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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What new time and frequency service would you find useful? (Please explain briefly)
S3-0500 "The abiltity to synchronize the  clock on my computer, to your clocks at the clock of a mouse. Eliviating the guess work and inaccuracy of doing it manually."
S3-0502 "More frequent solar flux, A and K index data reports."
S3-0503 "I haven't yet looked into it, so I can't comment  on what services are presently provided, but I  forsee myself being primarily interested in  NTP-based computer clock synchronization. "
S3-0504 current is ok
S3-0505 UTC Time to be displayed along with local time zone at nist.time.govwww site.
S3-0506 "Better info, such as when is the time marked - at  the start of the tick or the end of the tick? Ot herwise it meets my needs now."
S3-0507 Applets to update time on clients without the use of 3rd party apps.
S3-0508 Synchronize my computer clock with actual time automatically
S3-0509 Continue with present services and continue to expand them. 
S3-0510 Get the Java version of the Official US Time page to work thru firewalls and on slow (dialup) Internet connections.
S3-0511 Encoding for auto frequency calibration to  correct radio receiver frequency accuracy.
S3-0512 this is a test
S3-0513 None
S3-0514 x
S3-0515 **
S3-0516 "Why is """"S3"""" required?????"
S3-0517 None
S3-0518 None
S3-0519 "If you cold include the radio broadcast as a streaming service over the internet for usage of frequencies and standard time intervals (in other words, play WWV over the internet)."
S3-0520 Return 20 & 25 HHz service in both current locations!
S3-0521 n/a
S3-0522 None as of yet.
S3-0523 it suits me just fine -- i just want to know the time - accurately.
S3-0524 no comment
S3-0525 Don't know at this time
S3-0526 No change - present service is quite useful the way it is.
S3-0527 n
S3-0528 *
S3-0529 None that I can immediately think of
S3-0530 none. keep HF stations on air as there are delays in Web source time (I note about 1 sec. delay.)
S3-0531 na
S3-0532 ?
S3-0534 ",kgub"
S3-0535 A service that would automatically synchronize my computer clock.
S3-0536 na
S3-0537 it is OK as is.
S3-0538 Bolder A and K index and solar info
S3-0539 None
S3-0540 No substantive comments.
S3-0541 None
S3-0543 *
S3-0544 0
S3-0545 Information on how to get time standard from my PC.
S3-0546 perhaps a section on software for users to use NTP to set their machines.  And Stratum 2 servers available for general consumer use.
S3-0547 "Actually, i cannot think of much else.  The service is fine as it is."
S3-0548 expand coverage time zones:  Asia europe and Africa
S3-0549 Govt. issued warnings of recalled products and other dangers to citizens uncovered by govt. operations or research.
S3-0550 None
S3-0551 Enhance the time set program for science & business.
S3-0552 "Time in CW, to confirm the audio announcement."
S3-0553 Time standard intergrated with weather alert radio transmissions.
S3-0554 Cannot think of any for myself.
S3-0555 "I think it would be helpful to hear WWVH on 20 MHz, for purposes of propogation comparison with WWV."
S3-0556 none
S3-0557 I love the light/dark graphic of the earth
S3-0558 "More/better radio service (more coverage/power).  I'd love to use the radio services, but get lousy reception."
S3-0559 Guest Announcer voices on wwv...celebrities...noted scientists...window stickers...contests for listeners (winners could do a guest voice over!
S3-0560 "Since I do not have any problems with my computer OR accessing """"most"""" Internet Web-pages...I really cannot offer too many suggestions for the questions asked in this dialog box.  "
S3-0561 Standard frequency via satellite
S3-0562 Radio propagation is my most important use.
S3-0563 international time zones
S3-0564 time.gov and WWV.  Time.gov is great when I'm on line and can't get near a SW capable radio.  WWV can easily be tuned up in the field away from the DSL/dial up line. 
S3-0565 telephone access to time out here in the boonies where we live
S3-0566 Show a running clock.
S3-0568 none
S3-0569 Just the correct time
S3-0570 "Your site is very very helpful and it's a learning tool as well.  I enjoy it alot, I have no complaints, you guys are doing a great job!"
S3-0571 Guam-had a friend move there Germany- child there
S3-0572 wwv signal incorporated into national weather service for 10 seconds every 5 or 10 minutes on the top of the minute
S3-0573 broadcast a sgnal on fm\am to alow contact without special equipment
S3-0574 Mandated Federal FCC requirement for every hour on the hour NIST time on all broadcast TV channels
S3-0575 n/a
S3-0576 Display time immediately on web site home page.
S3-0577 WWVH 20 MHz -- WWV and WWVH 25 MHz Higher freq. would allow easier calib. of my IC746
S3-0578 current services are more than adequate
S3-0579 "Is there an XML SOAP type interface for time data?  If not, that would be a good new feature."
S3-0580 2 meter ham bands
S3-0581 "3 years from now, automatically sync our computer system in with a reliable, recognized time keeping authority.  Our needs at that time will be total relaibility and always on access for space/satelites effort.  "
S3-0582 "Time service for handheld Palm Pilot access through Omniswky wireless web service, such as a PQS clipped website usable on the Palm platform."
S3-0583 Auroral Alerts
S3-0584 none
S3-0585 "Sound on your web site would be neat, but I mostly use it to set my clocks after a power outage."
S3-0586 Greenwich Munich Time-I'm in the Militia
S3-0587 The date and some type of news brief thing that says the next full moon orthe winter /summer solstice.
S3-0588 Like it as it is
S3-0589 "NTP, with a powerful enough machine to handle thousands of computers to update their time at once"
S3-0590 An automatic adjustment of my computer's time by accessing the service.
S3-0591 none
S3-0592 I find time.gov wonderful.  I am a big fan of the constantly updated time.
S3-0593 "other hf radio propagation info, eg lowest usable frequency and highest usable frequency, or related ionosphere measures therof"
S3-0594 none
S3-0595 Perhaps the 25 MHz WWV broadcast service could be reinstated to provide an additional HF service and propagation beacon.
S3-0596 Options to check time around the world as well.  I am an international traveler / tour operator.
S3-0597 "A sun rise,midday,sunset time chart/or system for each zone  "
S3-0598 "A more """"plain language"""" propagation report. The technical details are fine, but how about a practical summary of propagation quality at the end? The report could tell what frequency ranges are best for what paths."
S3-0599 I don't know. I have no imagination.
S3-0600 None
S3-0601 One that sends a signal to the computer to set the computer clock.
S3-0602 It would be nice to be able to imput a country and city and have the time displayed for that city.
S3-0603 A FAQ and better instructions on using all of the available services.
S3-0604 "considering my needs, an expansion is not necessary"
S3-0605 Sun spot and solar flair info with a K index w/ X-ray flux reading once per hr.
S3-0606 If itm ain't broke don't fix it.  It's GREAT
S3-0607 None
S3-0608 GPS time correctors
S3-0609 Click a button on web page to automatically set your system time to correct time.
S3-0610 The possibility to hear other time signal stations of the world.
S3-0611 A simple time setting service for watches and clocks.  I understand they have this in Germany.
S3-0612 "Program that has sound, like WB, so you can set other clocks/watches at the minute tone. Other time on the web/tv seem to always be 2 - 3 mintues off from your time so I rely on this time being correct for those uses/"
S3-0613 We could use a data stream of the voice information related to the maritime and GPs in the WWV time clock system. This could be a packet related burst.
S3-0614 none
S3-0615 NA
S3-0616 Keep up the good work.
S3-0617 Time in other parts of the world
S3-0618 More simulcasted transmitters for better penetration.
S3-0619 "The Web Page is very useful, what is the coolest part is the map of the earth that shows the shadow on the earth, that is increadably cool!"
S3-0620 None
S3-0621 the little atomic clocks (wwvb derived) are awesome!  everyone ive introduced to them loves em - problem is not many people seem to know they exist.  not your problem but interesting none the less.
S3-0622 Silent periods for reception of other time and frequency stations on standard carrier frequencies
S3-0623 For the Internet Time service I would like to enter a city and have the system assign a time zone and then give me the time there.
S3-0624 1200 baud FSK async 8-bit data stream on WWV  giving all time/date info
S3-0625 More Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers available to the general public--perhaps by evangelizing to Internet service providers to make NTP servers available to their customers
S3-0626 Automatic PC time adjustment whenever I log on.
S3-0627 "A 1-800 phone number, so I could call and not get a long distance charge."
S3-0628 you do everything i want right now
S3-0629 "selfishly, I need help with Arizona time.  What time Zone(s) apply(s)?????"
S3-0630 "Geo reports on the half hour, 18 after and 48 after"
S3-0631 satidfied with current service
S3-0632 "None, time & freq service adequate for me."
S3-0633 Your internet site for US time used to have an option that would allow you to have your computer set automatically to the atomic clock time (adjusted for time zones).
S3-0634 I use your solar count reading at eighteen minutes and sometimes 45 minutes past the hour.
S3-0635 "More exhibits, like those nice """"webexhibits"""" sites. "
S3-0636 I use the frequ to check calibration.
S3-0637 WWV fills our needs implicitly
S3-0638 a working piece of sotware to se t my computer clock.
S3-0639 I'd like to buy a digital clock that automatically updates itself in Anchorage.
S3-0640 Anything that can facilitate accurate timing of videorecordings is useful for me.
S3-0641 "An easier or less expensive way to time videorecordings with WWV, WWVH, and WWVB."
S3-0642 "Series of decreasing signal strengths (db) at, perhaps, 15 min after the hour."
S3-0643 Possibly a 25 or 30 MHz station for WWV - WWV is useful for quickly determining the status of various amateur bands.
S3-0644 n/a
S3-0645 "Propagatoin Reports more frequently, say 4 times per hour."
S3-0646 What is give now is fine. No changes needed
S3-0647 standard audio tones.
S3-0649 None
S3-0650 None
S3-0651 None at this time.
S3-0652 coverage outside the US - need to know more than US time in a global economy
S3-0653 None
S3-0654 None
S3-0655 None
S3-0656 "Expand the solar-flare, aurora, """
S3-0657 None that I can think of at this time.
S3-0658 A time and frequency standard above 30Mhz.
S3-0659 "Local weather, 300 baud packet on HF"
S3-0660 One of five minutes w/o 400tone. For easier calibration.
S3-0661 Everything is fine as is.  I can't think of anything else I would find useful.
S3-0662 Automaticly set computer system clock
S3-0663 sometimes wished that there was WWV on AM Broadcast radio...would not use SW or Computer.
S3-0664 Any plans of having a signal station closer to the East Coast?
S3-0665 A VLF beacon for extremely stability in propagation
S3-0666 "More world coverage. Internet software would not download to Win98 SE, IE 6"
S3-0667 automactic time coversion
S3-0668 "Easy access to synch computer clock, without the stupid middleman website I am using now. May already exist? I use wwv to hack watches as it is easier to get tone than watch two displays and hack the watch. "
S3-0669 maybe a 1-800 number so the calls would be free? But I'm happy with the service you have now.
S3-0670 The present services serve my needs very well. A reduction in services would present a hardship with regard to frequency calibration and access to time of day information.
S3-0671 "An unmodulated standard carrier, strong enough to feed right to my time base.  100 KC would be nice if it weren't for that old obsolete Loran C system.  "
S3-0672 "In the same vein as the maritime weather alerts, perhaps national disaster or weather info.  For large scale disasters and weather affecting USA and posessions.  On the order of E.A.S."
S3-0673 "a 1kc tone, a 1 mHz signal for calibration purpose"
S3-0674 It would be good if you provide a free Microsoft Windows client that would automatically update the clock.
S3-0675 none- current services are adequate
S3-0676 None
S3-0677 "GPS augmentation (e.g. broader, easier DGPS sources)"
S3-0678 "None.  For many, many years I have always been able to receive one of the broadcasts."
S3-0679 Bring back the Morse code timr reports. It's much easier to understand with marginal reception.
S3-0680 Short wave radio maximum usable frequency data.
S3-0681 Digital radio beacons to test availablity of frequency at a given time.
S3-0682 Ability to automatically set personal computer clock with a click.
S3-0683 Can't think of additional services that would be useful.
S3-0684 Should promote 60kHz service more - should be built-in to more products (clocks in cars).
S3-0685 More powerful transmitters on 2.5 and 20 Mhz because the present transmissions are too weak to be received here in South Africa
S3-0686 "I'm wondering if additional propagation infor- mation would be possible. Perhaps more meaningful data like maximum usable frequency (MUF) could replace the geomagnetic field information, which can be difficult to interpret."
S3-0687 Satellite direct.
S3-0688 "see above comment on USB/LSB sideband only , no carrier wwv transmitters, added."
S3-0689 Something in the standard broadcast band (really) that is accessible nationwide.  Perhaps in the expanded band between 1605 and 1705 KHz?
S3-0690 Localized telephone time with NIST accuracy
S3-0691 It would be great if you could post daylight savings time dates so I don't forget!
S3-0692 None
S3-0693 siderial time at Greenwich
S3-0694 "International time zones, to facilitate dealing with our international customers."
S3-0695 "I would very, very, very much like to see error correction implemented in a compatible way for the WWVB time code."
S3-0696 "more data on solar activity, extended  k index reports"
S3-0697 Marine VHF
S3-0698 N/A
S3-0699 "You should mention your website at the top and bottom of the hour, broadcast earthquake and hurricane information, and tell everyone about your services throughout the hour."
S3-0700 "I wouldn't change anything.  To do so would potentially add: unnecessary complexity, increased access difficulty, cost"
S3-0701 adaquate as is
S3-0702 Ability to have time automatically appear on screen at all times.
S3-0703 Space weather services as I am a DX-listener
S3-0704 none
S3-0705 Disseminate public domain VHDL code for FPGA to  decode time tics from both WWV and WWVB
S3-0706 realtime US maximum uasble frequency broadcast
S3-0707 Compensation for reflected signals: 3330kHz and 7335kHz work better for me in the NorthEast.Trans- Atlantic WWV is superb.
S3-0708 n/a
S3-0709 United States holiday calendar (e.g. what day of the month is Thanksgiving 2001?)
S3-0710 I think the service you provide is adequate.
S3-0711 "60Hz, I think.  I'm primarily a """"radio controlled clock"""" user, as opposed to a truly needful scientific/engineering type...I just like my timekeeping devices to be """"very on time""""."
S3-0712 More frequent propagation statistics
S3-0713 A progam which would automatically update your computer clock every time you log on.
S3-0714 "Having been a time standards engineer all my working life, I am only checking my private time pieces which are always plus or minus 10 sec. That is since I retired, they used to be plus or minus 3 sec. "
S3-0715 separate broadcasts of voice and ticks
S3-0716 world time service
S3-0717 "It would be nice to choose any time zone in the world, standard or daylight savings time"
S3-0718 Time recordings on the broadcast bands - 530-1660AM maybe?
S3-0719 "An explanation of this one, and how to access it for everyday use."
S3-0720 "Simple easy web-based system to set pc clock which takes in account and corrects for internet propagation delays.  (Accurate """"to 3 seconds"""" via your website is just not good enough)"
S3-0721 "Not sure. We just needed to coordinate family time, as school was starting up again this fall."
S3-0722 NONE
S3-0723 None
S3-0724 easily set my computer clock dead on reliably
S3-0725 "Please restore the Solar flux and Geomagnetic conditions announcement to a twice-hourly format, at 18 PLUS 48 minutes after the hour."
S3-0726 none
S3-0727 AM/PM and world time
S3-0728 "Has NIST considered providing their service via companies such as DISH, Direct, etc. - would be nice to have time sync both in audio and digital for equipment.  Also could prove to be a small money maker for you folks.  Dont know.. Just an idea.."
S3-0729 Time ticks without interference from standard frequency tones.  They make it hard to synchronize a clock.
S3-0730 None
S3-0731 "A way to calculate the time difference (taking Daylight savings into account) between two locations, either current or at a specified time and date."
S3-0732 How about Longwave?
S3-0733 "the icon on my desktop performs admirably, thank you."
S3-0734 NONE
S3-0735 wireless (WAP/WRML or plain&simple HTML) to set PDA/cellphone clocks to.
S3-0736 none
S3-0738 Don't fix something that ain't broken!
S3-0739 "At present I fine the system fine for checking the time, propagation checking.  Just keep the service as is, please"
S3-0740 12 hour format
S3-0741 Downloadable software to keep internal PC clock adjusted
S3-0742 WWVB coverage in alaska would be nice but likely prohibitively expensive; but it is aggravating to see all these consumer watches and clocks that advertise 'don't work in alaska and hawaii'!
S3-0743 I dial 1-202-762-1401 for voice time. Please recite the date along with the time in the phone time message. (for calendar watches)
S3-0744 have a section that shows the GMT as well as your local time.  Many organizations use GMT as their main time base ( such as NASA ).
S3-0745 extra SW freqs not on/near known interference freqs (harmonics of digital devices etc.)
S3-0746 Automatic up date software
S3-0748 It might be nice if the site had a reference for converting times from other timezones/cities
S3-0749 quarter hour indication
S3-0750 VHF or UHF time broadcasts
S3-0751 none
S3-0752 Time syncronizing software.
S3-0753 Button to syncronize NIST clock and local PC system clock
S3-0754 xx
S3-0755 satellite weather movies showing storm formation in real time
S3-0756 Miniturized desktop indicator of Time Tick w/ audio/hr/min/sec to replace inaccurate PC clock
S3-0757 Other time zones (international)
S3-0758 07:00--9:00 Pacific std/dlt time
S3-0759 More NTP hosts across the nation
S3-0760 World Time ;)
S3-0761 "There are times when, due to conditions in the HF spectrum, it would have been nice to have the 25MHz broadcast service available."
S3-0762 "an alternat to the """"geoclock"""" style map. Text only refreshing UCT and US time zones in zulu time."
S3-0763 a double beep at the 30 sec mark (or some other identifier)
S3-0764 None
S3-0765 I would like to see 20MHz activated on WWVH and even perhaps a vhf time signal at 50 MHz.  This would help further perdicting band conditions in periods of high solar flux.
S3-0766 An eastern US repeater for WWVB.  (Although I realize the technical issues of having 2 stations.)
S3-0767 "The ability for my various applicable devices, appliances, and computers to clearly recieve the correct date and time without additional modification to compensate for poor signal reception."
S3-0768 "On your """"what time is it"""" web site, please make a non-java web page available which uses HTTP headers to periodically have the page reset itself.   "
S3-0769 A station in the southeastern US of similar stature to WWV would be a really excellent coverage enhancement.
S3-0770 "The current services must take precidence over new services; improve reception especially in NY State/Northeastern U.S. Why? Cannot get reliable radio reception in western MA, VT and Upstate NY."
S3-0771 Toll-free (800) number to call for voice time. 
S3-0772 Being able to access current time
S3-0773 "Possibly toll free time checks over analog  modem,  but I realize this  is probably not  practical."
S3-0774 electronically signed time stamping
S3-0775 "Perhaps, providing time and frequency on high-powered AM and FM stations covering ALL states, and US possessions would be helpful for those without shortwave receivers and appropriate PC software. "
S3-0776 I would like to see a signal on the upper portion of HF: 25 to 30 MHz for use as a propogation beacon and freq standard(28.00MHz?).
S3-0777 You do a great job and your quality of service should never be questioned!
S3-0778 "Somthing like the Canadian CHU modem signal on the WWV broadcasts would be nice easy to interface with computer, leap second notification etc"
S3-0779 See above
S3-0780 "When Loran leaves 100kHz, it would be useful to utilize the LORAN phase(edge)technology to transfer frequency standard data with great accuracy.  The cost of the LORAN receivers proved to be very inexpensive."
S3-0781 best accessibility to update computers over the internet
S3-0782 sunrise times
S3-0783 Happy with what you have now
S3-0784 I like the map showing where it is dark and where it is light around the world.
S3-0785 WAP (text only) version
S3-0786 Would like solar flux and HF propagation data announced more often than once an hour.
S3-0788 existing service is sufficent for my needs.
S3-0789 the present structure is adequate
S3-0790 8000 Hertx refetence synchronized with the highest stratum of the telephone network.   Users would use this as an independent cross-check with the clock received from their service provider.
S3-0791 Bring back 25 MHz WWV broadcasts.  Extremely useful in propagation studies.
S3-0792 times around the world
S3-0793 I would like a web service with a simpler text format so that I could easily access the time from a computer program.  Best would be plain text in the format MMDDhhmmCCYY.ss .  Other formats would also be useful.
S3-0794 just fine
S3-0795 A freeware version of NisTime on TUCOWS software library
S3-0796 No improvement required for my use
S3-0797 automatic synchronization of Computer-Clocks with Internet time
S3-0798 Please cover HAWAII!!!!
S3-0799 None; You cover my needs well on the broadcasts.
S3-0800 signal that upon receive will automaticaly sync clock
S3-0801 More detailed annoucements on high frequency availability
S3-0802 comments
S3-0803 "Possibly a CW message every hour with UTC time and A and K indexes. Radio Amateurs and SWLers could use their CW decoders, and their ears, of course !!"
S3-0804 Provide an programming interface (read only) so that applicaitons may get the offical time maybe twice a day.
S3-0805 Anything you putout.
S3-0806 "25MHz, just for propogation testing."
S3-0807 I don't need any more
S3-0808 All I do is set my watch.  I like to listen to short wave.  Only 5Mhz comes in clearly. 10 sometimes at night.
S3-0809 15 Mega ~'s
S3-0810 They are very well chosen- I almost always get at least 1 frequency
S3-0811 Bring back 25Mhz
S3-0812 Additional world time zone indications.
S3-0813 "World time comparison would be very helpful in my job.  Such as time comparison with Korea, China..."
S3-0814 None
S3-0815 Present services meet my needs.
S3-0816 Better promotion/coordination of manufacturers of  those who make clocks that keep themselves accurate using the 60KHz signal.  THese things are great  and I should think many could find them useful
S3-0817 25.000-Mhz on WWV
S3-0818 A link for GMT
S3-0819 NA
S3-0820 A Downlable Program from or TRUSTe/VeriSign staus issued from The NIST.
S3-0821 None -- present is sufficient
S3-0822 GMT -03:00 (Brazilian official time) - I'm Brazilian
S3-0823 "more relyable coverage for time ticks in the south pacific ocean.  My school requires for graduation the ability to perform celestial navigation, acurate time is essential."
S3-0824 Transmission of the WWV broadcast signal via the internet
S3-0825 Update my computer clock automatically whenever I go on line
S3-0826 Don't know yet.
S3-0827 None
S3-0828 Broadcast Geomagnetic Data More Often
S3-0829 "Expanded solar data (solar wind,etc)"
S3-0830 None
S3-0831 Happy the way it is
S3-0832 none at this time
S3-0833 DNA
S3-0834 perhaps local am radio signals. AM is generally underutilized now and low cost ralays may be a choice
S3-0835 no
S3-0836 "Service, like European countries employ, for automatic updates to small devices (e.g., watches, clocks, gps, cell phones...)"
S3-0837 "We used to have a phone number to call, 'the time will be this at the beep..' 311 I think it was. That was really useful too."
S3-0838 Current time in countries around the world.
S3-0839 "I am satisfied with the service - the 5, 10 and 15 mHz frequencies are adequate."
S3-0840 to hear it alot better
S3-0841 WWVB to set atomic clocks.
S3-0842 Transmission of time signals via commercial and residential electrical wiring would allow the use of time-keeping devices (e.g. wall clocks) that are able to self-calibrate without the need for expensive radio reception hardware.
S3-0843 Report solar terrestial conditions TWICE per hour instead of once.
S3-0844 showing the time around the world would be very useful
S3-0845 Unknown. Your site is so much better than any other. In setting my watch the other services may only run the time for about 30 seconds and certainly not enough time to reset ones watch.
S3-0846 time announcement every ten seconds
S3-0847 Solar flare alerts at special times if the flare warrants them.
S3-0848 "How about a screensaver that shows the world map with night and day and the current time in my time zone? Also, how about a way for a web visitor to sign-up and have NIST check the clock on my computer at set intervals?"
S3-0849 n/a
S3-0850 sunrise and sunset by time zone
S3-0851 "Please add to the current time the """"o'clock"""" version as well. Some of your viewers are challenged in converting military time to everyday time. "
S3-0852 "I will probably try the internet and telephone services, now that I know about them."
S3-0853 "include one-second tick on 0:29 and 0:59; the  omission of the 0:29 and 0:59 ticks makes it harder to get an accurate """"on the hour"""" synch.  time."
S3-0854 Sufficient as is.
S3-0855 I would like to hear more about the leap seconds.
S3-0856 given the increasing importance of GPS:  consider digital status of the satellites continuously broadcast.
S3-0857 Doing pretty good as is.
S3-0858 Radio controlled clock. Very convenient
S3-0859 Hmmmm.....
S3-0860 present service meets my needs
S3-0861 The local time clock
S3-0862 An internet service that provided the time through a finger request would be useful.
S3-0863 All of my bases are covered - great job! I used to use your phone service to get the correct time.  Now I mostly use the www.time.gov web site.
S3-0864 "im not very creative, sorry  :-)"
S3-0865 software to automatically set time on local computers
S3-0866 It's wonderful to be able to log on and get the exact time and know that you've got the exact time.  Thank you so much
S3-0867 no opinion
S3-0869 i think time zones should be branched into smaller zones to be more accurate
S3-0870 International
S3-0871 The time in other countries
S3-0872 Time in Africa and the Far East.
S3-0873 "It would be cool to have a desktop application, maybe a java applet?, that connects to the web and displays the time.  However, I like the website just fine."
S3-0874 don't know
S3-0875 12/24 hour conversion
S3-0876 Linux time standard software
S3-0877 I would like the solar report updated each hour when there is an immediate change in propagation.  I would like the propagation quality forecast restored.
S3-0878 "Global warming/ozone depletion data, UVB exposure bulletins.  HAARP operation warnings."
S3-0879 A means to obtain accurate time in any zone around the world
S3-0880 None that I can think of.  I'm just a user.
S3-0881 "     Expanded public education; especially, Re: Propagation."
S3-0882 none
S3-0883 The 20 MHz service (discontinued?) would help in the middle of out day (circa 10 - 12 UT)
S3-0884 a version available at 50k on the AM brodcast band (KHZ)
S3-0885 none.
S3-0886 WWV works for me.
S3-0887 Solar Flare activity I.E. M and X class flares.
S3-0888 None at this time.
S3-0890 Version numbers on the download page would be helpful so downloading the application isn't required to check the version.
S3-0891 "More time zones, as I'm in Australia.  THe ability to select a displacement from UTC by drop-down menu on the web page?"
S3-0892 Java display applet for the web site that could continuously display the time.  It could be programmed to measure network propagation display and correct for it and correct for the computer clock's drift and jitter.
S3-0893 "I have no application at this time that needs time to be even this accurate, but in the future I may."
S3-0894 Web:  Software to let my PC auto-synchronize its time with your time.
S3-0895 none
S3-0896 Probability of GROUND (chain) Lightnting from past history in areas of intense storm activity.
S3-0897 Easy way to get exact time.
S3-0898 It's okay for now.
S3-0899 "more detailed solar terrestrial index data, updated more frequently..."
S3-0900 A strong A.M. frequency so that one need not buy a shortwave radio to receive.
S3-0901 NIST approved PC Time-sync utility would be great
S3-0902 ???
S3-0903 international
S3-0904 n/a
S3-0905 World Time Zone Coverage
S3-0906 fine as is
S3-0907 "astronomical data: moon phases, moon rise/set, sun rise/set for a given a zip code"
S3-0908 none
S3-0909 none
S3-0910 GPS!  It's basically all we use anymore.
S3-0911 "internet time is the most useful to me, and better wireless capability of some would be great. Perhaps celluar packet service of some type would be nice."
S3-0912 Happy with the way things are now.
S3-0913 Software to synchronize the computer's clock with a WWV transmission by means of a receiver hooked to the audio input of the computer.
S3-0914 Clock display for computer screens that is small. And can be run continuouly.  Ability to use official time in other programs.  Capture the time.
S3-0915 Web page
S3-0916 DTMF tone code for time encoding would be nice so I can build master clock systems for my stations that are easy to build and cheap to construct.
S3-0918 I think that a global time-zone map (maybe even an applet calculator showing the current time elsewhere) would be very useful
S3-0919 none
S3-0920 ?
S3-0921 "Maybe additional S2 servers for cities over 100,000 people.  Penetrating time signals from GPS type satellites."
S3-0922 The service I use the most is NTP via the internet and I also have several WWV clocks.
S3-0923 My needs are met by current services.
S3-0924 More publicly available NTP Stratum 1/2 servers. Internet time service that is available through firewalls that could be used to reliably sync systems.  Computer methods for dealing with time around leap seconds.  TAI from Intenet.
S3-0925 Plans to create own WWV/WWVB time clock
S3-0926 "FCC-required, locally originated, NIST-accurate top-of-the-hour audio tone for radio and TV broadcasters!!!!!"
S3-0927 Current features are more than adequate for our uses
S3-0928 "A list of working servers: tab separated text file on web server with fqdn, ip, accuracy data. Also for embedded, a gateway with simple format offset for City/DST."
S3-0929 tier ntp sites that are certified by nist to be accurate to a specified variance
S3-0930 "Spearhead an effort for a """"Bluetooth for Time,"""" for the gen"""
S3-0931 ?
S3-0932 "A low-frequency terrestrial two-dimensional ranging service (like GPS, but with fixed ground stations broadcasting in a low frequency, receivable indoors such that indoor devices could automatically determine position with course interferometry)."
S3-0933 dunno
S3-0934 Program to get Alarm clock manufacturers to incorporate the technology.
S3-0935 More instructions on how to use service to provide accurate time for companies and personal use.
S3-0936 Add UT1 correction data to ACTS
S3-0937 None.
S3-0938 US/Canada severe weather alerts (non marine)
S3-0939 I hate daylight savings time- can't stand it getting dark at 4:30 here on the east coast.  Could you please refuse to recognize daylight savings time?  Thanks!
S3-0940 "For what I use this web site for, I do not see the need to change anything.  Anything that is added would be a bonus to me."
S3-0941 a bigger geochron clock on the web page would be nice
S3-0942 800 number telephone time numbers. More deployed internet time servers at the highest accuracy level that accept ntp peers.
S3-0943 "I'd like to see a history of each service, including WWV WWVB WWVH NTP ACTS as well as GPS.  All glitches and daily QA measurements.  Several times I've longed for info on the WWVB antenna ice storm or broken NTP servers."
S3-0944 encryption and public keys
S3-0945 More hosts to pull from
S3-0946 Button to set local PC clock!
S3-0947 "It would be nice if there were additions to the protocol to allow TCP connections, or perhaps a hack using ICMP, or any other method of avoiding the pitfalls of NAT and firewalling other than an expensive radio, GPS, or other rig."
S3-0948 "I just found this web page, and will probably use it instead of WWV generally.  So, more time info on the site would be nice, and graphic world time zones."
S3-0949 www service should give easy way of updating Windows time
S3-0950 Website
S3-0951 none
S3-0952 telephone services from additional areas -- would allow more people to access it without long distance charges
S3-0953 Services great as is
S3-0954 None.
S3-0955 None
S3-0956 "Very pleased with how it is now. I used to use the short -wave signals, but now with the net am very pleased with this on-line service."
S3-0957 "A service much like WWVB, but designed for reliable timecode detection.  As it is, there's no really error checking (other than basic client side sanity checks) to verify the timecode was received correctly."
S3-0958 No comment
S3-0959 I would like to be able to use the web page to update the clock on my computer.
S3-0960 improve the internet synch to try to better account for the network delay -- perhaps run a series of pings and take the average delay time into account.
S3-0961 Would like to see 25MHz restored - it would have been EXTREMELY useful during this last sunspot peak!
S3-0962 To be able to download it to personal computers so that they would automatically have the correct time.
S3-0963 Surprise me!
S3-0964 Synchronization of PC clock
S3-0965 None at this time
S3-0966 Official world times
S3-0967 The present 10 Mhz reference for equipment calibration is essential to maintaing standards personally as well as for the 65 field engineers who rely on the 10 Mhz clock as a time base.
S3-0968 I can't think of anything your doing great other than reseption in VA.
S3-0969 I would like to have an application that updated my system's clock on a regular basis.
S3-0970 An additional 25 Mhz transmitter ( for purposes of propagation observation )
S3-0971 Automatically set computer times via R.F. or internet.
S3-0972 Uknown at this time
S3-0973 "I would like to see a wwv type broadcast on low frequency, ie 500kHz or 1MHz"
S3-0975 None at the moment
S3-0976 "We use WWV and GPS.  Don't know that we need MORE, but it's important to have both."
S3-0977 "VHF transmissions, perhaps coordinated through NOAA weather radio transmissions"
S3-0978 """""Slower"""" talking on the alerts and weather."
S3-0979 I listen to your 10MHz voice time with a SSB receiver.  Hard to hear what he's saying.
S3-0980 propagation reports; solar flux problems/forecasts
S3-0981 none at this time
S3-0982 "International Time Zone Page That Is Clear And """"User-Friendly""""."
S3-0983 none
S3-0984 preset facilities seem adequate
S3-0985 Both morning and evening It is the time I am on the Radio and Computer
S3-0986 Service is great.  No suggestions
S3-0987 I like what you already have. Just keep it coming.I especially use your service during recreational boating.The U.S.Power Squadron makes members aware of your service thru educational courses.
S3-0989 More frequent solar info
S3-0990 Automatically update my computers clock.
S3-0991 transmitions near the 80 and 160 meter bands would help in observing propagation on these lower frequencies
S3-0992 Satellite broadcasts on VHF downlink on 2 meters.  Useible by many in amateur radio from the travelers to the emergency service persons.
S3-0993 An additional frequency in the 7 or 8 MHz band
S3-0994 Undetermined at this time.
S3-0995 they are good  the way they are
S3-0996 none
S3-0997 None
S3-0998 "GPS dither info, delayed."
S3-0999 "time features that work thru corporate firewalls, without as high accuracy (maybe to 1s?)"