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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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What present service do you feel needs improvement and what type of improvement (i.e. stability, coverage, added features…)?
S2-0001 "As an """"off shore"""" user the continuation of short wave is important. "
S2-0002 reception reliableity on lower frequencies
S2-0003 none
S2-0004 qrm especially 10 mhz
S2-0005 more on the geo and radio
S2-0006 WWVB is pretty good ... it doesn't really need much improvement but keeping it at full power would be nice for users further away
S2-0007 Perhaps an eastern US transmitter would give us better reception?
S2-0008 wwvb--extend to reliable coverage of east coast USA
S2-0009 no improvement
S2-0010 coverage
S2-0011 "Solar information is very valuable, as well as propagation checks."
S2-0012 Increased power might be helpful......perhaps 3db.
S2-0013 Long-term commitment of radio service.
S2-0014 "WWVB coverage has gaps, such as in parts of Florida, rendering the popular """"atomic"""" clocks useless in those areas"
S2-0015 Coverage
S2-0016 "More stability of the NIST Internet time servers, or more of those servers that can be selected on the various programs so that I can always get accurate time off some NIST server on the net."
S2-0017 "It may be technically impossible, but it would be very nice to have a transmitter east of the Mississippi."
S2-0018 More frequent WX and Geophysics info
S2-0019 WWV voice is ususally only usable on 5 or 10 MHz nights here in DC.  Sometimes nothing; at least the woodpecker is gone.
S2-0020 You never can have enough accuracy regarding time services...
S2-0021 "protection from intereference, especially lids"
S2-0022 Coverage
S2-0023 "Coverage of 60 kHz transmitter. My """"atomic clocks"""" do not always achieve synchronization in the DC area."
S2-0024 none
S2-0025 a little more transmitter power would help in  florida
S2-0026 I would to hear a female announcer!!
S2-0027 coverage
S2-0028 keep it up
S2-0029 "Works beautifully as both a time and frequency check. Don't """"fix"""" what isn't broken."
S2-0030 I am also a musician and the 440 standard pitch is very useful in tuning instruments and checking freq counters. I think if more information were available to musicians it would be very useful.
S2-0031 wwvb coverage area
S2-0032 "Accuracy of WWV frequencies, as these are used as """"standards"""" to check and make calibrations.  Internet time clock should NEVER send data which might cause a computer to be incorrect."
S2-0033 coverage of wwvb is better than it was - but could still be improved for the east
S2-0034 ??
S2-0035 "I use several of the didgital automatic setting clocks, I believe on the 60Khz.  Here in eastern Indiana sometimes we can go for several days with out some of the clocks receiving a signal.  Could be the unit though.  "
S2-0036 "Atmospheric conditions, but that is beyond your ability."
S2-0037 "WWV - sometimes very hard to get decent reception, also sometimes get interference from WWVH (SF Bay Area)"
S2-0038 More servers on Internet service
S2-0039 Thank you for the great service !!
S2-0040 WWVB (Coverage to East Coast)  Coverage is now just adequate but could be better.  Coverage)
S2-0041 Coverage
S2-0042 Possibly the addition of another transmitter site to improve coverage area and reception reliability.
S2-0043 "My needs are met now.  Your service is perfect for my"""
S2-0044 I would like to see an added geomagnetic activity report (propagation report) added to the 18 minute after the hour report - maybe at 48 after the hour.
S2-0045 WWVB is sometimes very hard to receive due to weak signals and local electrical interference. A stronger signal into So. Ca. would be an improvement.
S2-0046 They are all good
S2-0047 None
S2-0048 Improve Lower Frequency (2.5 mhz) coverage and range.
S2-0049 The system is fine the way it is!
S2-0050 Excellent as is.
S2-0051 WWV & WWVH need to remain on the air !!!
S2-0052 "You need to get rid of what appears to be a German SW religious station on 10mhz, mainly at 0000z nightly...."
S2-0053 "Backup to all systems, including transmitter, support, and people. National  interests are now using these systems. Negative impact if th"""
S2-0054 WWV Transmitter and Antennas
S2-0055 coverage area
S2-0056 I like the service as it is currently
S2-0057 "5, 10, & 15 MHz should have increased TX power and/or better antenna network for higher ERP"
S2-0058 "I feel the service is great, please do not cut any service."
S2-0059 The HF frequencies you now use are quite adequate for my needs.  I am well pleased and can offer no suggestions for improvement.
S2-0060 more power on the transmitters and direction
S2-0061 None
S2-0062 none
S2-0063 Better MF/HF coverage in Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
S2-0064 nONE
S2-0065 "On the HF bands, I often get interference from people chatting on the 10 MHz frequency, and more rarely on the others.  They mostly appear to be from South America."
S2-0066 WWVB coverage area and signal strength & quality
S2-0067 I am happy with the present service
S2-0068 Better coverage in the eastern US on 2.5 and 20 MHZ.
S2-0069 Reception reliability
S2-0070 Ones available are fine
S2-0071 "None, the service is great just the ay it is."
S2-0072 High Frequency [10 or 15 MHz] are sometimes unreliable due to solar activity here in MA
S2-0073 better coverage of 60KHZ signal on the east coast
S2-0074 keep as is
S2-0075 Interference reduction on HF frequencies.  I hear a lot of interfering voices (Spanish).
S2-0076 None
S2-0077 I like it fine.  Nice Job
S2-0078 "20 mHz Hawaii would be nice, as different frequencies indicate propagation.  Sometimes special announcements are cut off before complete."
S2-0079 I'm plenty happy with things as they currently exist.
S2-0080 upgrade nisttime 32 packet collisions and server overload  are a problem at busy times at times
S2-0081 none
S2-0082 "reception, hard to hear somedays and understand"
S2-0083 Stronger signals on 60 kHz to New England - to make reception reliable 24 hours a day
S2-0084 "WWVB  Now that WWVB clocks are more common on the retail market, reception relaibility is more of an issue.  I now have (4)WWVB clocks, and gnereally only one or two will be """"in-sync"""" with WWVB.  I assume it is just a reception problem."
S2-0085 everything works great! Don't change a thing!
S2-0086 Improve reception reliability on 20 MHz
S2-0087 WWVB coverage
S2-0088 Not always easy to hear WWV in Massachusetts.
S2-0089 Please keep all of your current services and broadcast distribution modes.
S2-0090 Improved Signal Strength
S2-0091 WWVB reception reliability.
S2-0092 stability
S2-0094 none i am pleased to have what is available as it is.and i thank you for it
S2-0095 Limited use for educational purposes. No immediate improvements foreseen.
S2-0096 Voice reception over the ticks.
S2-0097 "Please finish fixing the antennas on WWVB.  I have had to move all my atomic clocks to make them receive you at least 50% of the time and before, they *always* worked!"
S2-0098 "I would say that everything's pretty much OK now, if you can just maintain the status quo."
S2-0099 "None, Doesn't need much changing."
S2-0100 Some days coverage is very weak and CHU provides better signal. Most of the time the WWV is very readable.
S2-0101 clearer transmission of bulletins; sometimes the announcer is overmodulated and distorted
S2-0102 Strength of signal.  It drifts off at the top of the time signal in my area.
S2-0103 I am happy with all of them.
S2-0104 Your service is just fine as it is.
S2-0105 reception reliability
S2-0106 Happy with all aspects of service as it presently exists
S2-0107 "Some frequencies are unusable due to propagation. At this time of the  cycle, 25 MHz needs to be re-activated."
S2-0108 No problems here.
S2-0109 Very happy with existing services.  The Internet service would be more flexible if there was more extensive firewall support.
S2-0110 "I have clocks that use WWVB to update time. Even with the higher WWVB power level, the  reliability at only 500 miles distance isn't great for clocks in a noisy environment like  an office building."
S2-0111 2.5 MHz needs a big increase in power
S2-0112 2.5 MHz needs a big increase in power
S2-0113 Service is good now.....Can't think of anything you need to do to improve it...
S2-0114 "WWVB coverage, especially in the eastern and upper midwest of US.  As more automatic uses of WWVB become commonplace, the coverage issue will have more importance."
S2-0115 all I use are very reliable
S2-0116 all I use are very reliable
S2-0117 60 KHZ is tough to get a good signal underground on the east coast. NY State   for auto clock update.
S2-0118 "doing fine on shortwave coverage, nothing needed"
S2-0119 I have no problems with the service as is
S2-0120 WWVB for automatic setting of clock is marginal. Any RF noise will cause the clocks to not sync for days.
S2-0121 "As we are so far from WWV,  send a bit of the WWVH signal to the East!  The pattern favoring out to the West is excellent,  but maybe you  could mess it up bit so some more signal comes West."
S2-0122 HF Services are excellent.  Please don't change a thing!
S2-0123 like it and find it useful just as it is
S2-0124 The service is fine -- and has been for years!
S2-0125 Annoucement of Solar conditions more often than once an hour.
S2-0126 The service does all I need
S2-0127 Interference on 10 MHz in latin America. I will add more power
S2-0128 "web page, additional servers/bandwidth"
S2-0129 higher accuracy not dependant on internet delay for the internet based services
S2-0130 Service is wonderful
S2-0131 20mc is very poorly rcvd here.
S2-0132 It is hard to find the time service on the web. Make it a front page link item for goodness sakes from www.nist.gov. The web page seems awful slow.
S2-0133 More information about the geo indices would be appreciated
S2-0134 I feel a East Coast Transmitter site would also be advantageous. Maybe we the VOA site used to be in Bethany OHIO.
S2-0135 "I have clocks that use WWVB to update time. Even with the higher WWVB power level, the  reliability at only 500 miles distance isn't great for clocks in a noisy environment like  an office building."
S2-0136 I find the services of WWV very useful for audible time source and marker frequency for maintaining operating freqnency of HF transceivers.  No improvements or changes desired!!!
S2-0137 "Glad to have WWVB back up to full power. Could not receive in 60657/Chicago, IL on one of my two clocks when you were on partial power (god bless radio shack)."
S2-0138 Better reception reliability for automatic time setting clocks.  
S2-0139 none
S2-0140 What is provided is very adequate for my casual use.
S2-0141 "None that I can say. I have injoyed and use the Radio Frequecies on 2.5, 5.0, 10.,15., 7 20. FOR 47 YEARS IN DAILY aMATEUR rADIO AND cOMMERCIAL cOMMUNICATIONS."
S2-0142 20MHz would improve reception here in Philippines
S2-0143 wwvl  Coverage
S2-0144 Better HF and LF signal strength to Florida
S2-0145 n/a
S2-0146 solar flux 2x per hr
S2-0147 more timely updates of solar flare activities on wwv and or wwvh stations
S2-0148 None
S2-0149 WWVB's signal in the San Francisco area is weak compared to signal levels I detect when in Southern California or Oregon.
S2-0150 GeoAlerts More Frequently Announced
S2-0151 I think things are sufficient now.........
S2-0152 vitally important as is in Amateur Radio Service
S2-0153 none
S2-0154 no suggestions on this.
S2-0155 None
S2-0156 stronger signal
S2-0157 The weather voice might be much morer useable if the readers voice was trained in hi-noise HF communications. Most people don't use it because it is so poorly read.
S2-0158 don't know
S2-0159 "WWVB 60kHz needs higher field strength, regional repeaters? A new VLF service on a carrier that is not harmonically related  to 60 Hz power line and the high RFI that is generated by power line driven appliances should be adopted.  "
S2-0160 None - Serves my amateur radio purposes perfectly.
S2-0161 stronger signal from WWVB on east coast
S2-0162 AM/SSB audio service from WWV Boulder needs more power or better antenna pattern coverage
S2-0163 Better Coverage especially during daylight hours.
S2-0164 Generally pretty satisfied with information provided - Propagation (frequency for reception) biggest problem...sometimes have to hunt for the signal. 
S2-0165 Better publication of range of services and subsequent enhancements.
S2-0166 "None, thanks for the great service I've enjoyed over the years"
S2-0167 Reactivate WWV 25 MHz and WWVH 20 MHz.  Excelent propagation monitor during solar peaks.
S2-0168 10 MHz reception
S2-0169 Better WWVB coverage. The signal is a bit weak north of the St Lawrence River in Ontario but usable.
S2-0170 Better signal strength in New England states
S2-0171 coverage
S2-0172 N/A
S2-0173 Atomic clocks have very hard time tracking weak signal.
S2-0174 Expanding coverage and signal strength at 60kHz
S2-0175 For my purposes the service is fine as is.
S2-0176 winter night time reception is sometimes difficult with 2.5 the only option or wwvh.
S2-0177 on air reception for Ham radio
S2-0178 10 Mhz Output for equipment calibration...more coverage would be nice
S2-0179 "Looking at your survey, I need education as to what is available!"
S2-0180 "never tried the internet or phone services,, more toward teaching average public of services"
S2-0181 Improved coverage of 10 MHz.  Unfortunately this  means higher power.
S2-0182 Work on improving radio coverage for an area to include at least two bands on a simple shortwave radio for the entire USA.
S2-0183 WWV skywave elevation angles on HF should be increased to provide higher angle(NVIS)/ closer coverage to FT. Collins.
S2-0184 "shortwave reception at 5, 10, 15, 20mhz for Arizona. "
S2-0185 I would like to see the time of day broadcast service continue.  It is useful for gauging propagation as well as being the time standard.
S2-0186 60 Khz  Stronger signal for building penetration.
S2-0187 Radio audio reception power
S2-0188 "WWV and WWVH: Repeat the Solar Flux, A and K index and Geomagnetic information more often"
S2-0189 None  I receive broadcasts very well here in Central Florida
S2-0190 Better reception on all bands
S2-0191 I recently purchased a clock made to receive the 60khz signal from WWVB. It was over a week before it received the signal. I acknowledge it was not an expensive device and that I am a long way from Colorado (here in Central Massachusetts).
S2-0192 "in Las Vegas, Nv my wwvb clock misses once per day reception at least twice per week."
S2-0194 "Sunspot, A & K indices more frequently than 1/hour"
S2-0195 More GEO broadcasts would be a good thing.
S2-0196 Keep Geo alerts.  Very valuable.
S2-0197 I think WWV is excellent as is.
S2-0198 "ACTS has never worked for me. when I try to set the time, I receive an error that says that there is no server selected, even though I have one selected"
S2-0199 "WWV and WWVH: Broadcast solar flux, A and K index and geomagnetic information every 10 minutes"
S2-0200 none
S2-0201 geomagnetic indices reported more than once an hour
S2-0202 Perhaps better coverage. It may also be that I need to improve my antenna
S2-0203 Better coverage and more power on the WWVB signal.  Way more power.
S2-0204 Sometimes the voice announcements on WWV seem very poorly edited and do not fit the time slots allocated. A message will be cut off because it runs too long.
S2-0205 works fine for me as is.
S2-0206 wwvb coverage
S2-0207 Reliable reception of NIST signals from station WWV at all times of the day.
S2-0208 coverage
S2-0209 Maybe propagation information included along with the GEO alerts.
S2-0210 "In my location, I have never (to the best of my memory), failed to get the time service I needed via HF radio.  Also our clocks that automatically track the time """"radio controlled"""" have no problems syncing into the system.  Portland, OR area. "
S2-0211 Realiable availability of WWVB on the whole US territory
S2-0212 I don't really feel there is any need for improvement to the services I access.
S2-0213 Present service suits my needs.
S2-0214 The 10 MHz WWV frequency oftern has interference fromSpanish speaking ststions. The State Dept and the FCC need to get involved
S2-0215 none
S2-0216 None -  already excellent
S2-0217 I am satisfied
S2-0218 "More info on WWV such as flare class, coronal mass ejections, and MUF (maximum usable frequency)."
S2-0219 The first tick of the hour needs to be more destinctive.
S2-0220 More detailed info on WWV concerning the class of solar flares and coronal mass ejections and whether they are headed toward the earth. MUF info would be helpful. Any digitized voice should be of the highest quality - don't skimp!
S2-0221 n/a
S2-0222 I would like to see the solar index report given more often.
S2-0224 n/a
S2-0225 With the choice of frequencies available it is reliable as is.
S2-0226 I would like to see the solar index report given more often.
S2-0227 I would like to see the solar index report given more often.
S2-0228 More info on the class of flares and coronal mass ejections and whether they are headed toward earth.
S2-0229 "None Happy with as is, generally use only shortwave to access, can generally access one or more frequencies at any time. Seldom use the internet but it is available."
S2-0230 web
S2-0231 None
S2-0232 "WWVB Power and antenna for nationwide coverage needs improvement, but is better than before"
S2-0233 "None, I strongly believe that WWV is doing a great job!  Please do not cut back on current service."
S2-0234 none - keep up the standard
S2-0235 Just keep up the fine work for now.
S2-0236 "WWVH radio reception reliability/coveragfe area in case WWV is in bad propagation, or down"
S2-0237 "General keeping up with technology, and keeping service releiable and accessible."
S2-0238 works good as is for me
S2-0239 increased frequency of geo alerts
S2-0240 n/a
S2-0241 more frequent geo alert announcement.
S2-0242 Adequate for my needs as is.
S2-0243 more-regular ID of location of HF transmitters
S2-0244 We use time/interval and time of day at many different locations/buildings on three campuses so we like to use the WWVB time information for our clocks. Telephones and web accessable computers are not at each instrument's location.
S2-0245 Status Quo is good.
S2-0246 More frequent solar indicies reports
S2-0247 signal strength coverage
S2-0248 none
S2-0249 Audio level for Solar activity/Magnetic field activity from WWVH are much lower than WWV. This makes copy difficult under marginal signal levels
S2-0250 "None, I think service is excellent!"
S2-0251 Fine the way it is.
S2-0252 perhaps another station for greater and more reliable reception
S2-0253 reception
S2-0254 None
S2-0255 More power on 2.5 and 5 MHz (WWV).  Finish the WWVB project.
S2-0256 none
S2-0257 The services I use do not need improvement. Just be sure that they are continued.
S2-0258 It is good as it is!
S2-0259 It's not broken...don't fix it!!
S2-0260 10 mHz voice quality is sometimes difficult to pickup
S2-0261 Time zones other than just the U.S.
S2-0263 wwvb coverage
S2-0264 WWV HF fading.
S2-0265 I would like to see an increase in the output power of the station in general. 
S2-0266 We are in Seattle at the fringe of WWVB coverage. Thus we would like improved WWVB signal strength.
S2-0267 "wwvb, wwv"
S2-0268 "Coverage and reception quality of broadcast services. While recption is generally adequate on at least one frequency at my location, better reception on 2 or more would enhance reliability."
S2-0269 I really appreciate the WWV radio service for more than 30 years now
S2-0270 no suggestions
S2-0271 None - Very satisfied
S2-0272 Keep on doin' whatcha been doin' for the past half century.
S2-0273 I've been very pleased with the current NIST  Time and Frequency services and see no need for  any significant improvements.
S2-0274 None
S2-0275 Reception Reliability:  Certain times of day both WWV and WWVH are very difficult to receive.
S2-0276 "Not so much improvement, but keep the services from going away.  They are good and should be kept!"
S2-0277 WWVH would be improved by a signal at 20 mHz.
S2-0278 Better signal coverage in Ohio on 10 mhz for  frequency standard calibrations
S2-0279 "SFI, A and K index reports 4 times an hour would be nice."
S2-0280 Coverage
S2-0281 none
S2-0282 More power on WWVH
S2-0283 a clearer voice
S2-0284 better coverage area
S2-0285 mostly none... but bigger antennas would improve reception in geo storms
S2-0286 I'm satisfied with the service as-is.
S2-0287 "More lines should be added to the telephone service, so that you don't get cut off after 90 seconds. Other than that it is perfect. Please keep the phone calls free if possible. They are indispensable."
S2-0288 WWV coverage
S2-0289 Some information could be repeated more than once an hour - in order not to have to wait an hour for the next update.
S2-0290 WWV has always done a great job.
S2-0291 stability and coverage
S2-0292 None
S2-0293 I'm happy with the service as is.
S2-0294 "I'm happy with things as they are. At least one of the services (the frequency standard), which is essential for keeping my amateur radio transmitter calibrated, is not available to me in any way other than WWV/WWVH."
S2-0295 "all OK so Far, Reception sometimes bad"
S2-0296 None
S2-0297 "The service meets my needs as is, except for reception issues."
S2-0298 reception
S2-0299 fine
S2-0300 The 2.5 MHz is the noisiest portion of the HF spectrum and not too many people have antennas that can pick WWV\WWVH well on 2.5 MHz. Perhaps either increase the power or drop that frequency coverage.
S2-0301 "broadcast the propagation data (solar flux, etc) more frequently than once per hour , ie: every 15 minutes would be great !"
S2-0302 "Improve reception reliability of HF stations on the West Coast USA.  Add 25MHz and boost power on 2.5MHz, 5.0 MHz. Thanks"
S2-0303 I would like to see the solar index report given more often.
S2-0304 Increase effective radiated power for WWV.
S2-0305 Current services satisfy my needs
S2-0306 Increase power on 10 mHz. by 6 dB. Drop 20 Mhz. station
S2-0307 "A stronger signal would be nice especially WWVH. Also it would be nice to have the weather, Geo alerts, and Gps status, broadcast 2 or 3 tmes per hour instead of just one time.    "
S2-0308 "WWVH needs to operate at 20Mhz. How come the 20Mhz antenna was terminated and operation closed? I can hear WWV on 20Mhz during the day, not at  night. Why? When TDY in Seattle, WWV was weak reception, Why? "
S2-0310 The services I use seem to work fine.
S2-0311 "Actually, your current services fully meet my needs as a private user."
S2-0312 ADD back 25 Mhz service.
S2-0313 Power increase on 2.5 MHz. for better Eastern U.S. coverage.  More tropical weather bulletins from the National Hurricane Center.
S2-0314 none
S2-0315 Better coverage to the NE US.
S2-0316 most part not much I beilve on HF more power certain area it harder to pick up
S2-0317 "GEO Alerts could be transmitted more frequently, possibly 2 or 3 times per hour."
S2-0318 "none, very satisified."
S2-0319 I find the time services to be of great help.
S2-0320 I find that reception in the Central Ohio area is weak depending on atmospheric conditions.  The 10Mhz time signals are currently the most reliable.  Either additional power or antenna configuration could improve signals.
S2-0321 WWVB - more power or something to make coverage more reliable
S2-0322 OK as is. Will leave this to the engineers
S2-0323 I'm satisfied with the current service - I  wouldn't want to see a decrease in quality.
S2-0324 Rid the frequencies of illegal SSB operators.
S2-0325 "We are generally pleased with service, features and accuracy."
S2-0326 Civerage
S2-0327 add more hourly geo reports
S2-0328 "reception reliability, but that is usually beyond our control - you can't control the ionosphere!"
S2-0329 "if is not broke, don't fix it."
S2-0330 need more WWVB to synchronize my Rubidium to..
S2-0331 coverage or reception reliability (same in my opinion)
S2-0332 I'm very satisfied with the service
S2-0333 "The internet time service is nice, but I have only been able to get it to work on Win95, and not through firewalls.  When using it on Win98 it sets the clock to the wrong time, date and year"
S2-0334 "would like to see more frequent geophysical announcements ( A, K , Planetray indexes) rather than once an hour.  HF radio propagation forcast would be very useful. "
S2-0335 WWVB coverage in the Northeastern US.  Also add checksum or parity bits to signal.
S2-0336 Go back to human voice transmission.
S2-0337 Greater reception reliability on the medium wave bands would improve service.
S2-0338 Geo alerts more often
S2-0340 "More reliable 5, 10, 15 mhz reception on east coast."
S2-0341 More often GEO conditions/alerts
S2-0342 WWVH needs a more powerful transmitter
S2-0343 "My WWV broadcast receiver will sometimes not pick up your voice signal in OKC,OK."
S2-0344 None
S2-0345 Just the reception.
S2-0346 "Night reception in Southern CA is not reliable, and generally similar in Northern CA"
S2-0347 all is okay as is...
S2-0348 "WWV coverage in the """"skip zone"""" 80-120 miles from the WWV transmitter."
S2-0349 None at all
S2-0350 Higher power transmitter
S2-0351 "Stability, but we get that with gps reference."
S2-0352 WWV coverage in the midwest needs improvement
S2-0353 WWV-Reception proved unreliable in the eastern Pacific near lattitude 15N to 7N
S2-0354 improvement in signal strength
S2-0355 Automated updating clocks using WWVB service is on the increase.  It is a wonderful service.  The only problem is availability and reliability of signals.
S2-0356 Geo alerts do not seem to reflect the present propagation conditions on the HF bands.
S2-0357  better signal strength on 5 10 and 15 Mhz
S2-0358 More detailed geo alert data
S2-0359 keep it like it is now
S2-0360 none
S2-0361 More than adequate for my usage
S2-0362 More coverage.
S2-0363 "Coverage, anything that will improve the service."
S2-0364 "The present service is very good. Perhaps better signal on 10Mhz, although most of my problems are usually related to propagation issues. "
S2-0365 Could 25 MHz transmissions be brought back?
S2-0366 Coverage Area is spoaradic
S2-0367 "Considering that both WWV and WWVH are in the western United States, NOW, a third transmitter should be added for continual coverage in the eastern United States. Often, I have to try to find CHU, when I cannot receive WWV or WWVH."
S2-0368 "None, I don't think improvement is needed."
S2-0369 The ability to receive a signal in remote places could use some improvement
S2-0370 WWVB
S2-0371 "I have an Oregon Scientific WWVB receiver clock, and it works ok, but I can't suggest a coverage improvement without knowing where your repeaters/transmitters in the East are. I live in Alabama."
S2-0372 I am happy with current services
S2-0373 currently suits my applications
S2-0374 "Stronger signals from WWV on 5, 10 and 15 MHz. My  most reliable freq (day & night) is 10. If it was stronger, I would not need the others.  Skip  conditions make 5 unusable days; 15 poor nights.  I'm in San Jose, California. "
S2-0375 "I know you raised the power of WWVB, but it still has trouble with the high noise floor in Los Angeles."
S2-0376 More often solar updates
S2-0377 "For my use in frequency checkes on transceiver, present services are satisfactory"
S2-0378 Im very satisfied
S2-0379 The services I use are very good and work fine for me.  I can't think of any pressing improvements that need to be done.
S2-0380 none
S2-0381 "Voice announcements are not always intelligble, even though they are repeated.  Maybe the summary reports could be read using phonetics and/or counted out (e.g. """"K= three; one-two-three"""").  "
S2-0382 WWVB erp needs boosted to better cover SE US and Alaska time zone.
S2-0383 "from my perspective, you're doing great!  don't change anything"
S2-0384 "As stated above, coverage area for your lower frequencies (2.5, 5 Mhz)."
S2-0385 coverage
S2-0386 "Frankly, none"
S2-0387 Increase the daytime power of the 10 MHZ station to provice better reception in the EASTERN USA.
S2-0388 I feel your services are very satisfactory
S2-0389 "It is probably impossible on a packet switched network such as the public internet, but the time delay introduced by the network affects the accuracy of the received time of day on the internet."
S2-0390 "Would like to havre Geoalert info several times in an hour.  If I miss 18 past the hour, I have to wait another hour."
S2-0391 Perhaps a higher power-output of radio stations.
S2-0392 None
S2-0393 WWV broadcasts could use more power sometimes.  In early morning in N. Wisconsin I found signals very weak once.  I understood from others local to the area that this was not uncommon.
S2-0394 Shortwave and WWVB need a bit more power
S2-0395 "Announcement of solar flux, """"A"""" and """"K"""" index values more than once per hour."
S2-0396 Presently satisfctory for my needs
S2-0397 Stronger signal in up state New York
S2-0398 no comment
S2-0399 "Internet service isn't too reliable due to ISP and networking problems.  Shortwave is there when I need it, especially when traveling and away from my computer."
S2-0400 "The WWV needs more stability,transmit power,improved coverage and reception."
S2-0401 "Generally a higher power level on 5, 10, 15 to increase reliable reception. "
S2-0402 More ERP to WWV and WWVH
S2-0403 Additional propagation information; SSN as well as SF
S2-0404 Improve the reception
S2-0405 reception
S2-0406 I use the WWV signal to set the time for a computer-guided telescope. Improved signal strength in Western Pennsylvania would be nice. I also use the signal for self-setting clocks at home and in the office.
S2-0407 "GEO Alerts, needs better coverage"
S2-0408 "gps,weather and propgation every 15 mins."
S2-0409 Please restore WWV broadcasts on 25 MHz as in the 1960s.
S2-0410 Eliminate foreign interference on 10 MHz.
S2-0411 None
S2-0412 Keep the WWV radio service and the Internet time service exactly the way they are.
S2-0413 availability of Internet Time Service -- too  often I can't connect to it when I want to use it
S2-0414 Reduction of HF interferance by unauthorized stations on same fz. More subject to 10MHz fz. Many bcast stns have been noted on or very near this fz making it useless. Other interferance noted are ALE tx and 'tune' cycles by transmitters.
S2-0415 Increase Power or change footprint for E. Coast Improvement.
S2-0416 Coverage
S2-0417 "Sometimes the person reading the STI's doesn't have enough time for all the data & is cut off, with no chance of getting the missing data. Why not extend it to 19 min. past hour if necessary during high solar activity?? "
S2-0418 Coverage
S2-0419 You've done perhaps the best job any citizen can expect of his/her government ... don't stop
S2-0420 Coverage in Alaska for the radio clocks
S2-0421 None
S2-0422 All is great!
S2-0423 Boost power of WWVB.
S2-0424 n/a
S2-0425 "20 mHz coverage, and reactivate 25 mHz operation."
S2-0426 I am basicly happy with the current services provided
S2-0427 Return of the 25 MHz WWV & WWVH transmissions
S2-0429 none
S2-0430 "WWVB reception has had some interference problems in the Newark, Delaware area in the past"
S2-0431 Reliable reception anywhere in the USA at any time of day or night.
S2-0432 None
S2-0433 none needed
S2-0434 Voice announcements of propagation  often difficult to hear due to poor diction of speakers.
S2-0435 WWVB coverage area needs improvement. should be able to get it anywhere in US.
S2-0436 I'm using NISTIME.
S2-0437 Needs no improvement. It ain't broke;don't fix it.
S2-0438 Remove the phase shift at 10 min past the hour on WWVB. This confuses phase comparison monitoring.
S2-0439 more frequent (than 1 minute) voice notification
S2-0440 Signal strength
S2-0441 2.5 and 5.0 are not often useful in Houston
S2-0442 60Khz-VLF Reception Reliability & 2.5 & 5.0Mhz Reception Reliability
S2-0443 announcements
S2-0444 "I am quite happy with the present service, it has always been quite good."
S2-0445 Daytime power/antenna at 10MHz
S2-0446 Would prefer solar/geomagnetic updates to be more frequent
S2-0447 "I am often VERY dependent on the hurricane report that comes at 8 minutes after the hour.  Please consider repeating critical position information, and ensure the announcer enunciates clearly."
S2-0448 Would like to see global indices more than once per hour.
S2-0449 I find WWV service to be very satisfactory.
S2-0450 N/A
S2-0451 WWVB needs more power to use atomic clocks in a tin building
S2-0453 "None.....you do a great job, just keep doing it."
S2-0454 "If you offered me a free HP cesium beam time/freq standard in exchange for the RF broadcasts, I would turn you down.  Keep the RF broadcasts.  They are the ultimate portable freq reference. "
S2-0455 Additional power for the 2.5mHz and 20mHz services to the ConUS
S2-0456 Even more power on 60khz wwvb would be great.
S2-0457 You are doing an EXCELLENT job as is. I use you for my SWL and Amateur Radio hobbies.
S2-0458 OK as is.
S2-0459 A modulated CW time broadcast would improve reception during periods of marginal propagation.
S2-0460 "The WWVB 60khz signal needs to be stronger, so my WWVB clock can receive the low freq signal indoors."
S2-0461 Perfectly OK as is.  Find no fault at all.
S2-0462 NONE
S2-0463 None.
S2-0464 I sometimes miss the 25Mc signal.
S2-0465 "60 kHz coverage has been improved, but one can wish for coverage in AK & HI...."
S2-0466 It would be nice to see increased coverage for both the HF service and 60 kHz.
S2-0467 Improved coverage of 2.5MHz transmitter into the NE US at night.
S2-0468 Satisfied for my needs.
S2-0469 "ON giving the time, voice difficult to copy. Conditions, interference from foreign statinos"
S2-0470 I am very happy with the service the way it is
S2-0471 Improve WWVB coverage on East Coast.
S2-0472 "The radio medium is PERFECT.  No internet access in remote locations, nor telephone either!"
S2-0473 Internet time service
S2-0474 Keep all shortwave servives. I use 5 10 & 15 mhz as a time reference for shortwave radio recordings.
S2-0475 Time broadcast and phone service.
S2-0476 Full Julian date as well.
S2-0477 more weather would be nice
S2-0478 Propogation bulletins given more frequently than once per hour at 18 minutes after the hour.
S2-0479 WWVB coverage in Florida and New York City
S2-0480 None.
S2-0481 Reception
S2-0482 "Perhaps more frequent solar-terrestrial indices, more detailed """"space weather"""""
S2-0483 Additional time slots for more extensive maritime weather & solar-terrestrial indices
S2-0484 WWVB reception/coverage on the East Coast.
S2-0485 Reception Reliability and better coverage.
S2-0486 nil
S2-0487 I would like to use 2.5 and 5.0Mhz but reception is marginal. 10Mhz is excellent.
S2-0488 WWVB needs more power/coverage in the Los Angeles/So. Calif. area.
S2-0489 It would be nice to have improved coverage on some of the lower frequency bands.
S2-0490  there are times when the signal is not strong enough here in New Jersey
S2-0491 None
S2-0492 Present system sufficiently fills my needs.
S2-0493 "Internation inforcement to keep the designated time frequencies off limits to two-way radio users.  The frequency 10MHz is has very heavy QRM from asain fishing, etc.  PS: I am located in Guam."
S2-0494 None
S2-0495 None
S2-0496 Service is fine for my purposes.
S2-0497 More frequent geo-alert announcements--at least twice an hour
S2-0498 Present services are excellent. 
S2-0499 WWVB Coverage during daytime. Increase power.