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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
S2-1500 none
S2-1501 "Sometimes my software reports that connection to your time servers has timed out before the clock could be set. You service is very valuable and free. If its availability could nonetheless be even higher, that would be useful."
S2-1502 reception in my area
S2-1503 Coverage area for the U.S.
S2-1504 weather could be expanded from 8 to 13 minutes after each hour. this would not make the announcer read the weather information or geo alert information so fast. Geo alert could be carried over to the 19th minute.
S2-1505 "It ALWAYS needs to be more accurate, that's what its all about? I heard something about the new clock, mercury ion or some dammed thing, sounds great, not that I'll be able to tell the difference in the 10 to the negative howevermany seconds."
S2-1506 time in spanish
S2-1507 "I would like to hear more geomagnetic and solar activity reports, with greater detai"""
S2-1508 "web page is too slow, a simple text interface would suffice!"
S2-1509 Everytime I have tried to use this service it will not tell me the current time because it has net congestion.  Please have this fixed.
S2-1510 "additional WWVB transmitter antennae in the Midwest, & Easttern states"
S2-1511 WWV works fine for me.
S2-1512 "Very satisfied with current service, especially improvements to WWVB"
S2-1514 The 10 MHz service suffers from a tremendous amount of SSB Radio-Telephone interference from South America between 03:00 and 06:00 UTC
S2-1515 "NIST time -- the last ten times I have tried to access, """"net congestion"""" was cited as the reason I could not access.  "
S2-1516 "Reception, maybe broadcast on lower or upper SB, CW."
S2-1517 Coverage
S2-1518 Coverage
S2-1519 improvements??  get rid of all the asshole republicans who want to vandalize all this stuff.  there's your ten thousand percent improvement right there.
S2-1520 Services work well.
S2-1521 Public info....I didn't know you had a web site.
S2-1522 "Every time I attempt to use your service, there is net conjestion."
S2-1523 Great Web Page.  .3 is good enough for me.
S2-1524 propgation data
S2-1525 Perhaps a stronger transmitter on 2.5 mhz would be beneficial.
S2-1526 ACTS could provide better instructions to update. I'm an infrequent user and find it a little unfriendly.
S2-1528 Feature for the exact time anywhere in the world needs to be added.
S2-1529 Net congestion errors on your end.
S2-1530 I would like to see the geo alert given 2 times per hour.
S2-1531 I think if the modulation of the 100 hz time code on WWV would help set my Heathkit clocks more frequently.  The WWVB signal does not penetrate into the building where I work.
S2-1532 n/a
S2-1533 Shortwave. The computer is too cumbersome to tote around and set clocks or refer to easily in each office.
S2-1534 Higher power of transmitted signal or better antenna system to improve Alaskan recption.
S2-1535 I don't know how you can get any more accurate than being off by around a fifth of a second.  I am guessing that transmission time from the nearest web site through the internet prohibits setting the clock closer than this.
S2-1536 Solar indices - more frequent announcements
S2-1537 "We need to keep the WWV, WWVH shortwave service."
S2-1538 Stronger signal to be heard during daytime hours.
S2-1539 Web:  Software to let my PC auto-synchronize its time with your time.
S2-1540 Our new firewall prevents access. Is there any way around that? Nistime-32 seems to still work.
S2-1541 none
S2-1542 "Improved GUI for the Daytime Client software. Software should provide better feedback that server has been reached, and that settings have been saved."
S2-1543 Your service would be used more upon slow internet connections.
S2-1544 Speech quality of some announcements
S2-1546 The WWVB frequency reference will loose lock because of lack of signal especiallly in the summer. A 10dB improvement is signal would help a lot.
S2-1547 Same as above
S2-1548 "Ofte, corporate firewall do not allow Java animation, thus preventing users to see animated time.  If would be good to implement a different way of displaying it."
S2-1549 "I do not want to see a snapshot of the time, i want to see it progress...."
S2-1550 None
S2-1551 I would like to be able to indicate the time it is in my location (e.g. 1:00 pm) and ask you to tell me what time it is somewhere else (e.g. CST).
S2-1552 I would like to see WWV around the 10 meter band 
S2-1553 I use the time.gov website and all my comments are based on using that only. I think it's fine the way it is and it's an easy and convenient way to find the current US time.
S2-1554 WWV signal is inconsistent at my location as propogation changes.
S2-1555 different sites sometimes give differing time-up to a couple of seconds!
S2-1556 Audio quality in the Geo reporting
S2-1557 "the modulation on the geo. is so poor that is an insult to  NBS; THE OTHER ANNOUNCEMENT MODS ARE NOT TO GOOD """"COMMERCIAL STANDARDS"""" (at one time i was A rep. to the connference of standards labs) THE TIME/tick/tone ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE EXCELLENT"
S2-1558 "More power on 5, 10, 15Mhz as well as 60kHz would be helpful. We receive quite a bit of intererence from South America on 5 MHz"
S2-1559 NIST approved PC Time-sync utility would be great
S2-1560 #800 telephone number
S2-1561 It appears that the animated web page does not work for me when I am behind the firewall at work. What would be extremely useful to me would be if a Windows program called Tardis could more easily access the NIST time.
S2-1562 60 Khz coverage of WWVB for East coast
S2-1563 Your service is better and quicker to access than Internet Time Servers in the UK.
S2-1564 I just use the web page and I think it's great.
S2-1565 "Reliability of the time servers is the most important issue listed in this survey. Sometimes the servers are unavailable, although that is a fairly rare occurrence."
S2-1566 WWVB is very weak on the East Coast. Was stronger but lately last 6 months signal level has been donw. 
S2-1567 "World Map(Daylight vs Night) needs to be bigger, easier to see"
S2-1568 it is fine as is
S2-1569 "for my current use, it is fine as is"
S2-1570 none
S2-1571 Reception reliability
S2-1572 The page needs to be accessible all the time.
S2-1573 none
S2-1574 Reception reliability and coverage area needs more improvement.
S2-1575 Coverage and reception reliability
S2-1576 "Currently in Arizona, WWV and WWVB service is impossible during the day due to desert. At night, only 5 and 10mhz are recievable. I just got some WWVB-enabled clocks, and my result have been mixed so far. "
S2-1577 None
S2-1578 WWV should broadcast also near the 50 and maybe 144 MHz range.
S2-1579 "Occasionally I the windows time client is unable to connect, but it is possible that it is a probem on my end."
S2-1580 I'd like to see it update the computer clock auotmaticly.
S2-1581 Web page Java time display could use some speeding up on display.
S2-1582 "At some times of day and under some atmospheric conditions, I have been unable to receive a usable signal at any of the shortwave frequencies.  Evening and night reception is usually better than daytime reception."
S2-1583 Lose WWVB signal from time to time.
S2-1584 Work on the Net Congestion problem!
S2-1585 2.5 Khz and 5 Khz are what I use most on the N. American Continent.  2.5 KHz needs more stable signal at the SW rx end.
S2-1586 NONE & NONE
S2-1587 content with current service
S2-1588 Coverage and reception reliability
S2-1589 none
S2-1590 "Stability of the internet time infrastructure. The servers have been unresponsive on several occasions. Overall, though, an excellent job!"
S2-1591 I'd like to see a larger quorum of public stratum 1 time servers.
S2-1592 Radio coverage needs to be more widespread
S2-1593 don't deactivate legacy hostnames (old software fails to resolv)
S2-1594 I think your system is good.
S2-1595 satisfactory.
S2-1596 GPS and WWV should be easier to receive. It would be nice not to need amplifiers and outdoor antennae. Some people are using cell tower CDMA time signals instead.
S2-1597 More coverage providing lower-latency NTP servers to synchronize against.
S2-1598 Coverage/signal strength of WWVB needs to be improved.
S2-1599 "Good response time on the Internet for those of us that occasionally use the service.  Sometimes it can't connect, or a mirror site doesn't grant public access anymore."
S2-1600 WWV reception
S2-1601 Coverage.  At present I'm not confident that radio-set devices will work wherever I might need to deploy them (even within reasonable limits).
S2-1602 Affordable worldwide receptions of time standards that (GPS?) can be packaged in watches
S2-1603 "None, it is good as it is."
S2-1604 additional mirrors/available servers via internet access
S2-1605 more public timeservers
S2-1606 "WWVB is sometimes difficult to recieve in San  Francisco Bay Area, particularly in buildings. Perhaps increased transmitter power or the  addition of a station further west would help.  "
S2-1607 "The documentation for xntp3 is hard to understand. Example configuration files and commands would be good. Apart from that, it's great!  Thanks!"
S2-1608 "Need to continue to have good, stable time and frequency sources both terrestial (sp?) and satellite.  Currently, only GPS is well supported on satellite.  Others have just died."
S2-1609 config and documentation for ntp. I've had a heck of a time setting it up and getting it to work (it still doesn't)
S2-1610 "easier access to listings of reliable network servers for RFC 822, NTP, and SNTP"
S2-1611 time.nist.gov needs to not go down so often
S2-1612 None
S2-1613 The ntp servers list in both stratum 1 and 2 should be updated more often (some servers aren't reachable) ... A DNS round robin for picking one of those servers at random would be useful (load on the servers lessens and fault tolerance increases)
S2-1614 I'd like just a little bit more power in WWVB.
S2-1615 WWVB reception should be made more reliable to the east coast.
S2-1616 Current features are more than adequate for our uses
S2-1617 I think everything's fine!
S2-1618 "main time servers differ significantly, slow to respond.   Can accuracy be increased over tcp?  How about listing major holidays around world maybe with Perl's Date::Manip.  Help!"
S2-1619 lowercost gps systems
S2-1620 "I use WWV20 to cfg. SW tuning. I'm in Canada, my radio, an antique 5band has tuning marks, showing SW freq's for WWV. I want a voice sig, and hope it never becomes depreciated. I'm sure that people try to DX from abroad, so footprint should be big"""
S2-1621 "As a private user and ham operator, the existing services rock.  The web-based services leave something to be desired, in terms of accuracy.  (Those useless animated GIFs still there?)"
S2-1622 ?
S2-1623 Current services sufficiently meet my needs.
S2-1624 ntpd works great already
S2-1625 "WWVB is very weak indoors in some buildings in Cambridge, MA, weak enough that radio clocks that use WWVB don't function."
S2-1626 "free,accurate,easy in that order"
S2-1627 "For my needs, everything is great.  Good job!"
S2-1628 None.  Current services meet my needs.
S2-1629 I am happy with the service.
S2-1630 I am pleased with the service
S2-1631 ACTS: Toll free line
S2-1632 None.
S2-1633 better east coast reception - perhaps transmitters in NJ and North FL.
S2-1634 wwv reception reliability and coverage area
S2-1635 I mainly rely on time-nw.nist.gov and have had no problems and hope things continue that way.
S2-1636 nothing for me- thanks for providing www.time.gov.  The clock in my PCs (home and work) sure do suck!  I need to reset them at least once a month!
S2-1637 www.time.gov displays poorly on some browsers/OS sometimes locks up normally working browsers.
S2-1638 "time code, IRIG requires long periods of good reception or complex adaptive code to recieve.  Take a look at CHU time code, simple to decode/error detect even under high fade conditions. "
S2-1639 Better ability to compensate for Internet transmission delay
S2-1640 My needs are being met by currently available services.  Thank you.
S2-1641 "None, everything rules, in my opinion. "
S2-1642 Geo data transmissions sometimes are skipped. It would be nice if this didn't happen/
S2-1643 I think all the internet based services are excellent and need no improvement.
S2-1644 "More power on WWV More power on WWVB Put the old guy's voice back on WWV (Don Elliott Heald I think was his name). He was the best! Even if he's no longer living, please use his voice for the time checks. The new voice stinks!"
S2-1645 "Stability would be nice--I would like a more wide-spread version of ntp deployed to various network backbones, personally."
S2-1646 "I'm lucky, I live in Boulder.  When I'm on the road, I think WWVB coverage improvements have been great -- can more be done to get Maine, Florida better signals ?"
S2-1647 box too small for my coments see below
S2-1648 time-nw.nist.gov fails to respond about 15% of the time
S2-1649 The internet service uses java which is not supported on all platforms.
S2-1650 I think there should be a Java version and non-Java version (sometimes browsers don't have Java installed)
S2-1651 "I just switched to a new, wireless ISP who is having a shortage of IP addresses.  NTP doesn't seem to work through their firewall. "
S2-1652 "I wish WWV's signal had more power.  Or I could buy a better radio, I suppose."
S2-1653 "WWV needs better coverage, perhaps a stronger signal, or perhaps more than one station in US if possible. The clock on my dresser keeps time by WWV, but misses a proper signal many nights here on the East coast."
S2-1654 www service should give easy way of updating Windows time
S2-1655 "Web site says """"net congestion"""" and won't give time"
S2-1656 Think you're doing a great job.  Used to use radio and coverage is hard to get down south USA.
S2-1657 "I can only have he time diplayed at night (CDT) otherwise I get :"""" Net congestion"""" error message. here is the address I'm using: http://nist.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Central/d/-6/java"
S2-1658 Power increase in WWVB was most helpful
S2-1659 none
S2-1660 "Increase information regarding solar terretrial conditions, geomagnet activity & radio propagation "
S2-1662 Solar conditions could be given more then once an hour with some explanations. All information could be spoken slower to improve readability.  Improved reception on the lower frequencies to help when the higher bands are down.
S2-1663 more reliable internet time servers
S2-1664 none
S2-1665 Give Geo info at least 2 times an hour not just at 18 minutes past the hour.
S2-1666 interference to the 10 Mhz WWV transmissions
S2-1667 "Daytime signals in the Atlanta, GA area vary in strength very greatly.  Much interference."
S2-1668 Increase radio transmitter power for more reliable service during geo-propagation problems
S2-1669 Need more transmitter power to improve reception
S2-1670 Please increase power at 5 and 10 MHz.  Reception is sometimes difficult.
S2-1671 "WWVB is woefully weak on the east coast.  With all the new clocks that synchronize to it, I would really hope it could be strengthened."
S2-1672 "WWVB could use an error correcting code, or at least some type of crc/checksum to verify correctly decoded timecode.  WWVB could also use better coverage, especially in the daytime."
S2-1673 No comment
S2-1674 60 kHz signal covering more area
S2-1675 WWV coverage and reliability at useful strengths
S2-1676 Would like to see the power increased on all frequencies and 25MHz restored.
S2-1677 WWVB and accessible time servers to sync NTP with. I often cannot connect with the bulk of the time servers on the net.
S2-1678 I am satisfied with the current levels of service. NIST should continue to develop services for new technologies and media as they become important.
S2-1679 "I would like to be able to recieve the signal better in the Houston, Tx area."
S2-1680 "Able to pull through """"Net congestion"""""
S2-1681 "Better coverage in Southeast US on 60 kHz for """"atomic clocks"""" would be nice."
S2-1682 WWV - Reception reliability
S2-1683 "reseption of signals and I have a hard time geting them in richmond,virginia-USA"
S2-1684 UTC *must* continue to track UT1
S2-1685 WWV - better stability (fading sometimes severe)
S2-1686 "More frequent transmission of the Geomagnetic Data ( """"on the 8's"""" )"
S2-1687 Geo alerts more often than 18 minutes past the hour
S2-1688 "increase frequency of propagation reports,  increase signal strength/coverage"
S2-1689 None
S2-1690 Good service.  Not needing a change
S2-1691 "None, it's just fine as it is"
S2-1692 "I notice people talking (illegal """"hams?"""") right on frequency.  We need to find them and shut them down. This is outrageous."
S2-1694 60 KHz coverage in Alaska is very poor
S2-1695 More detailed propagation information
S2-1696 none
S2-1697 "Other than increased coverage by the radio signals, no other needed."
S2-1698 WWV coverage
S2-1699 Your services meet my present needs.
S2-1700 "None, You do a great job!"
S2-1701 enjoy the service as is- please do not remove the shortwave service
S2-1702 Would be nice if you increased broadcast power a few dB.
S2-1703 didn't know that this was avaiable and how do i access it ?? kf6jg@earthlink.net
S2-1704 Just don't take anything away
S2-1705 Coverage area and Reception reliability
S2-1706 "Thank you for letting me set my computer's clock with your service, but can only access 1 out 10 times.  Most accesses time out.  Hope you fix this."
S2-1707 coverage
S2-1708 none
S2-1709 Nothing within present parameters.
S2-1710 None
S2-1711 2.5 MHz WWV is not needed
S2-1712 More erp on the 5 and 10 mhz xmissions
S2-1713 none for me at present
S2-1714 WWVB Better coverage
S2-1715 RF Signal Strength
S2-1716 voice data off hf frequencies primarily 2.5mhz
S2-1717 Would like to see the geo alerts and GPS status announced more frequently.
S2-1718 Fills my need to update my computer clock.
S2-1719 "sorry can not think of thing , keep up the good work"
S2-1720 I am happy with the service as it is now.
S2-1721 please add second solar report second half hour- I always seem to remember a few minutes after report. This information is quite valuable to hams
S2-1722 I am satified with everything
S2-1723 "Nothing; don't fix it if it """"ain't"""" broke."
S2-1724 Higher levil rf and af.
S2-1725 "I use time service only to set my household clocks, and it is perfect"
S2-1726 Increase power of WWV so it it heard more reliably
S2-1727 The existing accuracy and reliability are great.
S2-1728 none
S2-1729 "The frequency of 2.5Mhz seems to be of little use,  due to output power of transmitter. It seems there is a need for increased rf output power on this frequency, the same goes for the 20Mhz frequency."
S2-1730 stability and coverage
S2-1731 "Reception is sometime difficult in New England. In those cases, I can use CHS. For your info, I use the radio signals for accurate timing of astronomical events. I use internet/web time for general setting of clocks."
S2-1732 none
S2-1733 None
S2-1734 None!  I am satisfied with the current services I use.
S2-1735 More awareness of internet time service
S2-1736 "Generally, NIST does a fine job."
S2-1737 "NIST is a great service, and is completely sufficient for me."
S2-1738 "Here on Guam we often get QRM from Japan's freq. service. If not for them, WWVH and even WWV would be OK to receive. With www.time.gov available, the main unique service we get from radio is a 10 MHz calibration signal for our frequency counters."
S2-1739 Strengthen WWVB signals to the Northeast USA.
S2-1740 Need greater signal strength in the Pacific NW USA
S2-1741 WWV coverage on the East coast of the US is generally poor without extensive antenna array and then only in daylight.
S2-1742 "More and better software that shows both local time and UT in one small window.  Also, software to lock up other equipment to the standard.  Must be simple and easy to use.  This is a VERY important service, I can not say that enough!"
S2-1743 adequate now
S2-1744 I have difficulty recieving the 60HZ signal  from my location on LOng Island. I would be very happy to see an improvement.
S2-1745 "You service is too slow, loading. In addition to the graphics pages you now have, you should flash a quick text only page with the current time, in a list of all time zones, after 5 seconds, this page then loads your graphic page."
S2-1746 "In SW Florida most atomic time clocks don't work as signal is not strong enough, even after your power upgrade.  Even using my ham gear is frequently a problem."
S2-1747 WWVB reception in the Pacific Northwest
S2-1749 I find the present availability and functionality of the nist web site time service perfectly adequate for my needs.
S2-1750 10 mhz freq ref is sometimes hard to hear at my location.
S2-1751 Not sure but maybe increase in the propgation info.
S2-1752 None. Current services meet my needs quite well.
S2-1753 "Advances in Internet networking technology are making it conceivable to provide online time services without t"""
S2-1754 strength of signal
S2-1755 coverage
S2-1756 What you are doing now meets my organizational needs.
S2-1757 ease of use with the ntp protocol as well as more public servers avalible to Canada and/or North America
S2-1758 Have trouble getting good reception from the Midwest on ocassions
S2-1759 20Mc xmsn.  When propagation permits the signal varies so bad it is hard to get good freq accuracy.  60 Kc sig needs to be stronger to overcome local noises.
S2-1760 "In Australia we stand to loose VNG, so a stronger reception would be appreciated.  My use is astronomical."
S2-1761 none. For my purposes the current services are great. I use the RF propagation information a lot.
S2-1762 Expanded coverage.
S2-1763 coverage is for WWV and WWVB is marginal for hours at a time in upstate New York
S2-1764 syncing clocks on electronic devices
S2-1765 Geo alerts could be given twice as often.
S2-1766 None...services are useful to me as they are.
S2-1767 The graphical interface sometimes loads slowly; that's probably inevitable with graphics.
S2-1768 "--Move WWV's transmitters further east, for better East Coast reception! --Expand the space weather/geo-alert message to 2 min., to include more data."
S2-1769 covreage
S2-1770 None
S2-1771 More power for the low and high frequenct transmiters.
S2-1772 keep WWV/WWVH on the air
S2-1773 coverage (worldwide)
S2-1774 None required for our application
S2-1776 None
S2-1777 GPS
S2-1778 2.5MEG doesn't propagate to my area MN--20Meg rarely received.
S2-1779 Coverage
S2-1781 voice transmissions of time are difficult to copy at times. I would prefer to see the morse time returned. This can be copied when the voice signals are difficult to understand.
S2-1782 Give Geo Alerts twice/hour
S2-1783 "Service seems fine to me, given the accuracy available on HF."
S2-1784 "I am satisfied with the service; I realize that propagation, etc., affects the signal; hence, I simply tune to a different frequency."
S2-1785 broarder coverage
S2-1786 more countries
S2-1787 satisfied with present services
S2-1788 none.  It's great.
S2-1790 N/A
S2-1791 Satisfied with service.
S2-1792 "It generally works very well, please don't change it."
S2-1793 Coverage: Increase power of HF transmitters
S2-1794 I find the current shortwave voice announcer on WWV harder to understand than the one you used >15 years ago. He seems to mumble. This is a problem when reception is weak.
S2-1795 Actually this service does very well.  Thank you for even surveying for this.
S2-1796 WWV radio - improved reception.
S2-1797 The time synchronization software (nistime32.exe) could be a little less buggy.  It's not that easy to configure and doesn't always connect.
S2-1798 simply a stronger signal (to Northern NY State)
S2-1799 "I'm happy with things now.  If reception is not good on 5 or 10 MHz, I can usually use the other."
S2-1800 No complaints - thank you for the service!
S2-1801 WWV needs more powerful transmitters.
S2-1802 "Stability and/or increased broadcast wattage.  Signal is ALWAYS weak, and I live only 400 miles from the transmitter.  Also, too much foreign interference."
S2-1803 "Marine Weather - slower, more intelligible speech. Spoken schedule giving minutes past hour when various items are braodcast."
S2-1804 "Reception reliability for my area (Ann Arbor, Mich.) as I often need to search 3 statons to hear the signal."
S2-1805 Please don't disregard the radio broadcasts.  They are critical for timing astronomical events where I don't have access to a computer.
S2-1806 "WWVB - slightly better Radiation pattern to reach a wider area. WWV on 2.5/5.0 MHz could be a bit better also, by perhaps having higher power output [more reliable]."
S2-1807 Reliable indoor daylight reception would help.
S2-1808 Excellent as is.
S2-1809 The present level of service satisfys our need.
S2-1810 Hams communications blocks frequently 10MHz  
S2-1812 service availability Canada thru Central America
S2-1813 WWVB reception is occasionally marginal in Minnesota.
S2-1814 Better coverage
S2-1815 "The marine weather is a life-or-death service to mariners without expensive WeFAX, etc.  More information more often would be greatly appreciated."
S2-1816 I think the present system works fine.
S2-1817 the nist software should be updated to meet the more rigorous demands of windows 2000.
S2-1818 WWVB coverage to Eastern Pennsylvania is marginal
S2-1819 "WWV signal strength for 5, 10, 15"
S2-1820 Don't want 24-hour format!
S2-1821 "Reception of 20 MHz on East Coast of US not ideal, same with 2.5 MHz.  I also use all frequencies for propagation information (I'm a ham), so having the lady in Hawaii really helps.  When I hear her, things are good."
S2-1822 (Clearing the frequencies of foreign radio broadcasts is probably a political problem.)
S2-1823 reception reliability
S2-1824 none
S2-1825 "If possible, the strength of your shortwave broadcasts.  One of your frequencies should be avialable at any given time in the U.S."
S2-1826 "I have no complaints, satisfied with service"
S2-1827 More power?
S2-1828 WWV not very strong in Michigan - can't use indoors in daytime.
S2-1829 "The WWV/WWVH service is adequate to my needs as long as it is available wherever I am and reasonably free of interference.  Any improvement as far as reception is concerned would be welcome, but present service is quite acceptable."
S2-1830 Present service is adequate.
S2-1831 General public awareness of the services
S2-1832 I would like to see some sort of offset for the built-in error of around a second on the internet time standard.
S2-1833 "HF coverage and reception are generally pretty good, but can always be better :)."
S2-1834 Beeps would be very helpful
S2-1835 "Coverage area could be better . But as it is , it is a good indicator of hf propagation conditions ."
S2-1836 everything is just right as is.
S2-1837 60 khz
S2-1838 I receive WWVB on my watch between 2am and 3am here in the US Virgin Is. Some days it's not available.
S2-1839 Coverage
S2-1840 wwv needs wider clear channel at 5 and 10 Mhz to  reduce (German ?) interferance reception in Ohio  with small inexpensive radio !
S2-1841 "Mostly, I just need to get more serious about my antenna."
S2-1842 WWV and WWVH would be useful if they can easily be listened in Japan
S2-1843 "the WWVB service - my self-setting clock sometimes has problems receiving a good enough signal.  If a stronger signal is possible, I'd like that for reliability."
S2-1844 returning 25 mhz would be hlepful
S2-1845 2.5 - 10 Mhz signal
S2-1846 improved HF signal strength on the east coast
S2-1847 better radio coverage in northeast
S2-1848 "10,15&20 MHz signal strength into South Eastern Australia "
S2-1849 southern hemisphere more widly covered
S2-1850 WWVB needs to provide more microvolts/meter (signal strength) on the east coast of the USA.
S2-1851 "WWV reception in Northeast US sometimes problematic when using inexpensive consumer shortwave equipment (for example, for astronomical observing activities at field sites)."
S2-1852 reception is not always good
S2-1853 Announce solar conditions more than once an hour
S2-1854 "stability, coverage area, reception quality, maritime and astronomical forecasts on hour or half hour in times of inclement weather or significant astronomical events"
S2-1855 Radio coverage is very important to me.  I would like to see this continue.
S2-1856 "Good service on the east coast.  I used the service in India with some success on the broadcast bands, but was intermittant and had quite a lot of interference"
S2-1857 Power output. Reception in the east coast is poor
S2-1858 coverage
S2-1859 Good service for my needs.
S2-1860 WWVB service should be made universal and totally uninterruptable
S2-1861 I appreciate the present capabilities
S2-1862 I'd like to see my time zone saved so that I don't have to select it each time i go to time.gov.
S2-1863 "I think it works great now, however difficult to copy on the HF bands at some times during the day."
S2-1864 60 hz signal is weak in East Tennessee
S2-1865 Power output from WWVH to verify propigation characteristics from pacific
S2-1867 Coverage
S2-1868 "I live in Boston, and have trouble receiving the signals, which I use for astronomical occultation observing."
S2-1870 None
S2-1871 "for me, WWV->better reception in the SF Bay Area"
S2-1872 This web survey doesn't allow completion of text entries.
S2-1873 "WWV Bolder, better coverage to the south."
S2-1874 I would like better signals and coverage when I'm working in Europe Africa and the Middle East.
S2-1875 Better low frequency coverage at 60 KHz
S2-1876 2.5 & 5.0 MHz - coverage
S2-1877 Please maintain the radio system
S2-1878 A 2 minute block of time for the GEO section would be nice.
S2-1879 "Coverage, so that so-called """"atomic clocks"""" (clocks that check the time with Fort Collins) will be useful over a greater area. (I'm in Canada.)"
S2-1880 Better coverage for bands covered by cheap radios.
S2-1881 Broadcast service  Higher power
S2-1882 "I've tried several times to access the Java web time for the Pacific Time Zone - it never works.  I always get the """"web congestion"""" message.  It would be a super service if it worked, but I always end up calling 303-499-7111 instead."
S2-1883 Very poor reception. Usable only at night
S2-1884 Very poor reception. Usable only at night
S2-1885 problems with wwv reception with my shortware radio.
S2-1886 WWV
S2-1887 "At certain times the time signals suffer from QSB, frequently just as the voice announcement are given."
S2-1888 I think a buffer to protect the signals from adjacent channel interference.  Or a wider protection on most of the bands 30M seems to have adequate adjacent channel separation but some of the others appear not to have.
S2-1889 Voice Transmission for Propagation Forecast etc need improvement
S2-1890 all services...signal strength
S2-1891 coverage
S2-1892 coverage
S2-1893 HF Radio - better coverage.
S2-1894 My main use of WWV is to time Astronomical observing and similtaneously record the time in the  field.   Clear voice & reception is therefore of paramount  importance.
S2-1895 Improve the coverage and reception of the 2.5 and 20 MHz services.
S2-1896 "service is fine, just don't break it please."
S2-1897 Sometimes it is very difficult to get various frequencies here in the Pacific Northwest. (Washington)
S2-1898 WWV needs a stronger signal.  The Canadian time signal on 7.335 mHz is more reliably received in Nashville (TN) than any WWV signal.
S2-1899 "Power increases may be necessary to overcome interference from foreign stations, particularly on 10 mhz. Also the WWVB signal is occasionally too weak to update automated clocks. Perhaps the power level or antenna could be improved"
S2-1900 The service is excellent and indispensible.
S2-1901 Better reliability
S2-1902 None
S2-1903 Reception
S2-1904 stability of signal and internet accessability
S2-1905 "This is a great service, accurate enough for my needs, and one legitimate use of federal money"
S2-1906 the availability & strengh of the WWV audio time signal (voice & second ticks)
S2-1907 coverage!
S2-1908 I just discovered this page today when I wanted to set a new clock.  It is great
S2-1909 More info on propagation would be nice
S2-1910 "WWVB, I understand, becomes rather weak farther east of me."
S2-1911 WWV signal coverage on 10 and 15 mHz
S2-1912 "WWV, COLORADO increased reception quality and coverage for users outside the USA."
S2-1913 Stronger SW signals to allow cheaper rcvrs
S2-1914 More power at WWVB to punch through interference.
S2-1915 WWV radio: coverage (strength of signal broadcast)
S2-1916 WWV
S2-1917 WWVB COVERAGE TO New England
S2-1918 "Reliablity, ease of access"
S2-1919 "For the future, I think the 60KHz service will be of increasing importance (I don't use it currently).  "
S2-1920 I'm pleased with the present level of service.
S2-1921 It`s OK
S2-1922 "Coverage, Reception, and Accuracy."
S2-1923 It would be nice to be able to receive WWV more strongly here in Washington State on my hand-held shortwave.
S2-1924 WWV time broadcast; needs improved signal reception in Eastern US
S2-1925 "If more power to boost the signal reliability is not an option, perhaps a station closer to the East Coast can be installed to aid reception."
S2-1926 "When I need to use it, I need to have good reception on at least one channel for an extended period of time. "
S2-1927 Very pleased with current service.
S2-1928 "In NH, 10 MHz often fades, so maybe a stronger signal."
S2-1929 Restore the Morse Code signals!!!!!!!! Voice is  too unreliable
S2-1930 none
S2-1931 WWVB coverage; perhaps additional transmitter sites for more robust coverage?
S2-1932 No improvements needed.
S2-1933 I feel currently provided services are completely adequate within the limitations of propagation.
S2-1934 Better reception at various shortwave frequencies Solar activity and space weather alerts are helpful.
S2-1935 Better coverage in southern California
S2-1936 "I find my 60 kHz """"atomic"""" clocks very useful.  Stronger signals or multiple transmitters would be very useful."
S2-1937 Need more reliable servers.
S2-1938 The internet services are great.  But for occultation timing I use an old Radio Shack Time Cube.   During the day the signal is weak.   It would be nice to get a stronger daytime signal for solar activity timing.
S2-1939 You do a great job for my small use!!
S2-1940 "reception, stability"
S2-1941 Force FCC to ebforce interference rules and laws. Stop hispanic country interference iiii 
S2-1942 "WWVB 60khz signal is usable, but marginal at my location (Central FL), post your upgrades. Still could use a boost, as it is intermittent apparently with weather, other reasons."
S2-1943 Coverage
S2-1944 Improve reception reliability if possible and police interference rigorously.
S2-1945 service is very good for me...
S2-1946 "stability, coverage, solar interference warnings "
S2-1947 Coverage on 10mhz
S2-1948 The service is excellent as is and only needs to be maintained.
S2-1949 Better coverage at 10 MHz.  This seems to be the frequency of choice.
S2-1950 Quite satisfied with present data.
S2-1951 1. I would like the solar reports twice per hour. 2. Reception in Europe is very poor!
S2-1953 Coverage
S2-1954 none
S2-1955 Live update application that automatically corrects time every week.
S2-1956 Increase the propagation info to twice per hour
S2-1957 internet time  --  added features
S2-1958 WWV needs better signal to NC
S2-1959 Primary use for me is Time Marks and second ticks for timing astronomical events from remote locations where GPS time is not accurate enough and/or Internet access is not available.
S2-1960 updated features
S2-1961 "I am satisifed with the service, and do not want to lose it."
S2-1962 "The reception will fade in and out, periodically.  It is not a major problem, just a nusiance"
S2-1963 no comment
S2-1964 radio signal strength
S2-1965 I USE what you have and think you do a great job.
S2-1966 WWVB has more interruptions that one would expect with the new system.
S2-1967 Just keep the correct time out there.
S2-1968 reception
S2-1969 Don't change it.  It works great!
S2-1970 Coverage
S2-1971 "15,& 20 mhz reception usually poor,compared to 2.5-10 mhz."
S2-1972 "I could live with the newer time provisions , but I do not know how I could operate without the availability of a standard frequency service. I use WWV at 10 mhz on a regular basis to set or check frequency standards."
S2-1973 wwv needs more reliable reception
S2-1974 Reception
S2-1975 Actually it is very good currently
S2-1976 i like service as it is now
S2-1977 99% of the time we use the radio frequencies
S2-1978 The use of GPS is not traceable to your timeclocks. Is there any way this service could be verified through a internet link?
S2-1979 "WWVB coverage is marginal in many areas at night on the west coast (although not at my present location south of San Franciso, appears to work well there)"
S2-1980 Coverage area of WWVB
S2-1981 "none, its working leave it alone!"
S2-1982 "We need a 25 MHz frequency for peaks in the solar cycle.  Some days only 20 MHz was useful, not unexpected given the propagation."
S2-1983 "Better coverage, not only Ft. Collins."
S2-1984 none
S2-1985 coverage on wwvb. many of our wwwvb clocks won't pickup and sync with computers in the room.
S2-1986 WWVB coverage could be enhanced.
S2-1987 CONUS Coverage area which received interference from WWVH.
S2-1988 Present service is quite satisfactory for my purposes.
S2-1990 Website. Provide simple heterodyne circuit schematics to convert from the standard freq to AM for use on typical radios and data transfer to computer.
S2-1991 Rece[topn reliability
S2-1992 WWV and WWVH serve my time needs perfectly.  You may add new features but please keep the old ones.
S2-1993 I am satisfied with current services.  Please continue SW broadcasts !
S2-1996 I live in Memphis TN and reception is intermittent on the 10MHz frequency.  We could use some help!
S2-1997 "Clearer, more reliable WWV voice time and second ticks, although I can usually find one frequency that works in So. Calif. at any given time of day."
S2-1998 Internet Time Service
S2-1999 didn't know it was available Atom time should be free to all users