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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
S2-2000 "WWVB's coverage on the east coast could be improved, which would be of great benefit to those users with clocks that utilize the WWVB BCD time code."
S2-2001 none
S2-2002 Hourly voice announcement should say the NIST website address
S2-2003 All services need no further improvement at this time. Service is excellent.
S2-2004 All are satisfactory.
S2-2005 WWVH periodically unreadable on the East Coast for 3-5 days at a time. Stronger signal would be nice.
S2-2006 Better coverage to the East Coast area
S2-2007 wwv-stronger HF signal would be nice; however it is generally good.
S2-2008 WWV 5 & 10 MHz needs improved signal strength in the midwest.
S2-2009 coverage of wwv
S2-2010 "WWV (Colorado) is difficult to receive in my area (Norristown, PA) especially during daylight hours."
S2-2011 "Problem with website:  Like many other people, I do not have a java runner.  If you could give links to sites with free downloadable Java runners, it would be very useful.  Also, AOL is currently a major ISP.  You should adapt to this.-15"
S2-2012 "wwvh second ticks, they need to be transmitted with more kilowattage."
S2-2013 "second ticks, they need more transmission strength"
S2-2014 Things are fine the way they are.
S2-2015 "Occasionally, reception is not good.  Interference is often from Spanish language stations."
S2-2016 "Better reliability in reception of shortwave service. The present arrangement of multiple frequencies is helpful because I can usually receive at least one of them, but not always the same one."
S2-2017 The coverage and reliability of the WWVB sig. out on the California west coast could stand to be better.
S2-2018 "Better coverage on some frequencys.  However, I do realize propagation comes into effect."
S2-2019 Local access phone number or toll free number
S2-2020 Additional coverage. Many other astronomers around the country are not able to receive WWV reliably. The off-air time services are critical for maintaining accurate timings for astronomical observations.
S2-2021 More reliable coverage and range of the transmitters
S2-2022 WWV coverage and reception in New Hampshire is poor.
S2-2023 "More transmitter power for East Coast of USA.  Can't receive WWV at times and much more power is needed for WWVB in the Jacksonville, FL area."
S2-2024 Need to ncrease SW broadcast transmitter power to improve reception and coverage area.  No other comparable low-cost technology is easily and widely available for individual users in the astronomical community.
S2-2025 RF Broadcast of audiable signal
S2-2026 Need stronger signals
S2-2027 WWVB reception here in New England is not so great.
S2-2028 "Northeastern NJ:  Usually at least one of the five WWV frequencies is listenable (voice), seldom actually clear.  Reception improvement would be terrific.  Perhaps (pardon my ignorance) higher power would help."
S2-2029 None
S2-2030 WWV marginal reception
S2-2031 More reliable hf radio coverage is desirable but could be difficult and costly to achieve.
S2-2032 go back to continuous time clicks rather than snapshot.
S2-2033 "WWV Time Signals at all wavelengths. All WL need a stronger signal to eliminate static, distortion, interruption, etc. "
S2-2034 Reception reliability is important because I live in Alberta where auroral interference can make the 10 MHz signal disappear completely for long periods. The multiple frequency is a must!
S2-2035 "signal strength,clarity"
S2-2036 I wish the time signals were available globally.  I use them is timing astronomical events.
S2-2037 Increase broadcast power of WWVB
S2-2038 During geo storms etc difficulties experienced in shortwave access
S2-2039 "Would appreciate a second propagation/geo message on both WWV and WWVH, especially since VH isn't always receivable. Perhaps make one more usable for beginners (it took me a long time to understand the data presented when I became a ham 20 years ago!)"
S2-2040 Reception in remote areas
S2-2041 "Solar Flux Numbers could be more frequent. At times I use WWVH to get it on the 3/4 hour, at nite."
S2-2042 repeat Solar Terrestrial Conditions report at one other time during the hour.
S2-2043 Better WWV and WWVH radio coverage
S2-2044 "Asa mentioned above, we as amateurs use the service for a number of timing and frequency reference applications such as lunar occultation and planetary occultation measurement."
S2-2046 Coverage
S2-2047 Reception over the air
S2-2048 More power.
S2-2049 Keep it going
S2-2050 No improvement needed.
S2-2051 Strength of Short Wave Time Signals
S2-2052 None
S2-2053 The services offered meet my needs. I use wwvb for most of my standard calibrations. WWV for time setting.
S2-2054 WWVB is weak in the Los Angeles area some times of day
S2-2055 WWVB needs better coverage in my area.
S2-2056 Better bandwidth on the internet service
S2-2057 Coverage
S2-2058 none
S2-2059 none
S2-2060 None; just keep what we have!
S2-2061 Reception.
S2-2062 sw reception tends to come in and out here in the northeastern US.  probably just propagation properties
S2-2063 none
S2-2064 Improver reliability on web; more coverage on radio.
S2-2065 n/a
S2-2066 coverage area and strength of signal
S2-2067 System ok as is...
S2-2068 reception
S2-2069 I think they are all cool.
S2-2070 "Perhaps the best thing you could do is make your services, especially the WEB features better known to the public.  Make your information as user- friendly as possible."
S2-2071 comupter time set faster
S2-2072 WWVB power. Reception requires careful antenna positioning. Frequent interference due to low signal strength
S2-2073 The present services are adecuate for our needs
S2-2074 WWVB Power. Reception eratic.
S2-2075 increase signal strength
S2-2076 More frequent propagation reports & forecasts
S2-2077 The present services are adecuate for our needs
S2-2078 it satisfy my needs
S2-2079 none
S2-2080 "WWV is not always available throughout the US, therefore improve its coverage reliability."
S2-2081 west coast reception
S2-2082 Higher power transmitters on marginal bands.  Use of 25 MHz when band conditions are open.
S2-2083 I like it the way it is.
S2-2084 add more features such as special annoucements
S2-2085 Present services are adecuate
S2-2086 I love the NIST Services we've got. Please continue them!
S2-2088 WWV could use more transmitter power.  I use WWV from remote sites all over the world in my work.
S2-2089 better reception of signal 5000 and 10000 frequencies
S2-2090 better international reception in australia
S2-2091 none
S2-2092 Serves my needs just fine
S2-2093 Suits me as is.
S2-2094 WWV Broadcast 20MHz Coverage
S2-2095 All services are fine.
S2-2096 Radio service with better daylight coverage and reception would be useful (I'm on the East Coast)
S2-2097 "It's not broken, does it need fixing?"
S2-2098 Stronger WWV / WWWVH signals for better reception reliability
S2-2099 "NOTE,  I do not know what frequency we ues.  It is in clocks that receive you signal and adjust the clock accordingly.  This is a wonderful survice."
S2-2100 Better east coast coverage of WWVB
S2-2101 stronger WWV signals
S2-2102 NISTime server is often unavailable
S2-2103 "Perhaps better coverage, however, WWV and even WWVH come in nicely even here in Florida!"
S2-2104 coverage
S2-2105 "Reception problem: this is an east coast location, and at times the antenna placement gives poor reception but for various reasons cannot be relocated.  (This is related to the interf"""
S2-2106 "Coverage of WWV - I need radio coverage, in the field, for accurate timing of astronomical events"
S2-2107 World wide radio reception
S2-2108 It's Great!
S2-2109 Web access for time on NIST page...Always web congestion message
S2-2110 this survey should be changed so people can understand it.
S2-2111 Broadcast on a FM channel. It will be heard by numerous people and provide better reception.
S2-2113 I would like to see a world time map like the us time map made available.
S2-2114 The java applets are cool but sometimes take to long to load and time out and other times load fast. If I want a quick reading of the time I should be able to cleick a link and get the current time on a very simple page.
S2-2115 Improve Net Traffic for Real Time Java Script
S2-2116 satelite distance at heal
S2-2117 None
S2-2118 More frequent propagation bulletins (more than once an hour)
S2-2119 N/A
S2-2120 Web interface sometimes unavailable.
S2-2121 Update PCTime and WinActs to work with newer modems--they have new instruction sets. Upgrade internet software to use feedback to get accuracy.
S2-2122 None
S2-2123 recption
S2-2124 recption
S2-2125 Get a running clock display that will work on Web TV.
S2-2126 "When ever I attempt access to the correct time, """"one moment please"""" is continuous until the statement on """"net congestion"""" shows up.  It is always congested, at least continuous for the past 6 months."
S2-2127 global time zones or links to them
S2-2128 "Radio reception proves difficult in the Northeastern US, particularly at 5 MHz, although this may be due to congestion (too many stations too close)"
S2-2129 making the telephone time toll-free would help