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Femtosecond Laser Frequency Combs


Femtosecond-laser-based optical clockwork


Femtosecond-laser frequency combs have become a topic of intense research world-wide due to their versatility and unique capabilities. We originally developed frequency combs here at NIST as key components in optical atomic clocks. While development for this application is still a high priority for our group, we have extended comb research to address other emerging applications (see below). Critical to all of these is the continued development of the lasers themselves. We are exploring and comparing different types of fs-laser comb technology (e.g., solid state, fiber) to evaluate their potential for different applications in the visible and infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Projects (under construction)

Fs-laser development

Frequency dividers for optical clocks

Ultra-low noise microwave generation

Optical waveform generation

Atomic/Molecular spectroscopy with frequency combs

Frequency comb calibration of astronomical spectrographs

Scott Diddams, NIST, sdiddams@boulder.nist.gov