  A WWVE, if you will...."
S3-1003 "Right now I can't think of any, but I am certain there are a lot of them.  I hope you don't load up the service where no one understands what it's all about.  Please use the KISS principle."
S3-1004 None. The existing ones are very adequate.
S3-1005 automatic update of time for windows users
S3-1006 Toll free time that automatically disconnects after giving a one minute hack so you don't get campers on the line.  Would make it easier for people without receivers to get accurate time.
S3-1007 digital broadcast
S3-1008 WWV transmitted Power Increase to deal with declining sun spot cycle.
S3-1009 None.
S3-1010 "Add data broadcasts of standard RTTY, ASCII data 110 baud, or 300 baud Packet broadcasts of all radio bulletins such as propagation, GPS, marine, etc to the radio transmission cycle for automated data reception and data recording of them by user."
S3-1011 Quicker loading map with times shown in each zone minutes only would be sufficient.
S3-1012 "real time,  on-line time, not just a snapshot that I have to refresh to set my clocks"
S3-1013 "Possible Civil Defense alerts(ie: US alert staus), considering the latest terrorist attacks."
S3-1014 perhaps a switched xmit ant syst ea 10 min to improve signal/fast fades at different areas & times. 
S3-1015 Is there any way a marketable device could be made which uses GPS??
S3-1016 A coded time transmission on WWV that could easily be decoded with a standard computer sound card & public domain softare. The data could be used to set the PC clock or other functions.
S3-1017 would be nice to have time of day in different parts of the world with time differences including the daylight savings time changes
S3-1018 1 sec
S3-1019 a list of Internet time servers and their accuracy
S3-1020 Stream WWV's signal on-line
S3-1021 None
S3-1022 I just discovered the computer tine service. It might be a good thing to let peple know over wwv/wwvh that it is avaaible.
S3-1023 "    The system currently on WWV and WWVH is working just fine.  I depend on these stations to calibrate transmitters, clocks and such.  All frequencies are needed due to changes in radio propagation. Leave the current service intact. Thank you."
S3-1024 see above
S3-1026 None
S3-1027 I would like to syncronize my computer's clock with your clock automatically.
S3-1028 Dial up audio of the GEO info and GPS info---if you miss it you have wait an hour.rather bot wait.
S3-1029 None
S3-1030 I do not need any new service.
S3-1031 none..just keep WWV and WWVB operational.
S3-1032 12 and 24 hr clock
S3-1033 60 kHz usage is increasing with the availablity of WWVB clocks
S3-1034 It would be really cool to offer a time service on cable or satelite dish system.
S3-1035 "somewhere near 500 KHz, it is a big gap from 2.5 down"
S3-1036 NONE
S3-1037 N/A
S3-1038 "Although the loss of 25 MHz was necessary, the loss of a standard signal at that frequency diminished HF ra"""
S3-1039 Some method of checking signal propagation over the H.F. spectrum.
S3-1040 Local re-broadcast to above 50Mhz
S3-1041 "Perhaps develop some time syncronizing software for handhelds, ie, Palm, Handspring, etc."
S3-1042 International real time calculations like the U.S. calculations that the NIST web site already does.  
S3-1043 "Voice announcement of time code more frequent than one per minute, say once every 20 sec."
S3-1044 "25MHz service would be of benefit, as would a LW [Say 120/150kHz?] service - both for information and spectal condition testing; perhaps an add-on to a LEO sat. with 140MHz service?"
S3-1045 widespread ntp services
S3-1046 "time update built-into car radios, "
S3-1047 Expanded HF propagation data
S3-1048 ?
S3-1049 "Greater precision on DUT1 values (say to the 0.01sec?). Reporting on DUT1 values, via voice, every few minutes."
S3-1050 "As a long time user of WWV , I miss WWV at 25 mhz ."
S3-1051 "i'm sure there are some but i can't think of any just right now, sorry."
S3-1052 low power vhf for time sync not tied to comecial broadcasts
S3-1053 none
S3-1054 "Web radio.  Although this will not be accurate enough for anything but setting wristwatches, it sure SOUNDS NEAT. "
S3-1055 Devices with LED flash at each second tick would be useful for observations with videos
S3-1056 "additional solar information and space weather (near earth), optical flares, coronal mass ejections."
S3-1057 Satisfactory as it is.
S3-1058 as above when you do not go to sleep
S3-1059 "The service is quite adequate as it is, other than the 60Khz signal strength on the east coast. If the government needs to save money, then just maintain the present services and avoid diluting resources."
S3-1060 I am satisfied with the service both on the internet and broadcast bands
S3-1061 Current setup is adequate
S3-1062 satisfied with current service most of the time!
S3-1063 10.00 Mhz. for calibrating watch and radio receivers for amature and professional use.
S3-1064 none
S3-1065 "Manditory WWVB receiver built into every clock, VCR, and any other device without a standard computer interface."
S3-1066 TOR FEC data format for time and forcasts.
S3-1067 "possibly find a way around some propagatin effects such as drop outs, fading, and delays."
S3-1069 "AM clearvoice, so that observers like me won't need a short wave receiver."
S3-1070 time signal broadcast on local A.M. radio would be accessable to a wider user group.
S3-1071 Transmitters in Europe. I'm an airline pilot that works international flights. I use this service exclusivly to set aircraft clocks and verify GPS service.
S3-1072 increased number of radio bands.  Sometimes shortwave bands are difficult to receive.  My application is astronomical timing (audio needed) and availability from remote locations
S3-1073 low frequency coverage at 60 khs here for very accurate time and frequency.
S3-1074 "Perhaps some restoration of WWVL at 20 KHz.,  and 25.0 MHz transmissions "
S3-1075 Just continue the one you have!  (please)
S3-1076 Expanded Geo Alerts and Aurora info
S3-1077 A reasonable priced way of getting the UT accurately displayed in a video camcorder in realtime.
S3-1078 website that would set your pc clock.
S3-1079 "Maybe expansion to simple beacon operations on other frequency stadards such as 7MHz, 30MHz and 50MHz  to facilitate better probigation predictions."
S3-1080 "GPS sattelite health, stauus, and pdop almanacs available"
S3-1081 "Better reception/coverage outside the USA, e.g. South Pacific, South America, Africa. "
S3-1082 "service is fine, just don't break it please."
S3-1083 "Perhaps aurora index, and related propagation information."
S3-1084 broadcasting of a time hack on a single AM or FM frequency available in most national markets.
S3-1085 An additional WWV radio broadcast in the low VHF range (30-70 MHz) would be useful as a frequency standard and propagation beacon.
S3-1086 "I think it is fine just the way it is, except for foreign interference."
S3-1087 Guy comes to my house and sets my clock and telescope for me ;-)  I am happy with the current service
S3-1088 "easier reception, maybe on a frequency that's more common (e.g. FM)"
S3-1089 "Foriegn countries, especially Australia, to help me figure out when to call my contacts there"
S3-1090  -
S3-1091 Higher transmission  power
S3-1092 All
S3-1093 Not sure. Would like to find a way to get timing signal that was as good as IRIG-H for timing astronomical events. Just a wish. Hard to do for remote observing sites.
S3-1094 I am happy with what I have
S3-1095 Current service meets my needs.
S3-1096 "I would like a computer program to access the time and reset itself accordingly every time I access the net, in background, automatically."
S3-1097 I think the frequencies now offered are fine for me.
S3-1098 Morse Code signals like we had before 1970's
S3-1099 none
S3-1100 Addiktonal solar indices.
S3-1101 I think things are fine as they are right now.
S3-1102 My objective in joining the survey is to urge that all services be retained.  Hopefully we as users will catch up with their availability.
S3-1103 Happy with the way it is!
S3-1104 All appear to be adequate
S3-1105 "Digital, say PSK time signal on HF, in addition to sub-audible bcd stuff on WWV."
S3-1106 none...
S3-1107 regularly provide K index (planetary index) for solar storms verbally
S3-1108 "Julian Date,epoch time"
S3-1109 "Service also available in Europe, f.e. via AFRTS"
S3-1110 Time.gov should instantly provide my current time.  Too many extra clicks.
S3-1111 Increased propagation info
S3-1112 better integration with existing time portocols
S3-1113 30mhz   for propagation
S3-1114 "A few seconds Interval in WWV broadcast where carrier goes to full PEP with no modulation, allowing unambiguous distinction of carrior from sidebands. "
S3-1115 I feel the basic set-up is correct.  Better daytime reception for portable receivers could be improved.
S3-1116 synchronous ability for export
S3-1117 I believe that all time pieces should be able to reference WWVB for accuracy
S3-1118 "NIST signal over power grids, appliances/clocks that would use this.  Change the world to GMT, no more time zones."
S3-1119 mo comment
S3-1120 What you have is fine.
S3-1121 would like to see something in FM (for stablity and coverage enhancements)
S3-1122 ---
S3-1123 see above
S3-1124 Putting 25 mHz back on the air for use of propagation studies and observations.  A 1000 watt or so transmitter would most likely be just fine.
S3-1125 Present services meet most members needs.
S3-1126 Add packet data burst during the minute similar to CHU
S3-1127 at age 72 we're happy as it is.
S3-1128 7.5 MHz?  CHU does a good job in this band.
S3-1129 maybe cover worldwide timezones? - say a map of the world ... click on a timezone
S3-1130 None
S3-1132 Example circuit schematics for education/hobbyist. Linux software. (some already available)
S3-1133 Probably not possible but a very accurate time signal from my cable service might be useful. 
S3-1134 I am satisfied with current services.  Please continue SW broadcasts!
S3-1135 Time in CW for numbers practice or high level of QRM in lightening areas.
S3-1136 N/A
S3-1137 lf bands for wwv
S3-1138 very long tone bcd for self setting clocks would be cool.  PUA-63 is a likely mode for that.
S3-1139 Bring back the 25mz transmissions for propagation purposes. It's important to know approximately know where the MUF (maximum usable frequency) is.
S3-1140 more propagation data
S3-1141 Things are fine the way they are.
S3-1142 "I am fine with what you have, but an 800 (888) number for the dial in time of day service would be nice since some company phone systems do"""
S3-1143 Timing must be as accurate as possible
S3-1144 earth magnetic changes
S3-1145 Any type of times service that is not WWV or WWVH shuold have signal processing delays on a web page for later use and analysis say up to a year.
S3-1146 Wish all those public display sign clocks around town could somehow tie into NIST so they would be accurate. A line or internet service to let these public display sign clocks automatically get the correct time would be nice.
S3-1147 None
S3-1148 "Sharper, shorter time clicks (possible softer 1/5 second time clicks "
S3-1149 Broadcast difference between UTC and GPS time.
S3-1150 Aurora alerts
S3-1151 Communications propagation information that is Maximum Usable frequencies
S3-1152 Time service on the AM or FM Broadcast bands. AM radios once had little triangles at 640 and 1240 for CONELRAD. With a freq close enough to the broadcast bands manufacturers could provide an added value in radio sets: accurate WWV time signals.
S3-1153 "Simucast on NOAA Weather Radio at specific times e.g. H+15, H+45 for off shore boaters."
S3-1154 No improvement needed.
S3-1155 A time signal at 10 or 15 second intervals.
S3-1156 I would like a program for a sound card which updates my computer time from th 100 hz time code
S3-1157 none
S3-1158 I can't think of one...
S3-1159 none
S3-1160 solar activity
S3-1162 none
S3-1163 Coded Second ticks.  Voice over each minute signal
S3-1164 Perhaps additional web server mirrors
S3-1165 n/a
S3-1166 Perhaps some more VLF signals.
S3-1168 anything that will help ham radio
S3-1169 "A singe US VLF station like OMEGA was would be wonderful for INSPIRE. When OMEGA was broadcasting, it was a perfect time _and_ frequency standard. INSPIRE data on cassette recorders has considerable wow and flutter removable with OMEGA."
S3-1170 Would like to see some time periods where standard audio tones are transmitted continuously for at period of 15 to 30 seconds.
S3-1171 "A periodic narrow band carrier as an alternate for frequency marking would be helpful.  Or, perhaps two periodic NBC's evaluated at + and - the center frequency."
S3-1172 Sideral Time per USA time zone in RA. and Declination
S3-1173 time and frequency signals broadcast on the frequencies of standard am and fm radios         ys frequencyst
S3-1174 Warnings of a national importance
S3-1175 an live internet page
S3-1176 "frequencies offset slightly from 5MHz, so that they do not overlap with very faint Japanese and local (possibly temporary) Australian time signals."
S3-1177 none
S3-1179 "I find these sets of frequencies to be adequate. Their coverage is usually good, but geomagnetic storms ar out of your control. "
S3-1180 Continuation of service would be good. Better/more power on transmission Better service to Alaska
S3-1181 Use a signal specifying quarter and half-minutes.  Use a ticking sound distinct from the normal sound at the last three seconds prior to the :00 tone. It would be easier to set my watch that way instead of estimating.
S3-1182 I live in Chicago and would like to be able to recieve the radio time signal.
S3-1183 I love it and depend on it just the way it is.
S3-1184 World wide radio reception. I travel often and can't always get an ISP. SW reception is best for me. I'm in Korea now and can't get WWV or WWVH.
S3-1185 Atomic time based on the rotation of the Earth.
S3-1187 How about instructions on how to make it work?
S3-1188 Knowing the phone #'s for local (not long-distance) time services.
S3-1189 I would like to be able to sync the time on my computer via the internet over a Lan connection.
S3-1190 "World Wide, especially major cities when  global business are involved from Mexico to Asia"
S3-1191 search for god//v.b.
S3-1192 Ability to log on and sync a computer clock via internet
S3-1193 N/A
S3-1194 Be a radio channel on a satellite TV provider such as DISH network. Get an 800 number for telephone time-of-day service.
S3-1195 Worldwide Services
S3-1196 automatic time sync with computer every time you log on the web.
S3-1197 A running display of the time for Web TV users.
S3-1198 Just simply...access.
S3-1199 global time zones or links to them