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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
S2-0500 Punctuality and detail of Pacific weather.
S2-0501 Web page would be nice for whole world...
S2-0502 none
S2-0503 Does the job for me as it is.
S2-0504 Stronger signal strength on 2.5 and 20MHz Additional frequency coverage for 25MHz and 30MHz
S2-0505 Your present services provide for my needs as an amateur scientist and radio operator.
S2-0506 "more descriptive indices for geo alerts, for example aurora level indicator would be of use"
S2-0507 "Additional power on all HF sites would be nice.  Obviously, you must be using something close to an omni antenna to produce your coverage, so antenna technology probably wouldn't help your signal much."
S2-0508 I would like to be able to receive WWV broadcast information more reliably rather than having to rely on the internet to provide my accurate time information.
S2-0509 Keep the presentservice as is.
S2-0510 "if possible, include live audio of WWV, WWVH and WWVB and all other time stations on the internet"
S2-0511 Give WWV a stronger signal so that it cuts through the static.
S2-0512 more public awareness
S2-0513 radio propagation info 
S2-0514 "Service excellent. Only wish Solar Flux,A,K index report (Geo) reports were broadcast more than once and hour (+:18) Would like it 4 times if possible."
S2-0515 I'd like to see WWVB have better response during atmospheric noise. Perhaps a simulcast central and eastern CONUS site?
S2-0516 "I use WWV to keep my office's computer network on time, and to coordinate start times for car races.  I also use it to set the frequencys on my HF radios.  My Atomic watch listens to it.  In general "
S2-0517 consistent reception quality
S2-0518 WWVB reception on the coasts
S2-0519 Present services are needed and sufficient
S2-0520 Better frequency coverage
S2-0521 "As a Virginia resident, I'd be interested in better WWVB coverage/signal strength."
S2-0522 WWVB daytime signal strength
S2-0523 "I am about 40 miles from the transmitters so I never have reception problems but others I know across the US occasionally do.  However, these problems are very rare and usually very short in length - in general, you're doing a GREAT job!"
S2-0524 "The service works very well and is a model for the rest of the world.  It would be nice to have better reception reliability and coverage; however, most of the problems are due to SW propagation which NIST has no control over."
S2-0525 "I believe the NIST time service is a wonderful resource.  Our needs are very limited (we need accurate time on all of our public PCs and workstations for time coding video and tracking compile time, etc.) but without the NIST we'd be rather lost."
S2-0526 I don't think anything needs much improvement.  We use broadcast WWV and WWVH to monitor propagation changes and it works well for us.
S2-0527 "We are pleased with the present service. Lab calibration (frequency reference) checks are readily made to limited precision, but the limitations are due to propagation and lack of a secondary (phase-lockable?) standard here."
S2-0528 WWVB coverage is marginal on the east coast
S2-0529 Stability.  Our greatest problem is failure to connect.
S2-0530 Solar Activity Report / Propagation broadcasts more often than just once an hour.
S2-0531 Added coverage area for WWVB
S2-0532 "The only complaint I would have at all is regarding reception reliability of the 60 kHz signal, used as the standard for high-accuracy clocks around the house."
S2-0533 Delays in internet signals make them sufficiently inaccurate that WWV is the primary source of accurate time. With more power the signal would be available more frequently and therefore more useful.
S2-0534 None All Ok. Just keep WWV.
S2-0535 Time standard signal needs to be re-introduced at 25 MHz.
S2-0536 Coverage.
S2-0537 shortwave service -- coverage
S2-0538 "WWV and WWVB are sometimes very hard to receive on my portable SW radio.  I live in L.A. but still there are times when none of the 5,10,15 or 20 MHz services can be received."
S2-0539 coverage
S2-0540 My WWVB clock must be near a window to receive adequate signal. More flexibility would be helpful.
S2-0541 Stability and coverage are generally fairly good
S2-0542 WWVH is hard to here but WWV is heard here in Montana fine. Thanks for ur service.
S2-0543 More area coverage
S2-0544 N/A
S2-0545 More up to date/real-time geo-alerts
S2-0546 "I primarily use the shortwave station WWV - I wish it had better coverage especially at higher frequencies. I can usually get 5 Mhz and sometimes 10 Mhz and 15 Mhz. I would prefer to listen on 10 Mhz and 15 Mhz more often, if propagation allows."
S2-0547 none
S2-0548 "I think at minimum, you should keep the Status Quo."
S2-0549 The strength of signal is weak to set my Atomic Clock
S2-0550 None at this time
S2-0551 Adaquate for my needs.
S2-0552 Coverage of east coast on 60 kHz is weak
S2-0553 need better radio reception on US east coast
S2-0554 access to wwv during the day
S2-0555 Stronger RF signals on all HF frequencies to improve coverage area and RFI.
S2-0556 stability coverage signal strength announcers to complete information before the auto cutoff at 45 seconds
S2-0557 None at this time
S2-0558 Service is great -- just need more transmitters!
S2-0559 don't change a thing I love it like it is except you can use MORE POWER if you like
S2-0560 None leave what works alone...
S2-0561 Fine with present coverage
S2-0562 The shortwave is somewhat unreliable. I really would like a better reception quality during all 24 hours.
S2-0563 60 kHz signal level
S2-0564 Plain English Geo/Solar statements
S2-0565 Time display
S2-0566 None
S2-0567 none
S2-0568 The day/night map needs to cover from Pole to Pole. Would be nice if it could be expanded to full screen perhaps with an insert of the digital clock.
S2-0569 No changes necessary
S2-0570 none
S2-0571 More power on the shortwave services.
S2-0572 It would be helpful to have propagation numbers and forecasts updated more frequently.  Sometimes they are a day old when received.
S2-0573 "none, ok as is."
S2-0574 "Increase reception reliablity in Southern New Jersey.  Especially WWVB.  My Oregon Scientific """"Time Machine"""" clock is rarely able to synchronize itself to your beacon."
S2-0575 Improve service during yearly time changes improve accuracy for dsl connections.
S2-0576 "WWVB, to get reliable clock settings of my time clocks anywhere in the USA day or night time."
S2-0577 Audio quality of propagation info -- often difficult to understand the lady who does the broadcast after 0000 hrs UTC.  Either educate her on how to speak clearly into the Mic or get someone who can do so.
S2-0578 Added feature
S2-0579 I cannot think of any present service which needs improvement
S2-0580 None needed for my use.
S2-0581 "For the services we use every thing is correct and in good working order, exception made of the inherent reception problems due to time of day, frequency used and season. "
S2-0582 You folks are doing great for casual home use.  Thanks!!!
S2-0583 takes too long
S2-0584 "None, the services provided are very adaquate."
S2-0585 i am very happy the way you are doing it nown
S2-0586 "upgrade your server so that it can handle larger volumes of people trying to access the NIST time and freq web page; that way, people would always be able to see the real-time clock that counts down"
S2-0587 "Improved  treansmitter power on 10,15, and 20 MHz."
S2-0588 none
S2-0589 For law enforcement applications WWV is presently providing excellent service.
S2-0590 Meets my needs just fine as is.
S2-0591 "Loading the Java clock to a Mac powered Netscape browser can be unreliable, particularly on noisy phone lines."
S2-0592 WWV and WWVH:  Please broadcast solar flux.  Also A and K index and geomagnetic information every 10 minutes.
S2-0593 whatr would i do witghout knowing EXACT time and propagation indicators i get form WWV??
S2-0594 I would like to receive a stronger signal with a  very short antenna
S2-0595 I am not a user with heavy demands.  Present service is great to me.
S2-0596 The Pacific has no useful WWVB sig. How about a 60 kHz sig. from WWVH?
S2-0597 Accuracy of space wx forcasts in correlation to realtime HF radio propagation.
S2-0598 "More output power for the transmitter, due to poor reception"
S2-0599 None
S2-0600 Keep it like it is--all of your sevices are quite valuable in their own right--I can't think of anything that needs improvement.
S2-0601 No improvements necessary as everything is working just great.
S2-0602 Keep up the good work.
S2-0603 "The website---  Its SOOO ugly!  Use some of those federal $$$ to get a web designer in there.  Besides looking atrocious, it should also use cookies to remember my time zone."
S2-0604 A little more output power might be nice for more reliable reception.
S2-0605 WWV and WWVH signal strength.
S2-0606 Present service seems adequate for my use.  Need continued 10Mhz coverage for calibrating frequency standards in HF transmitting/receiving equipment.
S2-0607 "Increased power at 5, 10, & 15 MHz"
S2-0608 Really just an aspect of distance from Boulder/Ft. Collins to Colo Spgs... too long for groundwave and too short for skywave
S2-0609 none
S2-0610 Coverage
S2-0611 I am very with the system as it is.
S2-0612 It would be nice to see the WWVB signal on the east and west coasts. Keep it free.
S2-0613 I would like to be able to see the current times (or at least the # of hours ahead/behind) major world cities are).
S2-0614 "I can't download the program anymore that automatically updates my computer clock with the correct time.  Also, I can never see the Java-enabled animation."
S2-0615 "Audio on the geomagnetic alerts is sometimes hard to copy, especially under weak signal conditions.  Processing the audio to compress the dynamic range might help."
S2-0616 None - Excellent job!
S2-0617 "since daily solar flux doesn't correlate too well with what the ionosphere is doing on that day, I'd like to see a measurement that better corrleates - I realize this isn't an easy task!"
S2-0618 NISTIME should run in the system tray instead of taking up space on the taskbar.
S2-0619 All ok.
S2-0620 Coverage in the East Coast area of the United States. Sometimes VVH is unreadable in parts of the East Coast.
S2-0621 "reliability, signal strength"
S2-0622 coverage
S2-0623 Not sure when i can receive it it works fine
S2-0624 "SW broadcasts need more power, especially during daylight hours."
S2-0625 Good system  do not change
S2-0627 East coast coverage of WWV and WWVB
S2-0628 Please give Solar terresial indices twice hourly
S2-0629 I have no comment.
S2-0630 I think it is just fine the way it is.
S2-0631 "It's not your responsibility, but it would be nice to see radio time receivers integrated into more consumer electronics."
S2-0632 NONE
S2-0633 "Probanly my old Rx, a 1950's Halicrafter """"Sky Buddy"""""
S2-0634 "Reception, and increased power if possible."
S2-0635 PLEASE improve transmission/reception capabilities. I have numerous clocks set to WWV as a standard and they hardly ever see the signal!
S2-0636 I am very well satisfied with your web site as it stands now
S2-0637 java animation never works
S2-0638 stronger signal on 2.5 (too much qrm)
S2-0639 authenticated timebases
S2-0641 "The only reason I don't use ACTS is that NTP does, generally, a far better job in terms of accuracy and costs nothing.  An improvement in accuracy in ACTS would be very nice, if it's even possible. "
S2-0642 Internet time server down-time needs to be improved.
S2-0643 None
S2-0644 "I use WWV (10MHz) to set my watch occasionally, and almost daily to quickly check relative propagation conditions on the HF bands. "
S2-0645 More Stations Nationally
S2-0646 None
S2-0647 none at this time
S2-0648 "stability and more coverage over asia and the middle east, and europe there is no coverage "
S2-0649 Easier access to the sourcecode to some of your computer tools would be nice.
S2-0650 "I'm irritated that this is a US gummint service and the map display does not include the entire state of alaska; it does include the entire continent of southa america and, I believe, a portion Antarctica"
S2-0651 more frequent broadcast of the Geo information and alerts.
S2-0652 As a casual user of your service over the Internet I find the web site well designed and easy to use.
S2-0653 Increased transmitter power for reception on handheld ham radios.
S2-0654 None
S2-0655 Coverage
S2-0656 coverage
S2-0658 Even better coverage from WWVB
S2-0659 Service is generally good.
S2-0660 The Radio Broadcast Service needs better coverage.
S2-0661 WWVB still needs a bit more power for us East Coasters-WWV geomagnetic info more than once/hr
S2-0662 "Present service is more than adequate at my Denver, CO location, but would be nice to get WWVB overseas."
S2-0663 I like it as it is currently. It does all I ask of it.
S2-0664 coverage
S2-0665 I have not sensed any deficiencies during my use of your services. I am proud that my government has consistently made this service a priority and available.
S2-0666 More readily accessible information about software clients to automate the update of computer clocks based on NIST time.
S2-0667 None
S2-0668 stability--strenght
S2-0669 "The addition of a 25 MHz broadcast for WWV, and """
S2-0670 "Voice Transmitters need more power output. Also, changing from AM to FM or SSB could solve a lot of reception problems."
S2-0671 Not sure.
S2-0672 The internet based time.nist.gov isn't always available. It would be nice if it was.
S2-0673 WWV reception reliability and coverage
S2-0674 "Leave it the way it is , don't change a thing.."
S2-0675 "More power to overcome pirates and jammers and those too close, especially on 5, 10 ,15 mhz"
S2-0676 more output power on 20mhz.It is the best frequency to use as a calibration standard being the highest
S2-0677 Add ticks at 29 and 59 seconds
S2-0678 Ihave never been able to access the time due to net congestion.
S2-0679 SW coverage
S2-0680 More global coverage of WWVB for wristwatches and alarm clocks
S2-0681 Stronger signal beter inside buildings and on automated clocks that use your signal.
S2-0682 "I mostly use WWV, and I do use it often. You guys have done an excellent job with this!!"
S2-0683 The present service is accurate and satisfactory for my needs.
S2-0684 WWVB Reliable coverage and freedom from interference.
S2-0685 Current service is adequate
S2-0686 "As far as my personal use, there is no need for improvement."
S2-0687 WWVB needs to have a good discussion with Mother Nature.  More signal.
S2-0688 NISTIME 32 Time Query/Query Server needs reliability improved.
S2-0689 It is tough to get a good signal for a small clock that syncs on WWV (small internal antenna).
S2-0690 Coverage.  I feel that I would use it more often if I could receive it better.
S2-0691 "A more powerful WWVB could help my atomic clock.  Generally one of the frequencies is usable for manual setting, but there could be some improvement in that area as well. ba"
S2-0692 Time and frequency presently meet my needs. Thanks.
S2-0693 "Greater power for WWVB, so that it can be received reliably in the New England."
S2-0694 "This is an excellent service, and very much appreciated.  Crisp graphics, easy to use. No changes are necessary!"
S2-0696 Reception/Signal on WWWV
S2-0697 I am very pleased with the convenience of the NISTIME-32bit.exe utility.  It just works! No fuss!
S2-0698 Stability
S2-0699 None
S2-0700 Better WWV reception at sundown
S2-0701 Do you realize that many of the online questions can not be answered?  The website will not allow you to answer the questions.  This is not planned is it?
S2-0702 WWVB big power increase has failed to produce a 24 hr. reliable signal; still very much affected by propagation and season.  Please fix.
S2-0703 Better communication of services.  I didn't know about the computer clock setting capability and will start to use it now since I'm aware of it.
S2-0704 "Internet time should be available as a web service (i.e., exposed via HTTP using SOAP) to make it easy to programmatically determin the current time."
S2-0705 "The volume is very low on the WWV telephone voice time-of-day service when I call from Cincinnati, OH - this could be improved.  I do not have this problem on any other phone calls I make."
S2-0706 "WWVB! Following the recent problem with the WWVB  antenna and subsequent the return to 50 Kw of power, my clocks no longer reset, ever! (They used to reset 3 to 4 times a week) Please, please correct this problem."
S2-0707 "Maybe use alternate frequencies for WWV/WWVH.  Often they interfere with each other, sometimes severely."
S2-0708 none
S2-0709 "I would like the radio propagation conditions reports (i.e. muf, solar index, etc.)."
S2-0710 This is an *excellent* service!  Please keep up the good work.
S2-0711 need more xmitter power
S2-0712 N/A
S2-0713 better propagation to eastern US
S2-0714 coverage
S2-0716 I feel the entire system works fine.
S2-0717 "Overall, the service is quite reliable. On rare occasions, or when I'm at work, do I call the telephone number in Colorado."
S2-0718 "Voice needs improvment, change to female."
S2-0719 I can't think of any improvements needed.  The service is fine as is.
S2-0720 I am very happy with the web offering and find it meets my needs very well - what can I say?
S2-0721 The web site is perfect for my needs
S2-0722 none
S2-0723 "Another useful feature would be a location/timezone indicator (ie enter city/state/country, get back  the time zone and current time for it)  This is  especially useful in cases where a state or country is divided into multiple timezones."
S2-0724 web page: some systems restrict ability to downlad and execute java aplets: need certification of website even if it is a dot-gov!
S2-0725 I believe you guys are doing great.
S2-0726 "Snapshop reporting is useless. The previous, continuous reporting was much more helpful"
S2-0727 "Can not sync my computer time with your signal, perhaps because I am using a cable provider and not a telephone hook up?"
S2-0728 Make WWVB reception more immune to atmospheric noise.
S2-0729 Excellent service for my needs!
S2-0730 "I'd like to see reference material regarding WWV broadcast schedule, and BCD encoding, available on the WWV Web page."
S2-0731 Good reception is necessary for the astronomical expeditions I lead to various places around the world.
S2-0732 "I'm very satisfied with what you presently offer, thanks!"
S2-0733 It's great!
S2-0734 It would be nice to see a time sync function added to the web page.
S2-0735 none
S2-0736 WWV Reception & coverage
S2-0737 "While between jobs in my profession (actuarial) field, I have subbed in 32 schools in the Buffalo(NY) school system.  I was stunned by how different the clocks worked in each school.  Some master clocks were several minutes off the REAL time."
S2-0738 better worldwide shortwave reception
S2-0739 Need a web page generally available that explains the various internet-related services & how to use them
S2-0740 This service is the most nearly perfect system this side of heaven.  Doesn't need fixing.
S2-0741 web page is slow
S2-0742 NET CONGESTION is all I have seen all 6 times I tried to see the time on your web site.  Not too impressive!
S2-0743 world time zones
S2-0744 reception of short wave radio service needs to be improved and made more reliable
S2-0745 More frequent solar and geomagnetic reports.
S2-0746 "None. I just listen to the time constantly, all day, every year."
S2-0747 I receive the net congestion message too often
S2-0748 coverage to eastern Canada (WWVB)
S2-0749 "All I received is """"net congestion"""".  never have received time"
S2-0750 All my current needs are met.
S2-0751 "the telephone service needs to be an """"800"""" number"
S2-0752 Reception is not always available
S2-0753 My father logs on with web tv and complains that he dosn't get a moving time clock.
S2-0754 Put a transmitter on the US east coast to improve reception here.
S2-0755 Please do not remove any existing services.
S2-0756 "better coverage of wwvb, maybe an east coast transmitter"
S2-0757 Geo -magnetic info more than once per hour
S2-0758 compatibility of java web page with firewalls
S2-0759 I would like to have propagation conditions at least 2 times an hour
S2-0760 Tones make it difficult to distinguish zero beat from your carrier when adjusting oscillators. Maybe useful to sometimes send tones and ticks in SSB then alternate with carrier only.
S2-0761 None noted
S2-0762 None
S2-0763 tx power
S2-0764 No changes recommended.
S2-0765 "Is the claim of .03% accuracy impossible due to the mechanics of computer """"reception"""" and display changing?"
S2-0766 "significant weather reporting south pacific - more information, updated more frequently"
S2-0767 Bob
S2-0768 "Make it so we can actaully get the time. I constantly  get a """"net congestion"""" box."
S2-0769 coverage
S2-0770 None
S2-0771 Marine weather reports: On occasion the marine weather forecasts announcements are cut short. I would also like to see more time given to this service.
S2-0772 Excellent services! I have no recommended improvements
S2-0773 None
S2-0774 none
S2-0775 accesibility
S2-0776 Better daytime signal for the North-Eastern USA.
S2-0777 "Better Daytime signal, seperate weather and time services"
S2-0778 "fine as is, please continue."
S2-0779 satisfied with all of them i use
S2-0780 We take an houly sample of time to keep our server as close to being on time as possible. It would be nice if the software would let us sample time more often.
S2-0781 Would it be an idea to add other time zones outside the USA?
S2-0782 "automatically update my computer clock, better reception for my clock at home which uses radio signal from Colorado (don't know frequency, etc - you should change the questions in the survey)"
S2-0783 no new changes
S2-0784 "At my last workplace, I had trouble with the java script b/c of a firewall (but that's not really a problem with the service)"
S2-0785 more power to the transmitter for WWVB
S2-0786 I found the site less than a month ago; so far it is serving my needs very well.
S2-0787 None!
S2-0788 "You are doing a FANTASTIC job, do not mess it up PLEASE."
S2-0789 short wave radio reliability
S2-0790 "It's hard to receive the 2.5MHz, but that is my antenna. I think the service is fie."
S2-0791 Internet time needs more POPs so network latency is reduced.  Also better accuracy.
S2-0792 Insufficient time to read all data due limited 45 second transmission time constraint. Often clipped during maritime weather data for North Atlantic.
S2-0793 "It would be good to add a new freq for WWV near 10Mhz, or Move 10MHz. There is so much computer hash on 10MHz in our area, picking a non-std freq (vis a vis digital equip) would improve reception."
S2-0794 More guidance on choosing internet time servers for non-guru users <grin>.
S2-0795 The reliability of getting an answer and not a busy signal.
S2-0796 "Increase 2.5 MHz, 5.0 MHz, 10.0 MHz and 15.0 MHz signal levels. In the metropolitian areas have the FCC eliminate interfering operations that disrupt these services."
S2-0797 speed
S2-0798 none
S2-0799 stability.  the software frequently goes out and when I go to the website the links are out of date or having problems so I can't redownload it
S2-0801 just coverage
S2-0802 "Coverage area seems to be """"spotty"""" if I'm traveling"
S2-0803 "Woth a dedicated Internet connection, I have more difficulty setting my digital watch"
S2-0804 "Expanded Geo Alert Information such as x-ray flux, also provide twice an hour."
S2-0805 excellent and useful service -- thanks for your effort.
S2-0806 Stability and coverage area
S2-0807 "OFten one of the time servers seems to be down and I have to use another one.  It might be useful to have a generic internet address and this would route to the first server found, or alternatively list all the time servers, and their health (up/iffy/down)"
S2-0808 "East Coast reception often difficult to useless, esp. in and around Boston."
S2-0809 NA
S2-0810 Fine service as is!!
S2-0811 "I have a clock that automatically sets itself from WWVB. In Eastern VA, sometimes it takes 1-2 days to pick up change to DST, 2-3 days for complete reset if clock has been restarted."
S2-0812 "I like it just fine the way it is. It does all I want it to do, which is give me the correct time."
S2-0813 "60 kHz not always """"there"""""
S2-0814 "Internet time: I usually see """"Net Congestion"""" and am not able get the time data I seek."
S2-0815 Reception reliability--- higher frequencies need more coverage in northwest Illinois
S2-0816 Reception in Oregon sometimes marginal on HF freqs
S2-0817 this is my first time so can't say.  I have book marked the site and will visit it in the future.  If I have any suggestions I take the survey again.  David
S2-0818 I'd like to receive your wave 24 hours a day in Japan because JJY has abandoned its service.
S2-0819 None.
S2-0820 none
S2-0821 "Time only, on week of time """
S2-0822 "Ability to access.  I have not been able to access the web site time service for the last two weeks due to """"Net Congestion"""""
S2-0823 no delay and software change to display it in small box or on menu bar.
S2-0824 Reduce interference from marine mobile users on 10 MHz.
S2-0825 "Given the infrequency of my use, I don't believe I am qualified to provide a meaningful answer."
S2-0826 "More reliability, esp. on 10 MHz (ie, more KW)"
S2-0827 "Java animation loads very slowly, or not at all."
S2-0828 The Web based time service experiences latency and could be improved.
S2-0830 "I use services just to set my clocks accurately. Service works great--I see no need for improvement of the www.time.gov website. I would reccomend is to increase awareness--I stumbled upon the site by accident, but find it very useful."
S2-0831 Never can view the time due to net congestion.
S2-0832 The server is a little slow responding at times
S2-0833 A stronger WWV/WWVH signal would be of benefit to me
S2-0834 None
S2-0835 "NTP, where did it go?  time.nist.gov doesn't work anymore."
S2-0836 n/a
S2-0837 Satisfied
S2-0838 Optical ability to receive time/frequency information via high speed network.
S2-0839 Current nistime software is fantastic. We depend on your time servers on a daily basis.
S2-0840 stability
S2-0841 Greater availability of web page the day after time change
S2-0842 "I use a Frankfurt-based European radio-commanded clock (1500 km range).  Would much appreciate a worldwide network being established for this or similar US product (I travel several times each year between Europe, USA, Australia and back)."
S2-0843 WWVB 60 kHz frequency should offer more reliable reception.
S2-0844 Coverage
S2-0845 none
S2-0846 WWVB coverage
S2-0847 Add Internet Explorer Browser access
S2-0848 "The java applet version of the time.gov site is always """"net congested""""."
S2-0849 "New at this, so far its great.  Used the Radio signal when in the service"
S2-0850 All OK
S2-0851 none
S2-0852 Present service is good.
S2-0853 "Web time display needs all world time zones, not just U.S."
S2-0854 added features
S2-0855 "I have a small shortwave receiver that I use for a number of things.  WWV sometimes fades out in Missoula, MT.  There is some local static at times. Any chance of an F.M. brodacast?"
S2-0856 none
S2-0857 The Web service should offer a form that will give the user a cookie for their time zone.  The cookie would make the time display come up first instead of the select time zone graphic.
S2-0858 None for me
S2-0859 "Nothing really needs improvement, it is a good servce! :)"
S2-0860 "Nothing I use needs any particular improvement, except once-in-a-while, I am unable to access """"www.time.gov"""". Would be nice if the running clock version could be used behind my company firewall. Thurs, 12 July 2001, 9:00pm EST "
S2-0861 less refusals to allow access (more bandwidth)
S2-0862 "WWV-improve wattage power,stability,coverage."
S2-0863 Would be nice to be able to get the actual or  true time for a large list of cities
S2-0864 I like it just the way it is. Suits my needs perfectly.
S2-0865 i think it would be neat if users had a option to change their computers time (clock) to the offical nist time.
S2-0866 how can one improve upon perfaction!
S2-0867 WWV  better reception
S2-0868 None. I like the website and is serves my needs
S2-0869 Locate and stop Spanish-speaking users of the 10.00000MHz frequency who are calling each other.
S2-0870 the webpage provides quick time checks; it would be nice if there was a mechanism to get directly to a US timezone without going through the top page (I saved the link once only to have it change format)
S2-0871 power level on 10 and 15MHz should be higher  for better reception.
S2-0872 there is always net congestion on the internet time service.  I can never get through.  Very frustrating!
S2-0873 "the reception reliability of the 60khz signal. there are many dead spots around the house and property. (saint louis, mo.)"
S2-0874 include Canada
S2-0875 "The NIST """"atomic clock"""" radio signal needs to be greatly strengthened for users in the Venice, Florida area."
S2-0876 "I'm in Atlantic time, and we do use Daylight savings time. The TIME.GOV web site states we do not."
S2-0878 None
S2-0879 World wide coverage
S2-0880 "We use it a lot in odd places, and reception is often almost un-hearable. make it louder"
S2-0881 Better web response - I frequently get 'busy' responses rather than the time.
S2-0882 None
S2-0883 "At this time, I'm very satisfied with NIST Short wave radio transmission. No improvement necessary."
S2-0884 "WWVB should have better reception in urban areas, NYC, so that my watches have less difficulty getting a signal. Maybe this needs more power or simply some slave transmitters."
S2-0885 I like what it does
S2-0886 "The 60KHZ service has poor coverage/reliability in the New York Metro area, probably owing to the electrical density in the area."
S2-0887 "I love the WWV voice transmissions! Not only are they useful, but the sound can be """"hypnotic"""" (sp?) at times!!"
S2-0888 "I'm behind a proxy at work, and cannot evenuse the web service; would like to see reduced accuracy http access for time."
S2-0889 Solar indices should be broadcast 2 or 3 times per hour
S2-0890 WWV coverage. We can't always receive it on the east coast.
S2-0891 60 Khz
S2-0892 Everything was great! I see no need for changes.
S2-0894 None
S2-0895 Web Svc load time slow to no response
S2-0896 current is ok
S2-0897 Please make it a little easier for novices to find information about updating their PC's time.
S2-0898 I do not have the ability to receive your radio broadcasts.  I feel I would benefit if I could.  Real time access to the radio broadcast over the internet would be beneficial to me. 
S2-0899 "20 MHZ coverage by more power, higher gain antenna  or more southern location such as Puerto Rico."
S2-0900 None
S2-0901 time zones picked by the user. 
S2-0902 **
S2-0903 "On WWV-10 Mhz-read slower, clearer, & repeat. You faded right at """"nist"""" in the www part. I had to stay tuned until the announcement repeated. & a bug in your software: An """"individual"""" still has to enter something in the """"T2"""" field..."
S2-0904 None
S2-0905 We think it is a great service the way it is!
S2-0906 Blank
S2-0907 "Better coverage in the Continential US, also eventually further transmit facilities on east coast and (possibly) other overseas locations."
S2-0908 none
S2-0909 "Coverage, suggestions of products other than amateur radio/SWL gear."
S2-0910 excellent as is
S2-0911 "WWV HF transmission, reception is usually very poor"
S2-0912 "Possibly, an increase in Xmtr power for better reception in distant areas."
S2-0913 No change
S2-0914 n
S2-0915 "The NIST time machine, accessed by my Atomic Clock software is very slow.  I assume it's NIST as I don't experience such a delay on other Internet connections."
S2-0916 Better reception reliability
S2-0917 cannot think of any
S2-0918 ba
S2-0919 ?
S2-0921 .jbkjbh
S2-0922 none
S2-0923 na
S2-0924 coverage
S2-0925 ?
S2-0926 Reception of WWV to the Northeast
S2-0927 No substantive comments.
S2-0928 Coverage Area
S2-0929 More geophysical / propagation information
S2-0930 *
S2-0931 0
S2-0932 ACTS: I don't know how to get my computer to use it.  WebPage: ditto.
S2-0933 Coverage
S2-0934 "Include broader world coverage data including Asia, Europe and Africa"
S2-0935 java script on web page
S2-0936 none
S2-0937 "Jsut wish I could hear other frequencies that  are transmitting 20m, and 30m are usually only ones I can receive, but sometimes 2.5mhz "
S2-0938 ACTS and NTP service are a great servie Please continue
S2-0939 "There is some lag time between my updated time from NIST onto my computer and the actual time in my house- about 13 mins. I just noticed that it seems to be frozen, that is my computer clock. Which was keeping up before your website.Strange.?"
S2-0940 Show Standard time ... along with Daylight Savings Times in all US Time Zones
S2-0941 "None "
S2-0942 Not much... great service!
S2-0943 Macintosh version of NISTTIME
S2-0944 "A bare bones, pop up calendar of astronomic, sidereal, and solar time."
S2-0945 "WWVB became better after your antenna fix this summer. I cannot hear WWVB (with radio-clocks) and cannot sense the signal strength or interference. The ticks now synchronize w/WWV in mid-day and early afternoon, poor times for LW propagation."
S2-0947 "It would be helpful if the time were displayed in civilian form (with a.m. and p.m.), not just in military form."
S2-0948 "Is terrific now, but accuracy is always """"an issue""""."
S2-0949 Stronger Shortwave signal or clear channel standard AM band transmission
S2-0950 Provide better coverage. Maybe increase transmit power?
S2-0951   A toll free line for WWV and WWVH would be quite nice.
S2-0952 since the new web pages were added I like it. I liked it before. Wish you remembered which zone I am in
S2-0953 "Overall, I find this service to be of great value.  I can access this """"TIME"""" service, compare it to my computer's RTC (real time clock) and make any adjustments that may be needed.  "
S2-0954 easier mechanism for getting time; also for  other parts of the world
S2-0955 WWVB signal strengh could be better in my area (Arizona)
S2-0956 "WWVB signal on the East coast is still pretty weak. As the receivers are routinely surrounded by computers and other electronic equipment, it is next to impossible to syncronize clocks with it during the daytime."
S2-0957 "The WWV station.  Accuracy and quality are fine, but toll-free phone access would help."
S2-0958 I really don't ask for improvements; I do ask that the present service not be discontinued.
S2-0959 "Signals on WWV at 10.0 and 15.0.  I use these when I'm working in Ham Radio to sync my clocks for contesting on my computers.  Coverage is good, but interferance can be an issue."
S2-0960 coverage
S2-0961 More frequent broadcast of A and K indicies
S2-0962 "Java animation locks up screen, don't get the time unless I disable animation.  Also, time clock should continue to run, not just flash one snapshot time at time of mouseclick!!!!  Show a running clock!"
S2-0964 More ERP to WWV for increased reception/readability.
S2-0965 WWVB.  Coverage could be better in the Upper Midwest.
S2-0966 none
S2-0967 A clock that will work without Java
S2-0968 The Unix version ought to also be provided in RPM and Debian package formats. They should also provide a more intuitive interface for those who want it; the best way to do this would probably be to use GTK+.
S2-0969 I like it just as it is.
S2-0970 improved reception for northeast u.s.
S2-0971 Have WWVH appear on at least one unique frequency which is not simulcast with WWV and vice versa
S2-0972 completely satisfactory for my needs.
S2-0973 I am very pleased with your web sight...as is.
S2-0974 Voice announcements should be made slower! This is not FM
S2-0975 "I am a new user of this service, I use it primarily to know what time it is for home use."
S2-0976 Would like to be able to receive an RF signal any where in the usa
S2-0977 The phone call to NIST is a local call for me.  I would recommend the ACTS systme to more friends and family if it was a local call for them.
S2-0978 OK as is
S2-0979 "wwvb coverage in oregon is often too weak for cheap (Radio Shack) """"atomic"""" clocks"
S2-0980 coverage and reception quality on HF radio
S2-0982 i have no complaints.  it fits my needs well. 
S2-0983 I am not sure when I am connected.
S2-0984 wwv shortwave signal has been terrible most of the spring and summer.  Probably due to sunspot activity.
S2-0985 "Signal Strength of WWVB here at Portland, Oregon"
S2-0986 none
S2-0987 I have been very happy with your site and its accuracy.
S2-0988 The Man is wonderin why you guys ain't workin your booty's off.
S2-0989 would like to be able to acess time zones around the world
S2-0991 would be nice to get 10 -11 accuracy but do not know if this is a reality
S2-0992 your website is great but you should add more to it like other refrences for this type of webpage.
S2-0993 WWV has been important to me for 40 years.  Now that I am an amateur radio operator I have a button set on my radio and my portable also.
S2-0994 No complaints
S2-0995 Solar radiation.
S2-0996 Sometimes it is difficult to receive frequency standard in central New Mexico.
S2-0997 none
S2-0998 "I didn't even know about ACTS, Internet and telephone time.  I'll have to figure out how they work."
S2-0999 "It would be nice if WWVH would also broadcast weather, GPS status, and propagation, at times adjacent to the WWV broadcast."