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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What new time and frequency service would you find useful? (Please explain briefly)
S3-0001 time and frequency.
S3-0002 none
S3-0003 "More carrier time, without modulation, would be nice for those of us who use WWV as a frequency standard."
S3-0004 "HF propagation data, e.g. solar activity"
S3-0005 You're doing a great job.  Wish my income taxes were spent as wisely elsewhere in the government!
S3-0006 A local possibly VHF service (maybe combined with the NWS NOAA broadcasts would be helpful to provide access to more people with modest consumer equipment.
S3-0007 "include TAI time stamp, or set up a freq for TAI time broadcast."
S3-0008 The new EAS system (Emergency Alert System) should be rolled on via your HF as it would allow wide-area alerting..
S3-0009 NIST-traceable time/date information on TV broadcasts using EIA-608 Extended Data Services; the present service on some PBS stations is so inaccurate as to be useless
S3-0010 A 5 minute period each hour of pure carrier for zero beating .
S3-0011 "2meter, 6 meter , 70cm and above simplex access."
S3-0012 Have announcements made at least twice each hour so that you don't have to wait so long to receive them
S3-0013 Retaining what we have would be nice!!!
S3-0014 "Offset WWV and WWVH freqs so that one can do a comparison of the two signal strengths.  Right now, both overlap and WWVH masks WWV. "
S3-0015 none
S3-0016 seea above
S3-0017 extended 440 tone time
S3-0018 Satisfied with present information.
S3-0019 Boardcasts that better cover the most southern states
S3-0020 transitt times of selected astronomical events
S3-0021 Can't think of any.
S3-0022 "something between the standards. i.e., 7.5 mhz for those times that 10 or 5 or 12.5 when 10 and 15 are not useable."
S3-0023 more information about sun spot activity.
S3-0024 Its great as it is.
S3-0025 The system is fine the way it is!
S3-0026 Excellent as is.
S3-0027 "PSAs reminding people you exist!  You are excellent as you are right now, please do not change a thing!  Sincerely, N8DXR"
S3-0028 "I would like you to give the propagation information on WWV more often than once an hour - maybe at 10, 25, 40 and 55 minutes after.  "
S3-0029 expanded services for WWV controled clocks possibly?
S3-0030 WWVH on 20 MHz to check propagation and MUF
S3-0031 None
S3-0032 none
S3-0033 moer frequent propagation broadcasts
S3-0034 "Perhaps a frequency using single sideband would be good idea.  A single sideband transmission could possibly lower noise, fading, and interference levels."
S3-0035 "I would like to see you send a longer tone occasionally.  I also would like a 440 Hz tone broadcast so I can calibrate my """"A"""" on instrument tuners."
S3-0036 a nts server
S3-0037 Ones available are fine
S3-0038 See above.
S3-0039 Local UHF cells
S3-0040 better 60khz coverage/signal strength
S3-0041 stay same
S3-0042 None
S3-0043 "Transmitters on 25 and 30 MHz.  Sometimes those frequencies propagate when nothing else does.  Too, the """"beacon"""" value would be tremendously helpful."
S3-0044 Maxium Usable Frequency
S3-0045 Information concerning services available. I will start accessing the Webpage.
S3-0046 None that I can think of except for perhaps more frequent geo updates
S3-0047 Information presently provided is adequate
S3-0048 GPS is lacking in U.S. related time functions like DST. A robust radio transmission is needed for the DST bit. A sronger singal for WWVB would be good for the new clocks that use this signal.
S3-0049 Propagation. A more detailed summary.
S3-0050 No need for any.
S3-0051 Nothing I can think of now.
S3-0052 Many new clocks adjust time automatically using the B station. None works in Hawaii.
S3-0053 Services now are adequate to my needs.
S3-0054 more NIST Internet sites around the country so that packet delays can be minimized
S3-0055 WWV on 25 MHz and possibly around 40 MHz.
S3-0056 Bring back the 25 MHz transmissions from WWV
S3-0057 Add 20MHz to WWVB
S3-0058 "I would like to see an additional time and frequency service in another part of the world, preferrably near my antipode, like in Diego Garcia, for example for determination of propagation conditions.  "
S3-0059 None
S3-0060 See above
S3-0061 All services currently cover my needs
S3-0062 "7 mhz, 7.3 mhz, 3.5 mhz, 4.0, 14 mhz, 14.3 mhz, 21 mhz, 21.450 mz"
S3-0063 Automatic flux/ssn a&k info for use with propagation programs
S3-0064 "more propagation, planetary K index, solar wind, other space weather information"
S3-0065 Very satisfied with present service.
S3-0066 I would like to see a place on the web to retrieve the solar activity reports. I would like to see www.nist.gov be easier to navigate. Make user and other access seperate.
S3-0067 "I am satisfied with both WWV audio and WWVB signaling as long as signals get through. Also satisfied with auto-connect/correct through direct internet connections and """"about time"""" automated time tweaks."
S3-0068 free software for computers
S3-0069 "Auto Update of all clocks from your signals. In Florida, power goes off frequently, I mainly depend on a WWV alarm clock to get accurate information.  More synchronization with Ham transmitters on time and freq. (Positive & automatic info.) "
S3-0070 Continuation of the WWV and WWVH would be beneficial to those of us who already use it.
S3-0072 n/a
S3-0073 should reinstate the 25 mhz wwv servive.....it is  sorely missed
S3-0074 None
S3-0075 On the Hour and Half Hour instead of the 18 and  45 after the Hour.
S3-0076 The present services are adquate for my use.
S3-0077 None
S3-0078 npne
S3-0079 A new VLF service on a carrier that is not harmonically related  to 60 Hz power line and the high RFI that is generated by power line driven appliances should be adopted.
S3-0080 none
S3-0081 Solar occalatation reports for satilite blackouts.
S3-0082 Satisfied with present services
S3-0083 N/A
S3-0084 none
S3-0085 leave it alone
S3-0086 Many of your services listed above; where can I learn more?
S3-0087 Bring back 25 MHz
S3-0088 "Propagation info. """"K"""" Index, Etc."
S3-0089 NTP (Network Time Protocol) compatibility; (but many other sources exist)
S3-0090 WWV and WWVH: Solar and Geomagnetic information every 10 minutes.
S3-0091 None
S3-0092 Current system is good for my use
S3-0093 Geomagnetic activity reports every 10 minutes;  Generalized Band Condition Reports
S3-0094 I can't think of any.  I think you provide good service.
S3-0095 Tone on carrier to allow reset of freq display.
S3-0097 "Here again, I feel the services available satisfy my needs."
S3-0098 Adding 20MHz to WWVH and reactivating the 25MHz WWV frequency would be very useful for HF propagation studies.
S3-0099 none
S3-0100 I am satisfied
S3-0101 Need easier to use software (freeware)to keep computer clock updated from web.
S3-0102 n/a
S3-0103 n/a
S3-0104 I like this one.
S3-0105 "PDA, pager, cell phone direct"
S3-0106 None
S3-0107 "None, I strongly believe that WWV is doing a great job!  Please do not cut back on current service."
S3-0108 Primary use is accurate time for celestial navigation. Secondary use is as an indicator of HF propagation.
S3-0109 none at this time
S3-0110 "A propagation beacon say at 50 MHz, stepped power from 0.1 to 10 watts might be suited"
S3-0111 "More NTP server daemons available, worldwide; since network-based time references are becoming even more required in even more remote locations."
S3-0112 Internet summary of all current alerts and announcements
S3-0113 n/a
S3-0114 50 MHz propagation beacons from Fort Collins & Hawaii
S3-0115 "50 MHz & up , beacons from Hawaii & Boulder & a site on east coast USA (Propagation interests)"
S3-0116 Voice time announcment more often than once a minute - similar to the USNO time service at 1-202-762-1401.
S3-0117 Geo alerts on web pages
S3-0118 Status Quo is good.
S3-0119 "periodic (say 15 seconds,4 times an hour) of carrier only transmission (no ticks or modulation of any type"
S3-0120 I no doubt would use Internet time reference if I knew how to access it.
S3-0121 Fine the way it is.
S3-0122 I'd like to see VHF weather repeaters include time at least once every five minutes.
S3-0123 Perhaps a single sideband (SSB) signal around 12.5 MHz and/or 17.5 MHz. (Maybe even 7.5 MHz for night time?)
S3-0124 none
S3-0125 None
S3-0126 None
S3-0127 Its not broken...don't fix it!!
S3-0128 add 25 MHz to wwv and 20/25 MHz to wwvh
S3-0129 PSK31 beacon/feed?
S3-0130 utc time for shortwave
S3-0131 information on other radio frequency time broadcasts in other countries that could be used reliably to get time and propagation information and information on the daylight time shifts for various regions
S3-0132 I think it would be quite useful if the Colorado station could also broadcast at 1.780 Mhz.  It would be closer to the 160 Meter band than 2.5Mhz and give a better idea on band conditions.
S3-0133 Existing services are adequate for our needs.
S3-0134 25 mHz helpfull for prop studies and use of second harmonic for 50 mHz purposes
S3-0135 "Perhaps at 180kc or close to the license free band for use as frequency standard and propagation indicator...I realize that is not the primary or even secondary service,etc."
S3-0136 Only those which I may find useful AFTER you install them.
S3-0137 Very satisfied with current service.
S3-0138 None
S3-0139 A 100Khz non loran service if loran is ever phased out. Does away with the diurnal shift at 60Khz
S3-0140 none
S3-0141 I'm satisfied with the service as-is.
S3-0142 "Have the voice announcements of flux, A& K indeces twice an hour instead of only 18 min. after."
S3-0143 "More time lines, perhaps more regional access, maybe SAP access, secondary audio programming to some cable network (not unlike NOAA broadcasts with the Weather Channel)"
S3-0144 Automatic time/date setting for computer via internet
S3-0145 None
S3-0146 Current services excellent
S3-0147 fine
S3-0148 500kilohertz time standard
S3-0149 None
S3-0150 "Severe Storm warnings on land.  ie.-- Tornados, flash floods. etc. "
S3-0151 20Mhz service for WWVH. What ever happen to the WWVH  station on Maui? You could use this site for 60Khz and for 20Mhz antennas covering upper North Pacific and down  towards Austrailia/New Zealand and towards the Pacific Northwest.
S3-0152 A longwave voice service would be useful as a frequency standard to check longwave receivers. I would suggest a standard frequency of 200kHz or 300kHz. This would also be useful for checking ADF receivers.
S3-0153 Geo Stationary Satellite downlink rebroadcast of WWV and WWVH to compensate for poor HF probagation.
S3-0154 More tropical weather bulletins from the National Hurricane Center.
S3-0155 none
S3-0156 I think propagation information would be of a real value for the shortwave users/experimenters. Actual real-time world status would be nice.
S3-0157 "If it isn't broke, don't fix it."
S3-0158 Return 25 MHz at WWV.
S3-0159 "Would love a propagation report. Maybe based on Latitude and East/West, North South MUF's"
S3-0160 None.
S3-0161 Have no input on this
S3-0162 More detailed and more frequent information concerning Solar weather and geomagnetic conditions.
S3-0163 I would like to hear standard time transmissions at 30MHz and near 50MHz.
S3-0164 anything resembling a GPS time backup  - 0.1 uSec accuracy desired (really like the WWVB concept so far)
S3-0165 Announcement of time on half minute to reduce listening time.
S3-0166 None that I can think of.
S3-0167 PSK time encoded signals.  This would provide a calibration standard for digital communications systems.
S3-0168 none
S3-0169 Consumer products that receive this signal and automatically set the time and date. (especially automobile clocks and wrist watches...
S3-0171 I would like to be able to call your telephone time of day using an 1-800 number.
S3-0172 None
S3-0173 I like everything how it is now.  I think it is great.
S3-0174 unknown
S3-0175 None
S3-0176 Higher power transmitter
S3-0177 WWVB on HF bands as well as 60KHz
S3-0178 Please reestablish the 25 mHz WWV broadcasts!
S3-0179 Geo alert information that actually reflects the real propagation conditions.
S3-0180 Something local in the AM or FM broadcast band so I wouldn't need the shortwave rig.
S3-0181 "what you have works, don't change it! "
S3-0182 none
S3-0183 None
S3-0184 Reinstitute the Morse Code time announcement like you had 30 years ago. This would improve intelligibility during bad conditions
S3-0185 Solar flux reports
S3-0186 "I would like to see a voice announcement at each  15 second interval, to prevent waiting until the next full minute"
S3-0187 "Again, add eastern United States transmitter for coverage of the Eastern United Staees[where the greatest concentration of population exists]. "
S3-0188 A specified time for carrier with no modulation for atleast 15 minutes a week on WWVB for setting local standard using simple techniques. measurements earlier this year.
S3-0189 I would like a 20MHz. signal from Hawaii.  Also a 25Mhz. signal from Co. & Hi. would be helpful for checking propagation conditions.
S3-0190 currently addresses my needs
S3-0191 I can't think of any right now.
S3-0192 A networked time signal (pulse and/or time code) which could synchronize several Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) E911 centers in a given area.
S3-0193 "25 mhz, 30 mhz Broadcast"
S3-0194 You are fulfilling my needs quite well--thank you.
S3-0195 Don't see any reason to change
S3-0196 Put up a transmit site in California!
S3-0197 Believe the service presently is OK...
S3-0198 You have every thing covered
S3-0199 Place WWV time signals on every power line in the USA. Subcoded at the 60Hz power line frequency. There would never be any reception problems if this were accomplished somehow.
S3-0200 I like what you have currently.
S3-0201 None that I can thing of
S3-0202 The return of time in continental Morse code in addition to voice announcement.
S3-0203 Maximum useable frequency (approximately)
S3-0204 Am quite happy with the current service
S3-0205 Present frequency service is just fine for me.
S3-0206 no comment
S3-0207 "Please, please resume 25 mHz!  This is badly missed."
S3-0208 Wireless PDA reception
S3-0209 n/a
S3-0210 None
S3-0211 Resourc
S3-0212 subcarier - local coml FM w/ wwv data; possibly coordinate with NOAH WX system.   Add TV CATV time tones.  Possibly co-ordinate with Weather Channel. jrb
S3-0213 Continue present format.
S3-0214 See above
S3-0215 "Actually, I'm really satisfied ... my WWVB clock stays completely synchronized, I set the rest with WWV, your  my standard for frequency calib ... how much more could I want.  (OK, I also get weather and GPS status, which is of occasional help) "
S3-0216 "None, happy with current service."
S3-0217 Resumption of 25 MHz time signal station. 
S3-0218 "It would be of great benefit if NIST uplinked standard NTSC test signals, with precise frequencies and deviation, to a commonly used geostationary satellite, even if only once a day or once a week. "
S3-0219  Voice announcements of earthquake data for North America would be a quite useful feature.
S3-0220 n/a
S3-0221 "Reactivate 25 mHz operation, and increase 20 mHz coverage."
S3-0222 It would be valuable to me if you could resume service on 25 MHz.
S3-0223 not sure
S3-0224 Require all Radio and TV stations to carry time signal for reporting the time. I.E. an hourly time hack synchronized to WWV
S3-0225 none needed
S3-0226 "All clocks should be sync'd via WWVB or such, even at home. It's easy, cheap and reliable.  No reason not to."
S3-0227 "If I could get something that synched my computer clock on boot, that'd be great. I run time-sensitive programs. Trouble is I also work with a cable modem. The first connection over the cable modem isn't reliable."
S3-0228 more information on ionospheric propagation conditions
S3-0229 twice a day solar
S3-0230 N/A
S3-0231 "More frequent Geo announcements of A&K indeces - maybe at +18, +38, +58"
S3-0232 "Since we are at peak of the solar cycle, the return of WWV to 25 MHz would be beneficial as a propagation monitor and at times best frequency to use for reception"
S3-0233 N/A
S3-0236 25mHz - for propagation analysis
S3-0237 Please add 20 MHz to WWVH frequency coverage.
S3-0238 same answer as above.
S3-0239 NONE
S3-0240 Access to the new P.A.R.C.S. clock due to launck in 2005.
S3-0241 Propagation summaries of Marine and Amateur bands.
S3-0242 "Geo Alerts more often, perhaps in an abbreviated/ shorthand form, maybe every 5 or 10 minutes..."
S3-0243 Information at web site to other countries time/freq standards by URL
S3-0244 Restart WWVL
S3-0245 I'd like to be able to access time services and update my clock without having the network administrator punch a hole for port 13 or 123. Maybe a port-80 service. Javascript to update the system clock from a Web page might be useful
S3-0246 None
S3-0247 Very low cost system that can easily be incorporated into consumer products.
S3-0248 can't think of any
S3-0249 It's already great!
S3-0250 Once each hour give the local time in a major city of the world and it's time zone.
S3-0251 "more general imfo.  explanation of leap seconds,interesting imfo of a general nature."
S3-0252 re-transmission via NOAA weather radio
S3-0253 Greater WWVB ERP directed towards the East Coast.
S3-0254 Not sure.
S3-0255 I would like to see a grey line map on the NIST page.  That way I could do all my time from one place.  I am a HAM radio operator.
S3-0256 nil
S3-0257 No new ones at this time
S3-0258 None
S3-0259 N/A
S3-0260 None
S3-0261 Information on coastal tidal schedules alerts. Daily lunar visible intensity and cycle.
S3-0262 none
S3-0263 Good as is
S3-0264 I have no suggestion on this one.
S3-0265 Periods of time where both WWV and WWVB are both unmodulated so that zero beat conditions are easily audible.
S3-0266 "When I start a road race, I have to syncronize my voice with the clock  Ready, Set, Go needs to occur at the exact second that WWV's clocks hit, Perhaps a transmission that could be rebroadcast that said NIST Standard time, Ready, Set,GO! "
S3-0267 I would like the geo alerts to be more frequent
S3-0268 world clock
S3-0269 Certified time (digitally signed)
S3-0270 maybe a broadcast at 30mhz.
S3-0271 I have two watches and several clocks that pick up wwvb time signal and am very happy with them.
S3-0272 dated exact value of :delta T (TT-UT)when found.
S3-0273 Ham UHF and VHF frequency - 144 & 440 Mhz for  propagation studies
S3-0274 25 MHz broadcasts
S3-0275 60 kHz service in HI and Pacific
S3-0276 Same no changes.
S3-0277 "Time standard signal needs to be re-introduced at 25 MHz.  Both when conditions limit it, but also for use as a frequency standard."
S3-0278 I don't know.
S3-0279 good enough for me
S3-0280 "Information on solar weather (solar flares, aurora, etc) affecting radio propagation, both in technical data, and in """"layman's terms"""" (""""with a k index of .. CB and ham radios will ..., cable TV systems-electrical grid problems will ..."""", etc.) "
S3-0281 More coverage would allow me to condinate better differnt areas of the world
S3-0282 No changes
S3-0283 Internet service (computer accessible) providing a list of timezones around the world and functions to convert between local times/dates & coordinated universal time.  (Please write for more info: tboemker@hotmail.com.)
S3-0284 "S3"""
S3-0285 none
S3-0286 A time program that uses HTTP port to work through firewalls.
S3-0287 A stronger more reliable signal
S3-0288 Add 25 and 30 MHz beacons for propagation predicts
S3-0289 For my needs....none.
S3-0290 More audio tones.
S3-0291 more solar-geo information
S3-0292 None at This time
S3-0293 None just use more power on the ones you have now.
S3-0294 Continue the Broadcasts.... I grew up using then and wish to continue using the HF Bands to receive your information....  I do not have a PC or Phone hocked up to my HF Rig or Wrist Watch..
S3-0295 I would like to see 25 and 30 MHZ used to help in propagation predictions for Hawii and Colorado.
S3-0296 Weather statements should include Great Lakes
S3-0297 USNB Washington DC?
S3-0298 expand on solar index info
S3-0299 Please see the above comments.
S3-0300 No changes necessary
S3-0301 none
S3-0302 "Give more than one K index, not just the Boulder K index."
S3-0303 ok as is.
S3-0304 toll free access
S3-0305 be able to co ordinate zones outside USA when travelling
S3-0306 "At the present time, none."
S3-0307 non for me
S3-0308 none
S3-0309 none
S3-0310 Don't know.
S3-0311 "If it works, and it does, don't fix it! WWV is absolutely the best reference for accuracy a Ham operator has!"
S3-0312 "a small varience in frequency to check accuracy and linearity,also,a sequential reduction in power output in say intervalls of 3 seconds or so,would be kinda useful..."
S3-0313  137.000 khz and 189.999 khz time beacon for further elf research
S3-0314 Nothing at present.
S3-0315 60 kHz from WWVH
S3-0316 Voice alerts for aurora borealis in the mid latitudes.
S3-0317 The ocean wx is informative
S3-0318 "Variable power output during the hour would be very nice, even if just for one minute of the hour."
S3-0319 "as far as time, perhaps expanding the time zones to allow for times in other parts of the world"
S3-0320 Don't change it
S3-0321 none
S3-0322 "2.5, 5, and 60Khz in the Eastern US"
S3-0323 no specific suggestion.
S3-0324 WWV on 25MHz
S3-0325 none
S3-0326 "With a third station, you might be able to generate a GPS like system. With a very stable clock and radio receiver, you would be able to triangulate a position by comparing the time it takes for the radio signals to reach the receiver."
S3-0327 none
S3-0328 I would like to see continuous Irig B time code on one of the frequencys
S3-0329 automatically come to my computer and SET the time each day FOR ME.
S3-0330 hh:mm:ss via cell phone?  extend Java app on web page to worldwide time zones
S3-0331 OK the way it is  do not cut back
S3-0333 I have no comment.
S3-0334 Auto reset for PC clocks upon accessing the service
S3-0335 Link time and frequency service to the National Westher Service NOAA Weather Radio
S3-0336 Being able to compare time across the world.  And if it 8 AM in Los Angles what time is it in Singapore
S3-0337 "I find that the current services are very adequate to MANY individuals, especially WWV and other time standard stations. These are useful to marine operators, amateur radio operators, and are necessary for the operation of """"atomic controlled"""" clocks."
S3-0338 You are doing great!
S3-0339 N/A
S3-0340 If there was a way to put a WWV station on the AM broadcast band.  Many more people would be able to hear it. 
S3-0341 digitally authenticated timebases
S3-0343 NIST seems to have its bases well-covered--it's only the manufacturers of receivers that seem to be lagging!
S3-0344 A BCD time signal encoded as a sub audible portion of NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts
S3-0345 Add a BCD sub-audible signal to NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts.
S3-0346 I would like to see a return of the 25 Mhz service
S3-0347 Night Eastern Time is 15 mhz.
S3-0348 I find the solar reports useful for radio propagation and I also guage how open the ham bands are to the West by how well I can hear WWVH.
S3-0349 the application and the short wave service at night and the evening
S3-0350 "could restore the 25 MHz coverage which was discontinued several years ago.  Also more astromony applications would be nice,i.e.  bright comet information.   "
S3-0351 Warnings of when DST is going to go into or out of effect.  Put the warnings right on the web page and have an option to have it emailed to people.
S3-0352 "I would like to be able to show some type of practical demonstration in a Middle School classroom.  I enjoy using the NIST """"A Walk Through Time"""" materials.  Thank you!"
S3-0353 More frequent propagation announcements.
S3-0354 International time zones is what I was looking for.
S3-0355 Like everything you provide.
S3-0356 i'm happy with this system
S3-0357 Computer/communications sync
S3-0358 "Automatic time updates to electronic equipment in the home, e.g., TV, VCR, etc."
S3-0359 GPS satellite time would also be useful.
S3-0360 Time codes in 1200 baud AX.25 format at several minute intervals on the NWS VHF broadcasts. Or bring back the voice time hacks.
S3-0361 None that I can think of at this time. 
S3-0362 None
S3-0363 HF Propagation Information
S3-0364 Cant think of any right now.
S3-0365 25 or 30 mhz
S3-0366 "Like the weatherbug, have a timebug.  It's not a computer bug but a little ladybug that sits on your screen and tells you the weather.  Have one that tells the official time -- it would be great for those working in international affairs"
S3-0367 Regional VHF service. Not dependent on solar or atmospheric conditions. Of course this would require numerous transmission sites.
S3-0368 ability to set computer's time from the web page (via scripts)
S3-0369 Current service is adequate
S3-0370 "A service that could tell/reccomend the closest NTP source for a client computer based upon the client's IP address (presumably by using some sort of network mapping available to the server, ie, traceroute or some other like means)."
S3-0372 dig display @ cell phone
S3-0373 Integration of NISTIME 32 with Microsoft Outlook 2000 would be a useful development.
S3-0374 "Web - great service to make sure time is accurate, also very interesting information"
S3-0375 If Microsoft IE/Netscape would be able to relay that info to the clock used in windows.
S3-0376 None
S3-0377 "A voice or more pronounced audible tone announcement at :15, :30, and :45 second intervals within a minute.  In this way one can at least set the seconds on a digital watch or in more quickly than waiting for the minute mark."
S3-0378 Add'l VLF near proposed ham VLF freq
S3-0379 See above
S3-0380 More accurate than todays 2.1 seconds.
S3-0381 "With reference to the above comments re. WWVB,  please consider establishing a 60 KhZ transmitter on Kauai.  WWVBH?"
S3-0382 "With reference to the above comments re. WWVB,  please consider establishing a 60 KhZ transmitter on Kauai.  WWVBH?"
S3-0383 Worldwide times would be helpful (web page).
S3-0384 World time zones. I often have to call to other than US locations and would like to have an easy way to find the right time without having to calculate it myself
S3-0385 world wide time - being able to tell what time it is across the globe.
S3-0386 "Direct connection to time server on web, similar to radio."
S3-0387 Accurate time is what I look for from your service and that's what I get.  Thanks!
S3-0388 Automated time for PDA (Palm Pilot)
S3-0389 N/A
S3-0390 Works fine for me as it is.
S3-0391 present system is most satisfactory
S3-0392 I would like to be able to have my computer automatically access the time service once a week and correct the time on my PC.  I travel a lot and am constantly changing time zones so it would be nice to always have the correct time.
S3-0393 Exisisting service is sufficient.
S3-0394 "Excellent service.....no change would be perfect from my perspective, but if I needed to pay, I hope I can do it without credit cards....e.g. bill be $5 per month.  Or better still, ask for donations... I will mail in $50 with appreciation "
S3-0395 "Solar indicies should be 3 times an hour, not one."
S3-0396 I can think of none at the moment.  The service allready satisfies my requirements.
S3-0397 "I would like to see global time zone coverage on  the web page.  If this is not feasible, a pointer to equivalent services offering coverage in other  areas of the globe would be helpful."
S3-0398 Add time zones to cover other countries(eg. India)
S3-0399 I would like to see access to world (not just domestic) time zones.
S3-0400 HF propagation forecasts.
S3-0401 Wider availability of radio service
S3-0402 None at this time.
S3-0403 Announce Propagation - solar /geomagnetic several times an hour (4x)
S3-0404 "the date included..i work graveyard and sometimes my clock stops, or whatever, and i would like to confirm the date..you know, graveyard people NEVER know what day it is..ha ha!"
S3-0405 none
S3-0406 Being able to see the time would be nice!
S3-0407 n/a
S3-0408 "As I am interested in an improved reception of the broadcast service, I would be interested in the service currently available via short wave to be also available via satellite. "
S3-0409 one that synchronizes my computer with NIST time
S3-0410 None. The reading of the time satisfies me extremely well. I LOVE it! It's better than any dumb music!
S3-0411 Being able to get access to the time.
S3-0412 N/A
S3-0413 C-band transmission
S3-0414 It works perfect for me
S3-0415 automatic sync of PC clock with standard clock
S3-0416 "As a shortwave listener and ham radio, it is a very useful thing to have accurate time and propagation conditions at 18 min. after the hour. "
S3-0417 "Think about using reduced audio PSK31 at 3KHz to send digital info, bulletins, emergency info."
S3-0418 None come to mind
S3-0419 None (Current services are adequate.)
S3-0420 voice on the minute
S3-0421 No changes recommended.
S3-0422 "Use of AM and PM, instead of a 24 hour clock,  on the web site would match my server format.  Having readings for each time zone is excellent,  as is the night/day indicator."
S3-0423 Improve the visibility of time-stamping services.
S3-0424 sun interference alerts
S3-0425 Based on the radio coverage could the month and date be added to voice broadcast without causing confusion.
S3-0426 "World time, I would like to know the time of day in different places in the world."
S3-0427 none
S3-0428 Have a button that chages the computers system clock to the official time.
S3-0429 automatic update of computer clock from NIST as with ACTS
S3-0430 A single frequency with a strong signal 24 hours a day in the North-Eastern USA.
S3-0431 Seperate stations for weather and time on SW
S3-0432 via mobile phone by sms ? .... maybe that usefull
S3-0433 A service that we could lock our computer time too and would never be off time or shut down.
S3-0434 automatically update computer clocks; hot sync for PDAs (Palm Pilots) to update time.
S3-0435 current time and frequency format suitable.
S3-0436 More geoalerts per hour
S3-0437 A feature where you could click a button on the web site & automatically set your computer clock (if that's possible).
S3-0438 Perhaps the capacity to see two or three time zones at once (my need is largely for USA).
S3-0439 World Time (click on an area just like the US to get the local time there)
S3-0440 "WWVB is great but some complain about accuracy, can you improve it?"
S3-0441 Maybe time alerts to be time zone specific and also in non-24 hour format for ease of timing a watch after returning to a particular time zone
S3-0442 Simple time service accessible through HTTP (to avoid firewall problems) - can currently get this information but need to parse a big page that may be subject to change
S3-0443 "Finally, something i can use from the government, I like it just the way it is"
S3-0444 I like the system as is..  no changes
S3-0445 "I love the service because my home computer clock runs a little slow.  this keeps it right, but the software does not always work"
S3-0446 More HF frequencies
S3-0447 "The web page is the primary way that I set all of my clocks at home, but if I could have a Windows service running in the background on my PC, iit might be even easier to have it synchronize with a NIST server behind the scenes."
S3-0448 "Broadcast concert """"A"""" 440Hz at 32 minutes past hour as well as 2 minutes past hour."
S3-0449 "world map that one can move the mouse over to various cities or countries and see a readout of local time, perhaps approx latitude, longitude, approx temperature ..."
S3-0450 None
S3-0451 "The service, as it now stands, is adequate."
S3-0452 Web page has only US time.  Time for the whole world on the web page would be much more useful
S3-0453 NA
S3-0455 "Clear information about clocks that automatically set according to """"signal"""" broadcasts--very confusing."
S3-0456 "A system that shows time superimposed on a map. That way there won't be a """"net congestion"""" problem."
S3-0457 The 25 Mhz Frequency service was and would be useful for estimating propagation during sunspot highs.
S3-0458 I'd find the state of the radio wave useful.  JJY used to tell us the state of the radio wave every 10 minutes by using the morse code.
S3-0459 Unknown.
S3-0460 none
S3-0461 Upload WWV signal on new private satellite mobile radio providers: Sirius Satellite Radio & XM Radio
S3-0462 "Global time information, not just US"
S3-0463 More information about the solar emissions that affect HF radio propagation
S3-0464 "When Java animation does work, it is useful.  Would be nice to add a feature to sync a clock w/ the Java animation upon a Click (perhaps for Windows only)."
S3-0465 Overall it's really good
S3-0466 None
S3-0467 "A """"Back"""" button to reverse time. ;-)"
S3-0468 n/a
S3-0469 Current service is satisfactory
S3-0470 440 Hz available more than once an hour.
S3-0471 An easy way to have the computer up date its time when ever it connects to the internet.
S3-0472 1) GMT 2) Track Summer Time etc worldwide
S3-0473 Very Satisfied
S3-0474 none
S3-0475 more accuracy
S3-0476 minutes after the hour clearer
S3-0477 US Time on web
S3-0478 a list of sunrise/sunset times might be nice on the online official time site.
S3-0479 more musically useful standard frequencies (e.g. tones for guitar and piano tuning)
S3-0480 "Downloadable program, which loads when connecting to the Internet and sets the time automatically."
S3-0481 "Re Web service (continued from S2): you could also use cookies to specify whether to do the Java animation, since on some machines the Java VM takes a while to initialize."
S3-0482 None so far
S3-0483 Nothing at the moment.
S3-0484 time within 1.8 seconds isn't the tip of accuracy
S3-0485 Perfect as is.
S3-0486 Sidereal time at Greenwich Java applet
S3-0487 Can't think of any.
S3-0488 I'd love to get the solar flux info encoded in the 60khz signal.
S3-0489 World wide coverage
S3-0490 Return 25 MHz WWV to service.  It provided a good test of higher freqency propogation to the East coast.
S3-0491 I would like to see the 25Mhz. broadcast re-instated. Very usefull for propagation purposes.
S3-0492 "the past format was useful because I could """"hack""""  my watch."
S3-0493 instead of beep have seconds given (or at least on 1/2 minute)
S3-0494 "other calendars like Chinese, Hebrew etc. A program the gives the current date for each of these."
S3-0495 None
S3-0496 "Perhaps a 1-800 (toll free) number to access """"perfect time""""; however, I receive the short wave radio broadcast very clear from the Northwest Arkansas region (where I currently live)."
S3-0497 None additional
S3-0498 same as above; we cannot even display the opening clock
S3-0499 auto updating of computer