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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Would the value of this service be decreased if only a high quality voice announcement were available without the weather, geo alert or GPS status information?
S1-0500 Because I need the geo alert data for filing a daily solar activity report.
S1-0501 Sometimes I do not access to an HF RECEIVER and Would like to get marine info as well as time...
S1-0502 "GPS Status is not always available, or delayed from other sources."
S1-0503 leave the thing alone
S1-0504 There is a definite need for availaility of radio frequency standards.
S1-0505 I use these features
S1-0506 They are informative
S1-0507 Quality is more important than quantity.  Much rather have a robot voice tell more information than a sexy voice telling only time.
S1-0508 The military uses all of this information extensively.
S1-0509 it is faster just to hear the time
S1-0510 "People without shortwave radio's, to my knowledge, would have no other easy way to obtain this information.  "
S1-0511 It seems on the face of it to be a decrease in information
S1-0512 "The added information, at least on the telephone, makes for something to listen to as one waits for the time and beep to come around."
S1-0513 The time only service is available from other sources such as the National Observatory service.
S1-0514 I prefer the digital read out
S1-0515 I use much more than just the voice announcement.
S1-0516 "With all the solar flares we have had, outages exist which can only be surmounted via landline"
S1-0517 "Telephone signals can be routed via geosynch. satellites, making time too inaccurate."
S1-0518 "Telephone signal might be via geosynchronous satellite, resulting in a delay larger than our accuracy needs."
S1-0519 "I believe in this day and age, we should be able to get all the info that is avbl and can be sent out."
S1-0520 These services provide a valuable tool to QRP Amateur Operators as well as Short Wave Listeners. 73 de K9DI
S1-0521 "I use WWV, WWVH to verify the operation of my radio station for time and frequency accuracy. I also use the signal to determine along with geo alerts to determine the propogation conditions of the H.F. frequencies. "
S1-0522 as a ham radio operator we depend on this during  hurricanes and emergencies.
S1-0523 "When HF is affected, this service is very useful!"
S1-0524 "Because my radio reception is so poor here in TX, that sometimes the only way I can get the geo and gps info is via phone."
S1-0525 other information is needed and used
S1-0526 it is useful to have this as a backup
S1-0527 "Too many users use radio signals to access time services. What if the Internet goes down??A distinct possibility in severe weather,Etc."
S1-0528 geo alert is very useful for HF propagation
S1-0529 depend on fone line to get through when radio redeption bad or impossible.
S1-0530 "All facets are important! the system as it stands should be updated, these function are """"Where we go for the real info that can be counted on to be accurate "
S1-0531 "You have the easies access for me.  Additionally, I can access the radio information with battery powered instruments in times when the power grid is down (storms).  I live in a costal region."
S1-0532 Weather is too important of a feature. GPS status will become increasingly important in the future.
S1-0533 We use the service to calibrate out equipment
S1-0534 i use the geo alert for best propagation paths on hf
S1-0535 "I use the GPS info daily in the field, were there is no phone or internet.  Also the 10mhz for time in the field of the time a report is filed."
S1-0536 often the easiest way to catch this info on an as-needed basis.
S1-0537 "I answered yes in the assumption that if wwv hf was not available, then my only resource would be by phone. I would then naturally need the voice weather."
S1-0538 "if radio is not available, the phones are...and I would want the full service!!!Why not?"
S1-0539 I believe that this information is useful
S1-0540 The various services offered are used by different people at different times. To remove them would deny them access to a valuable resource.
S1-0541 Automated equipment would stop working and could cause significant degradation of usefulness.
S1-0542 Geo Alert is important for keeping track of HF propagation conditions. GPS info important for keeping track of integrity.
S1-0543 Geo alerts are important in our communications work. Your weather reports are an important fall-back should other maritime weather outlets fail (which they do). GPS Status is important in military and mapping operations.
S1-0544 "GPS info is important, especially when WWV signal is unavailable due to interference."
S1-0545 "If HF radio propagation is poor, obtaining geo alert info via this method is a good backup."
S1-0546 Weather and GPS info is important.
S1-0547 WWV Radio not always available so specific timed broadcast on particular minute such as geo alert always accessable by phone.
S1-0548 Yes... I'm an amateur radio operator and the GEO info helps me to know if I can make contacts.
S1-0549 I would be receiving less information that may be useful to me.
S1-0550 geo alert is quite useful to me
S1-0551 i like to listen to the geo and gps status
S1-0552 If you don't use these services you wouldn't understand their value.
S1-0553 It is the most convenient source for all of these services.
S1-0554 Geo's keep me abreast of LF and HF propigation conditions for international shortwave reception.
S1-0555 Tone time signals with a 'tick'are much more useful than a service without these enhancements.
S1-0556 Could have a separate phone number.
S1-0557 thats why I use it
S1-0558 WWV is the best source for this information
S1-0559 "I feel the voice announcements re: Wx, GAlerts, & GPS stat is desireable."
S1-0560 "I am a ham radio operator and my uses of the broadcasts will vary with my project needs.  The broadcasts are invaluable aids in tuning my receivers, especially the tube type radios that tend to drift. "
S1-0561 "This service provides information instantly, without waiting for the regular time on WWV/WWVH when needed. "
S1-0562 "Available for a very long time, those of us who use them have grown used to them and rely on them.   With time announce only it sounds less professional...less reliable.  I like the 'scientific, official, military' character of the service."
S1-0563 "Even though I rarely use the information, it's good to have a place I can count on when I DO need it."
S1-0564 The very first service I check for any of this infomation is WWV.  I have been doing so for many years.
S1-0565 I use this information very frequently!
S1-0566 WX & geo alerts are valuable sources for aviation flight planning.
S1-0567 Need Geo-Alert from telephone sometimes.
S1-0568 I use these announcements for navagation information
S1-0569 The WX is extremly important to me
S1-0570 Weather reports are important to both aviators and sailors.
S1-0571 "like to know location of weather systems, and if ther is a geo magnetic storm going on"
S1-0572 "As it is, it is a very convenient single point of information."
S1-0573 "Please keep WWV on the air, as it is vital for frequency and time measurements."
S1-0574 It's nice to be able to get all of the above in one call if we need it.
S1-0575 "Retain the 1s ticks, but otherwise, I wouldn't miss anything else."
S1-0576 Set clocks manually
S1-0577 Because it would decrease the information station loke WWV offered listeners
S1-0578 It justwould.
S1-0580 "propagation users would lose valuable info. as to upcoming solar events, and major disturbances that affects communications. GPS is touchy...how many make full use of this implementation is not known to me, so i will refrain from commenting."
S1-0581 I LOOK  FOR IT
S1-0582 Need the extra time to set clocks
S1-0583 "Additional information valuable for technical reference, as a reliable standard."
S1-0584 I am an Aircraft Dispatcher
S1-0585 I use this only to pick up geoalerts when unable to copy wwv/h and also unable to retrieve via internet; with the internet svc the phone is much less important.
S1-0586 Because I  like all the info you all can give
S1-0587 Need to know ionosheric conditions and predictions
S1-0588 the voice time indication and some indication of 1/2 minute interval are important. the rest is somewhat distracting
S1-0591 "the geo alert and weather are useful and important, there's no other sources for these that I am aware of."
S1-0592 These are important data especially in emergency situations when more modern technology is down!
S1-0593 "During times high geomagnetic activity it isn't always possible to hear the voice bulletins over the interference.  That's why the telephone service is important.  It is far more useful than the UK's, """"Speaking Clock."""" "
S1-0594 Propagation reports are very useful for shortwave operation.
S1-0595 Geo Alert is very valuable to Ham radio operators to predict band conditions.  The best case you can figure which band to talk to your buddy.  The worst case it could be life of death if one is aiding hurricane or some other disaster victims.
S1-0596 The Geo Alert and weather data is helpful too.
S1-0597 "I use the service to predict propagation conditions.  Also, if it's not BROADCASTED, I have less visibility of how 5, 10, 15, and 20Mhz propagate. "
S1-0598 "Interests very among individuals.  Suggest a quick """"press (number) to omit geo/GPS"""" at the beginning."
S1-0599 Amateur Radio service propagation forecast
S1-0600 I use the GEO and weather for predicting radio frequency propergation
S1-0601 all info is important!
S1-0602 Do Not Use
S1-0603 I use it primarily for GEO alerts/propagation forecasts.
S1-0604 Weather alert's are important to everyone and also Geo results.
S1-0606 "If HF conditions are poor or unavailable, then  telephone may be the only way to get the geo  alert or GPS status information."
S1-0607 "geo alertmweather, andgps are important"
S1-0608 i can not always have my radio with me
S1-0610 Currently my only use is time.
S1-0611 Like to receive all other information.
S1-0612 Don't use others
S1-0613 Don't use when I can get the info free on HF radio!
S1-0614 waste of time looking elsewere
S1-0615 Geo Alert data extremely valuable; usual reason for calling.
S1-0616 comment
S1-0617 "While I don't use the weather, geo alert or GPS status information, some may rely on it.  If it is available via other means, thus making it redundant on the broadcasts, then deleting it may provide a cost savings."
S1-0618 "My main interest is the 'other' data provided (geo alerts). If they are gone, so am I."
S1-0619 The geo alert is important for determining the reasons for poor radio propagation when those reasons are interfering with wwv and wwvh.
S1-0620 Sometimes one needs a confirmation on geo status relating to scientific experiments and also gps status when not near a hf radio.
S1-0621 The geo and gps info is important for my job and this info is goo info to have.
S1-0622 "Propagation programs, MINIPROP PLUS"
S1-0623 your telephone service is my sole source for information.
S1-0624 GPS status important
S1-0625 "The other information is imporntant, too."
S1-0626 I use the GEO alert information.
S1-0627 "If I am using the telephone, circumstances are  that it is difficult for me to obtain the other  information by other means."
S1-0628 "A lot of thee the time HF is noisy or inaudible and the telephone is the only way to contact WWV/WWH (yess, we do it in flight on the star phone)."
S1-0629 One-stop-shopping.  Everything I need in one location.
S1-0630 "Voice broadcast are sometimes garbled or parts of it lost during transmission due to weather conditions, atmosphere conditions or """"skip"""" :"
S1-0631 useful if radio contact is unavailable
S1-0632 It is nice to know that these service are available if needed
S1-0633 It would require going to another source for the information. It needs to be kept simple and convienient
S1-0634 "The geo alerts are kind of nice, but the info is more readily available over the internet."
S1-0635 How else would I find out about gps status?
S1-0636 Not necessary
S1-0637 I use the weather info for my hobbies.
S1-0638 Where else would we get the info?
S1-0639 "Although I use only the time announcements, I feel these other services are important to others."
S1-0640 "It's nice to hear the seconds tick off, and the other information is potentially very useful."
S1-0641 Info not available eleswhere would be excluded.
S1-0642 weather and geo alerts more up to date and available than other services.
S1-0643 I like all the information you provide and rely on it
S1-0644 "Service is very useful regarding radio propagation.  Useful to be able to hear a time signal, particularly from Hawaii, here is S. Florida"
S1-0645 We are a GPS product producing company and the additional GPS information is very useful.
S1-0646 If I have trouble with my GPS this would be the first place I would look for answers. The media is not much help unless everyone has a need.
S1-0647 "I think all the services have grate value to meny users  for reasons of choise and need,"
S1-0648 Need gps status
S1-0649 GPS status very important when troubleshooting problems relasted to Spectracom time clocks at many police departments. used for syncing voice logging recorders.
S1-0650 "The more information, the better"
S1-0651 use time check the most
S1-0652  It is important to know the condition of band and current weather.
S1-0653 Radio announcements are much easier to hear than getting the information on my computer.
S1-0654 I don't always have access to shorwave receiver to receive the broadcasts.
S1-0655 Any decrease of information would reasonably be viewed as a decrease in service.
S1-0656 All the other information is still important and unavailable elsewhere. I can dial the speaking telephone in my community but they do not provide this information.
S1-0657 I use the Geo info for amateur radio propagation assistance
S1-0658 Takes less time.
S1-0659 Alternative to WWV and WWVH broadcasts when radio receiver not available.
S1-0660 "I only use telephone service as a """"last ditch"""" resort."
S1-0661 Because people who use these services would no longer have access on the phone line.
S1-0662 That is one of the primary information resources I use.
S1-0663 I call to get Geo Alerts during radio blackouts.
S1-0664 "If reception conditions are poor, the telephone service may be the only reliable method of obtaining geo alert or GPS status information."
S1-0665 I use the geo alert to figure radio propagation
S1-0666 i don't get voice
S1-0667 I use these services.  I use the telephone on those rare occasions when the radio broadcasts are unavailable and I would find it a severe disadvantage if these services were missing.
S1-0668 Can receive this info. if above is not available.
S1-0669 Geo Alerts are very important in evaluating propagation.
S1-0670 "In a time of a National Emergency, if it helps the bad guy's the range should be limited to the U.S.."
S1-0671 "Know of no other trustworthy source for the GPS status.  Trust Federal Agency.  Sometimes it's just reassuring to check and see the world's still functioning, which, while perhaps of no practical utility is nevertheless very important to me."
S1-0672 "Only Access local Time & Temp & Weather, WWV & WWVH could use #800 number"
S1-0673 Geo Alert info used for propagation info.
S1-0674 It is a good backup when I cannot receive WWV
S1-0676 All info is important
S1-0677 The GPS status information has proven very useful in the past.
S1-0678 Faster calls
S1-0679 Harder to track what time it is within a minute according to WWV programming guide.  Sometimes not near a radio to hear the alerts especially when trying to debug GPS or geo-storm situation.
S1-0680 Very Important
S1-0681 Used only electronicly.
S1-0682 gps infomation is useful
S1-0683 No opinion
S1-0684 "because you wouldn't have the weather, geo alert or GPS status ... duh."
S1-0685 Just want the time from telephone service
S1-0686 Other info is important to me.
S1-0687 "For those times when a shortwave raio isn't available, it's the only way to get all this information."
S1-0688 I sometimes want the other info.  Having a choice like computer voice of time every ten seconds and if any touch tone key was press changing to WWV would cover both needs.
S1-0689 geo alert and gps status is important to me
S1-0690 This goes hand-in-hand with the rest of the broadcast
S1-0691 Where else would we get that information that is accurate and reliable.
S1-0692 easier access to all
S1-0694 "I rely on the geo, weather, and GPS info.  Their absence would hamper me."
S1-0695 "Mostly because these services provide a failsafe fallback if such weather is not available otherwise, due to conditions, equipment, or knowledge."
S1-0696 I use the geo alert info
S1-0697 "I am a ham radio op and,geo as well as,gps indicators are needed on a daily basis."
S1-0698 Often it is the only way to obtain this information remote from a radio receiving station
S1-0699 "The different sources of the same information provide redundancy that I can count on, for example, if I am away from a HF receiver."
S1-0700 It certainly wouldn't be increased.
S1-0701 While GPS status info is available elsewhere (NOTAM) this is generally the easiest way to obtain the info. This is generally the only source I use for GEO alerts. Weather information is of little significance.
S1-0702 I use the geoalert at work when I do not have a radio available.
S1-0703 Would have to find a new source - inconvenient and more time consuming
S1-0704 The geo reports are very important for planning
S1-0705 Collateral functions are almost as important as the basic time functions in radio propagation and related activities
S1-0706 The additional information would no longer be easily available
S1-0707 I use all the available services
S1-0708 "Weather is of critical importance to so many people, same thing to geomagnetic problems, perhaps not as much"
S1-0709 I do not always have access to a radio to receive this information.
S1-0710 didn't know of this service and is it a toll call from my phone??
S1-0711 "Beacuse the weather, GPS status and geomagnetic alerts are important."
S1-0712 It could be the only point of access to the information.
S1-0713 "During storms when listening to WWV or WWVH may be difficult due to interference or lightning risks, telephone is useful to gather the information that radio provides."
S1-0714 all is important
S1-0715 It is an alternative when HF coditions are difficult.
S1-0716 "I find the weather information valuable especially when visiting in the North Pacific region.  I do use the Geo. alert for my amateur communications.  I  have not used the GPS status information, but do have and use a GPS daily. .../Ric/..."
S1-0717 we need all componets working together for a better service
S1-0718 Frequently I want the geo or GPS status data more than I want the actual time.
S1-0719 Info for various requirements
S1-0720 Weather information needed to plan outdoor activities.
S1-0721 Props info
S1-0722 I check with wwv via radio most often
S1-0723 It is important to know the status of the geo alert. It tells me the HF conditions and what frequencies are useable. GPS status is nice to know too since I am a GPS experimenter.
S1-0724 I use marine wx forcasts and all sunspot activity related information. 
S1-0725 Listen to the phone when my HF is down.
S1-0726 Those are all things I use except GPS.
S1-0727 GPS  is one of the reasons the service is used.
S1-0728 less reliance on propagation vagaries
S1-0729 "We are campers,the weather is very important to our wellfair,geo with lap top printout and GPS info is invaluable."
S1-0730 I'm used to the information and would miss not getting it.
S1-0731 Because even though I don't utilize some of these formats I am sure that others do!
S1-0732 need geo alert
S1-0733 This data is very usefull at times to me for numerous local projections.
S1-0734 geo alert and GPS status information is very important to us
S1-0735 :oss of valuable information.
S1-0736 I use them in Amateur radio nets
S1-0737 I cannot receive WWV or WWVB inside the RF shielded buildings where I work.
S1-0738 Because this information is valuable to those who need it.  It is no less valuable just because I don't happen to use all of them.  
S1-0739 "The more information, the better"
S1-0741 The information is important for satellite trarking and many other uses.
S1-0742 I need the weather!
S1-0743 I like the well-rounded picture w/bariables
S1-0744 Its nice to have all that information in one place.
S1-0745 Use and depend upon WWV/WWVH resources for Propagation status and general geo alerts (both terrestrial and space)
S1-0746 "Somewhat: this additional information *is* useful in its own right, though not to the primary purpose for which meteor observers tune in."
S1-0747 Loss of easy access to information
S1-0748 Need all this information via alternative paths
S1-0749 Many users have come to depend upon such services.
S1-0750 "users who need this information may not always have access to a working shortware receiver, or propagation conditions may be poor"
S1-0751 I rely on a clock/radio which up dates itself twice a day by receiving WWV time signals
S1-0752 It is used specifically for space weather/geo-alert info!
S1-0753 No other place to get it.
S1-0754 "More, not less is better"
S1-0755 "   There are times when during solar flares, this info is not available to due radio blackouts.  The telephone service is essential at this time.  Leave well enough alone. "
S1-0756 I use the GPS information frequenctly
S1-0757 Geo alerts speaking of solar activity sometime shows S.K.I.P. making using CB radio sometimes really cool.  I also maintain a GPS receiver and it is always helpful knowing satelite status...fascinating!
S1-0758 Great source of info on propagation for radio at 18 past the hour
S1-0759 Information is helpful in determining prevailing conditions.
S1-0760 Importance of geo alert availability when no receiver/computer is available.
S1-0761 "If the additional info is not desired by the caller, they can hang up after obtaining the correct time!"
S1-0762 I am a pilot and GPS status is important to me.
S1-0763 Because the information is useful
S1-0765 I use the geo alerts to predict radio propagation.
S1-0766 We use that info.
S1-0767 Where else to get GeoAlerts?
S1-0768 "As an astronomer in the field, WWV is my only realtime source for this information."
S1-0769 I use the other services
S1-0770 Geo alert is important for my needs
S1-0771 "If I need to know these items, yhey woul not be there."
S1-0772 "I use all of the extra services(weather,geo,GPS)"
S1-0774 I need the info
S1-0775 The Geo Alert is used to enable HF and VHF propagation assessment.
S1-0776 it is needed
S1-0777 The geo alert information is useful to me as a ham radio operator.
S1-0778 "Geo Alerts are important to me in GPS accuracy work and astronomy (aurora, teaching, and occultation)"
S1-0779 Because the peripheral information is useful and in some cases can be vital.
S1-0780 Information may not be available by other means.
S1-0781 The announcements are a convenient way to check on status of GPS during our testing.  GEO alerts help for the same reason.
S1-0782 Loss of minute/second ticks when radio signaal cannot be acquired.
S1-0783 "If I only wanted to know the time of day I would look at my watch! Weather, geo alert, omega status and gps status are essential."
S1-0784 "If I only wanted to know the time of day I would look at my watch! Weather, geo alert, omega status and gps status are essential."
S1-0785 "Usually I get these kinds of information on the Web, but while travelling I still listen to them on WWV."
S1-0786 "I like having my computer time, watch time, and HF HAM clock time set automatically. Calibration of ham radio frequency is also important in detecting frequency drift."
S1-0787 I prefered to not give a answer but checked a box. So my answer would be less information is bad.
S1-0788 "Weather, geo alert, and GPS status are of some interest to me"
S1-0789 Because I said so.
S1-0790 I do lots of remote observing where I need to  record and time the event as it occurs.  The only  way I can do this is by the 1 second time ticks I  pick up on short wave radio.
S1-0791 don't use
S1-0793 I spend much time in remote locations.  It is nice to have access to this information from the field where there is no television or internet sites available.  I always have a radio or cell phone.
S1-0794 I feel the other information is needed.
S1-0795 I rely on the Weather and the GeoAlert and GPS status info!
S1-0796 """""One stop shopping"""" would be lost."
S1-0797 "As an astronomy club, geo alerts and GPS are VERY important for observing"
S1-0798 The Geo alerts are very important to me.
S1-0799 Value of information not readily available elsewhere
S1-0800 Only consistant reliable source
S1-0801 We are a provider of weather info to shipping interestests.
S1-0802 It would deminish the amount of quality information.
S1-0803 This information applies to many aspects of my job
S1-0804 I use the GEO alert for auroral predictions (18 mins after the hour)
S1-0805 I use BCD info
S1-0806 Current weather/GPS info are essential in  planning/performing my ongoing plant/marine  research on the islands in Boston Harbor and  variable star and occultation observing.
S1-0807 Automated proagation alerts on Amateur radio use these
S1-0808 Sometimes I have no radio access and calling WWV by telephone is the only way to access this information.
S1-0809 Geo alerts important to me.
S1-0810 "I use the geo alerts to study auroral activity. Also when there is an aurora, I can not do any serious astrophotgraphy in the northern portion of my sky.  I am seqrching for extremely faint non-discreet light sources."
S1-0812 "geo,gps"
S1-0813 Geo alerts - I use G/A's for propagation forecasts.
S1-0814 "I am only interested in obtaining accurate time through the telephone for my computer and the voice time four or five times a year. My interests are scientific for the most part, astronomy."
S1-0816 Crucial for field programs
S1-0817 Require most of this informaition.
S1-0818 You provide an easy one-stop place to get the needed information.  Convenience is your main selling point.
S1-0819 Our work often requires this information to gauge radio propagation conditions.
S1-0820 "the more info I can get, the better."
S1-0822 zI'm not always at a receiver when I need geo and weather info. Geo is very inportant to me.
S1-0823 I believe this is an accurate AND RELIABLE source of this type of information.
S1-0824 Other information is useful while waiting for voice announcement.
S1-0825 Useful for my work.
S1-0826 "Weather, Geo Alerts and GPS status are important to me for astronomical observations."
S1-0827 I live in a remote area and do not receive NOAA weather radio.  WWV weather is useful.
S1-0828 GEO alert and GPS service information is referred to in regard to Aurora and in calibrating for occultation observations and timing.
S1-0829 Telephone service is believed to be less subject to  interference.
S1-0830 The information is valuable to me and more reliable than that darned TV!
S1-0831 No
S1-0832 We also use the others
S1-0833 need 1-sec ticks
S1-0834 I don't always have HF reception capabilities
S1-0835 This service is important to be for astronomy and occultations.
S1-0836 "Geo alerts generally useful, at least for general information."
S1-0837 but it would it the second ticks were removed
S1-0838 I use the service for North American propagation ionospheric weather and GPS info.
S1-0839 I get solar conditons on the internet. I also use it to keep all clocks & watches set right time.
S1-0840 We're used to the current format and find that it supplies all of our needs.
S1-0841 only reliable lifeline service
S1-0842 The frequency is used to calibrate my transmiter and receiver. The Geo alerts give me radio proprogation data. The voice time is used to set my clocks. Please don't change anything.
S1-0843 GPS is needed
S1-0844 This reliable information may not always be available from other sources.
S1-0845 Because all such information is very important to amateur astronomy and a variety of my pursuits
S1-0846 geo alerts are an importnat service.
S1-0847 commonly needed at the same time
S1-0848 sometime the only waay to get this info.
S1-0849 "Unobserved, but I intend to.  I expect Wx w/ Time is going to be excellent.  But just Time is nice really deserving its own place in time."
S1-0850 Weather information updated more frequently than local sources.
S1-0851 "During geomagnetic disturbances this has benn only  way to get Solar flux, a and k indices."
S1-0852 I use GPS and like the status information.
S1-0853 Accurate Time signals are ESSENTIAL to astronomical observations.
S1-0854 We watch the hurricane information and anything that we can get is important.
S1-0855 Lack of other important info without other media means.
S1-0856 All of that information is good to know and very usable.
S1-0857 less information
S1-0858 Geo alerts are useful propagation indicators.
S1-0859 geo alert important to me.
S1-0860 There is no need to curtail any service.
S1-0861 Information used for astronomical reporting and scientific data recording
S1-0862 I am a retired seaman and the weather section is important to me.
S1-0863 I have RF access so this service is of little value to me.
S1-0865 Frequently your transmission may be the only link to the information especially on the high seas.
S1-0866 You are frequently the only source when data link goes down
S1-0867 Marine mobile depends on this
S1-0868 electronic time transfer to computer or radio set clock most important
S1-0869 This is the only source for this information
S1-0871 Need geo alert and GPS information.
S1-0872 geo alerts are helpful for radio use and occasionally for aurora alerts
S1-0873 All info is needed
S1-0874 Less information
S1-0875 "other services intermittent, lack timely and complete manner"
S1-0876 I use the Geo Alert and GPS Info regularly.
S1-0877 Current voice is difficult to understand sometimes.
S1-0878 "For astronomy, one needs accurate weather forecasts and positioning information"
S1-0879 i like the other services that come with the timwe ticks
S1-0880 Lack of information about solar activity would be problematic in preparing for an event.
S1-0881 Time tics and frequency standard are the biggies.
S1-0882 I use GPS status to determine quality of service in my area.
S1-0883 gps/wx inportant if unagle to use the radio service
S1-0884 Geo alert are very helpful for hf propagation predictions. gps status is also very helpful to verify problems on gps receivers.
S1-0885 All services are used
S1-0886 Geo alert is most important for ham hf propagation.
S1-0888 Need to hear about geomagnetic storms and status of GPS satellites
S1-0889 The info is useful and easy to get.
S1-0890 I use all data. Its nice to have it together.
S1-0891 I use it for Amature Radio
S1-0892 Time ticks are critical to timing of celestial observations.  Solar numbers are important to knowing to obersve the sun and or auroras.
S1-0893 Amature radio & marine navagation
S1-0894 those are the reasons to use the service...
S1-0895 "For me, the geo alerts are of value.  I think knowing about space weather adds to the transmissions value of the broadcasts since it relates to radio conditions,etc.  "
S1-0896 "GPS for accracy of navagation, solar info"
S1-0897 It would hamper my studies of geomagnetic data & GPS info
S1-0898 For all the obvious reasons
S1-0899 A centralized one-stop site for WX and Geo information is also important.
S1-0900 Continued information all in one place.
S1-0901 "Because Time and Motion of the Earth are very important. Are we moving or not moving . For me - I feel more secure. I like GPS , it helps us figure out (our) own Time-Zone. If you are lost, and you only have a short-wave radio. You mite figure out whe"""
S1-0902 I think you need a way to get the info when propagation or interference (noise) makes copying the on-air signals difficult.
S1-0903 Amateur radio operator use geo alert and gps information.
S1-0904 I find these messages interesting. I leave a radio tuned to this frequency all day.
S1-0905 "Sometimes if HF propagation is wiped out due to solar storms or receiver failure, the phone service is the only way to hear the on-the-air """"signal"""" and announcements."
S1-0906 antenna orenitation
S1-0907 The weather info is useful on the East US coast
S1-0908 gps is being used for telescope settings
S1-0909 Weather info
S1-0910 needed for boating safety
S1-0911 This is an important backup to all WWV functions when HF conditions are poor and internet access unavailable.
S1-0912 "I depend on the geoalerts, especially, for indications of auroral activity."
S1-0913 It would be useless for planning Aurora observing sessions and accuracy of plotting field sites would be diminished.
S1-0914 I use it to determine the Solar Flux Numbers for Ham Radio Maximum Usable Frequencies.
S1-0915 I use the geo alert and GPS information; the weather is interesting.
S1-0916 Not accessible here in New Zealand. We time pips for lunar and planetary occultations. Amateur science coupled with public education.
S1-0918 Sometimes I can't get the info otherwise in a time sensitive manner
S1-0919 Weathwe and Gulf Stream info.
S1-0920 GEO alert is important to plan and schedule operations
S1-0921 I use GPS and want to know the status
S1-0922 "The Geo alerts are especially important, and GPS status"
S1-0923 I like the other info also
S1-0924 "The weather is of little interest, usually i depend on other sources, but as a pilot GPS is vital - but as a radio amateur and avid amateur astronomer, the geo alerts are of great interest. "
S1-0925 Provides a backup in case of extreme solar activity knocking out radio sources.
S1-0927 like weather reports.
S1-0928 "GPS Status important, GEO alert not as important, weather available through other, better means, so drop it."
S1-0929 The other info is good.
S1-0930 Weather and Geo alert are useful as an alternative to radio broadcast information
S1-0931 "I would be unable to obtain weather, geo alert, or GPS status without access to a shortwave receiver or a computer."
S1-0932 "As a pilot, the GPS status is important for navigation. "
S1-0933 Weather and Geo alert are useful as an alternative to the radio broadcast.
S1-0934 We use geo alert info as a component of our natural radio VLF studies and our solar radio emission observations.
S1-0935 I would often call with these in context of the info I was looking for.
S1-0936 The INSPIRE http://image.gsfc.nasa.gov/poetry/inspire organization's participants use the geo alerts to determine whether to make observations.
S1-0937 I am both a radio amateur and an astronomer. WWV geo alerts are invaluable to both.
S1-0938 find the geo alerts useful
S1-0939 It is the most readily available source of this information when geography prevents internet access.
S1-0940 "Besides the time information, I often rely on the geo alert andGPS status info for my sky observing."
S1-0941 I would have to spend more time getting the geo alert notices and/or data.
S1-0942 yes.  Many amateur radio and other radio experimenters (amateur and also professional) that I know rely on WWV and WWVB geo-alerts when we are in the field and unable to access the Internet.  This service is very much appreciated!
S1-0944 The additional information is useful to my observing program.
S1-0945 "This sort of data is an important aspect of the announcement service. While the Time Synchornization is incredibly important, the GPS status information as well as the Geo Alert data is of extreme importance as well. "
S1-0946 "Answer is """"no"""" only because I don't use the other voice services"
S1-0947 geo alert is a quick and easy way to check radio band conditions when a computer is not avail.
S1-0948 "Myself, along with many others I know in my line work highly rely on wx,geo, and gps"
S1-0949 good
S1-0950 information is imnteresting
S1-0951 "While waiting for top hour, it is good to get other pert. info."
S1-0952 "When I want the time, that is all I am requesting."
S1-0953 I have an interest in geo alert and gps.
S1-0954 "Here in the Arctic we still don't have good Internet links and phone service is by satellite.  I use WWV for HF radio communications updates on propagation, etc."
S1-0955 WWV telephone is a great single-source for both time AND these types of alerts.
S1-0956 Because

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