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Results of 2001 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Customer Comments

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Would the value of this service be decreased if only a high quality voice announcement were available without the weather, geo alert or GPS status information?
S1-0001 i am ham radio the geo alrt are good
S1-0002 "As difficult as it may seem, I am not always near the radio or the internet - gotta get a small transceiver someday"
S1-0003 I like the ability to receive the Geo alerts while mobile.
S1-0004 The magnetic indices are important to propagation.
S1-0005 "Can't get weather, geo alert and GPS info"
S1-0007 all info should be given
S1-0008 This information is not readily available elsewhere with comparable access.
S1-0009 "When radio propagation is poor, this is a reliable backup."
S1-0010 "If radio reception is poor, one can get it via the telephone"
S1-0011 Extensively used for propgation studies.
S1-0012 "Because sometimes there is no radio access, particularaly during geomagnetic storms. Internet services may also be affected by CMEs."
S1-0013 I sometimes use it to check WX and geo alert while I'm away from an HF radio RCVR
S1-0014 I use the GEO for ham radio to find out what bands will be open
S1-0015 I have gotten used to the service.  This information is not commonly found on radio else where.
S1-0016 The Geo alerts are very important.  The GPS status is important to keeping abreast of the situation.
S1-0017 Sometimes unable to receive radio signal and telephone is only way to receive these informations.
S1-0018 It is not always possible to receive the radio signal due to equipment or location limitations.
S1-0019 I need the GPS status information for everyday use
S1-0020 all info important
S1-0021 "I am a ham operator.  I use the data to both determine propogation for the ham radio frequencies, set my manual and automatic clocks and computers, and watch matural events such as hurricanes etc"
S1-0022 The weather announcement is important as the local weather is insufficient.
S1-0023 Need GPS where radio or internet is not available
S1-0024 It would impact on users with radio reception  problems.
S1-0025 "If I am calling in, I was unable to get the info over the radio due to propogation problems, and still need the information."
S1-0026 I use it to set time of day and to check frequency reception
S1-0027 A one stop source on this information from a credible source is important to the reliability of the data to us.
S1-0028 It is another way to get the information if the radio link is not available.
S1-0029 geo alert is used frequently by ham operators to determine band conditions
S1-0030 "We also use GPS, and infor on that service is of value."
S1-0031 "Because of propagation difficulties or technical problems on the user end it is still necessary to have a source for geo alert, weather and GPS status info."
S1-0032 "I use these features, so not having them would decrease the value of the service."
S1-0033 The additional information is important because I operate a boat in the U.S. coastal waters.
S1-0034 "nice to have as backup if other means of getting  info fail, and for primary info in remote areas"
S1-0035 "Weather, geo alert and GPS status aren't important to me."
S1-0036 "Being a Ham, the geo alert information comes quite in handy."
S1-0037 Lack of helpful information
S1-0038 "For my purposes, which is to set clocks in various radio facilities, often this is the only means of obtaining the time data.  There may be no internet or computer time access available, so the dial-up is the only accurate means in some locations."
S1-0039 Phone is not always convenient.
S1-0040 the more info I can get the better
S1-0041 Radio is not infallible as a source of this data. Landline backup is essential.
S1-0042 Need information for frequency propagation
S1-0043 I do not use this service.
S1-0044 No other source is available for remote locations that depend on this service.
S1-0045 The other information is sometimes the REASON I call.
S1-0046 No other known source is available to me for this type of information
S1-0047 It serves as a dependable resource
S1-0049 Need access to service from locations without radios; all geo and GPS info important here as  well.
S1-0050 Mani interest is correct time.
S1-0051 service gives good heads up prep for aurorae likliness.  Nothing should be deleted.
S1-0052 """""Better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it."""""
S1-0053 I use those sevices in the operation of my Amateur Radio station at home. I also use WWV information at work. 
S1-0054 I use the geo alert info when I'm not available at the right times to get it over the air.
S1-0055 Use this service during radio fading or blackouts.
S1-0056 This is a good source or only source of that info that I know about.
S1-0057 "I am very interested in the weather, geo alert and GPS status as much if not more than the time."
S1-0058 "It isn't a big decrease, but it is one less value to this service.  "
S1-0059 Geo Alert is very important to me to judge future radio propagation.
S1-0060 Solar forecasts in almost real-time are unavailable from other sources (to the best of my knowledge). I am used to using WWV/WWVH for accurate time and solar info. Where else could I get this?
S1-0061 More information is better.
S1-0062 I listen for geo alert daily. WWV is my primary source of this information.
S1-0063 I use the data for propagation purposes
S1-0064 Need the other information
S1-0065 "The only current, reliable source of this data"
S1-0066 While I don't have those capabilities now but anticipate having some in the near future.  Perhaps a year or so or less.
S1-0067 I need the service the way it is.
S1-0068 It would remove one source of information thati now have available should i need it
S1-0069 Gelo alerts often useful when no propagation
S1-0070 Don't use Telephone Time of Day services.
S1-0071 access to goe alert info is important
S1-0072 We use the data to verify our GPS clock system
S1-0073 geo info for radio info needed at times
S1-0074 Wher else can I get it for free and have easy acess?
S1-0075 There is no where else to get the information
S1-0076 Primary reason for calling.
S1-0077 I find the info at 18 past the hour for an idea of propagatio. (sfi a k)
S1-0078 This is all valuable information
S1-0079 Easy way to get GPS status without needing radio li Easy way to get GPS status without needing radio link
S1-0080 The geo alerts are my primary use of WWV/WWVH
S1-0081 "I am a Ham radio person and Amatuer Astronomer. The Geo and Weather Alerts are needed here.   Also, I show Ham Radio to school kids and groups that come to my house. I show WWV and WWVH to them everytime. It is part of showing them science."
S1-0082 "I don;t need the marine weather info, it's on the web anyways."
S1-0083 All of the services are very important to me.  I rely on them as a one-stop shopping for the needed information
S1-0084 "Of course value would, but I do not personally  utilize these datasets. "
S1-0085 call to check gps status
S1-0086 "I use the Geo Alert and time clicks, watch for band fading etc. as an indicator of possible active or lack of on Ham frequencies."
S1-0087 This is a valuable and needed resource.
S1-0088 "On occassion, our research vessel, has used the Weather alert-Voice when other services were not available. Hi priority use ."
S1-0089 Loss of valuable time sensitive information.
S1-0091 Just would be a missed service that I would have to make up somewhere else
S1-0092 GPS status is useful to me.
S1-0093 I use these services for setting clock automaticly as well as propigation checks...etc.
S1-0094 Main use is to obtain geo alert data during times with poor radio propagation
S1-0095 Sorta Silly nQuestion!  Because I use them!
S1-0096 I use the Propagation information for prediction of conditions from west coast usa. Time important too.
S1-0097 WE need it all. 
S1-0098 I do use it for solar weather info
S1-0099 I use the geo alerts!
S1-0100 I require timely GPS and weather information in my job as an airline pilot.
S1-0101 This should be the same information found on WWV shortwave if radio reception is impossible.
S1-0102 "use to evaluate GPS status, geo. alerts, and weather"
S1-0103 "Although my present use of WWV/WWVH/WWVB is limited I believe there is great value in a known distribution point for weather, geo alert and GPS information."
S1-0104 "I'm a ham radio operator and regularly listen to the geo-alerts, etc."
S1-0105 "Because, I rely on WWV as my source for geo alert informaation."
S1-0106 believe this to be very important to maritime and amateur radio use
S1-0107 Would like to hear this before implimentation.
S1-0108 Part of the reason for the call might be for this information if a radio is not available
S1-0109 My desire is to get what I need (time)n and get out.
S1-0110 GPS status information is what I call in for.
S1-0111 The report should be the same regardless of the media used.
S1-0112 We rely on the GPS Status info very frequently.
S1-0113 That is needed info when radio reception or other access is not possible.
S1-0114 That information is important to have when not available by any other means available.
S1-0115 Telephone is used for Geo alert when conditions preclude HF reception.
S1-0116 We want geo alert and GPS status
S1-0117 I actually rarely use it for time. I check solar broadcasts via 303-497-3235.
S1-0118 "My work requires that I keep up with the national weather and geo alert status.  Many times, my computer is tied up and I need to check an alternate source."
S1-0119 No Geo information= no propagation preditcability.
S1-0120 The geo aler can confirm our on air observation of propagation problems
S1-0121 "There are times that NOAA weather broadcasts are not receivable; then, these services are essential."
S1-0122 "I use the weather and GPS information, and consider this source to be reliable and easy to obtain by way of broadcasting."
S1-0123 the information is relayed via packet radio to multiple users.  Helpful to amateur radio operators.
S1-0124 Use for geo alert for HF radio prediction purposes
S1-0125 services are usd and needed
S1-0126 I call mainly to get an updated geo alert when I can't wait for the radio announcment at 18 minutes past.
S1-0127 concise source of information not otherwise available by telephone
S1-0128 The Geo and GPS information is used for our time system.
S1-0129 I an an Amateur Radio operater & use the solar info.
S1-0130 Use the geo alerts for propagation indications. Very reliable and convenient to go to WWV for this information.
S1-0131 Time is most important data
S1-0132 Alerts are often the best reason to call.
S1-0133 "I usually call when I need time and/or geo info, and do not have access to an SW receiver.  The geo info is particularly useful, and there are few alternatives to obtaining it."
S1-0134 "When you want that information, thats where you get it."
S1-0135 I use it to determine the reliability of the satellite constellation and enroute weather
S1-0136 Don't need it.  I live in the mountains of eastern Oregon
S1-0137 "Our communications systems depends on these, and safety would be affected if any of these are lost."
S1-0138 Provides information sometime used in search and rescue.
S1-0139 Less service = less value
S1-0140 Harder to get the other information from other sources.
S1-0141 Less info = less value.
S1-0142 I find the weather announcements to be highly informative and an effective way to alert friends of impending weather that may affect their ocean travels.
S1-0143 We need WX info and geo alerts for propagation studies.
S1-0144 it is nice to have a TOTAL package AS IS
S1-0145 Use the geo alerts for propagation indications. Very reliable and convenient to go to WWV for this information.
S1-0146 I lived in Hawaii & CA for several years. As a radio amateur it was very useful for many reasons.
S1-0147 "When on the seas, the weather and GPS status are very important"
S1-0148 For me that is the primary reason I use it.
S1-0149 I use the GPS alerts to know when there may be problems with the aviation GPS
S1-0150 "I want to hear from someone other than Alfred, the automator, when I talk to NIST."
S1-0151 I sometimes don't have a shortwave receiver handy  but would still like to hear the information on  the broadcast.
S1-0152 I like the weather announcements
S1-0153 You should split the services; get 1 number for the combined geo/GPS/marine info and a secong for the time only.
S1-0154 This would require using a second or third source.
S1-0155 I rely on the computer to sync w/o my typing
S1-0156 general valuable information
S1-0157 I use these services
S1-0158 do not know
S1-0159 "I use the telephone line when I'm not near a SW radio, and thus need the other info, too."
S1-0160 "I don' use the telephone system, I didn't know it was available. The wx, GPS, & Geo alert info is what I use for communication via amatuer radio."
S1-0161 "Not only is the time-of-day service legendary, pertinent and accurate, so is the data that is provided on this line. The telephone service is fine the way it is."
S1-0162 I use it when reception of WWV is difficult.
S1-0163 As long as the frequency is in use it probably costs very little more to use it for other things
S1-0164 where else are you going to find this information?
S1-0165 "I am a marine electronic tech, it helps to know the status of the gps system."
S1-0166 All of this information is available for a lot of issues and should not be deminished.
S1-0167 at eightteen minutes after the hour I get the probagation report.
S1-0169 I would use the telephone when radio reception were not possible. As an amateur astronomer the geo alert is helpful.
S1-0170 "I feel that for many people, they may not be interested in the extra information. They may be just interested in getting the UTC time and nothing else."
S1-0171 "The other data is important to me. I rely on GPS status information, (for example) as an aviator."
S1-0172 We access info from remote locations by a satellite phone link when we cannot receive WWV/WWVH. We make decisions about deployment of teams and radio net ops based on this info.
S1-0173 "In the 1950's, only a voice announcement was heard. New technology has dictated that this additional information be broadcast as a """"standard""""."
S1-0174 All the Information is interesting to me.
S1-0175 "Except by using than an Internet or telephone connection, this information is not otherwise available by just using a simple HF voice radio. Depending upon your location a simple HF voice radio, may be your only source for this information."
S1-0176 "If I'm accessing this info by phone, it is because, at the time, I don't have access via short-wave radio or the internet.  However, I still need the same information (such as weather & geo alerts)."
S1-0177 "as a amateur, i use the geo alert, sun activity, most every day."
S1-0178 Use only time to adjust my clocks on phone system/voice mail.
S1-0179 The present services should remain.
S1-0180 This type of information is used frequently.
S1-0181 This information is important if the normal channels of radio reception are not available when the information is needed.  It serves as a reliable backup to the RF links in time of need.
S1-0182 "When I travel and use GPS and want to know about the weather, it is invaluable."
S1-0183 "the voice chip on the weather band sounds bad, (very hard to understand) if this what you are thinking of going to ..... then please don't.   It is very hard to understand... A live person is the best way to go..  "
S1-0184 Because those other reports are more than half of the reason I call...
S1-0185 That is the reason for the call.  To get that info without waiting for the general announcement on radio
S1-0186 I rely upon those types of information. And find them interesting as well.
S1-0187 "A voice notification is the easiest, most practical way to provide the information. The simple transmission of words is still the most reilable way to get this information to those that need it.  "
S1-0188 I use the BCD signals for phase and time calibration purposes.
S1-0189 n/a
S1-0190 Need for backup - If major geo storm - might not get radio signal - need land line. Also usefull when don't have radio or need geo/gps info now without waiting for 15-18 mins. past hour.
S1-0191 All of these are valuable data
S1-0193 "Could affect knowing propagation, and wx conditions.  Don't change!!"
S1-0194 Because you normally can't get this information without a hassle.  But WWV is great.  You just set the frequency and all of that information is right there.
S1-0195 Sometimes (but rarely) I need the information when I'm in the Colorado mountains--away from the  computer and in an area with very poor WWV reception.
S1-0196 I use GPS status
S1-0197 Convenient source of this information
S1-0198 "I use the weather reports and GPS information for my sailboat, ham radio, etc."
S1-0199   after 14400 hours fo flying intermational the information is very useful.
S1-0200 Only used for time
S1-0201 the other information is also useful
S1-0202 Sometimes I am only near a telephone and have no other way to get the information.
S1-0203 I use the geo alert & the GPS ststus
S1-0204 geo alerts are very useful to radio users. info not readilay available in remote areas.
S1-0205 Amateur radio operators want to know the geo info.
S1-0206 ham radio op and need geo alerts for radio propagation
S1-0207 need all information
S1-0208 "Weather, GEO Alerts and GPS are just as important. "
S1-0209 "All is very important is a much needed service for all Time, Weather, geo alert, and GPS these services must be  kept on line/in service."
S1-0210 My main utilization of WWV is for freq calibration.
S1-0211 I depend daily on the GEO alert.
S1-0212 Users without aother access would suffer and it is sometimes more convenioent via voice.
S1-0213 "Often I'm away from my computer, and then I like to get the Geoalert at H+18 on WWV."
S1-0214 we use the other info
S1-0215 Didn't find the list of altermate methods.
S1-0216 Voice is still the universal method of information decemination.  It is like the absolute fallback that works when nothing else is available.
S1-0217 "While these aren't """"vital"""" to me, I find them occasionally useful as well as summaries amd interpretations of them by others"
S1-0218 "The """"Yes"""" above answered inadvertently. Pls cancel."
S1-0219 "geo,and gps service is inportant to many !"
S1-0220 telephone sumary is an easy way to check up on system status
S1-0221 Being in the Military and an aviator we sometimes are in areas were WWV WWVH are our only link to time and GPS status.  Also being a Ham operator and civilian pilot these pieces ofinformation are invaluable.
S1-0222 The geo alert is important to me.
S1-0223 The GEO Alert information is of great importance to me.
S1-0224 I use the time to set computer and network time  and the the frequency to calibrate trasnceivers.
S1-0225 Sometimes I rely on the geo alert and weather functions for planning purposes.  I would have to call other [unknown] places to get the entire picture.
S1-0226 HF propagation reports
S1-0227 use it for my satellite tracking program
S1-0228 Sometimes it's the only accessable outlet for this information via cell phone.
S1-0229 Ham radio propagation and GPS user
S1-0230 "Sometimes during search and rescue operations, it is nice to have weather warnings come across while settings up radio equipment."
S1-0231 "I'm not calling just for the time. Other information is important, too."
S1-0232 Need for testing and calibration
S1-0233 These other services are also quite handy and very much required.
S1-0234 There are different users for different reasons.  All alerts are of value to someone.
S1-0235 weather and geo alerts are very important in predicting and scheduling reliable radio communications communications
S1-0236 HF propagation information is very important for me.
S1-0238 "Standard Freq for calibrating equipment, Geo alerts are quick, simple, and easy to understand.  Easier to tune a radio than go online and search for this info."
S1-0239 The solar terresterial indices are VERY important to me.
S1-0240 GPS information required for time coorelation with data collection devices which use military PLGRs for position and time.
S1-0241 "I depend on the geo alert to prepare for possible upcoming communications disruptions. All of the other information is very useful as well. It is very easy to listen to the information using an HF receiver, while in the field."
S1-0242 "Because I use the weather, geo alert, and GPS information regularly. If these went away, it would reduce usability by at least 60%."
S1-0243 "I depend on """"geo alerts"""" for indicatiors of frequency useability. How the different bands will be propigation wise."
S1-0244 "Those services provide accurate and timely information when needed in """"real"""" time -- on schedule"
S1-0245 "I use GPS and Geo alerts frequently,Weather is not as important as I am stationary not on a ship"
S1-0246 Would not be able to getthe those services.
S1-0247 Somtimes this is the only avenue to access this information for myself.
S1-0248 The weather and GPS status is important.
S1-0249 the weather and GPS information is important.
S1-0250 weather & geo alert status is important
S1-0251 We don't use the weather or GPS status information. We continually use the geo alert information.
S1-0252 One of few sources of geo info from indoors where sigs don't penetrate.
S1-0253 As a amatuer radio operator this information is very important in checking propagation.
S1-0254 need geo alerts.
S1-0256 This sometimes is the only reliable source I have for accurate geo alert info.  Would hate to see it go away.  I can dial in from my computer and get all the info I need to set up my HF systems for the next few days.
S1-0257 I use the GPS status info.
S1-0258 "The information is important. The GPS status is used for traveling. the geo aleart I find to give it to people around the world on the internet, and the weather is important to hear for us who are into to weather meterology"
S1-0259 geo alerts and forecasts help me determine whether I should plan certain radio activities or not
S1-0260 Seventy five percent reduction in the service  available.
S1-0261 I use a gps daily and need to know how correct the placement is.
S1-0262 Reduces the flexibility of reception venues.
S1-0263 This service is not available in any other authorative source.
S1-0264 I think it is interesting to get the additional information
S1-0265 "Currently, best and most trusted source of this info."
S1-0266 others may find them inportant
S1-0267 there are many different reasons that different people have for using each of the different services. We need them all.
S1-0268 I use the NIST weather over the NWS becaues I get it sooner
S1-0269 GPS is being used more and more in our daily life and the status of the service is very important.
S1-0270 Need the information when radio conditions do not permit reception
S1-0271 I use it.
S1-0272 Intelligibility would be diminished
S1-0273 I feel it is important mainly for marine operators.
S1-0274 Use data for amateur radio hobby.
S1-0275 Don't use this.
S1-0276 It is a dependable means of information retrieval when no other method is at hand.
S1-0277 "I depend on WWV to set my computer clock automatically for satellite tracking, logging for hamradio and other electronic experiments."
S1-0278 "The only reason for me to call is the A- and K-index. However, I call 303-497-3235, only when I cannot get the values via radio."
S1-0279 Many Amateurs depend on this service to find out  Band conditions
S1-0280 "The other services, especially weather, is  important to me."
S1-0281 "When I call, it's because a radio isn't available. I still need all the info."
S1-0282 I use this service when my radio isn't handy.  It's good to have the information wherever I happen to be.
S1-0283 The GPS status assists people using GPS while searching for emergency transmitters used by hikers and downed airplanes.  The sun spot indexes help radio operators determine propogation in the HF bands.
S1-0284 solar flux data and weather are important to me
S1-0285 Because I need all three for my purposes
S1-0286 "As a Oceanography professional and navigator, there are times when being able to call by phone and get current status is important altho  this is usually done by radio. The information by phone is a reliable backup. "
S1-0287 Use weather geo alert and GPS status information
S1-0288 "If propagtion is unfavourable, I use the phone as a backup to get the geo alerts to find out what's up."
S1-0289 geo alert is the most important thing for me
S1-0290 "The more information, the better, as long as time is the primary data listed."
S1-0291 "When unable to receive HF signals, this information can't be had easily in other areas of the world."
S1-0292 "WWV announcements are very useful, and I would be very disappointed if the amount of service provided by the station was reduced.  "
S1-0293 I use the Wx and GPS information every day.
S1-0294 geomagnetic and solar information is the main item I listen for.  I'm a Amateur radio operatio.  VHF weak signal work is my interest.
S1-0295 Those are features that I use as regularly as the tim of day service.
S1-0296 I sometimes use the dialup to receive A & K indicies/ GPS status when HF propagation is poor. Not only for time measurement.
S1-0297 convenience
S1-0298 GPS status essential for many aviators
S1-0299 I listrn to geo alerts for communications
S1-0300 I do not use telephone service.  I inadvertantly checked this block
S1-0301 "I find the geoalert messages very important, especially in times of high solar activity.  However, I also get reliable information from www.sec.noaa.gov."
S1-0302 The geo alert is extremely valuable..
S1-0303 "I use the telephone when I don't have access to my SW receiver, so sometimes I need just the time, others the geo alerts and GPS status."
S1-0304 "There are not many places where we can get Geo Alert or GPS information.  Sometimes we don't have access to the WWV signal, so the phone service has been very useful.  Our field personnel can access the information without a SW receiver."
S1-0305  like the
S1-0306 The checking of GEO ALERTS via phone is required when reception is not possible via HF services - due to some solar/geo activity that affects HF services. Weather and GPS info can be skipped with no adverse effects.
S1-0307 Many use this information and depend on it's expected accuracy!
S1-0308 Geo alerts are very important to us
S1-0309 you might as well just call 818 853 1212
S1-0310 When in remote locations w/o any other communications than SW RCVR this info is vital
S1-0311 Allows fast check of geo alert and GPS status without needing computer and internet access.
S1-0312 All information together makes the real purpose and completes the ultimate needs.
S1-0313 Because geo alert information is highly useful.
S1-0314 quality is decreesed because most listening audience relies on this information
S1-0315 Radio operators use the geo alert to find out what bands to use
S1-0316 Not that important to me
S1-0317 "It is important to have a reliable, stable and known source for this onformation.  Through the use of HF, it can be accessed anywhere when needed.  "
S1-0318 "Use geo alert for sw radio reception, use weather for hurricane location only."
S1-0319 "As an Amateur Radio operator, and an avid camper/backpacker I can't always get to a short wave radio to hear the broadcasts.  And I rely on this information for DX Spotting not to mention GPS information."
S1-0320 Inf of some value
S1-0321 on the rare occasions that  we need it we need it very much
S1-0322 The geo alerts are essential for mobile marine radio and emergency assistance operations.
S1-0323 I use both the standard frequencies thata I can hear and tne space wx reports to evaluate HF radio prpagation.
S1-0324 Your station provides multiple information from one source. No need to go else where.
S1-0325 "This is the only source of all the required info, in one place--this is a really valuable service."
S1-0326 Needed info would not be available.
S1-0327 "If I _just_ want to know what time it is, I can look at one of the numerous clocks around here, or call time and temp.  Sometimes I need more information -- usually if I need to use the phone for any WWV services, I need geo alert info. "
S1-0328 very useful information for people in probable earthquake areas
S1-0329 "From my normal location in Colorado, frequently radio reception of WWV is marginal, leaving necessity for telephone service to fill in gaps."
S1-0330 "I use the telephone when I'm not near a radio. If all information was not given, there would be no reason to call.  "
S1-0331 Wx is significant.   GPS Status can be absolutely necessary
S1-0332 "more info is better, thank you"
S1-0333 Very interesting infomation. Sometimes helpful in HAM radio.
S1-0334 Geo information is important for Amatuer Radio applications.
S1-0335 Weather is important as are the other services
S1-0336  I often need the information contained in the voice announcement.
S1-0337 Sometimes reception of WWV/WWVH GeO and GPS status info is difficult to receive with equipment on hand.
S1-0338 "The reports are important to know the conditions of solar flare, gps status and weather."
S1-0339 For navigators and GPS users this information can be not only usefull but necesarry.
S1-0340 Being a amateur radio operator I find all the information given by wwv very important
S1-0341 for the avgerage navigator more information is always better than less.
S1-0342 "A professional pilot, I use the services on HF on flights.  Sea states and geo alerts are vital.  "
S1-0343 Having phone access to GEO info is very handy when I am away from a SW radio receiver.
S1-0344 Accurate time of day hacks are the most useful aspect of the dialup service.
S1-0345 This is sometimes the first notice I get of geo alerts
S1-0346 "When consulting with individuals related to general communications issues, I find the availability of your services extremely important. I know of no other facilities where I can consistently get this type of timely information.  "
S1-0347 "Though I heavily use only the radio services of WWV/ WWVH, the voice announcements important to my use would be the geo alert data and GPS info, in addition to the time/frequency features I rely on.  "
S1-0348 The comparision to WWV/WWVH can be useful.
S1-0349 Thats what make WWV unique the different services it provides.
S1-0350 This is our primary means of discovering GPS status information.
S1-0351 We like to have the other resources available when needed...
S1-0352 We need the weather for Maritime Mobile information.  We use the Geo Alert info for propogation studies and we need the GPS information for APRS.  Please continue these services.  Thank you.
S1-0353 How else will we get GPS info?
S1-0354 "While I rarely need it, this information would otherwise be hard to obtain."
S1-0355 The telephone time-of-day is an excellent replacement when I cannot get to an appropriate shortwave receiver.
S1-0356 Need all information
S1-0357 Should be identical to shortwave broadcasts as backup in case of signal or receiver failure.
S1-0358 Like to hear the GPS and Geo status.
S1-0359 "I operatate goes radio, I only need time."
S1-0360 "I use the solar numbers in research, freq std for radio alignment, time to set my watch !"
S1-0361 "Though I do not, at present utilize these services, they could be of great importance in the future and I am sure they are extremely valubale to many users. ba"
S1-0362 Require voice info on geo alert!!
S1-0363 It would mean taking time to look the up on the web.
S1-0365 Every part of the Time and Frequency services is used and is very important in on way or another.
S1-0366 i dont like it
S1-0367 would deture from what wwwvh is all about
S1-0368 As a MARS radio operator the propagation info. is very important to me. Especially in an emergency.
S1-0369 Need info
S1-0370 Autoamtic Instumentation need this
S1-0371 This is useful information that without would decrease the quality of service expected from NIST
S1-0372 I need the ticks and auto-voice
S1-0373 "if the voice does not provide this information, then we would lose a lot of information."
S1-0374 other info is vital
S1-0375 GPS status info is essential prior to departing on a wilderness trip.
S1-0376 enjoy the other reports
S1-0377 Need only the time
S1-0378 Each of these services has it's place and importance.
S1-0379 This provides a nice backup service.
S1-0380 I have a watch to tell me the time. My watch cannot tell me the geo status now the GPS status!
S1-0381 weather alerts are particularay important in tornado areas.
S1-0382 "Dialup is used at times when noise or interference is present on HF. Without the same information, geomagnetic or GPS info would be missed."
S1-0383 some necessary info would be missing.
S1-0384 Want the other info.
S1-0385 This highly addurate service is very helpful to many ppeople for different reasons.  I appreciate it.
S1-0386 Radio is a better medium
S1-0387 only need time sets by phone
S1-0388 Less information would be available.
S1-0389 I use the data and that may be the only way to get the information.  No radio available.
S1-0390 weather is weather time is time
S1-0391 Other features of little use by me
S1-0392 Usually only need a time tick to check chronometers.
S1-0393 "with no gps info, not sure of acc."
S1-0394 Data is more reliable if from different sources
S1-0395 Weather alerts and Geo Alerts are of high importance to me when I am traveling and only have a cellular phone handy.
S1-0396 "I usually do not call for time, but for geomagnetic conditions."
S1-0397 All I'm interested in is the time.
S1-0398 Only way I have to get the info.
S1-0399 "I use the GPS alot, and like to know the status of the constellation when necessary."
S1-0400 Because I would have to rely on EMWIN which is clumsy.
S1-0401 use as backup when can't rx wwv
S1-0402 I'm quite used to the present format
S1-0403 It is important to know that the telephone broadcast is similar to the radio broadcasts...
S1-0404 Other information you provide is of excellent value and should be continued.
S1-0405 People who use the phone service must do it for a reason and must have a need for the info.
S1-0406 The tone helps set the freq on Radios
S1-0407 "In extreme conditions, or when travelling beyond the range of WWV(H)'s usual signal, can be helpful to hear the exact broadcast via """"clean"""" telephone lines, esp. for propagation information."
S1-0408 "geo alert and marine wx give me an idea of what kind of conditions I will fly in, and what kind of atmospheric propagation I will experience. (Airline Pilot)"
S1-0409 I need the information provided in the weather and geoalerts  bulletins!
S1-0410 I use the atomic clocks sold by Sam's.  The atomic clocks are corrected six times per day via a signal from Colorado.  Thanks for the wonderful service you provide.
S1-0411 "when time changes occur, leave off everything else, such as your survey announcement. Busy signals. All these surfey intials are like code to answer intellignetly for the average submission. We don't know what they mean."
S1-0412 Sometimes no radio receiver is available.
S1-0413 I use these services a lot as a pilot.
S1-0414 These additional announcements such as wx and gps status are very useful and should remain part of the service. They are a reliable source for this type of information.
S1-0415 "The weather, geo alert and GPS status info is used fairly often."
S1-0416 It is the easiest and quickest access portal to these data
S1-0417 want as much info. as possible
S1-0418 It provides a preflight check on GPS status and WX
S1-0419 We depend on GPS
S1-0420 Use propagation info for Amateor radio frequency openings
S1-0421 "We are located on the Gulf Coast, conditions are of prime interest to us and customers. (Boaters- Local fishermen, charters, etc.  "
S1-0422 Less information
S1-0423 Weather & geo info is important.
S1-0424 Need GPS status
S1-0425 all the information is necessary at different times
S1-0426 All that I am interested in is the time.
S1-0427 I have interest in these subjects
S1-0428 As a ham radio Op I rely on the Solar info and freq standard .  GPS and geo alert is not so important .
S1-0429 reduced utility
S1-0430 I heavily rely on the service for GPS outages and solar activity.
S1-0431 "That info is helpful, at times. "
S1-0432 This is a good backup for the HF services and all announcements should continue via the phone service.
S1-0433 Those are valuable services.
S1-0435 x  
S1-0436 ***
S1-0437 "Why do you require the S1 field, even after I went back and checked """"No"""" ????"
S1-0438 I Do Not Use
S1-0439 xxx
S1-0440 Blank
S1-0441 This is an important service provided
S1-0442 n/a
S1-0443 "When I am in the field, away from a major city/internet acess, this is the only information source I have."
S1-0444 n/a
S1-0445 "GPS not important to me, but Geo alert is important."
S1-0446 Geo-alerts: The info provided in these alerts are useful in determinning the reception quality of TV and radio station signals and the effects on the Earth by solar radiation storms and geo-magnetic activity.
S1-0447 The voice information is quite useful as users automated systems may fail and the voice announcements work all the time.
S1-0448 N/A
S1-0449 *
S1-0450 ?
S1-0451 n/a
S1-0452 asdf
S1-0453 ?
S1-0455 hjfhgf
S1-0456 NA
S1-0457 na
S1-0458 the weather is helpful.
S1-0459 N/A
S1-0460 Most listeners that I know already knows where to get the information and depends on WWV for accuracy.
S1-0461 WWV is last resort wx info - when all else fails. But good to have! 
S1-0462 NO
S1-0464 *
S1-0465 0
S1-0466 Significantly less information available to user.
S1-0467 I learned about this survey for instance
S1-0468 "I don't always have access to a SW radio or a computer, the phone service fills these gaps."
S1-0469 I frequently use the information provided during the first 18 minutes of the WWV broadcast--all of it.  It is important for celestial navigation and other interests.  Not everyone has access at all times to computer systems for this information. 
S1-0470 Good as backup when WWV/WWVH not clearly received.
S1-0471 Radio reception is marginal in a high RF environment and heavy steel structure. Telephone is sometimes the most reliable mode.
S1-0472 Weather information is available via WWV when not available otherwise. Geo alert info is more readily received via WWV than other sources.
S1-0473 weather & time intraconnected
S1-0474 this is relavent info for me
S1-0475 Standardized and reliable time is essential
S1-0477 All information is usefull to my projects.
S1-0478 In cases where a radio is un avable
S1-0479 Because The Man don't think so.
S1-0480 "We as Pilot, and boatmen need the full service !!"
S1-0481 all I need
S1-0482 I use it for propagation and navigation also.
S1-0483 WWV and WWVH are the best sources of this information.
S1-0484 More is better.
S1-0485 "Wx, Geo Alerts, and GPS are very useful to a broad range of people in industry, government, and private applications. Shortwave outlets received all over the globe!"
S1-0486 I use telephone services when I can't receive the signal on radio broadcast.
S1-0487 The other information is valuable sometimes
S1-0488 "When I am unable to access a radio, I can still get the info I need via telephone."
S1-0489 "While time is the most important information, I also find great value in the other information for storm awareness & tracking, radio propagation, and GPS status."
S1-0490 Gotta have that GEO Alert info.
S1-0491 "As a frequent traveler I use the weather and GPS information quite often, sometimes several times per day."
S1-0492 I cannot find out the time and to figure out what is asked on your survey requires mensa membership.  GET MORE USER FRIENDLY!!!!
S1-0493 I like and use the propogation announcements and other features included.
S1-0494 I need the pulses to set my clocks...  plus i need the solar propogation information to know how communications will be affected.
S1-0495 Lack of HF propagation info
S1-0496 "Dumb question, less services less value."
S1-0497 Sometimes I am in an area where my IC 706 just will not pickup the signal.  But my cell phone always gets through. 
S1-0498 "Weather affects our operation, increasing or decreasing ridership on our excursion railroad "
S1-0499 no answere never used the service