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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
S2-1000 Never use 20 mhz as it is too propagation related.
S2-1001 WWV reception by Radio Shack quality dedicated receivers
S2-1002 ability to reach on going time reporting
S2-1003 more powerful  transmitters
S2-1004 Needs met here except during atmospheric disturbances (which is understandable). Interference on 10 MHz. appears to be Spanish language.
S2-1005 Doing a good job.               It would be nice to click different time zones
S2-1007 Removal of Spanish SSB interference on 10 MHz
S2-1008 "As far as the software offered on your site for MS OS users particularly the 32bit version of NISTime, I think that there could be an area to assist the end user in properly operating the software."
S2-1009 I think the present services are excellent and should be continued.
S2-1010 "I am surprised how reliable WWVB reception is in California, using a cheapo Oregon Scientific clock."
S2-1011 sometimes need stronger signal for my automated clocks
S2-1012 Signal strength often poor in urban areas like downtown Chicago; perhaps inevitable
S2-1013 "On 10 MHz, I often receive interference from Spanish-speaking SSB stations. More should be done to combat this illegal activity, such as working with the governments of the countries involved to locate and shut-down the interferors."
S2-1014 I would like to be able to check the time around the world.
S2-1015 "I like it free for the computer update software - which it would be nice if it were easier to install and set to auto-update, but as long as it's free, it's fine"
S2-1016 "add a note about the 24-hour clock for us lay users. i looked up HI and saw 8:40. my first thought was """"am/pm?"""" then *duh* i realized you use a 24-hour system. let us know that!!!"
S2-1017 None; it meets my needs.
S2-1018 "I would find it useful if the web page coverage included all world timezones, although the UTC option is certainly adequate for use in Europe"
S2-1019 I am very satisfied in the service and it totally meets my particular needs.
S2-1020 I listen to the time broadcast on shortwave radio (WWV - 20000 MH). The signal is not always clear and is often competing with other weaker signals. Improving the broadcast quality would be helpful.
S2-1022 I think it's fine as is.
S2-1023 "2.5 Mhz Boulder, has a weak signal here in Louisiana"
S2-1024 None
S2-1025 Make it set your computer time automatically
S2-1026 Finding out what time it is so I can accurately set my watch.
S2-1027 Reduce the audibal decibel level of the 1second ticks.  Each tone (for the even and odd minutes) have an initial high volume tick for about the first 20 seconds or so.  It is the only annoying part of the service; those loud initial ticks.
S2-1028 "Using this as a screen saver, would be nice"
S2-1029 none; i think the service is excellent
S2-1030 WWVB-  needs better coverage (pretty useless here in the NY metro area)
S2-1031 Voice announcements on WWV are generally difficult to understand. Speech is sloppy and poorly enunciated.
S2-1032 "A precompiled Solaris and/or Linux version of your software, or at least a prebundled source."
S2-1033 "While I'm happy with my doemstic use of WWV services, it would be nice to be able to have my wristwatch synchronize better while travelling. Of course, you're a US agency, so maybe I'm pipe dreaming.  :-)"
S2-1034 "All the features I use work great. (Web site) I can not get it at work because of a corporate firewall}"
S2-1035 nistime never accounts for the time difference between me and GMT. It resets me to GMT.
S2-1036 simpler documentation on WWVB and how to use it.
S2-1037 None do - the standard time and frequency service provided by NIST is second to none.
S2-1038 Be a long range NOAA weatherradio fro remote areas; broadcast NDGPS service info
S2-1039 I suggest the addition of 8mhz frequency to improve reliability of the signal.
S2-1041 Propagation data carried more frequently than at present.
S2-1042 "For WWW/Internet services, list which port numbers are used, to allow administrators to open appropriate ports in firewalls"
S2-1043 WWV/WWVB Increased Coverage Area / ERP
S2-1044 Stronger reception on Long Island
S2-1045 The time provided is very accurate.  I don't know what else a person would need from a time-providing service.  Great job!
S2-1046 None
S2-1047 "On the web page, the time accuracy sometimes  displays as 2 or 3 seconds.  But then, a simple  reload of the page will cause an accuracy of  0.8 second (or less) to be displayed.   ? ? ? 
S2-1048 At this point the propagation on a specific frequency is often questionable. It requires voting on the best signal.
S2-1049 The service is doing just fine.  Leave it alone
S2-1050 none
S2-1051 NA
S2-1052 Accuracy within .6 sec. on the computer is not very accurate.  Is this your fault or the computer's fault?  This is a minor criticm.  Your service is great!
S2-1053 "No improvements needed, except to keep up with the increasing accuracy of atomic clocks."
S2-1054 "My concern with reception reliability relates more to the recieving equipment and frequencies, than it does your ability to produce a useful signal!"
S2-1055 the time.gov site should give the local time for each time zone in the world. americans are be located outside the U.S. and need the itme there and americans need to contact people outside the united states.
S2-1056 Another 10 dB of sig strength from WWVB!
S2-1057 better short wave signals if possible
S2-1058 additional coverage
S2-1059 None
S2-1060 "wwvb works great here near san diego,ca - maybe people back east could use a transmitter near them"
S2-1061 coverage and reception reliability  for WWV and WWVH
S2-1062 More easily discernable double-ticks for UT1 corrections
S2-1063 "I am behind a firewall at work and cannot get the time, however I find the world time graphic very useful since I work for an international shipping company with offices worldwide."
S2-1064 Reception/Coverage area
S2-1065 WWVB daylight time indication (stability at transiton time)
S2-1066 Web site is S L O W ! ! !
S2-1067 "Any improvement to reception would be helpful, I wish the 20 mhz would get good reception here."
S2-1068 i love it just the way it is :)
S2-1069 reception
S2-1070 All are very good
S2-1071 nothing needs improvement
S2-1072 WWV/H: More frequent and detailed geo-alerts
S2-1073 Broadcast with stronger signals to ensure adequate reception.
S2-1074 I'm sorry but I'm having a difficult time inturpting this survey above as to which pertains to me
S2-1075 Service fills my needs as is
S2-1076 satisfied with current service
S2-1077 "Announce atmospheric/ionospheric data (A & K indices, etc.) more frequently, e.g., every 15min"
S2-1078 Telephone (303 number) cuts me off on occasion while using to calibrate with one second ticks.
S2-1079 Increased transmitter power and / or antenna gain for better signal.
S2-1080 in nebr i have trouble picking wwv on my short wave radio
S2-1081 Web page for GPS archive data link doesn't work - returns error message; never been able to make it work.
S2-1082 "I like to synchronize my computer and watch to the clock, but it's virtually impossible to do that with just snapshots. By the time the page downloads - and I'm on cable modem - it's still late. I prefer the java clock that has been up in the past."
S2-1083 "Internet accuracy, may not be possible, but the telephone software calculates a difference in propagation delay. Would be great if Inet could do this also."
S2-1084 Only about once in a several year period has your signal not been readable.  This was due to a bad solar count day. You have a very strong good signal in this area.
S2-1085 Would be more useful as world time
S2-1086 "more frequest solar flux, A, K index reports (not updates, just more than once per hour)"
S2-1087 "WEb site: Animated clock with flash, not Java"
S2-1088 "The signal strength seems weak for some reason when tuned to from this area.  (Northeast Indiana)  During times of ionic bursts and tropospheric strength, the signal is o.k. at best."
S2-1089 Need to increase power to HF service transmitters.
S2-1090 it's fine
S2-1091 The way it is at present is fine.  DO NOT CHANGE OR DECREASE IT!!!
S2-1092 none - it works great for the home and small business user
S2-1093 none
S2-1094 nistime-32.exe doesn't work anymore
S2-1095 Hard to find automatic update clocks in Alaska. I'm told distance is a big factor.
S2-1096 "Reliability of WWV/WWVH reception with little noise is important.  Also, a way to receive audio time from WWVB would be useful."
S2-1097 "More reliable, less noisy reception of WWV & WWVH over as wide an area as possible."
S2-1098 Better reception for WWVB in the southern California area
S2-1099 WWVB marginal reception except late at night Internet time reliability
S2-1100 Please do not discontinue the RF based services.
S2-1101 Coverage - WWVB could be stronger to the east cost of USA.
S2-1102 good as is
S2-1103 doing a great job!  Please don't cut on-air service!
S2-1104 signal strength of wwvb needs to increase so our clocks will not be jamed by computer hash.
S2-1105 Satisified with present service
S2-1106 Better coverage
S2-1107 Keep WWV!
S2-1108 Improve 60KHz coverage and receiption reliability
S2-1109 "Magnetic & auroral storms, meteor showers"
S2-1110 happy with what we now have over the air
S2-1111 I'd appreciate being able to pick up WWV with greater reliability.
S2-1112 "world wide time zones.  Is it here . . . am I missing something?  Otherwise, it's an excellent site."
S2-1113 WWV needs to be updated as to provide better and better coverage and new features added
S2-1114 You're doing a great job.  Tax dollars are wisely spent.
S2-1115 "More accurate services on the time.gov Web page (the Java clock is good, but +/- 1 sec is a bit much for an electronic service)"
S2-1116 reception is marginal at times but very usable.
S2-1117 None
S2-1118 None
S2-1119 None
S2-1120 "I would like to receive better reception of voice products (solar flux, GPS, weather) when I am out of the USA, usually Bahamas."
S2-1122 "For me, everything is fine as it is now."
S2-1123 None
S2-1124 International coverage so that a 2nd time zone could be set other than GMT - Useful for I'ntl Travel
S2-1125 none
S2-1126 None - you provide outstanding service already
S2-1127 None
S2-1128 Reliable access
S2-1129 "I would love to see more power put into the 2.5Mhz signal, if possible. If not, an antenna change to make reception in North-Central states (Eastern Iowa, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, etc) easier would be nice."
S2-1130 NIST should do a study on the reliability of internet access from a variety of platforms under a variety of circumstances and inform potential users of the results.
S2-1131 give me the correct time for my needs set my watch
S2-1132 Current service meets all of my requirements
S2-1133 I would like the service to synchronize my computer time.
S2-1134 WWV and WWVH are both extremely useful to me at their current level.  Good job!
S2-1135 "i like your web page design. however, you may want to consider changing the black area representing nightime in the world map to a dark shade so that the part of the world covered by the black can be seen."
S2-1137 "Signal strength in Contra Costa, Ca. tends to be very low more often than not."
S2-1138 Need more coverage on the air waves. Hard to hear during ion-storms
S2-1139 none
S2-1140 None
S2-1141 more frequent geo reports
S2-1142 "Hard to beat now...I use radio most of the time,and it works for me."
S2-1143 Pretty good as it is.. though the coverage on lower bands (2.5 and 5 MHZ would help.
S2-1144 Allow the web site to auto adjust time accordingly.
S2-1146 "too slow, never got the time to show after waiting for 5 minutes; got the message """"net congestion"""""
S2-1147 60 kHz coverage
S2-1148 I am stationed in Turkey.  Make a test for round trip time by giving NIST PING address.
S2-1149 north american weather alerts
S2-1150 move the representaion of the globe so that it is central
S2-1151 You cannot be faulted for the software I use to link to analogX.com but they are not reliable
S2-1152 I'm very happy with the service.
S2-1153 "The service is excellent; it fills many of my needs. I use it for radioi propagation estimates, as well as a time standard for astronomy and satellite communications."
S2-1154 None
S2-1155 Extremely satisfied with all current services.
S2-1156 Repeat solar indices more often .. maybe twice or four times an hour would be nice.
S2-1157 Better TX facilities.  Educate public about  availability of internet service
S2-1158 "The time web page needs Java ability.  I can't get real-time time information.  In addition, there ought to be the ability to retrieve the time in locations outside the US."
S2-1159 "None, I have used WWV/WWVH for over 30 yrs."
S2-1160 "Still trying to get online.  My server does not support.  Need list of servers.  Can't find servers following instructions in 21 page document """"Downloading and Using ..."""" Ended up here. HELP! pterophil@email.msn.com"
S2-1161 "WWVB - needs increased transmitter power and/or better antenna systems for improved signal coverage. With more and more portable radio controlled clocks in existence, this service is becoming more and more important."
S2-1162 You are doing a great job on Time and Frequency information.  See next box for added features.
S2-1163 Sun spot Solar Flux
S2-1164 "web clock that will operate using the pc's clock, with frequent adjustment via the www, to maintain as accurate time as possible."
S2-1165 WWV Signal strength on East Coast.
S2-1166 "The web page should have a way to default to """"disable java animation"""" as the entry point"
S2-1167 None at this time.
S2-1168 "stability.   add Morse code, slow and hi-speed for maybe 4 minutes each for each hour"
S2-1169 "I am very happy with the services as they are at present.  Of course, I would not object to any improvements......"
S2-1170 The only thing I can think of is to use a cookie to remember my timezone so you could go directly to my timezone. Other than that you are doing a great job!
S2-1171 coverage; not all states have a server.
S2-1172 "10,15,20 mhz coverage could use improvement -- presently  10 mhz is best. "
S2-1173 none
S2-1174 None
S2-1175 Im in Tn. reception is not always good. more power on your transmitter would help
S2-1176 The system works well.  The main competition is GPS.  Don't boost transmitter power!  The current system is very good for guesstimating propagation.
S2-1177 "WWVB great for self-setting clocks, but weak in south Florida.  More power always better! I find synchronous tracking of WWV/H second ticks hard, too short too close in frequency."
S2-1178 Web Page - Access - Stability - Service is always down because of 'net congestion'
S2-1179 Nothing needs improving.  I require plus/minus .25 second accuracy in the field and I can always pick up a service that delivers this information.
S2-1180 wwvb poor into Easter NY LI
S2-1181 "None here - the service is, and has always been, completely adequate to my needs."
S2-1182 increase the transmit power on wwvb
S2-1183 Better reception on shortwave bands.
S2-1184 Signal strength WWVB -- the recent upgrade helped a lot but on east coast still marginal due to local noise
S2-1185 I cannot see any clock on your page. but the area of sunlight is a nice diversion.
S2-1186 Some increase in transmission power for HF frequencies like 5-10-15mHz WWV/WWVH to help break through harsh propagation conditions.
S2-1187 Improved Audio for all alerts
S2-1188 Present services are adequate; but see above checks.
S2-1189 Stronger signals from SW carriers
S2-1190 Better signals are always nice - esp. 60kHz.
S2-1191 reception on 2.5 mhz.
S2-1192 Coverage of WWVB
S2-1193 "If WWV's """"live"""" audio sounded as good as its """"voice time-of-day"""" audio, it would really be an improvement. By """"live"""", I mean the weather, GPS, and geo alerts. There is a marked difference, with the live audio badly distorted and hard to copy."
S2-1194 "The Time & Freq' Division of NIST needs to be made much more prominent at the NIST home page.  It took me """"forever"""" to get to the time and freq' page!! Time & Freq should be a big bold clik-able link!!"
S2-1195 automated server selection of 3.11 software
S2-1196 "Use double clicks at 15,30,45 seconds would be helpful"
S2-1197 it would save time for casual users (i only access the site aftera power failure) if the minutes past the hour were on the first page
S2-1198 How about broadcasting using Upper or lower  side band only transmitters.  for increased range without upping power.! wwv broardcast range inprovements.
S2-1199 Improve reception in the Pacific Northwest.
S2-1200 I think the service is appropriate for my needs as it now exists.
S2-1201 Geo alerts could be read more clearly and less hurriedly.  There seems to be enough time to do so.
S2-1202 "Stronger signals on 5, 10 and 15 megahertz to overcome local interference generated by computers and other sources."
S2-1203 i've tried to use the updating software - but can't understand it
S2-1204 web page  time font extra large for viewing from a distance to help with setting time on devices just a little too far for my 53 year old eyes thanks   shaddak
S2-1205 Stability
S2-1206 None
S2-1207 "Poor qu"""
S2-1208 "Reception is the main concern.  Varies with time of day, season, atmospheric conditions, etc.  Perhaps more transmitters or higher power??"
S2-1209 "WWVB is receivable in New England for at most between 1am and 5am ET, and whole days can pass when it is not receivable at all."
S2-1210 "Better broadcast coverage. It's sometimes difficult to receive on shortwave. Also, it would be good to have broader disemination of information on when the various services are available. State Fairs come to mind for no good reason. B-)"
S2-1211 The web site needs help. It almost never provides the time
S2-1212 N/A
S2-1213 Reception need ALOT of improvement.  Especially in urban areas where FM frequencies highly interference.
S2-1214 wwvb;coverage area
S2-1215 Coverage
S2-1216 Nothing.  Don't change a thing.
S2-1217 all work well for me. Have frequency coverage to access at all times
S2-1218 The time should appear. It did not for me. This is the first and last time I will visit your site.
S2-1219 "Based on antenna availability, I must use the higher frequencies.  Propagation doesn't often support my reception during daylight hours in the Carribean."
S2-1220 "no improvement required for my use (radio propagation reports at 18 minutes after the hour and time standard, occasionally frequency standard)"
S2-1221 None : This is exactly what I need.
S2-1222 Reception reliability of WWV and WWVH
S2-1223 You folks are doing a good job.
S2-1224 none
S2-1225 WWVB Signals not always that strong enough for my little clock to receive. Not your problem.
S2-1226 time listed for pacific & mountain regions is off by several hours when accessed from the map; mountain time seems ok when accessed from the menu at bottom of home-page (or is it just me?)
S2-1227 I miss the old 25 MHz time signal.  It was a useful propagation indicator.
S2-1228 Reception reliability. I find that CHU-Canada is much more reliable on the East Coast and off shore in the North East during daytime hoursCompensation
S2-1229 WWV additional frequencies or better coverage
S2-1230 better radio reception during summer/daylight hours
S2-1231 Double the transmitter power
S2-1232 "Repeat Geo Alert (solar, etc) info more than once per hour."
S2-1233 none
S2-1234 So far I feel the accuracy is very good.
S2-1235 "I would like to see propagation forecasts be given twice an hour on WWV, say at 18 and 48 minutes past the hour."
S2-1236 solar flux and index values need to be repeated more than just once per hour.
S2-1237 Quite frequently the time never shows up at the internet site.
S2-1238 Better signal reception in (espec.) large metro areas.
S2-1239 None
S2-1240 Please tell me how you determine statements such as accurate within 3.1 second! After 10 minutes this seems to change to 1.0 sec. Or is that my imagination?
S2-1241 better radio broadcast coverage; present is marginal in eastern part of US
S2-1242 I'd like to see the choice of standard or daylight savings when viewing the time (Atlantic)
S2-1243 MORE POWER ON 10 TO 20 MC
S2-1244 It would be nice if WWV had a memorable and/or free phone number:  1-800-for-time or something.
S2-1245 "I'm not sure what the internet time service is, & it meant time in lower right corner."
S2-1246 "WWV's Boulder transmitter site has never been as effective for East Coast users as the one in located in the Washington, DC Area.  If it had to be moved at all it should have been to one of the central states."
S2-1247 WWVB better reception reliability in all parts of the country
S2-1248 Radio Propagation announcements need to be MUCH more frequent than hourly ... suggest 5 mins.
S2-1249 "RECEPTION RELIABILITY, i.e. increased power due to increasing digital interference from evrywhere."
S2-1250 "I was unable to fina an """"Offical CLock"""" to set my Time Synchronization software to."
S2-1251 none
S2-1252 Web should automatically update PC clock
S2-1253 Everything I used on this occasion was Great!
S2-1254 "I could not connect to several servers on the NIST list of servers, even if they were in my general area"
S2-1256 None. This is an exceptionally wonderful site with great reliability and extremely user-friendly website management practices.
S2-1257 All services are excellent!
S2-1258 negociate to get rid of the interferrence  (?)
S2-1259 WWV and WWVH both need improvement of their HF antenna arrays to improve propagation to California's west coast.
S2-1260 not sure
S2-1261 "AM/PM would be nice, world time would also be nice"
S2-1262 No problems to report
S2-1263 Could ACTS be toll-free or have local access numbers?
S2-1264 "Signal saturation, coverage area."
S2-1265 None
S2-1266 None
S2-1267 More powerful WWVB or different frequency to enhance reception in buildings in SoCal.
S2-1268 better coverage in the Northeast
S2-1269 Add named tropical storm information to the weather statement
S2-1270 toll-free telephone access (so I can get it at work with no questions asked
S2-1271 "The Web time service should be able to show the time in any part of the world, not just the United States."
S2-1272 "Telephone numbers should be aired on WWV and WWVH, unless they are already; I wasn't aware of them!"
S2-1273 A second WWVB transmitter (even @ 20 kHz!!!) for the eastern portion of USA (& Canada)
S2-1274 i'm really very happy to have a reliable time source for my home computers. thank you very much. (i use the maryland source for the most part)
S2-1275 More reliable WWVB
S2-1277 Reception Reliability to have a atomic wrist watch set correctly nightly.
S2-1278 WWVB coverage area and signal strength
S2-1279 none
S2-1280 Better methodology for reducing/eliminating latency errors when getting time off web/internet.
S2-1282 None. The internet service serves all my needs for accurate time service. The day-night map is great.
S2-1283 leave it alone. It's great
S2-1284 A button to set computer clock while displaying time.
S2-1285 At present I find the system fine.  Keep the service!
S2-1286 WWV radio signals often are weak.  Sometimes there is interference which makes it impossible to use the time signals. Maybe higher power would help.  I use these signals in the field with portable equipment.
S2-1287 See Comments below in additinal comments
S2-1288 Voice annoucement every 15 sec.  or 30 instead of 60.
S2-1289 None
S2-1290 Greater RF coverage reliability for both WWV and WWVB in the southeastern US areas.
S2-1291 Signal level
S2-1292 easier to use  ie automatic down load to computer
S2-1293 "WWV/H pwr is 6dB too low for really good reliability here; or perhaps an additional frequency would help.  (juneau, Alaska)"
S2-1294 "1. I want to be able to receive your broadcasts via radio. 2. As for phone time services, keep in mind that those of us with digital watches can set the seconds only to 00, so mark the 00 second."
S2-1295 "more local """"level one"""" accurate NTP servers, accessible by hobbyists etc. (esp. broadband)"
S2-1296 Software to use and set time each time you access time service
S2-1297 "East Coast antenna, possibly? Internet newsletter? ie: monthly? weekly? or as needed?"
S2-1299 would like to see increased coverage for wwvb
S2-1300 Keep on keeping on.  I'm satisfied.
S2-1301 Stability of time servers.  Occasionally they're not up.
S2-1302 to extend the time before the disconnection.  I make many time adjustments to our switches and it take 60 seconds for the each command to change the clocks.
S2-1303 none
S2-1304 Use your time service to set my clocks about once a week.  Works very well.
S2-1305 "Web Page 90% of the time I try to get on, shows net congestion."
S2-1306 2.5MHz is often buried in background noise. More power(?) may be helpful.
S2-1307 x
S2-1309 Greatly simplify computer to time syncronisation.
S2-1310 Time tick linkage to PC clock
S2-1311 More Watts esp on 20 mh
S2-1312 "Can only receive 10 mh, and usually only at night. Daytime reception is almost nonexistent."
S2-1313 Just keep letting us NTP from lots of hosts.
S2-1314 coverage
S2-1315 repeat propagation reports more frequently
S2-1316 All OK as is
S2-1317 NIST should aggressively work (possibly through the State Dept.) to get foreign broadcasters off of NIST allocated transmission frequencies (+/- 3kHz)
S2-1318 The Internet Time Service has always done exactly what I needed it to do when I needed it to work.
S2-1319 None
S2-1320 Find a way of good reception in bad day of radio propagation like Solar storm.
S2-1321 I'd like to hear on th internet connection the SFI report and maybe you do this and I have not found it yet??
S2-1322 "Using SW radio, reception could be more consistent"
S2-1323 None
S2-1324 WWVB better coverage area into the Caribbean
S2-1325 During the last solar low there were times I couldn't hear any time signals on any band.  Better coverage is needed in this situation.
S2-1326 I would like to see better coverage for WWVB in Florida.  e.g. More radiated power or a more centralized location for the antenna.
S2-1327 Hourly updates of the Boulder K index would be very useful.
S2-1328 Have your computer time synchronization client software support a means to get the time via HTTP.  Almost all firewalls allow HTTP traffic to get through.
S2-1329 Service is great as is!
S2-1330 In the eastern US it is often times difficult to receive a signal on the shortwave radio
S2-1331 None
S2-1332 Seems just fine to me.
S2-1333 Radio reception in New York State for consumer clocks/watches. Boost Freq. and/or put transmiter w/antenna in the Northeastern U.S.
S2-1334 "i think the internet time server is not only convinent, but critical to keeping our servers synced. thanks for such a reliable service :)"
S2-1335 none
S2-1336 i never have problems
S2-1337 Service is great.  Very useful as is.
S2-1338 more power
S2-1339 "I am always told there is """"net congestion""""  I have NEVER been able to access the time"
S2-1340 "As a long time user of WWV/WWVH, I am satisfied  with the service.  I have lately started using the internet time service and am experiencing some  problems,  but I don't know why at this point."
S2-1341 No history on which to base conclusion
S2-1342 "It would be VERY helpful if there were a converter for military time, i.e., it's 17:48PT...what does that convert to in -say...civilian time ET?"
S2-1343 WWV signal strength should be increased 50%-100% so that it is ALWAYS CLEARLY audible.
S2-1344 WWVB 60khz coverage
S2-1345 N/A
S2-1346 Not broke don't fix
S2-1348 The servce is nearly perfect as it exists.  My concern is a reduction or loss of the service.
S2-1349 More frequent propagation forecasts.
S2-1350 "Server access.  Generally, I can get to see the time only about 1 out of 4 attempts"
S2-1351 Time in both military and civilian would be nice
S2-1352 It works fine.
S2-1353 I would like to know the time around the world
S2-1354 WWVB nightime signal strength
S2-1355 "I can't get the nist 32 v3.11 to work with NT 4.0 SP6. It says it works, but the internal clock does not change. It will work under Win-98. I question if the correct NT time API may not being used even though I am logging in as Sys. Admin.  "
S2-1356 "Reliability of web page.  I use  """"The official U.S. Time - clock"""".  See my letter to timeinfo@boulder.nist.gov, """"www.time.gov freezes computer operations"""" dated 23 August 2001."
S2-1359 "I'm not clear why there is (for example, today) a 1.1 second range -- I assume that there is some technical problem with putting this on the web that I'm not aware of.  By the way, this is close enough for my purposes."
S2-1360 no improvement is needed as far as i am concerned
S2-1361 I have upgraded my OS to Win 2k and the time correction does not work
S2-1362 the service is very satisfactory--dont let the  politicians change it
S2-1363 public domain utilities user awareness
S2-1364 just fine
S2-1365 "I just came to this site to get the correct time.  School begins tomorrow and I don't want my children to be late!!  I think this service is excellent for my needs.  I needed the time, you have the time.  Good enough!!!"
S2-1366 Add a shortwave station like WWV/WWVH for the eastern half of the US
S2-1367 Occasionally the readers of the Geo reports and Marine Weather speak so slowly or have sucha lengthy message that they are cut off at the 45 sec. time announcement from WWVH.
S2-1368 Access to download NisTime application.
S2-1369 Everything is fine with me
S2-1370 none for me
S2-1371 "Higher power for WWVB, can't always receive clock update."
S2-1372 I would be nice if the time web page did not rely on technology blocked by most firewalls for its animation.
S2-1373 Java Internet Time Service does not work through firewall/proxy-servers. Java Part of software should be updated to allow usage through firewalls/proxy-servers
S2-1374 WWV and WWVB have poor coverage in South Florida
S2-1375 Show worldwide as an option.
S2-1376 "None, I'm happy that the web service is provided"
S2-1377 Could this web site allow us to check the time zones anywhere in the world?
S2-1378 Global time service
S2-1379 added features
S2-1380 Please upgrade HAWAII services!  I cannot recieve any broadcast.  I have to use the phone!
S2-1381 Increased power of wwvb was very welcome.  More would be even better!
S2-1382     I am happy as a clam in the sand!  Good work
S2-1383 Free telephone access.Those who have free access on radio can hardly be expected to use the phone services.
S2-1384 More NIST Time WEB Servers
S2-1386 fm coverage similar to noaa wheather service
S2-1387 comments
S2-1389 "Propagation Index announcements every 15 mins, and repeat each announcement. Sometimes """"fading"""" of signal causes me to miss numbers (Murphy's Law)"
S2-1390 I have used the services for about 50 years and  like them a lot..most with Amateur Radio
S2-1391 "Accessiblity to the time. Can't get the information many times, because the """"lines"""" are clogged."
S2-1392 Great Service!
S2-1393 The web page does not load fast enough for convenient use.
S2-1394 A longer unmodulated carrier would make frequency calibration easier.
S2-1395 Slightly more power on shortwave. CHU seems to provide stronger service at times due to location.
S2-1396 Reception of WWVH often poor in Indian Ocean
S2-1397 wwv denver all Frequncies
S2-1398 It's great just as it is
S2-1399 Radio needs expanded coverage area
S2-1400 This is my first visit to the site and I must say that it is far eaiser and more user friendly than others I have tried.  I am just a hobbiest but this site is great.
S2-1401 Allow web access from behind firewall -- Just display the current time (zulu)!!!
S2-1402 Current system works fine for me.
S2-1403 Reception and Coverage is very marginal in the North East
S2-1404 Present services meet my needs.
S2-1405 "reception reliabliity for sure A stronger signal on the best frequencies here  10 and 15 MHz.  If these were much stronger, more would be able  to take advantage of NIST"
S2-1406 Better reception of WWV with stronger signals. Use 25.000-Mhz again on WWV. Broadcast the propagaton report two times each hour.
S2-1407 It is an awesome site.  I would just add a link for GMT time.
S2-1408 Reception
S2-1409 I would like to be able to expand the graphic to fill the entire screen. Making it a screen saver would be super-nice.
S2-1410 Should be able to receive this signal from coast to coast with any radio capable of tuning your frequencies. 
S2-1411 "I have noticed some intermittent slow response and apparent propagation variation on intrnet time service, although it probably ian't anything under your control, other than placing additional servers around, and MAYBE advertizing on your site"
S2-1412 better coverage for WWV & WWVB (more power?)
S2-1413 60Khz is marginal at times.
S2-1414 A PING time responce for Accuracy and Adjustments  with the Network.
S2-1415 I can't add anything -- just more consistent reception @ 60 hhz
S2-1416 More time zones
S2-1417 NTP access is occasionally imprecise (as opposed to inaccurate) from New Zealand - but this is really not your problem.
S2-1418 Works fine for me.
S2-1419 Reception reliability of WWV
S2-1420 More power on 2.5-MHZ would help.
S2-1421 First time user.  Only use for self.
S2-1422 No improvements required
S2-1423 Shortwave services could use more power.
S2-1424 "Elimination of interfearance from Mexico on 10 MC, this interfearence consisting of annoying wisteling and singing. Grater transmitter power. Pacific area weather data expansion into the 11th min. time interval (east Pacific). "
S2-1425 "Net Congestion -- I was told about this site, but haven't been able to get the time yet.  Went to the Navy site."
S2-1426 None
S2-1427 None I can think of
S2-1428 wwvb signal stregnth could be increased
S2-1429 comparison of accuracy to other atomic clocks
S2-1430 "As a potential user, I find the interface to download software which would update my computer clock each time I log onto the internet, too difficult."
S2-1431 "The web page should allow you to permanently specify your time zone.  Currently, have to select my time zone each time I access the page."
S2-1432 coverage and reliability
S2-1433 "Coverage - I was recently in Labrador, NF for an amateur radio expedition and was unable to receive WWVB to calibrate my clock. However, I WAS able to receive WWV on at least one frequency at all times."
S2-1434 I'd like for Web service to connect immediately every time (probably beyond your control).
S2-1435 More verbal info would be nice.  Messages.
S2-1436 NONE
S2-1437 Generally better reception on shortwave (course I could use a better antenne too!). The portables don't pick up well
S2-1438 coverage
S2-1439 coverage-this also helps when used as a propagation guide
S2-1440 nothing
S2-1441 radio broadcast needs better coverage. 15 KHz and 20 KHz stations are the only ones that reach San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland)
S2-1442 "I think it's great. We have no time information line in Houston anymore, and this lets me coordinate the times on all my clocks. I see no flaws."
S2-1443 "accessing via """"rdate"""" doesn't always work."
S2-1444 More easy-to-obtain detail about the information contained within the time/frequency service
S2-1445 you need to have more power in your sig to reach out to more places espcialy here in norther maine
S2-1446 "I am satisfied with the service, but due to weather & seasons, signal not always good."
S2-1447 What is the time all over the world?
S2-1448 Coverage for WWVB in Massachusetts area.
S2-1449 "Less """"connection refused"""" messages"
S2-1450 "Internet Time Service is inaccessible to many systems which are protected by firewall software, due to the fact that it uses a non-standard (TCP?) port. An HTTP interface would be much more accessible and versatile. "
S2-1451 Better signals into the upper midwest USA.
S2-1452 Boosting transmitter power or adding third location might be helpful (marginally -- generally works ok at present)
S2-1453 "Why not extend the map to all of North America so that those of us in Canada need not feel """"left out""""?"
S2-1454 WWV/WWVH - improvement in reception reliability would be useful.
S2-1455 I think that all the solar flux records should be made available to us hobbyists.
S2-1456 Web Page - it takes too many clicks. I want to see EST (same as news broadcast) immediately. I can do the arithmetic.
S2-1457 I usually only access the time due my lack of time. One day I want to look at the history of time section that you have.
S2-1458 "I have used all of your radio services. They have been very important to me in my job. All of the digital, computerized stuff is fine, but what happens when it quits?  "
S2-1459 Different Synthesized voice
S2-1461 I'm very pleased with WWV and no improvements are needed for the services I use.
S2-1462 coverage
S2-1463 "WWV/WWVH coverage, Internet time connection reliability"
S2-1464 "WWV reception sometimes poor on all frequencies here in Central Michigan, and we use CHU (still not too good)"
S2-1465 feature
S2-1466 "Personally, I feel the service is adequate, but the coverage, and hostile """"overlapping"""" is a source of irritation. "
S2-1467 Not bad now.
S2-1468 The page downloads very slowly
S2-1469 "I have seen too much """"net congestion"""""
S2-1470 I have problems getting the time through the firewall here at  work.  I get a please wait message that never goes away.
S2-1471 n/a
S2-1472 I would like to be able to reliably pick up the station at night.
S2-1473 I use the short wave services only at present for weekly time settings.  It is adequate.
S2-1474 pronunciation of the voice time -- frequently  cannot hear the hour and/or minute
S2-1475 All are ok.
S2-1476 "Actually, I think you have a pretty good service."
S2-1477 Solar Terrestrial Indices announced more often 2x-3x/hour
S2-1478 GPS Status
S2-1479 coverage
S2-1480 Steady and reliable coverage to the far north is sometimes 'iffy' and better signal strength for Alaska and the Pacific Northwest coast would be my primary suggestion.
S2-1481 "WWVB seems to be week during the summer monthes in central Florida, but not too bad late at night."
S2-1482 Currently use WWV and WWVH mainly as propagation indicators for shortwave.
S2-1483 presently meets my needs
S2-1484 "voice time of day - even if ticks are strong, the signal very often becomes unreadable when the voice announcement is made - the power of the transmitter needs to be increased !!!"
S2-1485 Coverage on 5 and 10 MHz
S2-1486 Short wave. Better daytime reception in U.S.
S2-1487 Weather info would be more useful if delivered over longer time period for easier reading.
S2-1488 "For WWV, I often have trouble locating signal except at night.  For internet, I would like to access at work, but our corporate firewall does not allow access to the ports that your website (www.time.gov) uses.  "
S2-1489 "time.nist.gov has been unavailable to my server for about two weeks.  To save on your time.nist.gov usage, I then use this server to control time on my other servers. time.nist.gov also has a long delay sometimes while trying to access it."
S2-1490 software to automatically set time on local computers
S2-1491 "I believe that the power output of your stations could be increased some to ease reception of signals in situations like mine.  I live in a steep, valley in Seattle (north side of Queen Anne), which makes it kind of difficult to receive signals."
S2-1492 Ease of use for automating web usage
S2-1493 none
S2-1494 I've been getting this error for about a week. # rdate -s time.nist.gov rdate: couldn't connect to host time.nist.gov: Connection refused (have switched to time-a.nist.gov which works fine)
S2-1495 wwv coverage over entire country
S2-1496 "WWVB - Spectraclocks frequently go out of sync when there is bad weather in colorado. This happens at several departments here in ohio, so it is not a receiver problem."
S2-1497 "Most of the time I have no problems, but between 17:00 - 19:00 UTC on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana you may not get a signal from any of the radio stations."
S2-1498 "URL - looked under atomicclock.com initially, before going to hotbot.com search engine"
S2-1499 I like the website alot and it has always been reliable.